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After Work

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This is the first story that I submit here, so any/all feedback is welcome!!

I look at the clock again. 6:15. He was supposed to get out at 5:00, be here by 6:00. I wonder if traffic has delayed him, or if he was stuck working late again. I pace around my apartment, straightening the pillows on the couch, collecting the remotes and placing them on the coffee table. I wander into the bathroom, triple checking my hair in the mirror. I glance at my reflection, noticing the way my nipples press against the soft cotton of my white t-shirt. I’m wearing a simple v-neck shirt, the neckline showing just enough cleavage to make things interesting. As a special treat, I left my bra off for the night. My skirt falls to mid-thigh, and as I turn in front of the mirror the skirt flows loosely around the bottom but remains tight over my firm ass. I nod approval at my reflection, thinking that he’ll be pleased when he finally shows up.

I wander back into the living room, still pacing, still waiting. Finally I see his car pull into the driveway. I contemplate grabbing my purse and meeting him downstairs, but I see him step out of the car and realize he’s still in his work clothes. I watch him grab a bag from the backseat, and slowly make his way to the door. His steps are heavy and his shoulders are slumped, the effects of another long, hot day spent working on cars.

I hear him climb the stairs to my apartment, and then his key is in the lock, opening the door. As he walks in I grab his bag, throwing it on the floor. He looks startled, but I don’t give him time to think. I close the door behind him and push him back against it. He towers over me, out weighing me by nearly 100 pounds, but he is tired, caught off guard, and humors my attempt to control him. He opens his mouth – to apologize, I am sure – but I quiet him by pulling him down into a kiss. His hands go to rest on my hips, but I stop them before they can touch me. I push his hands back, and grab the bottom of his t-shirt, pushing it up until he pulls it over his head.

As the shirt falls to the floor I’m already working on his belt, and then the button and fly of his work pants. I love him when he’s like this, smelling of oil and sweat, and I strive to rejuvenate him after a long day at work. His pants hit the floor with a dull thud, and I take a second to admire his strong torso and the bulge that waits underneath his black boxer briefs. Then I’m on my knees, untying his work boots, pulling them off with his sweaty socks. I feel one of his strong hands run through my hair just as I finish getting him out of his pants.

I look up at him from the ground. I lick my lips, and let him caress the side of my face, the gesture at once gentle, loving, and dominating. I slowly pull off my own shirt kurtköy escort to let him look at me, my firm tits with their hard nipples. I smile as I watch him watch me, and I slide my hands over my tits, tweaking my nipples and lifting and pushing my tits together to show off my cleavage. Kneeling before him still, I run my hands over his boxer briefs, feeling the heat from beneath them. I slide my hands around his thick, firm body to squeeze his ass and I lean forward, my mouth open and pressed against his hard cock, tempting it with my warm breath. I run my tongue over him, tasting cotton, sweat, and him.

Finally I pull the boxer briefs off of him, careful not to get them caught on his cock. I start licking his thighs first, making my way towards his heavy balls. As my tongue finally reaches the hot sac, I take a deep breath, reveling in the scent of him. I lick him all over; then take his balls one by one into my mouth. I suck them both inside and swirl them around with my tongue. With my hands on his thighs, I feel his muscles tense as I suck farther, closer and closer to his cock.

I run my hot, wet tongue up from the base of his cock to the head, and swirl my tongue around. I examine the small slit at the tip of his cock, tasting his precum. I slowly make my way down on his cock again, swirling my tongue over him as I suck more and more into my mouth. I adjust my angle of approach, and suddenly he is sliding down into my throat. I can feel the head of his cock rubbing deliciously against the back of my throat, and I hear him groan as he feels it too. I answer his groan with one of my own, the vibrations sending a new set of sensations through his body.

His hands are on my head again, one holding my hair in his fist, the other just gently resting against my cheek. His hips begin to move in slow, tentative thrusts towards me, building to a faster pace as he holds my head in place and fucks my mouth. My tongue keeps swirling and I keep sucking on him, my jaw beginning to suffer with a dull ache, still not accustomed to his thickness.

The pace quickens, and soon I can feel him swelling. I pull away from him, letting the head of his cock slip out of my throat and into my mouth, just in time to taste him as he cums. I swallow as he cums, sucking him and licking him clean after he has finished. Finally I let him go, and his hands are on my shoulders, urging me to stand. I climb to my feet and he leans down to kiss me, his tongue probing my mouth, tasting himself. I wrap my arms around his neck and his arms wind around my waist, his hands sliding lower to cover – and squeeze – my ass. We stand together like this until finally he nudges me in the direction of the bathroom, ready to take levent escort a shower after his long day at work.

I let him guide me across the ivory carpet to the bathroom. His hands are searching for the zipper of my skirt before I even stop walking. The thin material slides to the floor as I turn around to face him. He hooks his thumbs under the small string side of my blue satin thong and drags it past my hips until it drops to the floor, landing by my crumpled skirt. I kick off my shoes and he starts the water in the shower. As it warms up he runs his hands over my body, his calloused hands feeling my soft skin. He leans down and kisses me, tender at first, then hard and demanding. Goosebumps appear all over my body, my nipples tighten, and I lean in to him, giving all I can.

He steps backwards, leading me to the shower. He stands inside the tub, away from the spray of water, and guides me in front of him, the water cascading over me. His eyes watch the water flow over my neck, down my chest. He grabs my Dove body wash, and squirts the smooth white soap into his hand. Slowly, he rubs it over my shoulders, my tits, my stomach… making his way lower only to tease me by missing where I want him to touch me the most and moving on to my thighs, my knees, down my legs to my feet. He gestures for me to turn, and he continues the sensual torture by smoothing more body wash over the back of my legs, spending plenty of time on that sensitive spot where my thighs meet my ass. He continues higher, slowly sliding a finger between the cheeks of my ass, then continuing to soap up my back and arms. When he has again reached my chest he pulls me back against him. His cock is hard again, and throbbing as it nestles against the top of my ass and my lower back. I marvel again at how much larger he is than me. His large hands each cup a breast; pinching and teasing my nipples as I lean my head back against his chest. I push my ass back against him, showing him I want more, and he laughs softly, his deep voice rumbling in a way that just makes me want him even more.

He rests his chin on the top of my head, and I look down, watching his hands expertly manipulate my tits. He leans down further and nudges my head to the side with his chin, planting a kiss on my exposed neck. I shiver and moan, the sensations overwhelming me. He licks the tender skin just below my ear, and then attacks my ear with a vengeance, licking and sucking and kissing until I’m worried that my knees are going to give out under me. He takes his hands from my breasts and slides them down my arms, grasping my hands in his. He moves them so that I am bent over slightly, bracing myself against the shower wall. He backs up a bit, his hands on my mahmutbey escort hips, guiding me back with him, bending me over more with every step. Finally he pushes his foot between mine, spreading my legs apart.

He rubs his hands over my back, down my sides. He cups my tits from behind for a second; then caresses my ass. Next his hands are back on my hips, and then his cock is sliding in side me, making me his. The hot water continues to spray over us, and he thrusts from behind, slowly, then faster, then slower again. One of his hands finds my clit, and he rubs in circles around it, knowing not to directly touch it yet. I already feel my climax approaching, and my muscles begin to tense. He senses this and slows down, teasing me. Just as I begin to relax a bit again, he fucks me harder than before. His strong body is moving fast against mine, pushing into me with a force that I crave when he’s not around. Before I can realize what’s happening, I’m cumming, my whole body in spasms of pleasure.

He slows down a bit, letting me recover. I’m still trying to slow my heartbeat when he uses one hand to get more body wash, slicking up my ass. I feel one of his thick, soapy fingers enter me while his cock still slides wonderfully in and out of my pussy. I feel him adding more and more silky soap and then his cock is pulled from my pussy. I push back against him, not wanting to feel so empty, and then I feel his cock pressing against the tight opening of my ass.

His cock is slick with my juice and the soap, and with his gentle pressure it slowly slides inside the impossibly tight hole. I feel the head enter, and then his thick shaft follows. I feel weak again as I accept his cock into my ass, my pussy becoming even wetter, my nipples wonderfully hard. He allows me to adjust as the base of his cock nears my ass. Finally I moan aloud and he begins to move in and out, thrusting slowly, carefully. As I begin to push back against his thrusts he moves with less caution. He finds my clit again and then my pussy. He begins to finger my pussy while fucking my ass, and it is not long before my moans turn into screams. He cums with a loud groan, and as he slowly softens he pulls himself from my ass. He wraps his strong arms around me and pulls me to him again, sliding down to sit in the tub. He wraps his legs around me and I lean back, my head resting comfortably on his chest, listening to his racing heartbeat and labored breath.

Eventually I have recovered enough to grab the body wash and start to gently clean him. I cover as much as I can while he sits, barely moving, enjoying the attention. Then I stand, and pull on his hands, asking him to stand too. Reluctantly he does, and I finish washing him. Slowly, I turn off the water and we step out of the shower. He towels me dry first, and then quickly dries himself and ties the towel around his waist. We are both so relaxed, so tired, that I am ready to ask if he just wants to stay in tonight, when his stomach suddenly growls an angry hunger pain. I laugh and pat his stomach, gathering my clothes from the floor to get redressed for tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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