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Accidental Delivery Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 – I Love You

Nick leaned over and kissed Marie’s cheek as he set the last of her bags down in her room. “Do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?” he asked.

“Sure I’d love to, that was an amazing holiday. I must thank Michael for the opportunity,” she said.

Nick grinned and asked, “What about me?”

“Well you were fun too,” said Marie coyly.

“Just fun?” he asked brushing up against her.

“Ok, more than just fun,” she murmured, the man was so potent. She couldn’t believe how many of her fantasies they had managed to get through. The night at the sparkling beach had been the best she thought. It had a different feel to their other escapades.

“Do you want me to stay?” asked Nick his eyes getting darker every moment.

“Of course,” she said and sashayed down the hall towards the bedroom. She grinned when she heard his footsteps and felt the arm that wrapped around her. It was going to be one more night of bliss before back to work she thought with a grimace, dreading the long day stretching out in front of her.


Jessica couldn’t wait for Nick and Marie to arrive, it was going to be so much fun. When Marie would inevitably break down and run away. Nick will be there needing comfort and I’ll be right there to provide it she thought with glee. Michael will never suspect a thing, he had been pretty oblivious the whole time she had been running her surveillance on him.


Marie strode confidently towards the office her hand in Nick’s today was going to be a good day. Their suspension was over and hopefully she could put the whole embarrassing situation behind them.

“Now you have a good morning Marie, I’ll meet you here for lunch at 12:30,” said Nick.

“I will, you have a good morning too, I’ll see you then,” said Marie.

As she walked towards her desk a strange feeling wrapped itself around her. It felt like everybody was watching her, it was unnerving.

Nick felt as though everything was far too quiet, some of his colleagues were giving him undecipherable looks. He switched on his computer and waited for it to load.

Marie was going to figure out what was going on here. She was going to check her messages, most likely there was going to be a lot of them and go and find Kelly. Hopefully she knew what was happening.

Nick opened up his mail and noticed the mass mail indicator and click on it. His chest seized as the attached video began playing, how the hell did it get out? He wanted to throw up as he drew in sharp breaths as his chest remained tight. He was going to talk to Michael but first he needed to go find Marie.

Marie’s eyes widened in shock then fear as the attached video began playing. Somehow somebody got a hold of the video, she was doomed. She’d never work here again, nothing that Michael could do now would fix this! She probably just cost Nick his job as well, she looked around and saw him approaching. She quickly jumped out of her seat, grabbing her bag and raced towards the door.

“Marie! Wait!” Nick shouted as he noticed her running towards the exit. He had to catch her before she disappeared. He ran towards the exit hoping he’d be able to stop her before she got to the elevator.

Marie pressed the call button and as luck would have it the door sprang open. She sighed with relief as she saw Nick racing towards her. He called out again, she had to leave now for his sake. She had already caused him so much trouble, she stepped in and pressed the close button and got the lift started down to the lobby.

Nick cursed as he came up to the doors as they shut. She got away from him for now but that wasn’t going to stop him from chasing after her. She wasn’t in her right mind. He stabbed the call button and hoped the second elevator was quick arriving.

Marie slumped up against the wall and sighed, her legs and arms quivering she needed to get away from here now. Nick would probably try and find her, she held it together barely as the doors slid open to the lobby. She had to get out of here fast before Nick caught up with her. She had to avoid her apartment for now, she knew Nick would go there to look for her. She hurried out to her car, she knew it would take Nick sometime to get out as they had come together. Nick wouldn’t be able to find her, where she was going.

Nick waited frustratedly for the elevator doors to open, he needed to get out now she could have already gone. He raced through the lobby and out the doors just in time to see Marie drive away. He cursed violently and looked around for a cab, he needed to wait her out. She would kartal escort return to her apartment at some point.


Nick sat in his car watching her apartment, it had already been three hours and she still hadn’t turned up, he was getting worried now as those feelings rose once again. He had to find her, she may not even come back since she had her purse she could check into a hotel to avoid him. He knew the one person that could help though. He slid out his mobile and dialled

“Hello?” answered Kelly after she grabbed her phone off the table. She hoped it was Marie, she was worried about her.

“It’s Nick Hammond here, I know you helped me before maybe you could do it again, Marie hasn’t come back to her apartment yet I’m getting worried about her,” he said with a slight hint of worry in his voice.

She remembered the video that had popped up in her inbox, whoever did it must have had something to gain she thought. “Ok, why should I tell you anything Mr. Sexy Ass?”

Nick groaned at the comment, “I want to talk some sense into her, she can’t just run off like that.”

“Well that’s not exactly endearing me into helping you, you still haven’t answered my question, why should I tell you anything? If not I’ll just be hanging up, Marie can take care of herself,” she said.

Nick cursed under his breath, anxiety over not knowing if she was ok washed over her. He liked her, ok he cared for her. He didn’t even want to consider the possibility that she might be hurt. “I care about her… a lot, if you know anything please tell me, she won’t answer her phone,” he said with anxious tension.

Kelly grinned this was more like it, showing some emotion like in the hot vid, “Hmm I think you might need to do a little better than that, I know where she most likely is. But if you want to know, you’ll give me a little more.”

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, she was teasing him. But with a sigh of reluctance he knew that she wouldn’t budge until she got what she wanted to hear. He knew what it had been all along he just hadn’t acknowledged it until now. He loved her, he didn’t know what he’d do if she was suddenly out of his life. “I… love her… is that enough for you?” he asked.

“Good enough, but you need to practice saying that Nick, you have to make her believe or she’s just going to lock herself away and not want to come out,” she said.

“Where is?” he asked gruffly.

“Ok, she’s at Greymane Park, right at the edge where it looks over the beach there’s a path that leads down to the beach, she usually sits against the rock wall under the path,” said Kelly.

“Thank you Kelly, I owe you one for this,” said Nick.

“No problem, go find her, she needs somebody like you in her life. Don’t let her push you away,” she said.

“Don’t worry I won’t, she’s not getting away from me,” he said.

“Good, go get her I have something I need to do now,” she said then hung up the phone. She walked over to the printer and grabbed the piece of paper she had printed. She had just the solution Michael needed for the jobs he needed filled. She grinned it could be her wedding present to them both.

As she walked towards the receptionists office she heard voices speaking in hushed tones. Normally nobody spoke in there, as she got closer she realized it wasn’t coming from the receptionist office but from the store room nearby. Her curiosity got the better of her as she walked up to the door noticing it was open ever so slightly letting her hear the conversation inside.

“That slut who took my man is gone, she ran off, I’m sure Nick will be back. I’ll be here to comfort him when he needs anything,” she said quietly.

“That man is hung, and very delicious looking, no wonder you want him. It sounds like he’s free for you now,” another voice said.

Kelly leaned back from the door and purposely strode towards the receptionists room, she grinned she knew how she could fix this situation. She walked behind the desk and woke up the screen and accessed the log-in field. The password was obvious, she had know a few obsessives in her time.

She quickly scrolled through the recent items. She found exactly what she was looking for, an attachment with the video and letters. She sent a duplicate copy on to Michael’s mail and quickly got up and back around the table and strode towards the office door and knocked on it. “Who is it?”

“It’s Kelly Torres, I have something I need to discuss with you very urgently,” she said.

“Come in,” he said.

She opened the door küçükçekmece escort and stepped in, entering this room always gave her chills that excited her. It was like entering the maw of an alpha lion. He’d look so much more sexier if he got at least a little dishevelled after a long day.

“What is it Miss Torres?” he asked his eyes narrowing on her.

“I have a perfect solution to the problem with the video,” she said.

“Video?” he asked.

Her eyes widened briefly for a moment before she said, “You didn’t get the email? Somebody attached the security feed from the supply closet and sent it to everyone,”

“That was supposed to have been destroyed, I have no idea how that could have possibly happened,” he said.

“Well it did and I know who did it, an unknown source mailed Jessica the video and those letters, I knew about them because Marie is my best friend. So I came to offer this solution, you could offer Nick a well-deserved promotion. And he’ll need an assistant right?” she asked.

“Yes and it looks like I need a new PA,” he said as he checked the new email that flashed up on the screen.

“She’s out of here that’s for sure. I will need to have a chat with her first before I fire her so I can see if there is anything more I can get out of her,” he said.

“Great, thank you sir,” she said and left the room.


Nick looked out over the cliff out to the beach as the sunlight started to redden. He couldn’t find the path anywhere, he looked carefully along the ledge and caught sight of some uneven rocks. He grinned and walked towards them. He slipped his hand into his pocket and grasped the box he had just bought.

Talking to Kelly made him realize that his feelings were more than just lusting after Marie. He needed her, wanted her. Shaking his head he had to admit he loved her, loved her the minute he picked her up to go away on their cruise. He came across the uneven rocks and found the craftily hidden path laid among the rock. He carefully navigated the narrow path as it wound its way down to the beach. He looked around and spotted Marie leaning against the wall just staring out into the waves.

He carefully approached her as not to startle her, he sat down next to her and looked out at the water. “It’s beautiful here, no wonder you like this place.”

Marie looked at him tears had evidently ran down her face in the course of her emotional battle with herself. He was gorgeous, he had spiked up his hair and was wearing a very male cologne, he hadn’t done this when they were getting ready in the morning. So this was new… he had done this for her.

But no she couldn’t dwell on it, she’d only screw up his life even more if she stayed she had to get out of town, away from him before she made an even bigger mess of things. As she made a move to get up. Nick grabbed up arm and pulled her back down, “You’re not going anywhere Marie,” he said.

“Nick let me go, I’ll just stuff up your life even further then I already have,” she said as she pulled against his grasp.

“I thought we talked about this? I would gladly do the same thing a thousand times, I’m just as much to blame. If I hadn’t lost my control it would have never happened there in view of that damned camera, so this is all my fault. Certainly not yours,” he said growling slightly as his eyes darkened looking into hers.

“I still started it,” she said.

“But I continued it, stop arguing it’s not going to do you any good,” he said.

“We’re going to get fired because of me, excuse me Nick I have to go,” she said and pulled out of his grasped and got up to walk away.

‘Damn it, stubborn woman,’ he muttered under his breath. “You stay right there Marie, you’re not getting away from me, I love you damn it. Nothing it going to change that,” he said looking at her with a possessive glint in his eye.

“You… you… what?! You can’t!” she said hysterically.

“Oh but I can, I fell in love with you the morning of the cruise I took you on, I just didn’t know it then, think Marie. Those feelings you couldn’t describe, I know you have them I’ve seen you look at me in that certain way,” said Nick.

She was hyperventilating she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she knew her crush on him had more substance than just a fancy but… love him? Did she? She didn’t know! She collapsed onto the sand and sobbed.

Nick sat down and wrapped his arms around her chest and pulled her in, “It’s ok if you don’t want to say it back yet, I perfectly understand I only just realized küçükyalı escort it just before I came here. Your friend Kelly helped me see it, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said pulling the ring box from his jacket coat and pulled open the ring box. “Will you do me the honor of marrying me?” he asked hopefully.

The ring shined brightly, a glittering band of tiny diamonds surrounding a small dark ruby. Marie looked up at him tears shimmering her view of his hopeful face. She wiped tears out of her eye and looked at the box, her eyes widened as she gasped at it.

“Oh god it’s beautiful,” she said.

“It’s all for you baby, you don’t even have to accept my proposal yet, the ring is yours anyway,” he said.

“Of course I’ll marry you Nick,” she said and reached up to kiss him. She was hit with that strong coiling emotion again and she knew exactly what it was now. “I love you too Nick,”

He grinned broadly and kissed her hard pushing her against the sand, “I love you so much baby, I’m sure everything will work out for the best. Also you’re moving into my apartment, no arguments it’s larger than yours,” he said.

“Whatever you want baby,” she said brushing her finger down his chest.

“Mmm we better not start anything here, it’s too open. And I’m not in the mood to share my woman’s delights with anybody,” he said with a purr and leaned down to kiss her with passion.

“Lead the way my lady,” he said with a grin and followed her back up the stairs.


Michael sat in front of two stressed people, unsure of what their fate will be. “I’ve called you both in here to discuss your options. You can either stay here or take the promotions I have lined up for you. We need a manager for our new Houston office, and every good manager has an equally skilled assistant. What do you say?” he asked.

Marie looked shocked at this development, she felt for sure this was it for both of them. To be offered this opportunity was amazing. There was no way she’d be able to continue working here now that the video had circulated its way through the office. Not with all the curious glances she kept getting now.

“And once again I’m sorry to both of you, I have no idea how Jess got a hold of those files they were meant to have been all removed,” said Michael with a sigh.

“It’s ok Michael we can deal with this just fine, we’ll take the offer. A fresh beginning is just what we need, we’re getting married. And I think I owe that in part to you,” said Nick with a slight grin.

“Good, you both are good for each other, you can start as soon as you pack up your apartments and find a place to live in Houston. We’ve just been waiting on the perfect person for the job and you’re it Nick,” he said.

“And to repay you for all this generosity, I can suggest Miss Torres as your new PA, she’s extremely helpful and I imagine it was her doing, busting Jess and everything. She could be quite helpful,” said Nick with a glint in his eye. He knew about the subtle hints that Kelly exuded when she talked about Michael. She was in to him and was denying it to herself. She had helped him, now it was time to return the favour.

“I had been considering her, I did figure out it was Kelly who forwarded the email, now I just need to find who leaked the info to her and expel them before they do any future damage, good luck in Houston both of you,” he said.

Marie stood from her chair her whole body tightly strung, Nick slipped his arm around her waist and guided her towards the door. Once they were out of the office he said into her ear, “How are you feeling now? That was a surprise wasn’t it?”

“It certainly was, now what are you playing at suggesting Kelly? She would hate being a glorified slave.

“Oh I think you underestimate exactly how she feels about something in particular,” he said with a grin.

“You trying to play matchmaker?” asked Marie curiously.

“Well she did help me a few times, so I could only return the favour, she likes him. It’s all about body language, you can see it in their causal movements. You never know, she might have a folder full of her own fantasies,” he whispered.

She shivered and leaned against him, “Get those naughty thoughts out of your head right now Nick, I so don’t want to have to deal with yet another vid of us floating around.”

He chuckled and walked down the hall from her. “Hey don’t you walk away from me mister,” she growled and stalked after him.

“What are you going to do about?” he asked gruffly.

“Hmm… nothing,” she said with a slight smirk.

“Nothing? Are you chicken?” he asked.

“Nope, just not now. I have to clean out my desk, then we can go once you’re ready,” she said with a hot look at him. She sauntered sexily away from him and got to work clearing out her desk.


Hope you all enjoyed this story 😀 Look out for the two sequels to follow at a later date 😀

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