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Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 07

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I’d retired to a quiet Suffolk seaside village, which wasn’t so quiet after all.

If you want some background to this episode, please read the previous parts, or some of them!


The week of the summer fair arrived, and the volunteers, and committee were getting into top gear.

Everyone in the village was excited because the fair was being opened by Faith Tunstall, the film and tv actress, who amongst other things, had recently played the wife of John Wilkes in a period television drama. The irony of that, were the recent headlines about her real life husband being caught out with a tabloid reporter. She had been persuaded to come to the fair by Oliver, who knew her from his old days in the film industry.

The day of the fair dawned bright, and sunny. The fair was due to begin at 2pm, and Faith Tunstall had arrived at Oliver’s in a chauffeur driven Jaguar. He escorted her to the village green, and in the sunlight she looked ravishing. She was forty five, (according to google),tall, slim, blonde, and piercing blue eyes. Dressed in a full, flowing summer dress, accentuating her slim waist, she spoke, and her voice was deep, and sexy.

After she had used the Tannoy to thank everyone, and the autograph, and selfie hunters had been satisfied, she made her way around the stalls, accompanied by Oliver.

I was ‘manning’ the tombola stall, taking it in turns with Vanessa, the vicar’s wife. Eventually, I looked up, and there she was, in front of me. Faith Tunstall. My heart briefly stopped!

“Two tickets, young man,” she said, in what seemed a very flirty way.

I took the two pound coins, with my hand visibly shaking.

Her eyes cut through me, through my heart, straight to my loins.

“Certainly, Ms Tunstall.” My voice was shaky too, as I held out the bucket with the folded tickets in.

“Oh my god, Oliver, this man is wonderful.”

Oliver smiled broadly, “You’ve made his day, Faith, this is Mike, he’s a great fan of yours.”

Unfolding the first ticket, the number was blue 22, and both Oliver and Faith burst into laughter when it was seen that she’d won a bottle of tomato ketchup.

“Must be burger and chips tonight then, Oliver,” the deep voice had amusement in it.

The second number was pink 67. It was attached to an envelope.

Faith Tunstall carefully tore the envelope open, and read the slip of paper carefully.

“It seems I’ve won a meal for two at the ‘Lobster’ pub. That’s the one over there isn’t it Oliver?”

“Yep, that’s it, you’ll have to come back from Hollywood to claim your prize,” he chuckled.

“Hmmm, I’m not going to do that, and my wretched husband has fucked off.”

The expletive grated somewhat in the summer sunshine.

“Tell you what,… Mike is it?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Would you share this with me? You brought me luck, my husband can ‘go hang.’ Escort me to the pub tonight?”

My mind exploded like a firework display. Was this beautiful, celebrity icon, inviting ME out on a date?

“Er, yes,…I’d love to…if you’re sure.”

Oliver seemed almost as shocked as I was, but smiling broadly he said. “Mike, I’m sure you’ll be on your best behaviour.”

“Ok, my man is collecting me at 10pm, I’ll go back to Oliver’s to freshen up. Meet me there at 7.30pm.”

With that, she turned, and headed off with Oliver, and a crowd of followers trailing in her wake.

I was stunned.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming,” Vanessa couldn’t believe it either. “You get off, and put your best ‘bib and tucker’ on. I’ll finish up here.”

I hurried home in a dream. Showered, shaved, and nervous, I presented myself at Oliver’s, at 7.30pm.

“Hello Mike,” Faith opened the door, and appeared as though going to the pub with me was the most natural thing in the world.

When she did the ‘mwah’ on my cheek, I went weak at casino şirketleri the knees.

“Look Mike, I know that this must feel odd to you, but I’m an ordinary ‘girl.’ Just treat me like a normal date. Sorry, perhaps ‘date’ is the wrong term, but let’s just enjoy the evening, it’s a refreshing change for me too.”

I relaxed pretty much after that. “Thanks for saying that Faith, I’ll think of you, oh my god, as just another date.”

We both burst out laughing.

“Go on you two, get off down the pub,” yelled Oliver, in the background.

I felt like I’d won the lottery as we walked down the lane, arm in arm, to the pub. When we entered, it was like one of those scenes from a film, when the whole place suddenly goes silent. All heads turned in our direction, as we were greeted by Jim, and shown a seat in the restaurant part of the bar.

Jim was beaming, but wholly professional. Faith ordered some Chardonnay, and we both relaxed into our meal, and shut ourselves off, mentally, from everyone else. In fact our conversation was non stop, and we were engrossed in our discussion, telling each other about our lives.

Although our worlds were totally different, the personal bits and pieces were very much the same. It was obvious that the previous weeks revelations in the tabloids had hurt Faith, but the evening was almost cathartic in letting it all out to a total stranger. I think I had given Faith the impression of being discreet.

However, the meal came to an end, there was no bill to pay, and so we got up to go.

The inevitable heads turned, but I felt on top of the world to be escorting this beautiful, and famous lady out of the pub, and into the warm, summer evening.

But my evening was about to get even better.

“Mike, my car is due in fifteen minutes, I’d love a coffee. Do you think I could impose on you?”

That was really a question I wasn’t expecting.

“Of course, you will have to excuse the state of the place, but yes, it’s just along here,” I stuttered a bit, but pointed down the side lane.

Faith stopped briefly, under one of the few street lamps, and started to tap on her mobile.

“There,” she said smiling, “I’ve text my chauffeur, put him off for an hour, told him to come when I call. There are some advantages to fame and fortune!”

Still with my mind in a jumble, Faith clutched my arm once more, and we made our way the few yards to my front door. Fumbling for my keys, she whispered, “Hey, you’re not still nervous.”

In just the light from the security lamp, her face looked so beautiful. It had appeared on screens all around the world, and here it was, inches from me, on my front door step.

And then, in a moment of pure bliss, she leaned in close, and kissed me. Not just a peck, but a full ‘screen’ kiss.

We held it for several long seconds, and when our lips parted Faith’s voice was nervous too.

“Mike, take me inside, don’t say anything, because, I’m shaking like hell, I don’t do this sort of thing, but I want you to take me to bed.”

‘Wow,’ was all I could think.

Unlocking the door, Faith closed it behind us, and, putting her arms around my neck, kissed me again.

Her body felt wonderful, she smelt divine. She didn’t seem in a hurry, until she touched my lips with her finger, and whispered, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Thank god I’d made the bed, and everything was fairly decent.

Faith stood beside the bed in front of the window, with its leaded lights, and overhanging roses.

Carefully placing her clutch bag, and mobile on the bedside table, she slowly began to undress.

I realised I was standing there with my mouth open, so quickly I began undressing too.

In seconds Faith was standing in the half light, in her cerise bra and panties, and I was just in my cotton boxers. Slightly embarrassed I felt my cock beginning to rise and press outwards.

Faith casino firmaları moved towards me, and we embraced once more.

As we kissed this time, there was the softest sigh, as our lips met.

There was no tension, her body relaxed into me. She must have felt my desire, and as I released her bra, she pressed even closer, her perfect breasts, and her prominent nipples grazing my chest hair.

It was my turn to become assertive now.

Faith had ceded all control to me, allowing me to lay her back on the bed. In the same movement I took one of her nipples between my lips, flicking my tongue over it.

“Oh Mike, slowly…please.”

And I did go slowly, swapping my attentions from one breast to the other. Here in my bedroom, in my bed, I was slipping the panties down the thighs of one of the sexiest screen stars in the world.

As my lips and my tongue traced a path over her stomach, Faith did two things. Firstly, she parted her thighs, allowing my body to slip between them, and secondly, I heard her moan, “Mike, yes, oh yes.”

When my tongue slipped between her pussy lips, tasting her wetness, she half lifted her hips upwards, wanting my tongue to go deeper.

“Of fuck, god yes,” Faith was now in total ecstasy.

Licking her juices, my tongue searching and probing, saving the moment for a few more seconds, before I took her clit, and sucked gently.

Her reaction was to cry out, squeeze my head between her thighs, and enjoy what I was doing.

I continued gently sucking, and licking, and suddenly she screeched out loud.

I couldn’t believe that she had cum so quickly. Her state of arousal had accelerated beyond my expectations. As I held her clit in my mouth, I was struggling for air, but thankfully as she relaxed, I slid my body upwards and kissed her, with her pussy juices still spread over my face and lips.

She was breathing quickly, but her kissing was long, soft, and delicious.

My cock was achingly hard, and within just a few inches of Faith’s pussy. She knew I wanted to fuck her, but her body language somehow signalled a reticence.

My goodness, I then got yet another surprise.

Faith said quietly into my ear, “I’m going to fuck you Mike, but I need to be careful, roll onto your back.”

I did as she asked, slightly conscious of my cock erect, and pointing to the ceiling.

Faith leaned over to her clutchbag on the bedside table, and felt inside. I knew straight away why.

Rolling back beside me, she tore open the foil on the condom. Smiling she said quietly, “You understand? I can’t take chances.” And then she kissed me, and slid down the bed.

I watched, totally transfixed, and fascinated, as Faith put her tongue into the ‘bulb’ of the condom, and put the circular part, gently into her mouth. Her head lowered, and I felt the warmth of her mouth surround the head of my cock.

One hand gripped the base of my cock, holding it upright, the other softly cupping my balls.

“Ohhhhhhh!” my voice showed the pleasure a man feels during the first seconds of oral sex.

Faith’s expertise came from who knows where. But my cock was swallowed, and suddenly cloaked in the rubber sheath.

Raising her head, the smile told it all. With that sense of satisfaction, Faith rose up, and lowered her exquisite body onto my cock.

With the longest, loudest of gasps, she pressed down, and arched her back. Supporting herself by placing her hands on my chest, she was able to thrust her hips back and forth, which massaged her clit on my pelvic bone.

Faith was a ‘one off.’ Either she had a very high sex drive, or we just had some mutual chemistry, because as I looked up at her body, her eyes were tight shut, she was starting to writhe, just seconds away from cumming a second time.

“God, you’re a bastard, Mike, oh Mike, I can’t stop…, oh my god, oh fucking güvenilir casino hell.”

Shuddering, her long nails, almost piercing my skin, I was feeling her pussy pulsating on my cock.

Opening her eyes, she fell off my body to one side, and in a reaction to her pleasure, she knew that I had to have mine.

She rolled off the condom, and flung it to one side, and went down on me again.

I was never going to last long. Her mouth, her tongue, her fingers caressing my scrotum, all of the sensations weakened my resolve to hold on.

“Faith I’m going to cum, fuck, I’m cumming.”

My cock jerked inside her mouth, she kept massaging, and I kept ejaculating. I heard Faith’s reaction.


Swallowing every drop, she raised herself up, and we both smiled.

“Mike, that was wonderful, I don’t think it could get any better than that. But I’m just sorry that this is a one off. I just needed someone, and it was you.”

“I understand that,” I replied. “We live in different worlds, and I know you’re hurting with your husband and everything.”

Faith reached for her mobile.

“What’s your postcode here, I’ve got to let my chauffeur know where to come.”

“It’s IP18 ***,” I replied, “Primrose Cottage, number 6, Dunn Lane.”

Faith stood up from the bed, naked, she looked absolutely heavenly.

“Tell me your mobile number Mike, I want to have it.”

“07967******.” I was thrilled that Faith wanted it.

Picking up her underwear, and courteously also the condom, she scurried into the en suite to reappear, immaculately dressed in the same summer dress from earlier.

I’d managed to look decent in some shorts and a t-shirt, hurriedly plucked from a drawer.

By the time we had got downstairs, Faith’s mobile pinged with the message that the car was almost outside. On my doorstep she kissed me once again, and intimately whispered, “Thank you again Mike, it was wonderful. Perhaps our paths might cross again.”

With a squeeze of my shoulder she disappeared into her limo, and was gone.

In a daze, I went back indoors and poured a large scotch.

The next morning I didn’t wake up until 9am. The sun was shining through the window, and as I turned over in bed, I caught the aroma of Faith’s perfume, and the smell of her body on the sheets.

My mobile was on my bedside table. I’d turned it off before we had gone to bed, and when I looked, there was a text from a strange number, which when I read it, could only be from Faith.

‘Thank you again Mike, I will remember tonight for a long, long time x.’

I wasn’t sure whether to reply, but now that I had her number. I just sent back a text saying, ‘ I will too x’

An hour later, I’d showered and dressed and was having coffee on the patio outside. And suddenly, the world went mad.

My mobile began pinging one ping after another. The first text was from Alice.

‘FFS you’re all over the internet, so you fucked her?’

The second text, a few seconds later was from Rachel.

‘You horny bastard. Fucking a celeb has got to be right up there.’

And then from Jim.

‘I think you’d better lie low mate. Don’t talk to the press.’

At that point I stopped reading the texts, and googled ‘Faith Tunstall.’

And there it was. Photos of me and Faith from a German magazine website. Not the best quality, taken at night time by a paparazzi, but clearly showing the evening as it happened.

Faith at the summer fair, then coming out of the pub arm in arm with me, then, in dim light, going through the door of my cottage, and most revealing of all, a grainy photo of Faith’s naked back embracing me through my bedroom window. And then finally, a photo of Faith kissing me on my doorstep as she left.

The lurid account also went into detail about her husband being caught out with his young girlfriend the week before, and their potential break up.

“Jesus Christ,” I muttered to myself.

My phone was still pinging, and after a brief look, I saw a text from Faith. All it said was, ‘I’m so sorry.’

Stunned, I wasn’t at all sure where all this would lead.

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