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Adrienne’s Duet Pt. 03

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With the help of her dad, arrangements were made to move Juliet’s belongings into the Sokol residence on Sunday, the day after the musical closed. Closing night was a packed house and the performance sizzled. The duet was particularly beautiful, and full of drama as the two young women communicated their feelings to each other through their duetting voices. Hardly surprising, considering how close they’d become in so short a period of time. They’d been through a lot together, and there was still much they had to say.

But what made the performance especially meaningful for Adrienne was looking up to find Juliet at the stage’s edge smiling down at her while taking her bow. Adrienne packed up her cello, shared a few hugs with her fellow musicians and made for the one of the rehearsal rooms where there was a post-show cast party. By the time Adrienne got there, things were in revving up on the dance floor.

Neither Adrienne or Juliet planned to stay long, and after saying their goodbyes to others at the party, the two girls met on the dance floor.

“Hey, roomie,” Juliet teased.

“Hey, yourself. Care to dance?” Adrienne asked, offering her hand.

“Why, I thought you’d never ask,” Juliet replied, taking Adrienne’s hand while putting on the airs and drawl of a southern belle. The music was a driving beat, and so the girls weaved, bumped and shook their way around each other, holding hands for a twirl or two, and when it felt right to do so, Adrienne moved in close and dipped her partner so quickly that Juliet let loose with a gleeful scream of laughter.

The next dance was a slow number, and they eyed each other, as if to say “are we ready for this?” A slow dance seemed to demand a different level of commitment, and they were both exhausted, and tomorrow was a moving day.

They decided to call it a night. As a concession to Juliet’s parents, Adrienne had offered to drive their daughter home. And so, with Adrienne’s cello in the back of the hatchback, and Juliet up front, the girls said their last goodbyes to the theatre and headed for home.

“Hard to believe it’s over,” Juliet sighed, as they made their way home.

“Well, this chapter, anyway. Tomorrow, we start a new one,” Adrienne noted, as if it wasn’t that big a deal.

“Are you excited?” Juliet asked.

Adrienne smiled, then laughed. “What do you think? It’s all I’ve been thinking about. Well, that and my recital… and the paper I still need to write…and whether this bruise will be gone by May 17, and whether we’ll want to kill each other by the end of the first week.”

“I give it a couple of days before you throw me out on the street.”

“On your ass, girl!” That got them both laughing pretty hard.

When they pulled up in front of Juliet’s large home, they scooted together and embraced, neither girl wishing to be the one who ended it. When they finally parted, Juliet took hold of Adrienne’s face with both hands and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

“See you tomorrow,” she added impishly, as she jumped out of the car, grabbed her satchel from the back and made her way up the long walk to her house, while Adrienne sat stock still in the front seat, her brain attempting to process the wet, tingling sensation lingering on her lips.

Juliet had already entered her house before Adrienne managed to get both herself and the car back into gear. At home that night, Adrienne clutched her pillow close to her body, imagining it to be Juliet. And yes, she whispered to her pillow that night, uttering to it all those romantic things that make perfect sense in the seclusion of one’s fantasy.


By the next afternoon, with the help of her father, and a couple of muscled college guys who ran a moving service, Juliet and her belongings were officially moved in. From that day on, her new home would be with the Sokols. Juliet loved her bedroom, and with Adrienne’s help, they positioned her new dressing table, and placed some of her pictures and art pieces on the walls and about the room. As for the clothes she chose to bring, they easily filled her closet, as well part of a hall closet that Miss Sokol let her use.

“You are such a fashion tramp,” Adrienne teased.

“I may let you wear some of my things,” she smiled haughtily back. “But only if you’re good.”

Initially, Juliet was concerned Adrienne might be put off when she saw how expensive some of her things were. But Adrienne wasn’t the least bothered. She was just happy to have Juliet living there. After rummaging, Juliet found Adrienne a sweater and matching skirt to wear.

“Dinner!” Miss Sokol called upstairs. Juliet and Adrienne came down to find Adrienne’s mom and Juliet’s father setting the table. Juliet instantly felt her eyes tear up. Her father had worn jeans and a sweatshirt for the move, and she couldn’t remember the last time she saw him looking so domestic. At their home, he always seemed to be in a suit and tie, and about to rush off to somewhere. balıkesir escort He’d sit at the table perusing a brief, gulp down some coffee and then kiss his family goodbye before heading off.

At the Sokols, Mr. Langford and daughter sat next to each other at the table, and Juliet didn’t need to say a thing to him. Just the way she looked at him with her bright, smiling eyes, let him know exactly how she was feeling inside.

As it turns out, the meal was anything but quiet. Juliet’s dad and Adrienne’s mom did most of the talking, sharing stories about the girls that were often quite funny, and even embarrassing at times. “After that movie, she slept with us every night for a month,” Ted Langford ended to a burst of laughter. “Hey, those Disney films are terrifying,” Julie pouted in her defense.

There was more laughter and razzing, and debates as to what happened when. And all through the meal, what struck Adrienne most was seeing her mom getting on so well with Juliet’s father. She hadn’t seen her mom that openly chatty with another man since her father died more than a year ago.

After dinner, Juliet and Adrienne hung out in Juliet’s new bedroom while Adrienne’s mom and Juliet’s dad cleaned up downstairs. The girls offered to help, but their offer was turned down. “We’ve got it,” Juliet’s father said, “grabbing dirty plates and carrying them to the sink for washing.”

“I haven’t seen my dad that happy in like forever,” Juliet said, while reclining on a large pillow that adorned her bed. Lying next to her, Adrienne nodded. “Same with my mom. It’s great to see her cutting loose a bit.”

The girls checked their phones for a bit, and made small talk as they lay next to each other on Juliet’s bed, propped up by her two overstuffed pillows. Adrienne was aware of a shift in their energy. It almost felt sexual, and yet she wasn’t sure. In all their time as friends, they’d only kissed twice. But it was the last kiss, in the car, that Adrienne still hadn’t let go of. A kiss that seemed to be an invite to take things further. At least, she hoped so.

Adrienne now knew she was sexually attracted to her friend, and that she desired more. To her relief, being into another girl didn’t bother her as much as she thought it might. In fact, it began to make complete sense. Her main concern was being rejected. Unless Juliet wanted more, it was a dangerous move. They were now living together, so any relationship drama would not be easy to manage.

As they lay next together on Adrienne’s bed, Adrienne thought back to the previous evening. She replayed her confession at the restaurant, and Juliet’s insistence that Adrienne’s feelings did not put her off. “But that’s the friendly thing to say,” Adrienne reasoned with herself. “If she only wants to be friends, and I come on to her, it could ruin everything.”

Then she replayed driving Juliet home and her impulsive goodbye kiss in the car. It had left Adrienne an emotional ball of confusion. “Okay, she kissed me. I know she likes me, I can feel it,” she persuaded herself that evening in bed. “Maybe I should wait for her to make a move,” she debated, her courage failing her.

And now, here they were, together, reclining on Adrienne’s bed. Adrienne turned on her side so that she faced her friend. “Juliet…” she began.

Juliet didn’t say anything. She simply returned Adrienne’s gaze, her eyes searching, questioning. Adrienne brought her hand up and toyed with Juliet’s hair, something she’d always wanted to do. Juliet seemed to welcome the gesture.

“I think you know that I, um…” Adrienne started to say.

There was a light knock at the bedroom door. “May I come in?” It was Juliet’s dad coming to say goodbye.

“Come on in,” Juliet called out, as Adrienne hopped off the bed and stood off to the side while father and daughter said goodbye. Her dad’s parting was charged with emotion, and Adrienne was beginning to feel better about Juliet’s father, who seemed to truly care for his daughter.

After thanking Adrienne as well, Mr. Langford took his leave. Unfortunately, the mood in the room had shifted and the heat between them had cooled. They both knew this, but Juliet wasn’t making any move in that direction, so Adrienne bailed. Besides, it was Sunday evening, and Adrienne had a test the following morning. And so, as much as she wanted to hang out with her friend, she excused herself so she could go study.

“Feel free to take a shower or a bath. You know where the towels are. This is your home now, too, Juliet,” she told her friend as she exited Juliet’s room. “And if you ever need privacy, just tell me.”

Juliet wasn’t sure what that last comment was in reference to, but she nodded and smiled. “Thanks Adrienne. It’s really great to be here. Can you give me a lift into school tomorrow?”

“Sure, that’s one of the perks of living together. But I need to be there by eight. And I plan to get in a quick run balıkesir escort bayan and a shower before I have some breakfast, so…Seven?”

“Sounds good,” Juliet said.

“Okay, goodnight.”

”Sleep tight.”


Juliet could not sleep that night. She tossed and she turned, thinking about the moment that almost was. “Damn,” she cursed. Her dad’s timing had not been good.

And while she could have said something after her father left the room, she chickened out. And if she was waiting for Adrienne, well, that didn’t happen either. And now, here she was in a strange bed and a strange house, feeling a bit at sea. Her emotions were all over the place. Yet when she thought of Adrienne, and all that she meant to her, she felt calm again.

And for the life of her, she couldn’t come up with a single reason why she shouldn’t tell Adrienne how she felt. “Heck, I moved in with her, so we could be together. If this is going to happen, then I should make a move,” she challenged herself with a pep talk.


A little later that night, Adrienne was roused from sleep by the sound of her door creaking. She propped herself up on an elbow and watched as a figure slipped into her room and moved quickly to her bedside. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she recognized Juliet, clad in a diaphanous nightie that came down to mid-thigh. Underneath it, Adrienne could see a pair of thin, white panties. No undershirt or bra.

“Move over,” Juliet whispered. Adrienne scooted in toward the center of her bed and raised her bedspread. Juliet slid in next to her, and as the cover fell over them, Juliet pressed her body to Adrienne and kissed her hard on the mouth. No tentative exploration or teasing, but a full-on declaration of passion.

After a moment of shock, Adrienne’s body sprang to life. She snaked a hand around Juliet’s neck and began to kiss Juliet back, convinced she wasn’t dreaming. This was no fantasy.

Their lips were locked so tightly together that they were breathing through their noses. Their excited breathing was fast and hard as their lips and tongues danced and dueled. Juliet’s fingers found their way into Adrienne’s loosely flowing hair, and began fondling her locks, moaning even more urgently into Adrienne’s mouth. Craving more bodily contact, she jostled herself closer so that she was now half lying atop Adrienne’s body.

Juliet wanted to stop and admire Adrienne in the dim light, but not until she’d satisfied herself with more of Adrienne’s soft, sweet mouth. With her smooth bare legs now straddling one of Adrienne’s legs, Juliet’s crotch was resting on Adrienne’s thigh. She began rubbing her panty-covered crotch up and down Adrienne’s leg, building the heat in her sex. Soon, a damp spot had formed in the gusset of her panties.

Their entwined bodies were now radiating so much heat that it was sweltering beneath the covers. Needing to cool down, Juliet broke off their kiss and sat up, staring down at her glassy-eyed girlfriend, her cheeks flushed and her lips a deep red from all that kissing. Juliet’s chest was heaving, her stiff nipples visible beneath her thin nightie. Reaching down to her waist, she grabbed the flimsy top and pulled it up over head, taking her blonde hair with it. She removed the nightie and tossed it to the side, exposing her full breasts to Adrienne’s hungry gaze.

Adrienne stared up at Juliet in awe. The girl exuded a sexual hunger that was almost intimidating. She looked feral, her blonde hair mussed, her bare breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her eyes burning with desire, and her nipples, thick and pink.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Adrienne croaked as she looked up at those heaving breasts. “And I love those nipples.”

Juliet giggled at the nipple compliment. Leaning forward, she planted her hands to either side of Adrienne and lowered her face so that her hair fell about her lover’s head. She leaned in and began placing soft kisses first on Adrienne’s forehead, then her cheeks and nose, and on down her neck.

“Mmmm,” Adrienne hummed. While relishing the sensations along her neck, Adrienne could feel Juliet’s breasts brushing her own breasts, and whispered her need. “I want your breasts.”

Humming playfully, Juliet scooted up Adrienne’s body until her breasts hung directly over Adrienne’s face. “They are so amazing,” Adrienne said with reverence as she reached up with both hands to cradle the creamy undersides. Slowly, Juliet lowered a teat to Adrienne’s mouth.

“Ohhhh,” Juliet sighed as Adrienne’s mouth engulfed her tender teat. Juliet’s nipples were thick and meaty enough for Adrienne to latch on, and as she suckled, she listened to Juliet’s sexy gasps and moans of pleasure. Adrienne could not believe how exciting it all was. She’d never experienced anywhere near this level of passion during her previous make out sessions. But what made her happiest was knowing that she was escort balıkesir making love to the very person she’d been desiring for so long.

Releasing the nipple with a plop, Adrienne turned her attention to Juliet’s other breast. Juliet shifted her weight to the right so Adrienne could reach her other breast. This time, Adrienne used her tongue to bathe not only the rubbery nipple, but the whole surrounding area. The teat swelled and beckoned. Adrienne took it into her mouth and suckled it like a hungry baby. Adrienne’s happy noises made Juliet giggle.

Adrienne released Juliet’s nipple, and Juliet sat back up. “Hey, I want to see you, too,” she said, as she tugged at Adrienne’s t-shirt. Adrienne raised her arms and Juliet tugged off the top, baring Adrienne’s body to her. Juliet lowered her body until their breasts made contact. Adrienne’s breasts were smaller in size, and Juliet’s easily dominated. But Adrienne’s tits had plenty of shape to them, and her nipples were longer. And it didn’t matter. The sensation of skin on skin was pure heaven.

Growing bolder, Adrienne slid her right palm down Juliet’s ribs and tummy. When it reached the waistband of Juliet’s panties, her fingers deftly worked their way between the fabric and skin and kept going. Juliet raised herself up and parted her thighs a bit to give Adrienne better access. Having gotten the go ahead, Adrienne’s fingers found the slope of her pubis and then the soft, downy pelt of pubic hair. She continued her exploration through the patch of hair, moving further down until she found a bump of skin, and after that the moist, fleshy petals.

Juliet moaned. “Oh yes, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Adrienne’s whole hand was now down the front of Juliet’s panties. Despite the restricted space, she was able to lightly work her index and forefinger back and forth over the inner labia until they grew moister, then softened and opened for her. Her fingers were instantly met by a pool of oily fluid that eased the way for her fingers to penetrate the tight, spongy passage.

“Oooooh, yes,” Juliet groaned loudly. “Put your fingers inside me. Nice and deep.”

Adrienne pushed her fingers in as far in as she was able. The passage was very tight, and Adrienne could feel Juliet’s vaginal muscles clamping down, and then releasing. It was behaving very much the way her own did when she used her fingers to masturbate. But this was much better. She began to gently slide her fingers in and out, emulating a slow fucking motion.

Juliet settled in for the ride. “Oh god, ‘A’, that feels so good.”

Juliet let Adrienne work at a slow pace until she was ready for more. “Can you go a little faster?” she asked sweetly.

Adrienne switched to a more determined pumping action, working her fingers into Juliet as best as she could considering the difficulty of the angle and the restricting panty. She was sure she’d ruin the pair. Though what really sent her heart rate soaring was hearing Juliet call her ‘A’. Adrienne had come to cherish that nickname for it made their relationship that much more special.

Juliet sensed Adrienne was giving her all she could, so she started driving her hips downward on Adrienne’s fingers in an effort to get her to the crest. “Uhn, uhn…” Juliet grunted as she thrust down onto Adrienne’s fingers. Sensing Juliet was close, Adrienne held her fingers steady, putting her faith in Juliet’s ability to take it the rest of the way.

“Yeah, that’s it, just like that. I’m going to cum,” Juliet warned in a gasping voice. “I’m almost there…Don’t move. Oh shit! I’m cumming. Oh fuck!” she cried.

Her body tensed, and Adrienne could feel Juliet’s body shuddering as the orgasm overtook her. Adrienne also felt Juliet’s vaginal muscles pulsing around her fingers as warm liquid coated her palm. She looked up to see Juliet’s eyes clenched shut and her mouth pursed in what seemed to be anguished pleasure. It was the most beautiful and sexy expression Adrienne had ever witnessed.

Once Juliet’s orgasm played out, Adrienne slowly removed her fingers from Juliet’s warm place, and watched as Juliet collapsed on her back alongside Adrienne where she slowly regained her breath.

Adrienne held her hand up, glistening with Juliet’s cum. “Let me see those,” Juliet grinned, taking hold of Adrienne’s wrist and bringing her hand to her. Adrienne was stunned as Juliet placed Adrienne’s two fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean, humming mischievously. Adrienne couldn’t decide if what Juliet had just done was cute or dirty, or both.

Juliet removed Adrienne’s fingers, and then with a huge smile on her face, leaned over and kissed Adrienne on the mouth. It was a sloppy, wet, kiss, full of wonderfulness. The girls lay side by side recovering, when suddenly Adrienne rolled over on top of Juliet.

Juliet laughed. “Come for more kisses,” she asked teasingly.

Adrienne wiggled her eyebrows as she began kissing her way down Juliet’s body. She licked all around Juliet’s large breasts, taking some time to lick and nibble those delectable nipples. She then slowly kissed her way down Juliet’s tummy until she reached the waistband of Juliet’s panties. At this point, both girls were topless and completely at ease with each other. But their panties were still on.

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