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Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 16

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Gus woke up first just before sunrise, started a pot of coffee and headed down to the dock to throw a couple lines before his lovers stirred. He still felt confident that he’d be okay fishing naked but threw a pair of shorts over his shoulder just in case. He wanted to make sure they got a whole week in here without offending anyone. Gus snapped a picture of the soft pre dawn purples shimmering off the water in the sound. There was no wind, and the water acted as a mirror reflecting the purple wisps of clouds back into themselves. Before putting his phone down Gus posted the picture to his Facebook account with the caption, “Ahh, sunrise in Topsail.”

Cut bait had worked well for Gus and Mark last evening, so Gus baited back up with a chunk of mullet and added a strip of squid for extra measure. He hoped his bottom rig might entice a flounder or redfish he could prepare the boys for lunch. Gus casted out toward the middle of the channel, noticing that the tide was flowing out toward the inlet to his left. Gus held his spin cast rod in his left hand, pinching the line between his index finger and the fiberglass so he could feel any nibbles on his bait.

A few sips of coffee, about five minutes on the clock, and as the sun broke the horizon to his back, Gus felt his line move. A nibble, then the bait dropped, another nibble, then the bait dropped again. A third nibble and then, wham, a full strike on his line which bent his rod. Gus tightened his drag and set the hook. The fish ran, and pulled Gus’ line out. Keeping his rod tip up, Gus let the fish run and when it paused he reeled as fast as he could until the next run started. “This is a big fish,” Gus thought.

The door onto the back porch slid open and Aaron emerged in his fishing uniform with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked down upon his furry fisherman fighting his first hook up of the morning. The way the sun glistened off Gus’ hairy naked body caused Aaron’s dick to swell. He didn’t say a word, and sipped his coffee as Gus fought what seemed to be a big fish.

After almost ten minutes of runs and reeling, Gus had finally tired the fish out. He brought it to the edge of the dock and reached down, putting his hand into the fish’s mouth to pull it up out of the water. “Wow, you’re a beauty,” Gus said to the giant bull red he hoisted up onto the dock. As he turned he noticed Aaron watching him up on the porch and held up the massive fish to show off his trophy.

Gus had seen big bull reds before, but had never caught one this big, especially dock fishing. The large red, silver and copper colored scales shone in the early morning sun, as did the quarter sized dark spot on the fishes tail. Gus guessed this fish weighed forty pounds and was a good three feet in length.

“Holy shit fisherman,” Aaron exclaimed from the deck, “That’s a huge red.”

“Hell yeah! She’s a beauty isn’t she,” Gus replied.

Gus, still feeling the exhilaration that accompanies landing a massive fish smiled from ear to ear, unhooked the fish and brought it back into the garage where his fish cooler, already packed with ice, was stored. He admired the fish one more time before laying it in the cooler. He wasn’t sure if this was a fish for eating or a fish for mounting. One way or another, he was keeping her though.

The elevator door dinged and Mark rolled out into the garage, also still naked sitting in his chair. “What’s all the commotion about, let me see, Gus.”

Gus held the fish back up one more time, and Mark’s jaw dropped. “Holy hell, Gus, she’s fucking huge. You caught that fish off the dock? What were you fishing with?”

“Yessir, right out there- same cut bait we were using last night, but with the addition of squid strip for extra flavor,” Gus answered.

“That’s incredible. Damn fisherman, you know what you’re doing don’t you,” Mark replied.

“I’m a lucky man, in many ways,” Gus smiled.

Gus closed the massive redfish in the cooler and headed back out to the dock to grab his shorts and phone before heading up to have some breakfast, and relive the landing of his first trophy of the trip. The men ate eggs, bacon and toast out on the deck naked, and watched as the boat traffic started to pick up in the sound. Mostly fishing boats and bahis firmaları a few speed boats followed the deeper parts of the channel entering and exiting the Atlantic ocean just to their left. The men thought it would probably be smart to dawn at least some shorts if they were going to be out around the house during the day.

“But once your back inside, or once we’re out secluded on the boat, all clothes are off, okay?” Gus nodded at his men.

“Agreed,” Aaron responded.

“Sir yes sir,” Mark chuckled.

“Speaking of the boat, Gus, when do we go pick it up?” Mark asked.

“Supposed to be ready for us by 10AM today, up at the little marina we passed on the way down. Figured we could all hop in the truck and then a couple of us could bring the boat back here while the other drives the truck home,” Gus responded.

“Ray and Max have a boat, too,” Aaron chimed in, “One made for big water it appears, they said they’re up for boating up here from Kure Beach, and would also take us out into the Gulf Stream if we wanted to fish for Tuna.” Aaron relayed the message from the text on his phone. “They also said that our friend looks familiar, with a winky face and a pig snout,” Aaron laughed.

“Wow, really?” Gus responded, “That’s awesome, I’d love to get out to the Gulf Stream. So your brothers are going to come visit us this week?” Gus grinned.

“Well, they wont be able to get away until the end of the week, but said, if the weather holds, they’d be up for taking off on Thursday morning pre-dawn and making the run up here to see us. Hang out Thursday, fuel up the boat, leave early AM Friday to hit the Gulf Stream, and then head back on Saturday. You boys up for that?” Aaron asked.

“Hell yeah, it will be good to see those fuckers,” Mark replied, “They’re hilarious and tons of fun, and it’s been way too long, tell them to come on!”

“Gus, sound okay to you?”

“Fine by me, Marine. Just fine,” Gus smiled.

Aaron typed back to them to set the plans, and then looked up at Gus. “So you gonna tell us just how well you know our brothers, Gus?”

“Yeah, Gus, spill it,” Mark followed.

“Well, like I said, it was back in 2004, your brothers had just returned from their first tour in Afghanistan and were on an extended leave. I was camping not too far from here on the mainland side of the sound for a long weekend and came into Surf City one night to have a couple of beers at the pier. I was sitting at the bar and these two built men ended up next to me. Like I’ve said before, I love Topsail for the fishing and the Marines.”

“We struck up a conversation, shared fishing stories, and drank a lot of beers together. As we went to leave they invited me to walk with them back to there place, as I’d had a fair amount to drink and they didn’t want me to make the 20 minute drive back to my campsite. They had a house in Surf City just a block off the beach, and only about a five minute walk from the bar, so we headed back there. One thing led to another, we ended up naked together, and we had a lot of fun,” Gus smiled.

“Not good enough, fisherman, more details, what did y’all do,” Mark demanded.

“Haha, alright alright, well I have to say I took a second look when Aaron showed me their picture yesterday, because at the time I met them they were both clean shaven, and all of us were a lot younger. They do look so much alike that I couldn’t remember who was who so I just called them each, Marine,” Gus continued.

“Wait, I thought I was your Marine,” Aaron cracked.

“Well it does appear I have a soft spot for Marines now doesn’t it?” Gus replied, “Anyway, we were fueled up on some beer and had been talking about taking a plunge in the ocean at night. It was a full moon without a cloud in the sky. One of the guys, just stripped down to nothing, and said, ‘Let’s go.’ So we all took our clothes off and walked across the street naked to go jump in the ocean. It was probably about 2AM at this point, and no one was out or around,” Gus explained.

“So we waded out into the ocean together and these marines started wrestling around with each other. Even with all the beer I’d drank I was hard as a rock with these hot slabs of beef frolicking in front of me so I kept my distance to not get kaçak iddaa called out. Then, all of a sudden their drunken horseplay turned into some heavy making out. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

“They were naked, going at it, right in front of me in the ocean, we were about waist deep. Seeing this I moved in a little closer and poked my hard dick into the mix, to which they responded by grabbing me. One of them held me around the waist and picked me up out of the water while the other swallowed my cock. I was both in disbelief and in heaven at the same time.”

“Damn Gus, that’s fucking hot, what happened next,” Aaron prodded.

“Kissing, groping, sucking in the ocean for a few minutes, until one of them urged us back to the house. We scurried across the street, hard-ons bouncing, and picked back up right where we had left off once the door was closed. We had some more beers and went back and forth with each other until sunrise, and woke up in a sticky heap in their bed around noon the next day. I can’t fully remember what all we did and who did what to whom, but I’m pretty sure I came at least three times, and both of them came multiple times as well. It was really hot, and our chest and body hair was all matted together when we groggily awoke.”

“That sounds like Ray and Max,” Mark chimed in, “Those boys drink like fish and love to have a good time. Was that it?”

“Well, as we woke up, all three of us had raging morning wood, so one of the guys sucked me off while I sucked off the other who sucked off the guy who was sucking me off. I was sucking off the guy with the bigger dick. We were in a triangle shape on the bed. We all came one more time, and then I rinsed off in their shower and headed out. They said to come back later, but I never did. I got back to my campsite and slept off my hangover through the next evening, and the next day, I had to get home, so I never saw them again, until you pulled up that picture yesterday, Aaron. Small world,” Gus concluded.

“Small world indeed,” Mark responded. “Aaron and I have had a few hot times with Ray and Max during our enlisted days. They’re no drama, no jealousy types, so it made it really easy. Plus, they’re both fucking hot and have a ton of stamina. They do look like they could be brothers, but Max is the shorter one, with the bigger dick, just so you know,” Mark offered with a sly grin.

“They’re our brothers, and we had a really strong physical and emotional connection to them,” Aaron continued, “But we lost touch shortly after the attack and life has been different since then, until now, I guess. I’m really glad we’re gonna get to see those guys this week.”

“You think all five of us will fit in the king sized bed?” Gus asked with a laugh.

“I’m sure we’ll make due somehow,” Aaron replied.

Gus gathered up the breakfast plates from the table on the deck and headed back into the kitchen. He picked up his phone and noticed that he had two new friend requests and a message. Both Ray and Max had requested Gus’ friendship, which he gladly accepted. He took a brief moment to scroll through each of their pictures to put their faces and names together accurately. He clicked over to open the message, thinking it would be from them, but was surprised to see a message from Bill, instead. It read:

“Hey Gus! Hope you guys are doing well. I saw that awesome sunrise picture you posted this morning from Topsail – it’s one of my family’s favorite vacation spots. And as it so happens, we’re down here this week too. Where abouts are you staying? We’re up in a massive family house in North Topsail Beach. I’m with LeAnn, the kids and the extended family, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I met up with you and Aaron to grab a beer or do some fishing at some point ;). Let me know and I hope you’re doing well.”

Gus grinned as he finished reading the message and walked back out onto the deck to join his marines taking in the morning sun. “Think we could fit six guys in the king bed,” Gus chuckled. Mark and Aaron looked at him quizzically.

“So I posted a picture of the sunrise this morning, and just opened my phone to a message from Bill, who, with his extended family, is also down in Topsail this week. He said to let him know if we wanted to grab a kaçak bahis beer or do some fishing,” Gus explained.

Aaron, remembering Bill, his sweet ass, and his monster cock, looked toward Gus in disbelief, “Are you fucking kidding, did you set all this up fisherman, was this all part of your surprise?”

“Honest to god, no, I did not – the only thing I set up was this house for this week. The sides of beef just seem to be aligned to our excursion, it’s all coincidental,” Gus responded.

“Wait, married Bill from the burbs, with the massive dick who loves having his ass eaten and getting fucked, the Bill you guys have told me about?” Mark asked.

“Yep, that Bill.” Gus responded.

“Can I just say, that it’s our first morning here, we’ve already had some incredible sex, delicious food, and Gus has already caught a trophy redfish; we have two, now maybe three, sexy friends who also want to join us for fun this week. We’re on track to have the most exciting vacation I’ve ever had,” Mark exclaimed. “Well what did you tell Bill?”

“I haven’t responded yet, wanted to see what y’all thought first,” Gus answered.

“It would be good to see him again,” Aaron responded.

“You know I’m in,” Mark replied.

“Alright, I’ll message him back, see what he’s thinking, let him know we have some buddies joining us Thursday. You think they can fit six on their boat to go after some tuna?” Gus asked.

“It’s a big boat, I don’t think that will be an issue at all.” Aaron answered.

“Sounds good,” Gus nodded, and pulled out his phone to message Bill back. He wrote:

“Hey buddy, good to hear from you, what a nice coincidence that we’re both in Topsail the same week. We’d love to catch up. I’m here with Aaron and his husband Mark, it’s a long story, but you’ll like Mark too, also a retired marine. They’ve got a couple of their brothers bringing their boat up from Kure Beach on Thursday in hopes that if the weather holds, we’ll all be able to head out to the Gulf Stream to troll for some tuna on Friday. Think you could get away to join us for that trip? You’ll be in good hands with me and four marines.

Also we’re down in Topsail Beach at the very end of the island at the end of McCoy St. You’re welcome to come hang with us whenever you need a break. We have a skiff that we’ll be taking out around the sound to do some fishing throughout the week, just let us know what works for you. Look forward to seeing you.

Cheers, Gus”

Gus, Aaron and Mark finished off a couple pots of coffee and all showered off together. The master shower was a huge walk in with a bench. Gus had noticed it in the rental listing pictures and noted how the bench would likely be helpful for Mark and how the size of the shower would fit them all nicely. They each lost a load in the shower: Gus, in Aaron’s mouth; Mark in Gus’ mouth; and Aaron, in Gus’ soapy ass. They emerged clean and ready to go pick up the boat and get to fishing.

Aaron drove, and Mark decided it would be easier to get situated in the boat from their dock than at the marina, so Gus drove the boat back to their place while his Marines took the truck. It took him about 15 minutes to get to their dock, and Aaron was there waiting for him to help get the boat tied up. The men gathered their gear, and loaded up the coolers. In preparation for the trip, Gus had spent some time building a pivoting seat with a rod holder on the left side and a solid cinder block base that he thought would work for Mark to enjoy the fishing. He grabbed it from the back of the truck and loaded into the front of the boat, securing it to the steering console.

“Let’s see how this works for you, handsome,” Gus said to Mark picking him up under his armpits and setting him in the boat.

“Perfect,” Mark replied as he looked up at Gus, who leaned down for a quick kiss.

“Y’all got everything we need?” Aaron asked, one foot on the boat, and one on the dock.

“I think we’re all set,” Gus replied.

“Then we’re off!” Aaron exclaimed pushing the boat off from the dock and hopping in with one fluid motion. “So what does the person who catches the most fish get?”

“You and your competitions,” Gus replied. “How bout whoever catches the first fish decides?”

“Sounds good,” Aaron responded.

The men, wearing nothing but smiles, headed out into the sound, aiming for the salt grass flats on the mainland side to try their luck for redfish and speckled trout.

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