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Above and Beyond

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Matt swallowed a huge ball of nerves, trembling slightly as he got comfortable. Well, as comfortable as he could while being on his knees between his best friend’s spread legs, his package on full display. Slowly reaching out, he lightly began to run his fingers under John’s balls, tickling them softly. He couldn’t believe he’d ended up in this position.

The night had began like any other Saturday night. Neither of the men worked on the weekend, so they usually spent Saturdays at one of their houses, catching up over a night of beers. The only time they didn’t was when they’d head into town and try their luck with the girls at the clubs.

The TV was on, but it was mostly just for background noise, as they just hung out, and played a bit of pool on Matt’s table. Matt returned to the couch from the beer fridge in the shed outside, handing John one of the two beers he’d grabbed from the fridge. Before he’d even had a chance to raise it to his lips, John blurted out “I dare you to down the whole thing” with a cheeky laugh.

Matt froze, then looked at him with annoyance. “I literally just opened it ya mongrel.” Since they were kids, they had kept a running game of Truth or Dare going, only without the truth aspect. It had never ended, lasting for over 10 years. Weeks would often go by before another dare came, but when they did, rules were rules. It seemed odd from the outside, but it was just second nature to them. They were always harmless dares anyway, usually only serving to prank the other, such as Matt’s last dare, where he made John ‘forget’ his bank card at the shop, which meant he had to put the clothes back because he ‘had no money’.

Grumbling, he raised the beer and tipped his head back, chugging it all down in one go, before letting loose an enormous wet burp, which made John laugh like a hyena. Seizing the opportunity of John not having touched his yet, Matt jumped in. “Righto then, I dare you to gimme your beer. You can go and get your fucken own.”

John rolled his eyes and handed it over, ducking out the back door to go get another beer for himself. Once back inside, the night went back to normal, with the conversation eventually turning to porn. John mentioned he found a new girl online he was obsessed with. They had a quick look at a few of her videos, and Matt agreed she was great. Putting away his phone, John asked Matt if he’d found anything new.

Matt hesitated. He *had* stumbled across a new video, but even though he only watched it the once, it had left a lasting impression on him. He was a bit embarrassed about the content though. ‘Fuck it’, he thought. The beer was already working its magic. “Uh, yeah, but I only watched it one time, when I found it. And it’s…kinda gay. Sorta.” He said sheepishly.

John raised an eyebrow. “Oh? ‘Kinda’ gay?”

“Well…yeah. It was a sybian video, you know that super vibrator that chicks straddle? I found a video where a guy used one. I got curious to see if it would work bahis firmaları for a guy, y’know, cos of the prostate stuff?”

John nodded in understanding.

“And so yeah, this guy sat on it, and turned it up til it sounded like a fucken chainsaw, and without even touching his cock he got as hard as concrete in like 20 seconds. I dunno why, I just couldn’t stop looking. Like…how fucken horny this thing must have made him for his dick to get as hard as it was, y’know?” He finished by looking down at his feet, his face red. He didn’t mean to go in so much detail about a guy’s hard-on, but the sight of it had been captivating, despite not being attracted to men *or* their dicks.

John was silent for a few seconds, taking in all this news, before he spoke up. “Fair enough. Did it turn you on?”

Matt nodded slightly. “Well, yeah.”

John leaned forward, apparently now invested in the story. “Well how come? Like the idea of using the sybian, or did he have a nice looking dick?”

Matt shifted awkwardly. “Um, both maybe? Oh, not so much a nice looking dick, but just something about how hard it was. I honestly don’t thing I’ve ever really paid attention to a boner before, I’m always looking at the girl getting fucked by it. But I think also…just watching it get hard. Like he was completely soft when he started, and watching it grow to a rager was…intriguing?”

John sat back, nodding in silent contemplation. “Easy enough way to figure it out. I dare you to give me a boner.”

Matt had only just swallowed to last of his beer; a second earlier and he would’ve sprayed it across the room. “Uhh…what?” He looked at his mate, stunned.

John shrugged. “Well you said it yourself. You dunno if it was the look of another guy’s boner, or just watching him get one. This is a good way to find out. And I can’t really do it myself, otherwise you’d just watch me jack off, which isn’t the same as watching it grow. But if you…I dunno…play with my junk a bit, I should get one.”

Matt’s breath had paused. He was trying to find a flaw in John’s half drunk logic, but the cloudy haze in his mind was stopping any higher thought processing. He’d certainly seen John’s dick before, but that was it. They’d never done anything remotely gay with one another. He was trying to find a way out of his dare, when John stood up and removed his shorts and underwear.

“Here. I’ll sit on the couch, and you can kneel between my legs. It’s give you a close up view.” He said, before sitting back down.

Matt’s brain had completely frozen over now. He found himself sliding off the couch, nodding, and positioning himself on his knees between John’s legs. He looked into John’s crotch to see the stubbly regrowth of pubic hair covering a short penis. Matt knew from them both being growers that it would grow to a respectable size.

Matt swallowed a huge ball of nerves, trembling slightly as he got comfortable. Well, as comfortable as he could while kaçak iddaa being on his knees between his best friend’s spread legs, his package on full display. Slowly reaching out, he lightly began to run his fingers under John’s balls, tickling them softly. He couldn’t believe he’d ended up in this position.

John scooted forward so his arse was on the very edge of the couch and spread his legs wider, giving Matt total access to his balls. His eyes were closed and his breathing steady; Matt couldn’t see any visible nervousness on his face.

Looking back at his objective, Matt continued to run his fingers under John’s balls, occasionally running it up the sides of it. He was purposely avoiding John’s dick. For some reason it felt less gay to only touch his balls. He still looked at it though, strangely curious to see if he enjoyed it. After a few moments, there seemed to be a small amount of growth, the soft penis having gained a tiny bit of length and girth. A few more minutes of tickling produced a bit more growth, but then it stalled, not gaining anymore.

Matt guess it was almost half its ‘true’ size, and while he wasn’t enjoying this as much as he had the video, he had found a bizarre desire to see it through. He’d been tickling John for over 5 minutes and he wasn’t finished yet, so he decided to swallow his shame, and step up his game. He slowly raised his other hand and extended a finger, before softly running it down the length of John’s shaft, from head to base. The first contact made John twitch a small amount.

Matt repeated the move, then again, then on the fourth pass, he placed a finger and thumb on either side of the shaft, and smoothly ran them down the length of it, making John gasp. His dick had grown considerably now, and was maybe 3/4s ‘complete’. Matt ran the finger and thumb combo up and down, slowly, tickling John’s balls the whole time. John’s left hand was now firmly gripping the couch cushion, and he was breathing much heavier than before.

Matt changed his method, instead lighting holding John’s cock with the tips of all 5 fingers, and began to run them up and down the shaft at a faster pace. He wasn’t jerking him off, just gliding the fingers over the skin. John’s breathing instantly become louder, and his legs would occasionally tense up. He was also completely hard now.

And so was Matt.

Watching John’s cock throb, he found himself enraptured with it. The beauty of a fully erect penis surprised him, as did how amazing it felt in his hands. He took the hand off John’s balls and placed it on his cock, so John now had ten fingers brushing up and down, producing a quiet grunt. Within seconds, a glistening bead of precum grew from the tip, before beginning to drip down the length of it. Matt could tell that John was not just erect, he was ravenously aroused.

He also knew his dare was technically over, but he was so turned on he didn’t want to stop. Sure, he was playing with another man’s cock, but the power he kaçak bahis had over him made him feel like a sexual god. He ran a finger up the cock, collecting the precum, before rubbing his fingers together to spread it around. Then he placed the fingers at the head of John’s cock and began softly rubbing into the skin, the precum providing lube across the sensitive area.

John instinctively voiced his approval at this move, letting out a moan. Matt ignored him and focused on his prize. Swirling the fingers around the head while running the other fingers and and down the shaft, Matt could feel it throbbing, growing in girth every time it did. John’s arousal was giving Matt an equal level of arousal, and he found himself with new thoughts, new desires.

But these desires surely crossed a line that he could never come back from, didn’t they? Another moan from John roused him from his doubts, and he went all in. Firmly gripping the base of the shaft, he leant forward and placed his open mouth around John’s cock. He only got 3 inches or so in his mouth before no more would fit. Closing his lips, he slowly dragged them back, the wetness of his mouth allowing for a smooth glide. As he did, John moaned, long, and loud. The “Ohhhh” coming from his lips poured out the entire time Matt was sliding backwards, and only stopped when Matt come up for air. But the break didn’t last long.

Matt had been terrified to do it, but the instant he felt his lips close the seal, and scraped his tongue along the underside, he knew he didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. This was the most erotic thing he’d ever done, and he had never been more turned on than at this moment. He quickly opened his mouth for another go, sliding his lips back upwards again, but instead of coming up for air, he simply went back down again, his tongue flicking about like he was trying to tie a knot in a cherry stem.

John was now gripping the cushions with both hands so hard his skin was turning white. While Matt bobbed, he grunted. While Matt licked, he moaned. After only a few seconds of Matt trying to suck out John’s soul, his breaths turns ragged, and his muscles began to spasm. Matt sat up straight away. As much as he knew it would be better to finish with his mouth, he had to see it happen. This was his prize, his victory.

He cupped John’s balls and began to tickle them again, while jacking John off at a nice, slow pace, occasionally leaning forward to lick his frenulum. With moments, John’s hips began to buck, and he let out a long, drawn out “fuuuuuck” as his cock erupted like a volcano, shooting wads of cum straight up in the air, before the pressure eased up, and the rest spewed out and ran down his shaft and Matt hands. Matt slowed his pace, eventually coming to a stop, making sure he milked out every drop of cum that John had, before sitting back, his underwear damp from his own precum, that had been leaking out the entire time.

He took a deep breath and admired his conquest; John was sitting in the same position, occasionally twitching from post-orgasmic bliss, a look of sedation on his face. “Well then”, Matt spoke. “I guess it’s my turn to dare you next. I’ll have to think of something good.”

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