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Adorable Woman Pt. 02

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I have kept you waiting too long for this part, but I am finally happy that the second part finally did get finished. I really hope you enjoy it as much as you did the first part.


Relationship with ma gets closer, but she still remains an enigma.


After we came back from the village after celebrating my eighteenth birthday, my relationship with Ma became much closer. She was no longer my guardian, but became a very special friend & a guide. Another change in me was the level of confidence with women. In college, I was no longer shy or uneasy with girls and in their company I carried myself very well. I could concentrate much better in studies, as I had no distracting thoughts about women.

Ma was now totally frank & open on everything, particularly about sex. She cleared all my doubts about man woman relationship, told me about what women like & how to please women both emotionally and physically. Best thing was the way she told me all these. She never sounded as if she was sermonising. She told me stories from mythology, epics and literature, both Indian & Western. She suggested books to me, which had a strong erotic content, but in excellent literary form. She even told me real life stories. This way, her company was extremely enjoyable for me and both of us tried to find, as much time as we could, to spend in talking to each other.

She often stimulated me by her excellent narration of real life stories. It appeared she was a confidant to quite a few people, who shared their secrets with her. There were occasions, when she was the eyewitness of passionate lovemaking. She narrated to me some of these incidents. She wrote a few erotic stories and she let me read those. Those stories ran riot in my psyche. Some of the stories involved sex between two women and I wondered if she had such tendencies.

Despite my very intimate & open relationship, Ma still remained an enigma to me. When it came to physical intimacy, she maintained an invisible barrier against me. I never got an opportunity to see her in the nude. Occasionally, usually at bedtime or early in the morning, I saw her only in a sari which allowed me to see her naked body silhouetted under light fabric. But that only made my desire stronger.

Bathing with ma

One day, I felt pretty desperate to see her in naked glory and told her I wanted to bathe with her. I wasn’t expecting her to say yes, but she very willingly agreed. After dad (Baba) left for office, she asked me to join her in the bathroom.

As I entered, she was washing clothes with her petticoat and bra on. She finished washing and asked me to come closer. She gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek and then started undressing me. She pulled out my vest over my head and fondly moved her hand over my chest. She tickled my tiny nipples and as they became hard, she gave a naughty smile. She put her lips on the nipples and kissed. The tingling sensation, which was continuing so long, turned stronger with her kiss. She gave a light bite with her teeth and I moaned. Now she unbuttoned my shorts, which was tenting with a strong erection. She pulled down both my shorts & the brief and I stood stark naked with my manhood standing erect. She looked at it for some time but didn’t touch it.

We were both silent – she had a naughty smile on her face but I was too excited to smile. After she poured a few mugs of water on me, she lowered her petticoat exposing her belly button & her lower belly and tied it just above her crotch. She had awfully sexy creases in her belly and a line of hair going down from her belly button down to her crotch. Just above the waistband of her petticoat, the line of hair became thicker and a few streaks of hair popped out, hinting at a thick bush below. She raised her arms to tie her hair in a knot and I was enamoured to see rich growth of hair in her armpits. She poured water on her own body and now her petticoat clung to her body, letting me see her hips & thighs and a large dark patch under her wet petticoat. I was frustrated as she belied my expectation of undressing fully. But at the same time, I was extremely excited at what I saw.

She stood behind me and scrubbed my back and then knelt down to soap to my legs. Her hands moved up along my thighs and then on my ass. She parted my butt cheeks and I felt her breathe in my crack. I was awed that she smelled my ass hole. She thoroughly soaped inside my crack. I felt a strong sensation and squirmed. She inserted her hand between my thighs and held my balls and then explored the hairy stretch behind the balls. She then soaped that area. After soaping, she stood up and turned me around. She was no longer smiling and her face was a bit flushed. She soaped my chest and making me lift my arms smelled my armpits and said it smelled of perspiration, exactly like my dad’s. (“Bogoler ghamer gondho thik tor Babar moto.”) She rubbed the soap hard in the thick hair and later cleaned the place with water. She again smelled the armpits and said all the smell of perspiration tekirdağ escort was gone. (“Ghamer gondho ekdom chole gechhe”)

At this point, I put my hands in her armpits and felt the wetness due to perspiration. I rubbed my hands for a while and then smelled my hands. I was surprised there was no smell of perspiration. It was only a mild odour of talc and her very special body aroma. I smelled her armpits, putting my nose in — the same aroma was stronger, but no smell of perspiration. Ma noticed my surprised look and smiled proudly.

I felt a surge of emotion in my mind and holding her in my hand asked her to kiss me. (“Amake ekta chumu khabe, ma?”)

She fulfilled my wish and holding my face in her hands kissed me on the lips. I hungrily opened my lips and she slowly inserted her tongue. She softly explored my mouth with her tongue and I got a heavenly sensation. The kiss became stronger and finally our lips & tongues passionately played with each other. We were sucking each other very strongly and the passion ran high. My manhood was pressed on her belly, which felt awfully soft. Her hands strongly scratched my back and my hands squeezed her butts through her petticoat. After sometime, we both felt breathless and we disengaged. I remembered her first kiss on my birthday. This time it was much more passionate & demanding.

She now squatted down in front of me and lifted her petticoat above her knees. I could see her legs with light curly hair and some part of her inner thighs, which were fair & silky smooth. Her bra was conservative type and made of thick fabric. I couldn’t see her nipples or aureoles, even when it was wet. But as she was squatting in front of me I looked down and saw her lovely inviting cleavage. She soaped my belly and the fronts of my thighs and then cleaned up the thigh joints. Finally she held my cock and it gave me a strong squeeze.

She lovingly soaped along the whole length and commented, “I touched & tasted it earlier but I am seeing it under clear light for the first time. It is very nice in size, long & thick.” (“Age etake hate chhunyechhi, mukhe niyechhi, kintu ei prothom poriskar aloy dekhchhi. Sundor hoyechhe, lomba ar mota.”) Her voice trailed off and I couldn’t hear what she said at the end.

As I told her I couldn’t hear her properly, she raised her head and said, “I always thought your dad’s one is very large, but yours is still bigger & thicker.” (“Bhabtam tor babarta khub boro, kintu ekhon dekhchhi tor ta aro lomba ar mota.”)

She continued soaping the shaft and opened the foreskin. She ran her finger along the groove between the skin & the head and found a thin layer of wet dirt. Shee scooped it up with her fingertip and smelled it, “Ah, what a strong male smell!” she commented. (“Ah, ki purushali gondho!”) As she carried on soaping & cleaning my cock, I was in seventh heaven.

By now I was too eager to see her naked and mustering courage, asked her, “Ma, don’t you get naked when you bathe?” (“Ma, tumi snan korar somoy nangto haona?”)

“Yes my child, I do. But today I will get naked only after you finish your bath and go out.” (“Hyan baba, hoi. Kintu aj tumi snan seshe kore beriye jabar pore nangto hobo.”)

This shattered all my hope and I felt totally dejected. I thought I would push her but thought better of it, as I knew it was hard to make her change her decision.

By now she had stood up and faced me. Looking at my sad eyes, she lifted my chin and said, “You are feeling sad, aren’t you? Are you really so eager to see your mom naked? Just to honour your wish, I will strip naked, but you can only see my back. I can’t stand naked and face you.” (“Mon kharap hoye gechhe, tai na babu? Sotyi tor make nangto dekhte tor eto ichchhe? Thik achhe, sudhu tor kotha rakhte ami puro nangto hobo, kintu tui sudhu amar pechonta dekhte pabi. Ami nangto hoye tor mukhomukhi hote parbona.”)

I was very confused what her inhibitions were, but I realised how much love & affection she had for me. I also felt she would some day grant my wish in full. But then I wondered what I actually wished. Did I just want to savour her naked body with my eyes, or to touch & fondle her, or to make love to her? When it struck me my real wish was the last one, I felt rather awkward that I wanted to penetrate the tunnel, through which I came to the world. Though I felt ashamed at my thought, I knew my wish was so strong that it will chase me all the time till it is fulfilled. At this stage, I remembered the story of Oedipus, who unknowingly married his mother. My mind was in turmoil as I remembered it was ma who gave me the Greek tragedy to read.

As ma turned back, I kissed her neck and she shuddered. As she placed her hand on the hook of the bra, I removed it. In the past, I never had a chance to open a woman’s bra. But I was keen to try it. As I tried the hook, it looked tricky. I observed it carefully and found out how the two hooks clasped each other.

I deftly unclasped them and ma clapped and said, “Bravo, tekirdağ escort bayan it’s unbelievable you are unhooking a bra for the first time. I hope you are not practising with any woman behind my back. I remembered how your dad fumbled with it on first two three occasions.” (“Bah, chomotkar. Keu bhabtei parbena tui prothom brar hook khulchhis. Amay na janiye kono meyer sathe practice korchhisna to? Amar mone pore tor baba prothom dutin bar kemon khabi kheyechhilo.”)

I slipped off the straps and removed the bra and with lot of efforts controlled my urge to touch her bare breasts. Ma untied the string of her petticoat and it dropped on the floor. I was amazed at the sight of the butts, which were ample in size, beautifully curved both along the sides & towards the back and the skin was silky smooth & much fairer than the rest of her body. It looked awfully soft and I felt like fondling them. As my eyes moved down, I loved her thighs, which were a little flabby, but looked soft & silky. I silently watched her beauty and a strong desire to touch her naked backside gripped me.

As if she read my mind, ma said in a husky voice, “You may soap my back, if you so wish.” (“Tui jodi chas tahole, amar pithe saban makhiye dite paris.”).

I couldn’t believe my luck and started soaping her back with all the love & lust accumulated in my mind. As I soaped her neck and then down to her waist, I noticed that along her spine there was a small groove on her flesh running down to her waist and then disappeared in her bum. I soaped her arms, first on the outer side and then on the inner side. Ma moved her arms sideways to accommodate me and when my hands reached her underarms she raised her arms to give me full access to her hairy armpits. I felt lovely as my fingers moved on the furry patch. I brought my hands down along the sides of her back and felt the bulges of her breasts. My hands trembled in excitement.

At this point, ma said, “You can’t soap the front of my breasts. Stay where you are.” (“Tui buker samner dike aste parisna. Jekhane achhis, sekhanei thak”)

I reluctantly withdrew my hand and said, “I can soap your belly, can’t I?” (“Tomar pete to saban makhate pari, tai na?”)

She answered with mild ‘hmm’ and I wrapped my arms around her waist and soaped her belly. The small layers of flab felt awesome and I revelled in the softness. Her bellybutton was very deep and as I played my finger in it, ma hummed like a bee. As my hand moved lower, I felt the line of hair going down from her belly button and soon my fingers brushed the edges of her bush, giving me a wild sensation.

Just then she whispered, “That’s out of bounds. Prohibited area!” (“Ota simanar baire, nishiddho onchol.”)

I startled and removed my hand. As my hand was back on her waist, she said, “You can soap me anywhere in my backside, but not everywhere in the front.” (“Pechoner dike tui jekono jaygay saban makhate paris, kintu samne sob jaygay noy.”)

I was delighted as she allowed me to touch her butts, which I thought was one of the most desirable parts of her body. I touched those lovely mounds and felt so excited that I kissed the butts repeatedly.

She squirmed at this sudden overture from me and said my job was to soap her and not anything else. (“Ei, ki korchhis, tor kaj saban makhano ar kichhu noy”). But by now I was kissing all over her butts with all my emotions. Her voice trailed off midway through the sentence and she started whining slowly. I licked her soft & silky skin and also pressed the soft mass, which melted in my hands. Ma was now moaning strongly and with her hands behind her she tightly held my hair. By now she had parted her legs a bit and through the gap between her fleshy thighs I could see a thick tuft of hair. The hair was rich and made me more excited. I pushed my hand through the gap and as the hair brushed my hands, she closed the gap between her thighs, forcing me to withdraw.

As I continued fondling her butts with my hand, lips & tongue, she screamed and said she can’t take it any more and begged me to stop. (“Ami ar tor ador nite parchhina baba, ebar tham.”) But by then I had parted her butt cheeks, started touching, licking & smelling her private hole surrounded by puckered skin with light hair and was feeling wild sensation. She was now squirming & whining strongly. Even inside that hole there was no foul smell, only a sexy scent of a woman. The aroma made me wild and I inserted my tongue inside. She was now screaming louder and shaking heavily. Finally she broke open from me and pulled up her petticoat to cover from her breasts to crotch and faced me with a flushed face. Even in that excited state she didn’t let me have a look at her frontal nudity. Her hair had fallen open, her breathing was deep & heavy, her pink lips were slightly parted and her nostrils quivered. She looked like a goddess!

She said in a firm tone, “When I exposed my backside to you, I never expected you to get so wild with my bum and make me excited too. Now escort tekirdağ I have to cool you down. Now let me take care of that thing. What would you prefer me to use, hand or mouth?” (“Jokhon nijer nangto pechhon toke dekhalam, bhabini je tui amar pachha dekhe eto gorom hoye jabi ar amakeo gorom kore dibi. Ekhon amake otake thanda korte hobe. Ne amake otar ekta byabostha korte de. Hat na mukh, tor konta pochhondo?”)

I said, “If you do it with your mouth, I may shoot inside your mouth.” (“Mukh diye korle to amar sob kichhu tomar mukhe chole jabe.”)

“You don’t worry about that,” she said and kneeling down in front of me, took my cock in her mouth. She quickly gulped it in full and I wondered how deep her mouth was. As she moved her mouth over my shaft and swirled her tongue over it, I moaned heavily. Soon I was hitting the roof in excitement and warned her that I was going to cum (“Ami ar dhore rakhte parchhina”) She was unfazed and continued sucking me. As I started shooting, she swallowed some of the shots and then took her mouth out. She held the cock in her grip and directed the discharge. The shots hit her face, neck and cleavage.

After the last drop came out, she stood up, turned back and dropped her petticoat. She asked me to pour water on my body. As I did so, she asked me to stand apart and dry myself. Now she poured lots of water on her naked body. She soaped her breasts & crotch and even by watching her from behind, I felt a stir in my cock. While soaping her crotch she parted her thighs again and as I could see the movement of her fair hand over the dark & furry patch, I felt a wild sensation. As she was drying herself, I noticed my hard on was in full vigour. She asked me to give her the fresh petticoat & sari. She tied the petticoat and wrapped the sari loosely around her body. As she turned back, I hurriedly pulled up my tight brief. But before I could do so, she noticed my fresh hard on.

She smiled at me and said, “It’s amazing how quickly a young man regains his erection. Your dad after our marriage, though he was much older than you, used to have his erection almost through the night. Now his one gets limp after one shot and the hard on has to be brought back after quite a bit of effort.” (“Obak lage, kom boyoshe ota koto taratari abar shokto hoye jay. Biyer pore, jokhon tor baba tor theke onek boro chhilo. ota sara rat shokto hoye thakto. Ar ekhon ekbarer pore ota norom hoye jay ar onek chesta kore otake shokto kora jay.”)

As we came out of the bathroom, she sprinkled talc on both our bodies. As she dressed up, she continued, “In those days, your dad was keen to do it repeatedly, even up to four times in one night. I found it very difficult to cope with him. But now it’s the other way round. He hardly asks for a second round, but I want to go all night. I am noticing this surge in hunger for last couple of years. It’s very painful, particularly because it hurts my feminine pride to beg for it.” (“Sei somoy, tor baba barbar korte chaito, kokhono kokhono ek rate charbar poryonto. Ami or sathe pere uthtam na. Ekhon kintu ulto. O ajkal dwitiyobar kortei chayna, kintu amar sararat dhore korbar ichchhe thake. Bochhor duek holo, ami dekhchhi amar kshideta khub bere gechhe. Amar khub jontrona hoy, kintu bhikshe chaite amar narir atmasommane badhe.”) I really felt sorry for her and realised she must be feeling very horny after bathing with me.

I asked her, “Ma, you still must be feeling very hot. You cooled me down, but never tried to cool yourself down. You must be feeling lot of uneasiness. Why don’t you give yourself some pleasure with your fingers? I am leaving the room” (“Ma, tumi nischoi ekhono khub gorom hoye royechho. Tumi amake to thanda korle, kintu nije thanda hobar jonyo kichhu korlena. Tomar nischoi khub aswasti hochchhe. Tumi keno angul diye aram korchhona? Ami ghor chhere chole jachchhi.”)

She gave a smile that had both sadness & love in it and said, “You are a gem, my child. I am so touched at your feeling for me. But I can hold my passion and let it die down in natural course. One can’t always succumb to ones hunger.” (“Tui ekta sona chhele. Amar kosto tui eto bujhis. Ami amar bheteorer aguntake dhore rakhte pari, jate ota nije thekei nibhe jay. Sobsomoy to sorrier kshider kachhe matha noyano jayna.”)

After that day, my feelings for her took a new turn. I felt sad, as she couldn’t have enough physical pleasure. At the same time, I admired her for holding her mid age passion under control. Now I wanted her physically a lot more, not only for my own pleasure but to give her the best pleasure, which she deserved. But she didn’t let me break the barrier and have physical intimacy.

Stunning discovery of Ma’s bi-sexuality

About six months later, something happened that changed my whole perspective.

One day, I came back from college early. There was a known pair of ladies shoe at the doorstep. It was my pishimoni, my father’s younger sister. She was brought up in our house and ma was her guardian. She was 28 at that time and was married 3 — 4 year ago. She & ma were very close to each other and pishimoni, after her marriage often came over to spend time with ma. Pishimoni had a very attractive figure, slim but curvaceous in right places, but as I saw her from a very young age I never felt any sexual attraction for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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