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An impatient huff of breath escaped lips adorned with sun block when a mix of sun-mat, towel, lotion, water and books shifted as sandaled feet tripped on the unfamiliar paving stones. Fortunately nothing fell and the small bundle was secured once more. The sound of mocking laughter reached across a small distance and Breck risked a quick glance from under his sun hat.

He should have guessed. Three guys lounged against a wall, tall, toned and tanned. Breck was not sure whether they were locals or visitors. All had dark hair, eyes hidden by large sunglasses, and the aura that men who knew they were attractive exuded. They wore Speedos and open shirts, revealing one man’s smooth chest and two others well-dusted with dark fur. Breck found himself admiring the expanses of exposed flesh despite himself. He looked away quickly as their heads turned back towards him. There was no point being anything other than a source of amusement for them.

They were a complete contrast to him. His colouring was pure Irish; red hair, pale skin and freckles and the floppy hat was a necessity to protect his face and neck. He had opted for baggy Bermudas, uncertain whether he would want to go for a swim. An over-sized t-shirt covered his pale-skinned chest. He would take it off on the beach for a short while, but he was safety-conscious enough to know not to let his skin burn. Apart from it being stupid, if he got a bad case of sunburn it could ruin the rest of his long-anticipated holiday. Focusing ahead he ignored a few innocuous jibes aimed at him and was relieved the trio did not move after him. That would have spoilt his day. He took a deep breath and looked around appreciatively.

He had selected this resort as it claimed to be gay-friendly. He recognised a few of the singles and couples he had seen in the hotel dining room that morning as he had left. He had opted to eat out and so was certain no one would recognise him. Over to his right was a white-sanded area with rows of sun loungers. That was populated by couples and families and Breck was not interested in a lounger. Ahead of him and to his left were a mix of rock and sand where couples and singles sat or lay. It was easy enough to walk to edge of the rocks and get into the sea.

He stared out across the azure ocean. His resort was in a semi circle of coast. Both to his left and right the land curved towards the sea. On the horizon he could see a ship heading towards the harbour located in the larger resort on his left. The sky was ultramarine with just an occasional wisp of white, cotton-wool cloud that ambled slowly by. It smelt clean and fresh, there were no traffic sounds and Breck could scarcely wait to really begin to enjoy his summer break. Bringing his gaze back to the beach he spotted somewhere he could sit and even stretch out if he wanted. Grinning happily he headed over.

Settling in his vantage spot he would be able to indulge in people watching as well as enjoy the oceanic vista. He spread out his mat and was able to keep his water in the shade of a small outcrop of rock. He peeled off his t-shirt and sat down. He had ensured he had put on his Factor 50 before leaving the hotel, but he would need to recoat if he did decide to swim. Selecting a book, he settled to read.


Something made Breck look up. It was almost as if he had been aware of a change in the ambiance around him. He could not stop the giggle as he likened what he was seeing to a Mexican wave. People on the beach were turning in response to the arrival of a newcomer.


Breck had no other name for the man. Dark hair fell to just above his shoulders. His eyes were hidden by dark glasses, but Breck just knew they would be liquid mocha. High cheekbones, sculptured lips and a strong chin were just the beginning. He wore a turquoise blue shirt unbuttoned as though to provide a frame for the canvass of his chest. His skin was olive-toned, certainly Mediterranean in origin; although Breck was not certain that he was Spanish. There was a decent smattering of hair across the chest and which arrowed over the flat abdomen. A dark line ran from navel to swim trunks in the same turquoise as his shirt. Even quiescent, the bulge they restrained spoke of an organ of impressive dimensions. His legs were furred and his thighs strongly muscled. Breck surmised the Adonis worked out to keep himself in peak shape.

The Adonis seemed unaware of the effect he was having around him, halting in almost in the same spot Breck had as if to decide the best spot on the beach. The dark blue towel he carried indicated he intended to swim. Breck looked around at the people on the beach again and smothered another giggle. Girls were puffing up their chests and sucking in non-existent stomachs. One was trying to surreptitiously pinch her nipples to noticeable peaks. Some of the single men had adapted their pose, spreading their legs or bending one knee upwards or outwards. One was even less subtle, stoking his thigh and skimming his bahis firmaları thumb along the leg of his swimming briefs.

Breck returned his gaze to the Adonis just as the other man removed his glasses and let his dark eyes sweep over the beach. For a second or two their eyes met before the Adonis dropped his towel and glasses and headed towards the sea. Breck could not suppress the groan that slipped past his still-parted lips. He quickly adjusted his position. Baggy Bermudas could hide a multitude of sins, but not the erection he was sporting if he remained lying flat. His cock had taken an immediate liking to the Adonis and Breck was sure it was trying to force its way to freedom to wave encouragingly at the handsome male. He moved to sit cross-legged and resumed alternating between people watching and enjoying his book.

It was hard to focus either on the people on the beach or his book. Breck kept finding his gaze going to the Adonis who was enjoying being in the sea. He had kept his shirt on and it now clung tenaciously to his form, emphasising his physique. When he laughed, strong, white, even teeth were displayed. He had been included in a loose form of water polo that a mixed group were playing and Breck forced his attention back to his book as his erection throbbed dangerously.

The next time Breck looked up the Adonis was striding from the sea, drops cascading from his body like diamonds as he stood by his towel. He watched as the dark man peeled off the wet shirt, wringing it out with powerful hands. He was mesmerised as, picking up the towel, the Adonis swept the cotton across broad pectorals and solid abdominals. Too late to look away, their eyes met again as the towel ghosted across the Adonis’ groin.


Breck immediately buried his blushing face in his book. It was too late, but the best he could do. He was not reading the words; the book was just a barrier. The dark eyes had glittered with amusement as they had locked with his. Then there had been a flash of ivory as the Adonis had smiled, but the smile had been feral, predatory and Breck had felt a heady mix of vulnerability and arousal. To the point that he was sure if he just slid his hand around his penis he would come in his pants. He tried to calm himself down; too nervous to see if the Adonis was now sunbathing or had left the beach. He took a deep breath and lowered the book a fraction. He was relieved and disappointed in equal measure as he saw the Adonis was no longer there. One thing was certain; he would have plenty of fantasy material for when there was just his imagination and hand for company.

A strangled squeak of shock erupted from between his lips as a large body folded gracefully to sit crossed-legged beside him. The feral smile was still on the Adonis’ lips and at such close quarters he could see the fine stubble which he assumed was intentional, giving a rough, rugged appearance to the undeniably beautiful face.

“You were watching me,” the Adonis said, amusement evident in his accented tones.

The voice was sultry and sexy and Breck fought off the urge to writhe, or fall back on the sand and offer himself at the altar of the Adonis’ sexual charisma.

“Lots were watching you,” he countered, surprised he could form coherent words.

“Yes, but you were watching me.”

Breck swallowed past a dry throat. He wondered if this was what a rabbit felt like just before a fox would move in for the kill.

“May I?” the Adonis asked, indicating the water.

Breck stared as the Adonis’ Adam’s apple bobbed rhythmically to his swallowing the water. It seemed that everything this man did was hot-wired to his groin. His dick ached uncomfortably. His breathing began to quicken as he became the focus of lust-laden, dark eyes.

“Pretty,” the Adonis announced as a hand touched the centre of Brecks’s chest. “Such pale skin, it fascinates me.”

Breck was certain he was on the verge of hyperventilating. A thumb was tantalisingly close to his nipple, so close the bud had hardened as if begging the Adonis to touch it. The hand moved to strand of his hair that fell in waves to his shoulders. A curl wrapped around the Adonis’ finger as if trying to keep the dark man captive.

“I like red,” he grinned. He stared blatantly at Breck’s chest and groin. “Responsive,” the Adonis purred. “I like that. You are hard for me, pretty. I know you are. I saw you when I arrived. You lay there hard for me and I hadn’t even touched you. I could make you come now just by speaking couldn’t I? You would tremble and shake and I would see your face as you came harder than anyone has made you come before. But I don’t think so. Then everyone would see.”

Breck was already trembling, sure he was going to come, but then the Adonis was standing. The loss of his nearness made Breck whimper a denial and his cock deflated enough to derail the incipient orgasm. He gazed up, uncaring that his eyes would be begging. There was another dangerous flash of teeth kaçak iddaa and a hand extended towards him.

“Coffee, over there,” he nodded towards a cafe a couple of hundred metres away. “Then I will decide what to do with you.”


Breck gathered his things together. It seemed as though the bundle had grown as he juggled his belongings whilst the Adonis had simply wrapped his towel sarong-style around his hips. He was urged ahead of the other man and was peripherally aware of the looks aimed at him; incredulity, jealously, envy. It all added to the surreal sensation of arousal that swirled around them. As they reached the café the Adonis selected the table and sat next to Breck.

A waiter appeared almost immediately. As his eyes moved to the Adonis, Breck saw the smile and the waiter gave a wide smile of his own. Breck could scarcely believe the surge of jealously that spiked through his body.

“Two coffees, por favor,” the Adonis purred.

Breck watched the waiter vanish inside and then returned his gaze to the man beside him.

“Jealous, pretty?” the Adonis asked, amusement colouring his tone. “You want me so bad, hmm? You know I can pleasure you. You would let me bend you over this table wouldn’t you?”

“No,” Breck husked, his face flushed with a mix of embarrassment and excitement. He gasped as the Adonis’ hand snaked between his legs and squeezed his still half-hard shaft. It surged to life instantly. Breck’s breath came in soft, open-mouthed gasps as the Adonis traced the outline of his erection.

“I could make you come right now,” the words purred silkily in Breck’s ear and he whimpered. Then the hand vanished and he was bereft without the touch. He had not even noticed the waiter heading towards them.

“Gracias, amigo,” the Adonis smiled. “Drink and calm yourself, pretty. I am staying in a hotel close by. I will be the only one to see you when you come undone by my touches.”


Breck barely tasted the coffee as they had their drinks. They left them half finished, Breck’s eyes pleading with the dark male to end his misery. He gratefully followed the other man to his hotel. As the Adonis headed to reception he pointed in the direction of the lift.

“Eighth floor. Hold the lift.”

As Breck was joined by the bigger man he was shoved hard against the wall of the lift. One hand instantly slid beneath his t-shirt to pinch at peaked nipples, the other fondled his dick back to aching hardness and Breck moaned unashamedly. It felt s if he had been hard for hours. He was almost manhandled from the lift into the Adonis’ apartment. His belongings were thrust onto a set of drawers and he was propelled into the bathroom.

Breck stood erect and confused as the Adonis turned on the shower. The predatory look was back in the dark eyes as the bigger man turned back to him.

“You are too excited, pretty. You need to have the edge taken off. Strip!”

Breck blinked at the order and was surprised to find himself obeying. He eased the t-shirt over his head and began to unfasten the Bermudas.

“Wait! Turn around and lower them to the floor slowly,” the Adonis commanded. “I want to see what you have to offer me.”

Trembling, barely able to make his body obey, Breck turned and eased the shorts down his legs. He felt more exposed as he bent down than if he had been on the Adonis’ bed with his legs spread and even that seemed to add to the thick miasma of lust and arousal.

“Nice. Turn to face me.”

Breck gave a whine of need as he gazed at the equally naked man before him. The Adonis was as impressive as Breck had known he would be and he ached to have the long, thick cock buried inside him. He did not resist as he was urged into the shower. Large hands caressed his body, teasing his nipples, his ballsac as lips and teeth nipped at his neck and shoulders. Without a touch to his straining dick he erupted as teeth bit his throat and fingers tugged a throbbing bud. He moaned as he came, sagging against the Adonis’ broad chest.

He felt the water stop cascading over him and he was pushed against the shower wall. One large hand splayed across his chest, pinning him in place. Dark eyes captured his glazed green orbs as the Adonis worked his own shaft quickly and efficiently. Breck moaned as hot come splashed over his stomach and softened cock. Part of him thought he should object to being marked so primitively, but most of him was carried away by the sheer eroticism as the Adonis rubbed his crème into Breck’s skin.

“I want you to smell of me when you are in my bed,” the Adonis husked.

They towelled themselves dry, Breck avoiding the area marked by the Adonis earning himself a lust-laden smile. He was urged into the living room and onto a settee. Breck glanced in the direction of the bed that he could see through the open doorway and wondered why he still was not there. He stared at the glass pressed into his hand.

“Metaxa brandy, seven stars,” the Adonis explained. kaçak bahis “You need to be more relaxed. Drink.”

Breck had to admit the warm, smooth brandy was very palatable. He did not object as his glass had yet more poured into it before the Adonis sat next to him. He took another sip and set down the glass. He moaned as the Adonis moved in for their first kiss. He lingered over Breck’s eager lips, the kiss initially close-mouthed and gentle. A tongue traced the shape of Breck’s mouth, varying pressure to keep him tingling and just off balance. The Adonis pressed down firmly only to pull away again, to just barely brushing his lips against Breck’s, tantalising with flirting, fleeting little touches.

Breck felt himself slowly pressed back against the sofa cushions. One of his legs was hitched over the Adonis’ muscled thighs, opening him to more intimate touches as the kiss continued. A knowing hand cupped his sac, squeezing the balls inside as a tongue darted out and flicked delicately along Breck’s still closed lips. Acting more on instinct than intellectual thought, Breck’s mouth opened and the Adonis’ tongue thrust inside. There it instantly began its ravishment, mapping every nuance. Breck was limp and breathless as they finally separated. He moaned as hot lips began to nurse a sensitised nipple while a finger brushed over his entrance.

A groan of need escaped Breck’s kiss-swollen lips. He writhed, trying to entice the Adonis into pushing the finger deeper inside him.

“No, pretty,” the accented voice was a dark husk in Breck’s ear. “I will not take you dry. You will remember this encounter for the pleasure I will give you.”

Gripping Breck’s hips, the Adonis guided him to the bed, pushing him unresistingly onto it. He gave a feral flash of white teeth and, spreading Breck’s legs wide, knelt between them as if he was born to be there. Wide eyed and whimpering, Breck could only watch with anticipation as the Adonis leant down and licked a stripe from his balls to the crown of his dick, tasting the leaking pre-cum.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned. Part of him knew that he was being too easy. However, the brandy had given him a pleasant buzz and his arousal was already spiralling uncontrollably.

“So responsive, pretty,” the Adonis murmured.

A cry spilt from Breck’s lip as the Adonis wrapped his hand around Breck’s shaft and stroked. More moans fell from his parted lips as the Adonis blew over the tip. He forced himself to watch as full lips encompassed the burgundy-hued head of his shaft. He writhed as the Adonis suckled with abandon and then released the head to run his tongue up and down the hard length.

Breck tossed his head back and forth, completely lost in the sensations as the Adonis began licking the underside and then moved lower again to tease the surface of his sac with the tip of his tongue. He needed more, so much more, but he could not string a coherent sentence so he simply spread his legs wider in wonton abandon, praying The Adonis would understand.

He whined needily as the Adonis grinned at the sight of him; hair damp and in disarray on the pillow, fair skin flushed with arousal and need, legs spread as wide as he could, offering everything to the bigger man. In response the Adonis’ dipped his tongue lower, sampling the smooth skin under Breck’s balls.

“Please,” Breck begged.

In wordless reply to Breck’s plea the Adonis took Breck’s cock into his mouth. Breck moaned as the Adonis drew him deeper into his throat, sucking hard. Strong hands held him down as he began to thrash and buck, going wild with need. After a few moments he moaned a denial as the Adonis pulled back, breathing harshly.

Breck did not hesitate as he was directed to lie on his stomach, a pillow under his hips to cant his buttocks to the perfect angle for the Adonis. He spread his legs eagerly as strong, purposeful hands grasped his firm, pale cheeks. He panted eagerly as they were pulled apart gently, baring his hidden entrance to the Adonis’ gaze. Breck felt a kiss at the base of his spine then a slow drag of wet tongue up the exposed crevice before it began licking over tightly furled flesh. The redhead lost himself in the erotic sensations, trying to spread himself wider, push himself back on the slick, agile muscle. He cried out his encouragement as the Adonis’ tongue pressed with more force, pushing against his opening, demanding it cede to him.

Breck was certain the Adonis was trying to drive him out of his mind as the bigger man pulled back and then leant down once more, placing his mouth on Breck’s wetted entrance. For long moments as the Adonis licked, nipped and sucked, Breck writhed, shuddered and pleaded to be taken. However, it was clear that the Adonis was far from finished. Breck whimpered as his testicles were each mouthed slowly. Then the slick, agile tongue was back at his small, pulsating opening. His barely coherent pleas were finally answered as the tongue breached him, pushing in harder and faster and he thrust his hips back, matching the rhythm. With an articulate wail of completion, and without the Adonis touching his dick, Breck came hard, hips bucking into the pillow supporting them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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