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Aid in Africa : Part Two : Trish and Shaela

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Aid in Africa
Part Two : Trish
Trish followed Mgwabe deeper and deeper into the sinister complex, as they wove through large well furnished rooms. The walls seemed to hide strange truths as Trish followed the man through what seemed to her to be a medieval Moor castle. She began to wish she hadn’t been so smart half an hour ago.

This was because half an hour ago, she had been finishing her meal with Mgwabe and Mandy at his dining room, when suddenly Mgwabe seemed to shift his interest from Mandy to her, commenting on her fashion sense. The comment had been a compliment, but Trish had been slow to react. Mandy seemed to take this opportunity to explain Trish’s “social” problems. It was true that her compatriot may have been trying to cover up for some perceived awkwardness, but to Trish’s mind it was an attempt to get back at her for the airport lounge fight (see part one).

Trish wasn’t the type of girl to take an insult lying down, and when Mgwabe had offered to either drop them off or ask them to stay on for the night in his niece’s room, she’d baffled Mandy by saying that Emily could take care of herself and she’d prefer to stay on in the mansion. Mandy had started to shout, but Trish had coolly walked off inside, while Mgwabe looked back and forth, and then had given Mandy a polite see off, the best he could do in the circumstances. Mandy had been equally pissed, but she was soon heading off to the hotel leaving Trish at the mansion which though large and confortable, had somehow made her feel uncomfortable.

Trish meanwhile had waited for him in a hall adjoining the dining room, from which various passages led out into what areas Trish had no idea. Just as she heard Mgwabe say his farewell to Mandy, her attention was diverted to a hallway where a woman seemed to be cleaning up. There was nothing odd in this, as mansions quite as large had many servants, but what shocked the girl was the “tail” which seemed to protrude from the girl’s backside. As she cleaned, Trish saw the tail shake as if made of some wavy material like hair. Her own hair maybe ? Trish had heard of “ponygirls” who had a butt plug fitted with their own or other’s hair such that it resembled a tail of the girl. But such characters had always been in the fantasy bdsm novels she’d read, and didn’t think any would exist in real life.After all the life of the girls in the books would be unbearable in real life.

This strange vision soon disappeared, but it had piqued her interest and she headed towards the passage, whatever wish she had of maybe returning somehow to the hotel disappearing in her curiosity. However, just as she reached the end of the hall, she heard Mgwabe’s baritone telling her she was going in the wrong direction and would likely get lost. Realizing that she had been found, she had to follow Mgwabe down endless passageways quite similar to that one, but with no people, let alone girls of that “type” (as Trish referred to them in her head). They had reached a courtyard open to the sky, with an odd pole in the centre and a fountain a little back, after which they entered another complex and climbed stairs, continuing their rather long walk in that huge complex that was ostensibly the house of a social worker.

It was here that her misgivings returned as she began to feel increasingly uneasy in that huge place, her only friend probably ensconced in bed and haranguing Emily with tales of Trish’s stupidity and lack of common sense even as she navigated this huge area behind a hulk of a man whose only claim to social work were his smooth words, while everything about him indicated a power and opulence which scared and awed Trish at the same time. As she thought this, they rounded a corner and reached a comparatively smaller but no less comfortable room which had a large bed with plenty of cushions and pillows, thrown about rather untidily. As Mgwabe explained, it was his niece Shaela’s room, but she was currently out and wouldn’t mind if Trish used it for the night. And even if she returned would Trish really mind spending the night with a girl her own age ? She could always shift to a separate place in the complex later.

Somehow after seeing these strange burly men and the solitary “slave” female Trish more than welcomed the prospect of spending the night with a person of her own gender, provided she didn’t have tails sticking from their backside. So she thanked Mgwabe after he showed her the large collection of clothes she had to choose from. Mgwabe nodded politely, asked her to inform a servant should any problem arise and left, slamming the large ornate door behind him.

For the first time since she left for Emily’s place yesterday, Trish was alone. Being of a rebellious nature, she found too much human company irritating, and used this seclusion to quickly undress, take a shower in the adjoining bathroom and change into a clean though very loose pair of pyjamas (was Shaela that fat ?) and tee. She’d been surprised to find that the girl’s wardrobe contained clothes which were in tune with western tastes, and was even more surprised to find magazines, including Vogue, and what looked like a bondage mag by Paul Alazar. She was already starting to like her yet to appear roommate.

But as she checked the door and found it locked from outside, her boyish face again creased with worry. Why did she have a gut feeling this place wasn’t just a rich (after all she had seen any other conclusion was absurd) philanthropist’s abode, but somehow housed stuff (slaves?) that Mgwabe wanted to hide from the duo. He’d locked the room without telling her, in a secluded part of the estate without any sign of human life.(where were the servants ?). Granted the room was comfy but she didn’t feel as comfortable as she would have liked to.

Trish turned back, and headed towards one of the windows, which thankfully was open. A cool draft blew through her short hair as she took in the view of the desert in the distance, separated from the estate by a few rows of shanties and some groves of palm trees. She also saw that the estate was well guarded, with burly men carrying automatic rifles patrolling the boundary. The question came again, why so much security? What was the need?

Suddenly, Trish heard something like girl’s scream come from one of the adjoining rooms, cutting across her stream of thought. Then another, this time louder. Yes, there could be no mistake this time, it was indeed a girl’s scream, and likely coming from the room to her right. Trish neared the wall, and listened carefully. It seemed that there were three people in the next room, of which two were moving about. As she listened, she heard a rapid shuffling of footsteps, and then a voice rose, speaking something in the local dialect. Though she couldn’t comprehend a word, muffled as it was, she could make out the anger. Two voices, at a much lower level, began to speak, probably apologizing. Then the first voice seemed to move out of the room and head towards hers. Quickly Trish moved away and jumped on the bed with a magazine in hand.

The door opened with Mugabe standing , his face flushed and his hand clenched into a fist. For a moment trish thought she’d been found out, but he seemed to make an effort at controlling himself before he spoke. “I hope everything is alright ? I’m sorry for having to lock the door it’s a security issue. IF you need anything please ring the bell,” with that he handed a small electric buzzer type device to her. However he gave no explanation for why he was here again, or why he looked so flushed. He closed the door and bolted it from the outside again. Trish stared at the buzzer, at the locked door and then at the open window. An idea began to form in her head.

She checked the door again, placed a heavy side table before it and then checked the window. The window had a ledge about a foot below it, part of the building’s decoration no doubt. But the problem was what if it broke or she slipped ? How would she explain sitting in the middle of the sand filled courtyard in the middle of the night. Mgwabe would then have a real reason to lock her up. But as in many occasions in the past, her desire for adventure got the best of her caution, and soon she was moving out of the window, her eyes alternating between the ledge and the locked door.

In spite of her best efforts, she landed with a thud on the brick ledge, and for a moment felt she would plummet down to the ground. Thankfully, she regained her balance and moved left, her back to the wall thanks to the angle at which she’d landed. Eventually she reached the window of the room next to hers, the one from which the screams had come and with a thrust of her arms she hoisted herself onto the window frame.

What she saw inside baffled her. There was no furniture to speak of, no décor and practically no signs that the room had been used in the last hundred years. Yet there burned a torch in a bracket on the far wall, casting a yellow glow over the bare room. For a full moment Trish strained her eyes looking for any sign that the room had been used, any clue to the strange screams. She found none, and was about to move back to the security of her own room when she heard a slight rustle behind her in the courtyard. Trish knew she wasn’t visible from where she sat, but the prospect of being taken unawares terrified her nevertheless. She jumped down, but found that the ledge had disappeared, her legs flailing in thin air. Moments later she landed, but not on sand.

A grunt erupted from her landing pad as she fell, which told Trish that she’d landed on someone. Confirmation came with a hard kick to her legs pushing Trish off the person. Having no option Trish retaliated at the person’s torso, and was surprised to find him fall backwards from the impact. She capitalized on this momentary advantage by landing a well aimed kick on the thighs of her falling opponent. The other collapsed, and Trish more out of habit than any real plan, jumped on top and pinned the person down, feeling her opponent’s fear in the hot breath on her face.

At that moment, Trish was surprised to see that there were tears in the eyes of the opponent. As she looked closer, she saw that there was lipstick on her opponent’s lips and she had long hair – it was a girl. This made Trish relax her grip a bit, her opponent clearly in no shape to take her on again, and she herself relieved that it was not one of the guards. One result of the fall in adrenaline was that she removed the pressure on her palms and transferred it onto the girl’s torso, feeling sure that she wouldn’t try any antics now. However the inevitable result of this was, given their similar height, to bring their lips close.

Trish didn’t consider herself a bi, much less a lesbian, but she’d found that many girls found her dominating personality attractive and one had even gone so far as to suggest a relationship. Not that Trish didn’t get the boys, but while boys were repelled by the prospect of having a girl who may kick as well as she’d kiss, girls found in her the ideal partner. Now with the girl below her looking deep into her eyes, more out of having her body trapped than any attraction, Trish wondered if the almost familiar pattern was repeating itself again. She also noted that the girl had a sweet pair of lips which were almost touching now, and her breathing seemed to suggest a mounting excitement in the girl’s loins.

If Trish had wanted to avoid an amorous encounter, she found that her options were getting very limited. She could ofcourse get off, pull up the girl and head to her room somehow, but something about the situation seemed to suggest that it wouldn’t be the most pleasureable of policies. The alternative was…. the girl shifted a little and forced Trish to shift her weight, pushing their faces even closer together. The girl tilted her head slightly, their lips met.

Trish had kissed before, but they had all been boys with hard sometimes cracked lips. These were delicate, almost like petals as they sought to entwine with hers. Trish rolled over, giving both more space to maneuver, more ease of kissing. Their bodies entwined as well, the two girls rolling in the sand as waves of lust wrapped them in a tight embrace. Trish began to feel a growing lust as well, which surprised her but which she made no attempt to conceal as the other openly expressed her desire to make love to her.

Their lips eventually parted, making a soft sound that merely fuelled their lust further. Trish stopped caring what the consequences may be, who the girl was, her own safety, all that mattered was that she wanted the girl and like everything else in her life she’d wanted, she’d have her. Trish’s stronger arms now reached behind the girl and found some knots that came loose at her touch. The apparel parted to reveal soft skin that Trish knew she’d love to knead and squeeze in all the right places. Her fingers dug into the unknown girl’s body, enjoying the way her skin responded and her shoulders arched in pleasure. Trish now began to move south, pushing away the cloth as she kissed her way to the neck and shoulders, loving the taste of her sweat on her lips and the soft texture of her skin. The girl responded by pulling Trish’s head closer with a gentle but firm press, showing her own desire for pleasure surpassed that of the domineering girl.

The girl’s hands had not been still while Trish explored her upper body. They had begun to push under Trish’s nightshirt and were currently undoing the clasp of her bra. Trish started at the sudden release of pressure on her tits, but resumed her exploration, heading steadily towards the twin mounds on the girl’s chest. The girl too wasted no time in pushing away the cloth and running her hands all over the smooth but muscular back of the foreign girl. Trish felt her soft hands gently circle her back to touch her breasts, enjoying the sensation of her tits being felt by another of the same sex.

Suddenly the two pulled away, alerted by a sound in the distance. “Quick, before the guards find us” the girl said and began to run towards a door. Trish followed, slightly disoriented but knowing that the girl must know the area much better than she. The girl led up a flight of stairs and made a sharp turn, then another two, while Trish kept checking to see if they were being followed. She almost bumped into the girl as she stopped all of a sudden before a door with a bolt across it. The bolt was heavy and it took Trish’s strength to move it. But to her surprise the door refused to budge even after it was open. The two looked at each other in confusion and panic, sounds coming from the far end of the hallway. But Trish wasn’t one to give up easily, she kept pushing and the door began to budge inch by inch till enough was open for the two to slip in.The girl moved first, and collided with something and fell back. Across the doorway was placed a large side cabinet!

Trish now realized that they were trying to enter the same room Mgwabe had allotted to her earlier in the night. This girl must then be Sheala. Realization bahis firmaları giving a new urgency to her efforts, the strong girl managed to push the cabinet away just in time for the duo to slip in and shut the bolt after them. Moments later footsteps were heard at the door, and a surprised voice came from the other side. It was followed by a polite knock.

Sheala signaled Trish to get into bed which she did in three large steps. Sheala now opened the door and told the guard that she’d slipped while entering her room. The guard continued to look baffled, especially at the strangely placed cabinet, but Sheala imperiously closed the door and turned back to the smiling girl on the bed. “That was close” she said as she climbed onto bed “tell me, aren’t you Mandy from Europe? Uncle was going on about your visit. The guard said you would be sharing the room with me for the night.”

Trish was surprised at how her amorous lover had changed into a friendly girl in a matter of minutes. The feeling in her loins was still strong, and she regretted the loss of the opportunity. “Err I’m Trish, and I’m not from Europe. Mandy has also come but she is staying at the hotel.”

The girl laughed, “So you two have a problem or something ? Staying separately in a foreign country on a short visit ? Not that I mind, I’m home from US for my vacations and would have been bored without company.” Saying so, she snuggled up next to Trish and wrapped a slender arm round the more muscular shoulders of the other girl. Trish didn’t fail to notice the stress she’d laid on ‘company’ and decided that the girl was making a veiled reference to the impromptu kiss they’d shared only minutes ago. Maybe the change she’d noticed in the girl hadn’t really happened. Trish decided to make her move.

With the girl quite close to her with one arm round the shoulder, Trish slowly pushed her own across Shaela’s shoulder such that it brushed her long hair and pulled her closer still. The girl turned to look straight into Trish’s hazel eyes, her own widening with a lust she knew Trish wouldn’t fail to notice. She didn’t. Using the strength of her arm, she turned the girl around and onto herself, enjoying the warm weight of the young body on her torso; Shaela and Trish’s lips were again dangerously close. Without a word, trish pulled the girl in, her eyes locked onto the other’s as her lips slowly savored the warmth of Shaela’s passionate lips.

Trish again found herself lost in lust, her body demanding more and more of the other’s warm love, as their tongues began an amorous dance in Shaela’s mouth. The strings again came loose, the bra again unhooked as the two allowed their passion to take over, this time without fear or restraint; garments flew everywhere as their hormones mounted, their bodies demanding closer contact even as their minds reveled in the pleasure coming from another of the same sex. Trish discovered she was right, Shaela indeed had a smooth ebony skin that was warm and smooth to the touch. Shaela for her part found her lover darker than anticipated but well built, her long fingers gently caressing the muscles of her shoulders and thighs as their lips continued their love.

An attempt at removing their shorts lost them this contact, but they made it up by stripping each other completely, their bodies desperate to feel the love of the other. Again they embraced, this time their breasts mashing into the other’s and their nipples poking the other’s soft flesh sending arousing sensations to their feverish minds. The kiss was resumed, but this time with hands going all over each other, kneading, squeezing and clawing at the soft sensitive surfaces. Shaeala proved to be a pro at it, and soon Trish was guiding her hand over her breasts neck and back, using the girl’s skills to obtain the maximum pleasure for herself. Her other hand, meanwhile had come to rest on Shaela’s 38D tit, and she began to push down on the soft gland, loving the way the flesh gave in to her strong muscles.

Shaela felt the grip on her breast, and felt her nipple push against her lover’s palm, sending an electric effect which only inflamed her passion to higher levels. The fingers were now forming a tight cage around her breast, the nails digging into the meat as if to take in as much of the big boob into her hand as possible. This added pressure, and the knowledge that it was another girl who had such a dominating grip on her breast, made Shaela kiss like a maniac, barely coming up for breath as she tried to maximize her pleasure.

The two girls were by now terribly wet and horny. Shaela’s hand shifted to Trish’s breasts, her smaller hands perfect for the smaller breasts of the other. Trish on the other hand, removed the one on the tit to place it on the girl’s wet pussy. Shaeala jumped at the touch, the sharp nails caressing the delicate folds of her pink hole. Shaela pushed herself onto the fingers as they began to explore further into her lovehole. Trish found her fingers drenched in pussy juice as she began to push apart the outer lips and move deeper into the orifice. Shaela was far from a virgin, but the feeling of sharp points on her pussy walls had an even more intense effect than on the edge, and as Trish searched for her clit, Shaela became even wetter.

But just as Trish thought she’d found her clit, Shaela moved away and turned her back. Trish was surprised thinking she would remain in control, but she was also excited by the prospect of the unknown plan that shaela seemed to have. Shaela turned around, giving Trish an excellent view of her pretty ass, and then pulled Trish into a horizontal position, such that she was on top of her. Shaela now parted Trish’s hairy pussy lips and lowered her face into the warm folds. Trish waited till she felt the sensation of her nose and then her tongue probing her hole, even as she found her own face within inches of her lover’s hairless hole.

Trish wished to lie and enjoy the sensations, but the smell of wet pussy and the sheer proximity of the other’s orifice made her change her mind. Pulling the girl’s hips down, she pushed her tongue into the hole, parting it with her sharp nails to obtain maximum exposure. Shaela seemed to be encouraged by this act, and her ministrations became steadily more vigorous. She was also the first to find the other’s clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through Trish. She found that Shaela was an expert at it, and compared to her own clumsy licking, was doing an expert job at bringing Trish to climax. Still Trish kept on trying, and with some direction from Shaela, managed to hit the sensitive spot of the latter’s pussy. Shaela now began to grind her pussy into Shaela’s face, the inexperience of the other being compensated by the vigorous humping that seemed to threaten Trish with suffocation. Infact, shaela was making do with rubbing her pussy on Trish’s nose and other facial features having concluded that she wouldn’t get any pleasure from the efforts of the other girl.

Inspite of this, she herself kept up the heat on Trish’s pussy, her face literally buried in her crotch. She was soon rewarded with an increasing flow from the girl’s pussy, as she became increasingly aroused. Using her hands, she now pressed down Shaela even deeper into her pussy, which had the twin effects of increasing her own pleasure while forcing Shaela to stop humping Trish’s face and adjust her angle. The result was that about a minute into this intense lovemaking, Trish came hard into Shaela’s face , her rocking almost drowning the girl in pussy juice while at the same time throwing her off Trish’s torso. But trish didn’t seem to care, she had just been pushed over the edge, and felt like she’d cum for ever. Her body had finally got what it had wanted and reveled in the feelings that seemed to move from her pussy up through her entire body. Who would have thought a girl’s love could be so good ?

Shaela however, lying beside Trish with pussy juice all over her face and an unsatisfied pussy cursing the inept girl beside her, wished she had got a better lover. She saw the selfish girl now dig her fingers into her cunt and then suck the juice off them, quite oblivious to the horny girl beside her. Sighing, she got off the bed and fished out a vibrator from a neaby box, as her lover fell asleep in contentment. About ten minutes after this, Shaela got off to her own efforts, still cursing Trish.

But instead of going off to bed, she began to rummage in another box for something. She’d taken a liking to the girl on the bed, but she still wasn’t good enough to be her lover, not yet, not while she remained so selfish and domineering. Shaela knew Trish was too strong to submit naturally, but she’d have to be trained. She’d chosen Trish when Her uncle had shown her the pictures, and to tell the truth she hadn’t been disappointed. But the girl had to be trained. Having obtained what she needed, she approached the bed smiling.

Trish awoke to find the room awash in the desert sun, the air conditioning on and her lover nowhere to be seen. She yawned and stretched, or rather was already stretched. Her hands and legs seemed to be immobilized by chains attached to rings in the wall around the bed. Another effort led to the same result, though with more clanging of the chains against the bedposts and more pain in her wrists. She found however that the chains on her legs were slacker, and she managed to sit up and survey the room.

The room seemed to have changed a lot since when she closed her eyes last night. The wardrobe and ornately carved cabinets seemed to have disappeared or given pride of place to a large box containing a variety of implements whose sole use seemed to be for the torture of the female body. Not only this, the clothes and other belongings she had carelessly flung around the previous night were missing, which at the moment worried her more than her apparent captivity. What also worried her was the evil smile on the person she’d made love with the night before, as she opened the door and approached her.

“Awake , Trish ? That’s good, we have a long day ahead”
Trish : WTF Shaela ? Why am I tied up like this ? Where’s my stuff ?
Shaela : Why are you tied up ? Primarily so you can’t escape! (she laughed at what seemed to be a joke)
Trish : Escape ? Why should I ? I’m a guest here.
Shaela : You were. Now you’re my lover, and an intrinsic part of the household. This means you’ll have to learn the rules.
Trish : Household ? Rules ? I’m a foreign national here, you moron.
Shaela : Oh the paperwork will be sorted out. And don’t start complaining already. My uncle doesn’t like his slaves to complain.
Trish : Slaves ? (It now dawned on her that what she’d seen the night before was really true. How could she have forgotten? For some reason this realization tempered her anger and piqued her curiousity) so are you a slave too? To your own uncle?
Shaela : (giggling) Well he’s a step-uncle of sorts. I call him uncle but he’s really my godfather. He was my parents’ best friend and when they died he took me in, or rather I took him in (she laughed again).
Trish : So he thinks he can make me a slave like you ? Fat chance. I’m not a sissy like…… (She was about to say Emily but stopped)
Shaela : Emily ? Oh you’ll find she’s already a member of the household. And quite a willing one too. Now about you, you don’t have a choice you see…… anything that goes around with tits and pussy here has to spend some time in chains. Well unless they behave well, like me.

Trish concluded that either Shaela had lost her head or was a submissive twat like that Emily. If she’d been enslaved, it served her right. But Trish was different, and she wondered what Mgwabe the friendly social activist –turned- diabolic slave owner had in mind for her. But for the moment it was Shaela she had to contend with.

This was because the said girl was now approaching the bed with a weird smile that Trish didn’t like at all. Being used to enjoying control over whatever she set her sights on, the idea of being helpless before a girl who reveled in her slavery to her godfather terrified her. The fact that she was constantly giggling while making such comments didn’t help. Shaela had by now reached the foot of the bed and fished out a clamp from her harem pants (Trish suspected that it had been attached to her pussy lips) and reached out for Trish’s pussy. Instinctively the girl on the bed shirked away, fearful of what unknown pain the vicious looking device had in store for the most tender part of her body.

This made Shaena erupt in another giggle as she moved between Trish’s immobilized legs (the chains had pulled taut the moment she’d sat up) and grabbed the outer folds of her labia in a firm grip, pulling them out and causing no small discomfort to the bound girl. She now parted the device such that it now had two clamps. Holding the fleshy fold firmly she fitted the device onto one and then the other side of the pussy, such that both her pussy lips were now clamped and hurting. Trish could only protest in vain as Shaena adjusted the clamps for maximum pain (which Trish could tell by the rising agony in her nether lips) and finished with a tug on the chain connecting the clamps, getting a sharp yelp from Trish as a reward.

Shaena : That was only for decoration dear. The real fun starts when Uncle gets here.

As if on cue, the doors opened and Mgwabe entered with two “tailed girls” in tow (Trish still had some trouble believing they really were that , but after what she’d seen and heard in the small period since she woke up) with two burly guards bringing up the rear. He was dressed as impeccably as ever, and inspite of her dire predicament, Trish couldn’t help but admire his brisk and dominating style. However, unlike yesterday, he did not seem in any mood for pleasantries. Nodding at Shaena like she was one of the servants, he approached the bound girl on the bed. Trish didn’t know what to say; she hadn’t been too polite to him the night before and now she was at his mercy. In the event what he did say shocked her.

Mgwabe : She has a great body, I must say. Infact if she were a little better trained we could put her to train the other cunts, such fine muscle should not be wasted after all. Shaena have you made any progress ?
Trish hadn’t expected an evaluation of her body like a piece of cattle, much less from a man who claimed to work for trafficked women (see part 1). But then she remembered what Shaena had just said to her about the household. She was yet to digest it, given her own strong views on women’s lib and her domineering nature, one with which slavery was utterly incompatible.

If her thoughts were read by anyone in the room, she didn’t get any response for it.Instead Mgwabe simply took his time observing her body with an expert eye and smiled. Still not bothering to address the girl directly ,he asked Shaena to untie her. This surprised the girl, who began to protest. But to her and Trish’s surprise, she was slapped so kaçak iddaa hard that she landed on the floor and crawled to the bed, untying the bonds with a terrified look on her face. Mgwabe meanwhile began to strip off his clothes.

When the two concurrent actions were over, Trish stood naked in front of a naked man with a 9” thick pole and a large hairy belly. The servants now aligned themselves to block both the window and the door, the two women moving forward in expectation of some command. Getting the signal,they moved to either side of the girl and grabbed her hands, handcuffing them securely behind her back, even as Shaela knelt at her feet and began to lick her pussy on her own volition.

Mgwabe watched all this with a smile, one which on other occasions she’d received along with a compliment . Trish guessed it was a compliment, the most that he would give a slave. But her body was now getting aroused again, her vagina back in the excellent care of Shaena’s mouth. Trish guessed Shaena would have liked to spend more time alone with the girl, but she was helpless in front of the strong man and was now doing this service more to get her ready for Mgwabe’s dick than to pleasure Trish like she had last night. Indeed Shaena wished to get back some of the effort she’d made last night on this thankless cunt, but she had no opportunity as Mgwabe grabbed a handful of her long hair and threw her aside.

Shaena had succeeded in getting the girl wet and slightly horny, though her lust was directed at the heaving mass on the ground than at the burly beast before her. The beast now reached out and cupped a titty in the same palm she’d accepted when stepping out of the car last night. Trish could instantly tell that he was very strong, and although she herself was an unnaturally strong specimen of the female race, her instincts told her that she would be pulp if she even tried to fight him.

However, Mgwabe didn’t seem to need the use of brute force, at least not directly. With her hands bound and kicking not being a wise idea, Trish endured the sensations of her tits being roughly mauled, the nipples, which had found the palms of Shaela so arousing now hurt in the calloused hands of the huge man. But he didn’t seem to care, he squeezed the tits like they were sponges needing a drying; Trish closed her eyes as the tits changed shape and the fingers began to dig in to the soft flesh. But Mgwabe didn’t stop, he kept up the pressure, only occasionally stopping to squash them together or pull a nipple until the tit literally stretched out from her chest. Trish just bit her lip and endured the pain, determined not to plead or scream for mercy.

Mgwabe however didn’t like the look on her face and her apparent stoicism. He let go of the tits but just as her chest was heaving in relief, grabbed both nipples and twisted hard. This took Trish by surprise, and she screamed in agony much to the delight of Mgwabe and Shaena behind him. Having reduced her comparatively small but proud tits to an angry red mass, Mgwabe went lower, his hands sending goosebumps as they traced a line along her toned belly. Trish could do nothing but squirm as the hand finally came to rest on her mound and gently tugged her pubic hair.

The fingers now danced down to her labia and gently parted the wet folds (thanks to Shaela’s efforts) and moved in effortlessly. The sensation of his finger was arousing but in a different way, in a domineering way. Mgwabe explored her pussy deep, his knuckles almost disappearing into her tight snatch. They came out wet and pinched the entry to her love hole, making the girl yelp again. But Mgwabe didn’t try to find her clit, didn’t even try to get her off: it was as if her pleasure or feelings didn’t matter at all. Although the end of her vaginal inspection should have relieved her , it actually made her feel even more bitter .

Mgwabe now began to part her legs, her mind following the rather gentle push with vigorous action for fear of the consequences.Infact as she began to realize, he was the first man who had managed to make her scared, to make her do things for fear of consequences, to make her submissive. She didn’t quite figure out what it was that made her fear him : yes he was strong, but she was ready to face the pain should things go beyond a point; yes he had a personality as well, but she’d faced upto many in her life whom Emily had obeyed like a slave. Why did she feel so utterly helpless, so ineffective against the man who was merely feeling her up ? What was it that made her not even try to make a dash for the door ?

If she’d thought Mgwabe would fuck her missionary style, she was wrong. He abruptly turned her around and kicked her onto the bed. For some strange reason, it seemed to the girl that the kick wasn’t to hurt her, rather it was merely to get her body in a certain position for his use. Next she felt his knees parting her legs and his hands pulling her down till her ass stuck out at the edge of the bed. He slapped her ass and mashed the cheeks , enjoying the supple flesh of the girl’s backside. He then parted her ass cheeks, which made Trish wonder if she was in the right position for a fuck or whether he was trying to adjust her. As it turned out he was merely opening her up. For an ass fuck.

Trish screamed like a banshee as she felt her ass rip apart due to the brutal assault of the man behind her. Her sphincter gave way in a split second and caused her to almost black out in pain as her virgin ass was invaded by a cock larger than any the girl had ever taken in. It was inordinately big for her too, given that it was her first ass fuck. The result was that she found herself being pounded hard at maximum stretch while the man showed no sign of slowing down or easing the penetration. To make matters worse he grabbed hold of her rather short hair and began to use it as a handlebar for the fuck.

Trish yelped with every stroke of the invader, her body desperately trying to adjust. But this inability made for a very tight fuck, and Mgwabe found it increasingly pleasureable to push deeper and deeper into the cunt, knowing that the pain was proportionately increasing for the girl. He was also grunting, but from pleasure and knowing that he’d utterly surprised the girl with his line of attack. Plus the yelps from the normally self confident and sometimes rude girl were an add on he didn’t mind at all, it made him feel all the more powerful as he conquered another cunt.

Mgwabe by now had picked up such pace that Trish felt he would destroy the inner lining of her ass. Already her ass was as sore as could be, and the increased speed made it throb with pain; whatever she’d heard about pleasure from ass fucks must all be hogwash, she concluded as Mgwabe began to approach climax. Trish by this point was beyond caring where he came, but was surprised when he pulled out abruptly and turned her around, such that her face was inches from the disgusting shit smeared cock.

For a moment she feared he would make her suck it, but Mgwabe had an even better idea. He grabbed a handful of her hair and held the dick at the tip of her left nostril. He stroked it a couple of time even as Trish began to realize what was in store for her. Desperately she moved her head away, but was roughly brought back into place, leaving a sticky trail of precum as the dick hit her on her head and cheeks. Positioning his dick right where he wanted it, he came , pumping load after load into her nose, alternating to the other nostril after a few loads.

He watched in pleasure as the cunt choked and spluttered, coughing up the cream as she tried to breathe. She fell on the floor at his feet, her face red and tears in her eyes. This made Shaela laugh, and he joined in, a rarity for Mgwabe to laugh with his slave. But the truth was that the crying girl at his feet reminded him of another cunt he’d broken sometime ago – Shaela.

She had been a sweet young girl then, her parents’ death having shattered her world and left her a destitute in a cruel South African slum until Mgwabe had rescued her. She had hoped that he’d continue her education as well, she being just 18 and not even out of school. But Mgwabe merely gave her some money to buy the books she found interesting. He also promised her some pocket money and payment for all her living expenses.

He still remembered the morning when Shaela had come to him asking for some extra money for her clothes. She had had precious little by way of luxury after her father had been cheated by some crooks and had had to move to a shady suburb. Now seeing the huge house and the endless servants she was convinced she could get a little bit more for herself. Mgwabe too wasn’t averse to the idea. He earned millions every year, sparing $200 wasn’t a big deal, especially as the only person he kept contact with in his large clan was Abdul, and Abdul’s father was almost as rich as Mgwabe himself.

The problem had been her attire. He had always demanded that the lowly slaves of the house dress for his pleasure, as their reason for existence was his pleasure. But he didn’t like the short clothes the girl, now a woman of the house, wore. He had wondered time and again if he should tell her, but had decided to wait and see. It was hot after all, and …. As the girl came in, however, he noticed something else.

Her nipples, which were long and puffy, were sticking out of the thin cotton dress she wore. It self not too immodest, the nipples and the fact that it stuck to her body, made him want to tell her to go and change into something better, or….rip the clothes off her and rape her hot ass. Mgwabe checked himself. Inspite of being little concerned with morals in private life, he knew that she was like a daughter to him and he had to be careful. Hence,when she asked for the money, he made it a condition that she would have to dress more conservatively.

This pissed off the girl. Though they’d had limited means, her father had always tried to give her whatever she demanded. Some things were beyond his means, yes, but not beyond the means of this rich buffoon standing before her. So she threw one of the many tantrums she had found so useful with her boyfriends and parents alike. Mgwabe listened to the high pitched voice stunned at the girl’s audacity. He’d never heard a woman scream except when raped or thrown into a canyon for adultery. And she was screaming for pocket money? She ended with “you’re an asshole”

Mgwabe now rose in a flash and moved his huge bulk with the speed of a rampaging elephant. In an instant he was at her and she was crashing into the door, her right cheek a dark crimson. Shocked at the brutality, she got up and began to limp out of the room, having hurt her knee from the collision. But Mgwabe was still angry and sent the girl flying in the opposite direction by her hair. She collided hard with a pillar and cut her lip on the glass decoration, her eyes watering up as she collapsed again. Mgwabe reached the girl and landed a few well aimed kicks at her midsection, transferring his anger into his foot and delivering seriously hard blows to her abdomen. She yelped with each kick, and was begging to be let off by the time the third kick had left her with almost all parts of her body hurt and aching.

He now raised her by her hair again and pushed her to the sofa. The girl just collapsed on it, her knees and elbows refusing to support her. Mgwabe now pulled her up as he sat down beside her and pulled her onto his lap. His original aim was to scare her out of her mind before letting her go, maybe even with the $200 as a sweetener. But he now saw the nipples at close range, and felt the warm weight of the girl on his lap. He changed his mind.

Pulling her over his lap with either end of her young body touching the sofa, he swept away her hands and reached for her dress.This went up in a flash revealing her sweet thong panties. Mgwabe would have been outraged by such immodest underwear, but right now the thin black thing made his dick hard, especially as the bare skin on either side was fairer than his and had a smooth shiny look that made him want to spank them hard. Mgwabe now pushed the panties into the ass crack and exposed the entire ass flesh for his palm to take advantage of.

Shaena was just recuperating from the severe thrashing when she felt a hard blow on the backside, adding another locus of pain to her abused body. Although Mgwabe had taken care to make sure it was light, the sheer surprise made her jump. As Mgwabe was to gradually learn, surprise made the pain seem double, and terrified the female like nothing else could. Another blow followed, She jumped again. Smack! Shaena yelped . Smack! She started begging him to stop Smack! Her pleas got louder. Three more smacks! Tears began to flow afresh as her ass reddened from the blows of Mgwabe’s huge palm. Smack! Smack! Smack! Her pleading useless, Shaena hung her head and wept as her ass continued to be assaulted severely. She’d realized that she wasn’t getting out of it anytime soon.

Mgwabe kept up the spanking with variations he’d learnt on the slavegirls from his father as a young kid. Not that his father knew his son’s spying, but it had prepared him for his future calling , one he was realizing right now with his adopted daughter. He noticed how the intensity of the blows had initially made her howl louder, but shut her up after sometime. He guessed it was the knowledge that their pitiable pleading wasn’t going to evoke any mercy in him. Maybe it taught them that his and their relations would never be the same again.

Mgwabe now pulled the red assed cunt down and quickly stripped off the thin dress, getting only a minor protest from the helpless girl. To his surprise she was quite sexy,having a narrow waist that expanded at either end into a heavy bustline and thick thighs. Added to the sheen of her skin, she was developing into a beautiful specimen of womanhood. Had he been called upon to find a match for her he would have considered all this in a fatherly way, but right now his hormones demanded that he use her for his physical pleasure.

Shaena now felt herself being turned around roughly, her body almost falling off as Mgwabe accessed her large tits, pulling one into his mouth to taste the softness of the young girl. By now Shaena had realized that things were going beyond anything a father or even a stepfather should do. She began to protest, telling him that she was now effectively his daughter. To her dismay, she got no response whatsoever, the man on her chest simply sucking away at the fruit shaped protrusion like a baby, while his fingers steadily snaked into her thong to access her helpless pussy. Willing her hands to resist somewhat, she began to pull at his strong arms as they devoured her young feminity.

This only made him smile at the contrast of his almost gorilla like arm and her thinner fairer hand that was desperately tugging at him. He enjoyed the way her muscles strained in futility, thinking she could achieve by force what persuasion had failed to get. Mgwabe kaçak bahis was still to return to full sanity, but he registered enough to realize that he had gone too far to back off now. Plus there had been no increase in the number of household females since his father died three years ago and he’d not married. Wasn’t it time to….

The thong came off in a violent tug that left Shaena’s private parts stinging from the pain. She’d never expected things to go so far. After all girls threw tantrums all the time, and she’d just….her focus went back to her pussy as the pink came to be exposed by dark fingers. Again the girl tried to prevent him from doing something which to her was totally unacceptable in a real father daughter relationship, but her hands were swatted away like flies. Mgwabe threw her to the ground as he stood up to take off his clothes.

Shaena tried crawling away but was stopped by a foot on her back, applying enough pressure to prevent the combined effort of her hands and legs from achieving anything. Having stripped, he pulled the girl up again and turned her around. Grabbing her legs, he made her straddle him with her legs going round the back of his body. This made her pussy totally exposed and vulnerable, and Mgwabe wasted no time in spreading her pussy lips and aiming his cock at the pink opening.

Shaena started to plead fervently In a last ditch effort, which made it appear as if she was bouncing on his lap. Mgwabe liked the idea, and made a mental note to train her well in the future now that he’d decided to take her. For now, he aimed well at the dry opening and began to push. Shaena screamed to the skies as her hymen began to stretch, almost jumping off his lap as it tore and his monster dick moved in to claim her innocent pussy.

Mgwabe enjoyed the sensation of taking the third virgin pussy in his life, the previous two having been slaves and therefore not as pleasurable. HE now moved in all the way, his cock filling her inexperienced hole to the full as her screams subsided into silent tears and then a vacant look in those beautiful eyes. Mgwabe hardly noticed as he began to hump in and out of her once he had penetrated as far as he wanted to. This forced her body to juice up in an attempt to make life easier for her poor cunt, which helped him increase the speed and so hurt her even more. Also , the cunt was tight to the extreme on his cock, fitting like a glove on him as he moved in and out; to his twisted mind it seemed as if she demanded her own defilement and insemination.

The former he’d already done, the latter didn’t take long either, the tightness of her female orifice aiding him in reaching a climax. By now she was literally being bounced on his cock by his hard hands, her arms trying to desperately hold on as her ordeal continued. Each cycle of up and down made her feel dizzy and wish it would just end so she could move into her room and try to make sense of what was happening. To her relief and horror, it did end soon, but with him cumming inside her unprotected vagina, shooting his huge load deep inside her. Crying she fell to the floor as he released her, her abused hole and the abusing dick connected by a thread of bloody cum.

After that day relations had never been the same for them. She had been gradually made to accept her subordinate position and different duties which came with it, even as her holes were used one by one and then used multiple times a day for Mgwabe, Abdul and their friends’ pleasure. She had learnt to like and eventually revel in the humiliating tasks of a slave girl, and be rewarded for it by being given control of the other women in the household, some as old as her deceased mother. This control had also made her aware of her attraction towards women and she’d become an excellent bisexual lover, the warm appreciation from the General’s wife being the latest trophy for the fuckslut.

It had been her who had first noticed that one of Mgwabe’s friends in the west ran an NGO. She had wondered how big his cock would be, but it had given Mgwabe a different idea. It was true that Shaena had been enslaved but she was only one girl and couldn’t satiate Mgwabe’s lust. The household slaves were getting old and needed to be ‘replaced”. Plus his new found liking for breaking cunt needed to be exercised and though he would get some local girls soon, a few white cunt would not go amiss.

He knew that the NGO had recently recruited a group of girls who were interested more in getting certificates of participation than in any real work. He also knew that this friend, Samuels, had interests in the country and would soon ask him a favour. Last, he knew he had a weakness for African cunt. The pieces began falling into place.

Now the pieces were nearly all in place, thought Mgwabe as he saw the weakened Trish look up from where she lay at this feet. He had initially planned to make all three his cumwhores and reward Shaena with the discovery by giving her the girls as her personal fuck slaves when they were not in demand from others. But as his eyes went over the strong physique of Trish his plans began to change. She was far stronger than Shaela, and had tamed her last night if the guards were to be believed. On the other hand, shaela was as much a dom as a donkey was a horse. He looked at Shaena and her glee at the breaking of Trish. He wondered how long it would remain.

Trish got up somehow and looked up at the huge man and instantly knew that even if she tried, she couldn’t do anything. She was no stranger to sex, though a lot had been one night stands with boys too horny to try and woo more feminine girls. Now as she got up, she felt his piercing gaze upon her , and decided to see this through before she planned anything else.

To her shock, the moment she was at her full height, she felt something circle round her neck and secure in the front, something which felt like a band. A collar! She looked up to see Mgwabe attach it and then attach a chain to it, making her stretch out to adjust. The next moment Mgwabe was dragging her across the the room and the corridor towards the courtyard. Trish felt utterly humiliated at being dragged by her neck with the bitch Shaela beside her as free as the day she was born. Nobody had dared to drag her by her hand let alone….

She found herself having to walk on hot sand as the cool stone ended abruptly. This made her dance and howl as the toes hurt with each step. Yet she had to keep up the pace, her slowness being punished alternatively by a prod from Shaela or a tug from Mgwabe. The party came to a halt in the middle where thankfully the sand gave way to some stone, which although hot seemed to have had water poured on them not long ago.

She was now chained to a pole in the center which she’d assumed was used for camels. As Shaela whispered to her, it was used for camels once, but now she was little better than that was she ? Mgwabe moved to an umbrella covered area and Shaela took the whip from a female slave, whipping the poor cunt to move away from the chained girl. Trish had a bad feeling that shaela would now take out her frustration at being denied her share of time with the cunt by whipping her. She gritted her teeth in preparation of the inevitable, and planned counter moves to teach the bitch her place.

As the sun beat down on the two girls, Shaela circled the girl, wondering where to hit her first as she waited for the signal from Mgwabe. As Mgwabe felt the mouth of a slave girl close around his dick, he gave it. Whap! The first blow struck Trish on her left tit, making her jump and so hurt her neck. Her arms wriggled uselessly as she tried to fend off the next on her right tit. Then again on the left, then right. Unlike Mgwabe, Shaena had little by way of imagination and surprise and soon Trish knew the routine. She also saw that Mgwabe was getting bored with the mechanical attacks, and inspite of the pain in her breasts, she decided to teach Shaela a lesson.

Thus as Shaela moved in to land the next blow on her right tit, Trish’s muscular leg shot out and caught the girl in the stomach, sending her sprawling to where one of the slave girls stood, knocking her over. To Trish’s surprise, this made Mgwabe laugh, and as the battered girl approached with a longer whip to avoid the radius of Trish’s leg, Mgwabe ordered that she return to the shorter whip.Shaela cursed. It was supposed to be her show,her vengeance on the self centred bitch for not getting her off the night before. And now she was in the firing line.

She snatched the smaller whip from the slave girl and approached the chained girl, determined to have her revenge. However inspite of two hard blows on her thighs and legs to tire out her legs, just as she was getting confident of herself, she got too close, and a well aimed kick hit her chest and sent her flying. This time the pain was more and Shaela took time to get off the ground. Mgwabe knew this performance on the slave queen (as Shaela called herself) was having it’s effect on the other slaves. Soon nobody would obey her. Mgwabe took charge.

Taking up the whip he moved near the girl. Trish knew better than to kick him, and both knew the next few moments were crucial . As a sullen Shaela moved to the shade, Mgwabe gently touched the whip to Trish’s cheek, keeping her eyes focused on him. Smiling, he brought the whip down and in a swift horizontal motion, landed it on her backside. Trish yelped, showing her pearly white teeth and sweet mouth which Mgwabe decided he would fuck later. At the moment, what was important was that she didn’t protest, merely tried to move away. Another blow landed hard on her recently brutalized ass. This pushed her forward and almost into Mgwabe. Their faces were now inches apart, and she could see the steely look in his eyes.

Her eyes widened and looked away. She refused to scream, knowing he was looking for exactly that .
Her eyes shifted back onto him in terror, and stayed longer, There was a defiance in them, but he could tell it was weakening. She again looked away.
She finally screamed, her mouth opening to allow Mgwabe to push in two fingers and grab her tongue, forcing it away from her teeth. He was prepared for being bitten, but she didn’t, she didn’t even try to close her mouth. In fact Mgwabe found it amusing the way she kept her mouth open for him. He slowly began to push in two fingers till they scraped her cheeks, and then move out, like a miniature cock. He enjoyed the feel of her lips on his fingers as they were forced to stay partially open, and lubricate his fingers. She was still not looking at him, but as he continued the act, she slowly looked at him, and he was pleased to see that the defiance was almost gone.

The shock of the whiplash when she was already servicing his fingers made her jump and betrayed a look of terror, the surprise had again succeeded. He now pulled the fingers out and slowly moved the wet fingers over her face, around her eyes, forcing her to follow his fingers and then look at him with fear of his next plan.

To her surprise, he reached out and began to kiss the sweating girl, she almost losing balance as his weight pushed her back. However she responded well, by now knowing that she would have to give in to him no matter what. In fact, ever since Shaela had retired in disgrace, she had seen an admiration in his eyes, an appreciation for her fighting spirit, in addition to the will to dominate another strong character. She had by now come to accept that she could not win over him, but may well be able to get a good position if she complied.

But Mgwabe demanded complete surrender, not just compliance. He wanted to dominate her will, not just her body. This she had been resisting, but now he was slowly bending her will, twisting it with the fingers that went in and out of her mouth, the lips that sucked in hers, the tongue that explored and conquered her oral orifice. She had always known she would have no options, and her body had complied even back in Shaela’s room. But her mind had just gone numb, now it was slowly giving in, fully aware of what was happening. Plus the kiss was arousing her again, and the pain and heat aside, she wanted more of Mgwabe’s strong body.

Mgwabe saw all this in her eyes. He had a way with women, he’d learnt since the day he’d tamed Shaela, and his magic was working yet again. Now it was a foreign girl, assertive and dominant, but the effect was the same though the effort had to be more.

This time the eyes filled with a combination of fear and submission, her mind finally accepting the inevitable as her body suffered more than she’d ever thought it would. Mgwabe saw she’d given in, and threw the whip away, spreading her lips and kissing her deeply. At the same time he undid his fly and spread her legs. In a moment he was in, claiming the last of her holes to seal her submission to him.

This second fuck was slow and almost amorous. She kissed him back and thrust her hips as best as she could, her strong muscles now used for lovemaking instead. Mgwabe too noticed this change and fucked slowly, rewarding her for her submission to him. As he moved slowly in and out, Trish began to get excited, and moaned, attracting Shaela’s attention. As she looked past Mgwabe’s shoulder, he saw her make her way towards the duo. Her face was a mask of fury, her hands clenched into fists as she realized that the two were actually making love. She’d wished the worst for her when Mgwabe had moved in, now she found her enjoying what even she had been denied inspite of being the best slave around.

Trish saw the anger and smiled. She made her moans louder for Shaela to hear and burn, as Mgwabe picked up pace and approached orgasm. Her eyes locked onto Shaela’s, exchanging her own pleasure for the pure jealousy of the girl. She pressed her body against Mgwabe’s and felt him wrap his arms around hers. Her nipples had become hard from the arousal and the torture meted out by Shaela earlier, now they rubbed against Mgwabe’s barrel chest and sent shivers of pleasure through the girl, making her want more of the strong man. Shaela couldn’t bear it any more and approached Mgwabe with the fists still intact. Just as she reached them, Mgwabe climaxed, holding Trish close as he came inside her, inseminating her for the first of many times.

Shaela realized this, and tried to separate the two. She knew Mgwabe would take some time to recover and if she could sneak one on Trish, she’d have her revenge. Trish saw this, and also felt Mgwabe’s rapidly softening dick pull out of her. She moved away slightly as the duo still kept up the kissing and one way hugging. Shaela was moving behind Trish, intending to kick her into Mgwabe. Trish saw this as well, and just as she passed her, Trish’s well toned leg shot out and sent Shaela flying, the action also having the result of leaking a copious amount of cum from her vagina onto the stone.

The sudden jerk surprised the man, and he looked up to see his previous favorite go flying into the hot sand. Trish’s leg was outstretched and he couldn’t help admire the taut muscles. Smiling, he resumed the kiss.

(to be continued)……

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