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Alyssa, Alyssa, Oh my Alyssa!

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Chapter 1

I never asked for this!

Christ, I was Philosophy major in undergrad. I only got my teaching certification because it occurred to me one night, what the fuck was I suppose to do with feeble philosophy degree. I had no idea they would put me in this position, I thought perhaps I would supervise over a study hall or teach me other bullshit class. I never imagined they would think I had the qualifications for this, and with a degree in slacking and bending the rules, what else would you expect?

This shit all started April 28th. The day before I received a phone call from the headmaster of the local Catholic school; I applied months ago and had thought they had forgotten about me. He explained how one of their teachers had experienced a heart attack the previous night and decided teaching was too much of a strain on her heart. After apologizing for the short notice he practically begged me to take the position. Looking back, I cannot remember if he even mentioned the permanency of the job. Any way, I accepted; after all, this had been my first job offer since I had completed graduate school.

So here I was, dressed in the professional clothes my mother had bought me for ‘special occasions’, freaking out about my first day as an actual fucking teacher, a real fucking kindergarten teacher.

Chapter 2

I noticed her right away.

She stuck out from the rest. She had platinum blonde hair, curly, down to the middle of her back. The most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, it looked as if lightening had illuminated them and turn the blue iris a shocking electric color. Her rosy cheeks made her eyes pop even more. She was the shortest one in the class, and extremely petit, and wore pink plaid overalls and a plain white tee-shirt, with little white lace socks poking out over her white tennis shoes. She looked exactly like the baby pictures of my college sweetheart, Emily.

The headmaster led the way to the front of the class.
“Could you introduce yourself to the class please”, he said.
“Uh, yeah sure, no problem”, I awkwardly replied. “My name is Matt. Umm, Matt Brill”.
“Class this is Mr. Brill, he is going to fill in for Mrs. Testa. I hope you show him how well behaved you all are”, the headmaster addressed the children. He turned to me, “Well, the lesson plans are in the folder on the desk, good luck”. He exited quickly.

So there I was, güvenilir bahis standing in front of 15 five and six year olds, not knowing what the hell to do. Thank god the rest of the day went by without a single problem, well except one child wet their pants, one spilled glue all over himself, and one threw up all over the floor. I couldn’t wait for the end of the day, and when it finally came, it came with a surprise. The little girl who was an exact replica of Emily, whose name I later discovered was Alyssa, said “Are you coming back tomorrow?”
When I assured her I was she gave me a hug before she ran to her bus. What happened next I never expected.
The top of Alyssa’s head had placed a slight but arousing pressure on my cock. I tried my hardest to hide my shockingly large hard on as I awkwardly rushed back to the classroom.

As I returned to my apartment that evening I couldn’t get the resemblance between Alyssa and Emily out of my head. Unfortunately, this coincidence brought back memories of walking in on girlfriend of four years fucking three members of the football team. I watched horrified as three tall, buff, huge dicked men fucked my Emily; one guy railing her hard in the ass, another vigorously fucking her pussy, and the last with his massive dick in her mouth. When she finally saw me there was nothing she could do to stop me from walking out of her dorm room and her life.

I took a sleeping pill in hopes of stopping the memories. As I drifted off I started to dream of Emily. She was beautiful and young, just as I had seen her in her childhood pictures. I ran up to her and hugged her. I began to tell her how much I had missed her and how I forgave her for everything, when she started to kiss me. Her kisses were soft at first; they slowly began to grow with the passion both our bodies were trying desperately to hold back.
I held her body as close as possible as I whispered in her ear, “Emily let me fuck you the way those three football players did, it is the only way I can get over it”.
When she looked back up at me I realized something, this wasn’t Emily, it was Alyssa.

I woke myself immediately. I was horrified, I was dreaming of Alyssa. I was dreaming of a fucking five year old girl. I had asked a fucking five year old to let me rail them. Disgusted with myself I rolled over only to find that the alarm clock said five am. My alarm was going to go off in fifteen minuets and I would türkçe bahis have to look at the little girl that I had dreamed of, for eight hours. I decided to get up and take a shower. Maybe cold water would help eliminate the sexual urges that were racing through my body. To my horror, the fantasy didn’t stop when I woke up. Throughout the shower I caught my mind drifting on to what would have happened had Alyssa agreed. I noticed that every time I thought of shoving my dick into Alyssa my mind associated it with revenge towards Emily. This only horrified me more, how could raping a five year old possibly heal my heart. I got out of the shower, dried off and got ready for the day. As I drove to school that day my thoughts continued to fantasize about fucking Alyssa and the joy that I would get from due to her resemblance of Emily. My mind had made a decision. I was going to have Alyssa; I was going to have her no matter what it took. That was the only way I was ever going to get rid of these urges and my heart break.

Chapter 3

The children began to shuffle into the classroom only minuets after I arrived. As Alyssa entered the class I had to hold myself from not grabbing her, locking ourselves in the class bathroom and ripping open her sweet pussy with my cock. Roughly I managed to make it through most of the day. Recess couldn’t come soon enough. The kids ran outside as fast as their little feet could carry them and I got to take a much needed breather. After about twenty-five minuets I heard feet headed towards the door, I raised my head off my desk to see who was disturbing my peace. The playground monitor walked in with Alyssa in tow.
“She needs to go to the bathroom and since there are only five minuets of recess left I figured I might as well bring her back her to go to the bathroom”, after saying this she left me to take care of Alyssa.

I stared at Alyssa dumbfounded.
“The bathroom is right there”, I pointed idiotically.
Alyssa just stared at me.
“You can go in you know”, I encouraged.
“I can’t reach the toilet”, she replied in a hushed and embarrassed tone.
I tried to fight my mind, “Take her now”, my subconscious screamed.
“Do you need help?”
Alyssa nodded her perfect little head.

As we walked into the bathroom Alyssa pulled down her elastic-band jeans, then her underwear. She then pulled her shirt up, adorably thinking she might pee on it. I could now see everything güvenilir bahis siteleri I had been dreaming of last night. Alyssa’s porcelain white skin was beautiful and looked amazingly soft. Her breast her merely little nipples and she had one little freckle on the top of her left areola. My cock’s response told me there was no turning back. My eyes continued down ward. Her hairless mound was incredible. I had never seen anything so appealing. My dick became hard as a rock. Alyssa turned around to lift the toilet lid. My eyes bulged at the sight of her perfect little ass. It could have fit in the palm of my hands and my cock urged to separate those cheeks and force its way in. Alyssa turned around and waited for me to lift her on to the toilet; I did as I could tell she was expecting me to do. My mind raced with all the things I wished to do to this innocent little girl. The idea that she was off limits and I could be caught at any moment only made me want her even more. I checked my watch, damn I only had three minuets before the rest of the class was expected to return from recess and there was no way I wouldn’t get caught if I proceeded now.

My thoughts had carried me far away from that bathroom. I was lost in a daydream when I felt a pull on my pant leg.
“Can you wipe me now?”, Alyssa asked.
Are you fucking kidding me, my brain screamed at me, fuck her now!
“Can’t you do that yourself?”
“No”, she responded sounding ashamed.
It broke my heart that my comment had made her feel this way.
“Of course I can”, I replied.

I wrapped several sheets of toilet paper around each other and brought my hand toward her delicious looking pussy. As the toilet paper and my hand made contact with Alyssa’s body, I let out a gasp. I could feel the pre-cum that escaped my pulsing cock. I let my hand linger, as I felt the soft skin that made up her pussy lips. As I began to wipe I pushed up and let my pointer finger slide in between her slit. The warm, moist sensation from her cunt made more cum escape from my body. I quickly moved my finger back and forth and removed it from her body before I suspected that she had realized what was happening. I threw the toilet paper in the toilet and lifted her off. As I flushed the toilet Alyssa pulled up her pants. I went to open the door, but Alyssa stopped me.
“I have to wash my hands”, she said.
Thoughts of what could happen if I stayed in this tiny bathroom with this young girl, who teased my cock without even touching, raced through my head.
“I have hand sanitizer”, I replied as I wrenched open the door.

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