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After School in Uniform

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I went to school in a small village. The school was about 50 years old and the inside was starting to show it’s age. It was painted an off white colour throughout the corridors and the only place with colour was inside the classrooms of teachers who hasn’t lost the will to live.

I was 18 and had been with a few guys now. My most recent and frequent was a lodger who was staying with us at our house.

Being summer I was not in a great mood. I was not a fan of the British summer at all. It was never predictable and I would come in some days wearing a coat and it would be boiling, other days it would be the total opposite. Today it looked like it would be cooler. I decided today I wouldn’t need to iron my shirt as I would have a blazer on at least. I dug out a pair of black tights to go with skirt and finally put on my red and green school tie. Our uniform wasn’t too bad, We had to wear a white shirt, the school tie and knee length skirt. We weren’t meant to wear makeup that was too visible but I often wore foundation and a nude shade of lipstick. I was not the most pretty girl but I wasn’t ugly either. I had blonde wavy hair down past my shoulder. I was fairly skinny with C cups which was my redeeming quality with guys. I was just over 5 foot and had a pale complexion.

It got to last lesson that day and I walked into my English class. I hated the teacher, he made us sit boy girl boy girl and never let us speak. My seat was in the back corner which was good for when you wanted to switch off mentally during the lesson. I walked into the old room full off book posters on the walls. The far wall was the only wall without any posters or students work on. It only had old blue curtains from ceiling to floor all the way along which had been drawn fully. I looked towards the teachers desk and there was a random man there. This meant one thing only. We had a supply teacher and the curtains meant that it was a video lesson. We were just going to watch a film. This was exactly what I needed after this day which just felt long. Usually we wouldn’t stick to seating plans and I would be on my own as most of my friends were in a higher set than me. I walked to the back of the dull and slightly dark classroom which was only partially lit by yellowing tube lights from the ceiling. I took a seat and prepared to do nothing for the next hour before home time.

All of a sudden a Nick sat next to me. He was just under 6 foot, slim with dark black short hair and a tanned complexion. He wore the same uniform as me except he obviously wore black pants instead. I knew him a little but I didn’t know much about him. I knew he didn’t have a girlfriend and hadn’t really every had one in high school. He was similar to me in that he wasn’t good at English but much better in most other lessons. We did sometimes hang out but never really alone. He didn’t really have mates in this class either so that’s why he sat with me. I was sat in the seat closer to the wall and he sat next to me. We had a playful silly dynamic and would be bostancı escort very immature in most situations.

It didn’t take long before the lights went out and the film version of Macbeth had started. The room went from a dull yellow glow to darkness with the only light coming from the TV. After 5 minutes or so Nick poked my leg. I looked over at him and smirked. I gave him a pinch in the side of his ribs which made him jump.

“Ouch, you little shit” he laughed.

He waited a moment then returned the favor, or at least tried. I knocked him with my arm and instead he grabbed my breast. He pulled back after a second or two.

“I’m sorry Em, I didn’t mean to grab you there. I’m really sorry!” He whispered to me.

“Yeah, don’t think I didn’t feel you cop a feel though” I laughed.

I looked him in the eye and put my hand on his upper thigh. He didn’t knock my hand away so I put my hand further up. My fingers were resting on his pant over his soft cock. It took no time for Nick to use his hand to find my breast again. His large hand covered a good amount of my breast, squeezing and feeling me over my shirt. I could feel Nicks excitement in his pants. I didn’t expect to get into it so much. I moved his hand off my body before anyone else in the class saw us. I made Nick spend the rest of the lesson on edge waiting for me to whisper to him that I wanted him to come to mine after school while my parents were out.

The walk home was pretty quick and Nick wasted no time saying bye to his mates before the weekend. We walked up to my house which wasn’t far from school. I put the key in the front door and Nick already had his hands on my waist. I was practically pushed into the door and to my room upstairs.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Em,” he said. His breathing was getting deeper as his excitement grew.

I decided to take control and pushed him on my bed. My room was a very typical girls room with a light green colour theme. My bed was a double with a soft mint colour bed sheet and pillow.

I took my blazer off slowly and let his eyes watch the fabric of my shirt stretched over my breasts. You could see the faint outline of my pink bra through my shirt and Nicks eyes were fixed on them.

“Take your cock out Nick” I said.

He wasted no time and undid his pants and pulled them straight off. In that short amount of time I undid my tie and undid a few shirt buttons. I wanted to keep Nick guessing and not have him blow his load before I got to stick it in me. His cock was rock hard and pointing to the sky, Nick had a huge smile on his face.

“Oh god, suck me Emily. Please suck me” he almost begged.

I smiled and got straight on my knees. This wasn’t my first time but I was sure it was his. He gasped as he felt my enveloping lips sliding over the head, keeping contact with just the most gentle sucking. I slid one hand down his length, all the way to the root. I felt the wiriness of his pubic hair against büyükçekmece escort my palm, while my mouth registered the tautness of the skin on his dick as the ring made by my fingers pulled it tight.

I felt my shirt which was straining over my tits brushing his inner thighs, rubbing against him each time my head dipped and my lips slid down his pole, each contact as pleasurable for me as they must have been for him. I knew my hair was brushing against his skin, too, and I hoped it was adding to the experience for him.

I concentrated on sucking him, moving my mouth up and down. Occasionally I’d use my tongue, eliciting gasps of pleasure, but mainly I was sucking. Varying the intensity a little but keeping up that pressure. Like a vacuum, wanting to hoover the cum right out of Nicks cock.

My other hand slid down, rubbing and teasing his balls. I felt the weight of them, the tickling of their short hairs against my fingers. I massaged first one, then the other, then cupped them both in my hand.

The whole time, I kept my gaze locked on his, watching the expressions of ecstasy as I pleasured him.

I pulled my mouth off him, taking the opportunity to whisper some sweet nothings to him – or rather to utter filthy somethings.

“I love having you in my mouth, Jack.”

Mouth back on him, my hand moving up and down his length, other hand caressing his balls.

My mouth back on him, taking as much of his length as possible. I felt his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair. I was still sucking, sucking. He was gasping and moaning now, his hips bucking up towards me. I sucked harder, my cheeks hollowing around him as I made rapid little movements up and down with that mouth of mine, my hand gripping the shaft tightly as I jerked it.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “Oh yes, Emily!”

He surged up, his buttocks actually leaving the surface of the bed, trying to force his cock as far into my mouth as he possibly could. His dick swelled and then it was pulsing, shooting spurt after spurt of hot, gooey cum into my mouth. I gulped and swallowed frantically. He wasn’t meant to cum in my mouth. I hadn’t even had his cock in me the way I wanted. I decided to make the best of a bad situation. I did something I’d seen in porn. I looked up at Nick, opened up my mouth so he could see the pool of his cum on my tongue. When I was sure he’d seen it, I let it slide out of my mouth. It dripped down my chin and onto my shirt. He had cum a lot and it dripped all over the front of my shirt. I didn’t realise how much he had unloaded in my mouth. It was like I had been in a wet t-shirt contest and even the pattern on my bra was now visible.

“I loved the taste of your cum, Nick,” I said, smiling and licking my lips.”I loved the feeling of your cock in my mouth as it spurted. But it’s not enough. If we’re going to do this, I want to do it all. I want to go all the way.”

I felt his cock twitch against me, beginning to get çağlayan escort hard again,

“Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to feel that massive cock of yours in my little pussy?”

He moaned.

“I know that was your first blowjob, I also know you have never had sex. I want to be your first and I want to make it good!”

I got up and took off my tights and panties which were soaked. I told him to lay back on my bed and relax. I raised myself up onto my knees, and used my hand to position that perfect cock of his into just the right place. I slid down, slowly. We both gasped as it entered me. I felt the head sliding past my pussy lips into my wet cunt, slipping into me so deliciously slowly. I took my time, wanting to prolong the feeling. I needed to remember every sensation, knowing that this might never happen again. I felt the exquisite friction as his cockhead scraped every little ridge and ripple of muscle in my pussy.

Finally, I was all the way down, feeling the entire length of his fat cock inside me. I paused, just feeling it filling me up, enjoying the sensation of it stretching me open.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he moaned.

I groaned in response, “You feel so big inside me.” I gasped.

I rode him, moving up and down on his cock, the wet squelching sounds the only noise apart from our breathing. My breasts were bouncing up and down under my tight uniform, my hair going everywhere. Jack was thrusting his hips up as I came down, meeting my movements, slamming his huge cock into me harder. My tie was dangling off the curves and was touching his face every time I bounced down.

“Oh fuck…” I was gasping out, overwhelmed by the sensations. “Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, like that.”

I put my hands down, holding them against his chest to support myself. I was grinding my pussy against him now, moving it in little circles, stimulating my clit against the root of his shaft. Moving backwards and forwards instead of up and down, feeling that cock as far up inside me as it would go, filling me up completely.

Then it hit me.

I threw my head back with my mouth wide open. I was cumming, that huge orgasm I’d been dying for all day. My cunt was spasming, my muscles were twitching. My whole body was jerking and shuddering with the force of my climax. The intense orgasm had every muscle in my body taut as a bowstring. My eyes were squeezed shut and my pussy was clenching and squeezing Nick’s member as I came.

I fell forwards, letting my body lie on his, my tits squashed against his torso. The cum from before was now transferring from my shirt to his but neither of us cared.

I felt after a short while his dick go limp and flop out. Shortly after I got up and looked down at my stained uniform. I had no clue how I was going to wash that without my mum seeing. The smell of sex was in the air. I looked at Nick who looked sexually drained as he fumbled to get his uniform back on. I was doing the opposite to him. I started to undress and saw the cum on me had soaked into my bra too. I put them on the floor and put my skirt in my wash basket. I chucked the shirt, tie and pink bra at Nick and with a smile told him that I wanted them washed and given back to me. He looked shocked and then half smiled as he stuffed them in his school bag and left.

I got in the shower satisfied at the filing I had just gotten.

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