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Accidentally Making Out

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It’s been a very long week at work and staying alone in a different city from your family can actually drain you emotionally and physically. The only solace is the fact that there’s a long weekend coming up on account of a regional holiday, which means I get to go home early and drive overnight to meet my family.

Before that though, I have to wait for the esteemed driver of this office van to receive his route chart and have all the employees signed and accounted for before we can get to the long drive home. Having opted to leave 3 hours early so that I can prepare for my trip later in the evening, I’m lucky to get a window seat. Not that I can see anything outside because its already 6 PM, but I just feel comfortable knowing that in case I get sick, it’s easy to hurl without hesitation. To each their own problems!

As I fidget with my phone and scroll thru my Facebook and insta feeds, getting around to shuffling my playlist, I look up towards the front of the bus and see you climb in. I do my best not to freeze for a second but just like how I sensed you walking in, you catch me looking at you. Thankfully, things are not awkward between us and we break into a wan smile at each other, as you make your way towards me and take the seat behind me.

As you settle in, we greet each other and ask the customary polite conversation starters. I tell you that am heading home later that night hence logging out early, and you tell me something similar about having relatives visiting. I’ve always enjoyed conversations with you when we get the opportunity to travel together to and from work, but haven’t had the chance the past few weeks because of work requirements. I remember you telling me the same in the past as well. Though not close enough to be called friends, we agreed that we are more than acquaintances.

By now, the van has commenced the trip and I realise that I’ve caught a crick in my neck with my twisting around to talk to you, and excuse myself with that reason. You wobble out of your seat and sit next to me to save me the discomfort and offer to massage my neck. I politely decline the offer even though the van is not full and there are only 5 other passengers apart from us, scattered in the 4 rows in front of us.

As I focus on my neck and massage with my left hand, while stretching my right arm to hold the seat in front of me, I realise that you’ve quietly dozed off sitting next to me. Your head resting on my right shoulder, and breathing heavily in gentle snores. I don’t have the heart to disturb you so let you be. After a while though, when my right arm begins to go to sleep I have no choice but to move my arm which wakes you up in a jostle. You apologize in a rush and try to straighten yourself smoothening your shirt-top and trying to pull your hair in a pony tail, raising your arms to do so.

At that exact same moment, the van brakes very hard jerking us forward. Anticipating your imbalance, I stretch my right arm sideways to prevent you from crashing in front, while my left hand moves instinctively to help support. Crash averted. Also, my right arm is pressed hard against your boobs and my left hand has cupped your left tit. I don’t realise this and remain frozen, instead look to the front of the van to see if it was anything kurtköy escort serious. Seeing a traffic pileup, I turn towards you to ask you if you are alright and notice you looking into my eyes without speaking, and I notice where my hands are. Panicking, I pull my hands away and whisper my apologies dreading the possible hells I could go thru for this at work. You, on the other hand keep assuring me that its alright, no worries, stop saying sorry and after 2-3 minutes, I stop apologising.

As we settle back in and laugh off the incident, we realise that with this traffic it’ll be another hour to 90 minutes before we get to our stops. Cursing the traffic, we talk about different things, but we both realise that there is a whole different current between us.

Somewhere in our conversation, we talk about highlights of the week and you naughtily say, “Well, your week ended on a high! You managed to feel my boobs before the long weekend, so you must be happy!”

Knowing you are cool with it now and having apologized in advance for the rest of our lives, I reply cockily as well, “Oh come on, that was an accident. And, there was no fun, because I only experienced surprise and fear. Enjoyment did not course through my veins at all. Sadly.”

You: “Oh really? That is sad. I thought my staying in position for a couple more seconds would have made your day, and so I didn’t budge!”

Me: “Damn! Missed opportunity. You should have said something right then, probably winked at me or something. How does a guy interpret such cryptic clues?”

You: “Oh! Well, I can’t possibly tell you to not stop holding my tits and probably squeeze my left one a little bit right at that instant, could I?”

The blood in my body was making a beeline to my cock to wake it up from its slumber.

Me, going with a blank stare. “Did you… did you, like… want me to. squeeze… your… tits, back then?” Hesitant and uncertain fabulously.

You, now blushing a bit, giving a come hither look and a hint of a uncertain smile breaking out, “I.. wouldn’t.. have minded it.. you know”

Now, both of us are staring at each other, it suddenly got warm and you’re breathing heavily. I now pay attention to your chest gently heaving under your printed buttoned shirt-top, held in place by padded bra cups. Unconsciously, my right hand reaches forward, almost in slow motion and cup your right tit with my fingers while my thumb tries to locate your nipple. You gently close your eyes and a breath gets caught in a small gasp as you enjoy the sensation and let out a slow sigh.

Realizing that we seem to be in a compromising position facing each other side by side, i settle back in the seat, fold my arms over my chest so that the fingers on my left hand can caress your left chest and tit casually since you have leaned in and are now resting your head on my shoulder. While this continues for a few minutes, you place your laptop bag on your lap and use the height to cover you as you undo the top three buttons on your shirt-top. Feeling your naked skin on my fingertips, I notice slight goose flesh building on your chest and you work hard to stifle your gasps as my fingers explore your chest and graze your areoles, occasionally levent escort flicking your nipple. Throwing caution to the wind, I lower your bra cup to release your lush 34C tit out and after quickly looking around, lean down to take it my parched mouth. You cover your mouth with your right hand and keep a look out for stray peekers. I continue this for a good 2-3 minutes and then straighten myself up, while you quickly lift the cup up to enclose your tit again.

Seeing that your buttons are still undone, I look you at your beautifully drawn eyebrows, which seem to be telling me, “Don’t even think about it.” While your eyes are dilated and telling me, “Don’t stop. Quickly!” I smile and quickly put my hand inside the right lapel and scoop your right tit from the sheath of your bra, locating the nipple and gentle squeezing it once before freezing for a couple seconds and continuing for a few more seconds.

Why did I freeze? Because at that moment, you slid your left hand down my thighs and cupped my cock, that’s why. While I squeezed your tit slowly, you rubbed my cock along its length, your eyes partially closed, mouth slightly open, head tilted sideways in a drowsy way while I enjoyed the scene.

I pull my hands out, you set things in order and button up your shirt. Let out a sigh and look me straight in my eyes, not smiling but giving me a very serious look, all the while your left hand slides down my trouser, unflies it, strokes my cock thru my jockeys and I am floating in ecstasy. As I turn sideways and look at you, you are looking straight ahead, clothes set back in order, right hand holding on to your laptop bag sitting on your thigh while your left hand is looking for ways to get down to my scrotum!

Looking down at your legs to return the favor, i see that you are wearing form fitting pencil trousers which doesn’t allow me to mess around without making it obvious that some shady shit went down in the back of the van.

Sensing my disappointment, you continue to stroke me and lean towards me and say,

“I am coming over to your place now. I have an hour before my usual arrival time at home. Will that make you happy, and me too?”

I smile at you like the village idiot who’s been given the banana.

We spend the next 45-50 minutes anxiously waiting to reach our stop. When we get there we try our best not to race to the exit of the van and jump out in excitement. We wait for the van to leave and you walk with me towards my apartment which is 5 minutes away.

Entering the building and hoping we do not meet any of the neighbors, we enter my apartment, lock the door, drop our bags by the wall face each other and eat each others faces like hungry animals in slow motion. Aggressive passion at its best. So much to do, so little time. I don’t turn on the lights, but guide you to the bedroom, mouths still attached to each others, tugging away at each others clothes and slipping out of our footwear. By the time we reach the bed, am in my jockey you’re in your thong and the bra is sadly stuck around your toned stomach.

Knowing that we have at max 20-30 minutes, I lay you down on the bed, pull your legs until your ass is barely at the edge of the bed, sit down on the mahmutbey escort floor, pull the thong to a side and dip my tongue into your pussy, tasting the warm salty wetness and moist flesh as my tongue explores wantonly. In the more private setting now, you jerk and jostle, gasp for breath, throw your head back and moan occasionally telling me that I’m doing something right. Folding your legs up, i run my tongue from your pussy, to the inner thighs and take gentle mouthfulls working my way down your ass cheeks, thru your ass crack and circling around your asshole. That must have been something new for you because you stifle a shriek and gasp for breath while spreading your legs wider. I welcome this gesture and dip my tongue tip into your asshole and rimming it as well for good measure. That being done, I let my tongue randomly run this entire area, eating your pussy, your ass, asshole and inserting a finger into the hole I moved out of eating. You are initially skeptical about the finger in your ass but slowly warm up to the sensation.

Having spent a good while here, you pull me up and kiss me full on the lips getting a taste of your juices as well. Laying me down beside you, you trail kisses over my chest and torso and work your way down to my cock. Taking my cock straight into your mouth and running your lips over it from top to bottom, I realise its not doing much to stimulate me. I yank your head gently and you look up at me questioningly.

Me: “Don’t just run your lips, run your tongue over it. Lick it. Suck it. Kiss it”

Nodding in agreement you bend down once more and do all of that and more for the next few minutes. I turn your legs towards me and spread them so that i can run my fingers in your pussy and ass as you blow me.

Not able to hold off, I pull you closer to me and you turn to look at me. I utter one word.


You get over me, shower love on my cock while i dig and explore the folds of your pussy even further seeing how deep my tongue will go and how long my strokes between your clit and the pussy go. You are on the threshold of cumming and i hold on to your waist, not letting you budge while you try to get off. Having worked you to the edge, you squirt all over my face as i continue probing your pussy with my tongue. As you clench your ass and tighten your legs around me face, you also create a vacuum with your mouth around my cock, which sends electricity thru me and I cum into your mouth. Not sure if you’ve done this before but you swallow me and then continue sucking me until am all clean.

Just then a phone rings and you realise it is yours. You scramble up in a hurry and locate your phone to answer while I also sit up. As you speak, telling your home folks you will be home shortly, i lean forward and suck on your tits which introduced us to this wonderful evening. You try to push me away, not really wanting me to and your smile saying so, but i persist and run my tongue from tit to tit and nipple to nipple, without tickling you. You lean back and enjoy this while i use my right hand to caress your thighs and clit some more. Ending the call, you lean forward, kiss me full on the lips and say “Thank you. We should do this more often!”

I agree and move away, allowing you to head to the washroom to freshen up and get ready as I watch you lazily from the bed. I wash up and wear home clothes as well and we kiss once more before you let yourself out the door and home for the long weekend as I lock the door and sit down on the couch remembering to thank the motorcyclist who came in front of our van causing it to brake suddenly!

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