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After-Class Fun

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Big Dick

Everything had happened so suddenly and I could hardly believe that this was reality. Before me a man stood staring back at me with blazing desire in his eyes, his fair skin and sky blue eyes alight with unquenchable lust.

My whole life, I had been a wallflower; standing in the background as the other girls blossomed into sirens and tempting maidens. Alone I watched from my own destitution, pushing back envy and loneliness, learning to accept my eternal isolation. I knew there was nothing physically wrong with me: my rich brown eyes brighter than most that colour, my dark brown hair complimenting my naturally tan skin. Short in stature, I more than made up for it with my full c-cups and my bigger than average butt.

It’s just that, nothing ever happened to me. I was a virgin, learning my body on my own as others shared in sexual bliss. Yet now, something was happening and I trembled with anticipation and a tinge of fear of the unknown awaiting me.

I had only met James a few hours ago, he had smiled at me from across the lecture hall and I had looked around in confusion before returning a meek grin. Half-listening to the professor, I wondered why the tall, blonde man with sparkling eyes had noticed me and debated whether it was all in my head. The drone of the aged instructor lasted the full three hours and I yawned as I packed my notebook into my worn canvas knapsack. I sidled past other students in the cramped space of the lecture hall and finally met with the slightly cooler air of the corridor.

I headed for the back doors of the building, knowing the area would be less crowded. I neared the double doors at the end of the dim back hall but nearly jumped out of my skin as voice emerged from behind me.

“I think you forgot something,” I turned to the deep voice behind me, the blonde who had smile at me held out my head phones.

I grabbed them timidly figuring they must have slipped out when I was fishing around for a pen. “Thanks.”

“Not at all,” He smiled, one which caused a warmth in body.

I hadn’t known what to say at that moment, but somehow James had rescued the stunted conversation, easing my nerves as he walked with me to the bus stop. Somehow we had managed to build a reparte despite my incessant anxiety, I wasn’t even perturbed when by some chance, he got on the same bus as me. We sat and chatted, no doubt annoying those around us just wanting to get home from a long day. casino şirketleri An invitation was proffered and I accepted against my own character, something about James eased my mind.

He led me up too many flights of stairs to his small off-campus apartment, wiggling his lock with expertise before the door finally budged. We stepped inside, I was panting from the climb but my adrenaline surged. He led me to the couch which took up most of the living room opposite the surprisingly large television. We sat down and he began to fumble with remotes, turning on the film he had promised we would watch on the bus. It was one of those low-budget films you find randomly on Netflix, needless to say, we weren’t enthralled with it.

Sometime between the intro credits and the main character’s first crisis, we had drifted closer together and he kissed me. It was my first kiss and I was nervous that he could tell but as I grew hotter within his embrace, I let go and we continued to make out as the film climaxed.

We separated only for a moment, he pulled me off the couch, scooping me up into his and carrying me into the adjoining room. His bedroom was as small as the living rooms, centred by a rather large bed with crisp white sheets. He dropped me onto the firm mattress and I let out a cheerful scream, giggling as I sat up.

James stood at the end of the bed, his eyes burning into me, eager to see more. I was just as anxious but unsure of how to start, suddenly blushing at my own ignorance. I could tell James noticed and the red in my cheeks seared deeper and suddenly I felt like the old me.

“Are you alright?” James asked, pure concern in his voice.

“Yeah,” I squeaked, “I just-” Finishing the sentence seemed impossible but I forced the words out, “I’ve never…done this.”

“So, you don’t want to?” He asked, unassuming.

“No, I do.” I said, almost to forcefully, “I just need some guidance, I guess.”

“I can do that,” He smirked, pulling his t-shirt over his head revealing a lean and toned torso.

I reciprocated, unbuttoning my blouse as he watched, letting it fall of my shoulders before tossing it on the floor. Next, he undid his jeans, the slipped down to the floor and he kicked them into the corner. I unzipped my jeans, standing unsteadily on the bed as I pulled each leg out, before disposing of them on the floor. I giggled again as I looked at him standing there in his briefs, a bulge casino firmaları growing beneath them. Noticing my momentary glance, James chuckled and slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, teasing me.

Wanting to give him encouragement, I reached behind my back, my breasts standing out further out in front of me, and I unclasped my bra, tossing it with the rest of my garments. James’ eyes lingered on my bare breasts and my nipples hardened and I felt a moistness in my panties. James returned to reality and in a swift movement, pulled down his underwear, letting it fall like his jeans had. His member stood tall and proud, the girth and length making me gasp. I fell into my own trance before snapping out of it and stood once more on the bed, removing my own panties, feeling the soaked fabric between my fingers before throwing them away.

“Lay down,” James ordered, suddenly aggressive.

I fell back onto the bed and James climbed onto the bed, pulling me toward him by my legs, spreading them suddenly, the air felt cool on my lips. He knelt between my legs and leaned over me, using his arm to hold himself up. He began to kiss my neck and travelled down to my breast, using a hand to caress the right one as he sucked on my left nipple. I pushed my chest out instinctively and the tip of his member grazed my lips.

He continued further down, backing up before laying down on his stomach, his face parallel to my exposed nether regions. His mouth found its way to my clit and he began flicking the sensitive nub with his tongue and electricity emitted up my spine. I began to move my hips, the excitement growing within me and I felt my juices begin to drip down, soaking my thighs and bum. I felt waves of sensation mounting and tensed in orgasm as James continued to work his tongue. Finally he came out for air, I was breathing heavily myself and he grinned proudly, my wetness glistening on his lips.

Without a word, he pulled me up and motioned for me to kneel on the floor. I realized what he wanted as he stood in front of me, his large cock an inch away. I looked up, accepting the challenge but felt unsure. He gave me a reassuring look and told me to relax. I began by lick the length of his bulging cock and his moan encourage me. I continued to moisten the rod with my tongue before taking as much as I could in my mouth. I began to bob my head, taking more and more as he moans intensified. I stroked the bottom güvenilir casino of his shaft with my hand and his cock made its way further into my throat, I gagged slightly but became used to the length. As I began to enjoy his cock hitting the back of my throat a warm liquid spewed from the tip, filling my mouth and throat. He pulled away, his cock pulsing and wet with saliva, and I swallowed his seed as I felt the wetness between my legs with my fingers.

He directed me to the bed once more, ordering me to lay spread eagle, knees in the air as he watched. I lay on the white sheets, a wet spot still damp from before and stared back at him as he stroked his cock a few times before it stood straight once more. He got on the bed, positioning himself between my legs, the tip of his cock hitting my clit. My back arched once more and he rubbed the tip against me once more before finding his way to the hole. He pushed in the tip slowly and I squirmed in slight pain, he continued to enter me slowly, watching me for any sign of discomfort, a sharp pain hit me and I flinched and told him to keep going. He filled me to the base and began to thrust in and out just as slowly as he had entered. I began to feel pleasure again, my pelvis hot and my body tingling. He picked up the pace and I began to move my hips in rhythm with him, his cock rubbing against all the right places. The heat inside of me intensified and my muscles tensed, my walls clenching his member.

He pulled out with a squelch and I panted in ecstasy, although his cock was still hard. Confident from my orgasm, I turned myself over, bringing my knees up and getting myself into a bent position. I teasingly wiggled my bum and figured I may as well go all the way. He got behind me, grabbing my cheeks and spread them, licking his finger and using it to lubricate my tight butthole. His tip pushed against the puckered hole and I pushed back, the head causing me to groan. I pushed back all the way and his cock filled me up once more. I began to move him in and out of me and he gripped my hips, thrusting himself. He quickened and began slamming into my ass roughly, the force arousing me further as we both moaned, I began to beg for more. He thrusted faster and faster until I felt warmth in my butt and he stilled, emptying his semen into me as I shuddered in orgasm, liquid dripping from my pussy joined by semen escaping my ass as he pulled out slowly.

I fell onto the bed exhausted and he followed suit, both of us covered in sweat and bodily juices, breathing heavily. I looked over at him after regaining my breath, his eyes met mine and I noticed he was hard again. I smiled again, ready for more.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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