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An Aunt’s Seduction

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My aunt Jennifer was only two years older than I was. As a result, we were pretty much raised as sisters, since we both attended the same schools, and my grandmother (her mother) watched us while my mom worked when we were little. So it was only natural for us to move into an apartment together immediately after I graduated high school.

One night, after we had been living in the apartment for a few months, Aunt Jen, a professional masseuse, offered me one of her absolutely divine backrubs. I gladly accepted, knowing that Aunt Jen would work all of the kinks out of my neck, shoulders, and back. Little did I know how many kinks she would work into them.

She led me gently by the hand into her bedroom and told me to strip to my red satin thong and lay facedown on the bed. I quickly complied, having no shame in front of her; since we had grown up together, we had shared beds and baths numerous times, so we had both seen each other nude. Aunt Jen was wearing her usual round-the-house outfit, a pair of black spandex shorts with a green stripe up the side of each leg, and a matching sports bra. I grabbed a pillow and lay with my head to the side as I anticipated Jen’s gentle touch.

After I had made myself comfy on her bed, Aunt Jen straddled my hips, and her amazing hands began to work their magic. I felt myself quickly relaxing as Aunt Jen gently massaged and caressed my neck, shoulders, and back. I was so relaxed, in fact, that it took me a moment to realize that as her hands went up to my shoulders, Jen’s body moved forward, and when they came back down to my buttocks, she moved backward.

At first, I thought nothing of it, chalking it up to Jen simply getting a better reach to give me a better massage. But after a while, the movement became very rhythmic, and faster as well! Puzzled, I said nothing, and the strange dance continued. Then I realized where her body was in relation to mine. As she rocked back and forth, it occurred to me that Aunt Jen’s crotch was rubbing right on my tailbone. My aunt was getting herself off while she massaged me! My suspicion was confirmed when the casino şirketleri massage stopped, and Jen’s whole body clenched, she gasped quietly for breath, and I could feel her pussy quivering on my ass.

Still, I said nothing, and after a moment, Aunt Jen continued her massage, once again moving her body in time to her hands. Now knowing what she was doing, I continued to remain silent, but I realized that I could feel a growing warmth in my body. I was amazed that the thought of my aunt masturbating on my ass would turn me on, so I focused on the sensation of her body rubbing against mine.

Sure enough, I could feel my panties growing damp. Suddenly, Jen’s hands were gone from my back, but her body continued to rock back and forth. I risked opening the eye that was turned up, and saw my aunt. Her eyes were closed, and she had pulled up her sports bra, exposing her small but beautiful breasts. Her hands kneaded them gently, and her fingers pulled at her round, pink nipples, which were now fully erect. It was the most arousing sight I had ever witnessed.

As I watched, my aunt let out a small moan, and one hand continued massaging her tit while the other slowly slid down her belly, then around to her tight ass. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her sliding a finger down the crack of her ass, her spandex shorts drawn up tight into it. Lower and lower her finger explored, and then I felt it brush my pussy through my sopping wet panties.

I moaned involuntarily, which seemed to shock her, for she immediately stopped dead and jumped off of me.

“Oh, m-m-m-my god, Sara,” she stammered, her face turning beet red. “I am soooo sorry. I never should have done that.”

I rolled over onto my back, sat up, and faced her. “It’s okay,” I replied. “But I never knew you felt that way about me.”

“Neither did I,” she admitted, “but seeing you laying on your belly in just your thong…I just couldn’t help myself. Can you ever forgive me? I promise, it will never happen again.”

I smiled at her, now completely aroused, grabbed her hand, placed it on top of my drenched, casino firmaları satin-clad pussy, and said, “It better happen again, and you better keep doing it now, or I WON’T forgive you.”

Aunt Jen smiled so sweetly at me that I thought I would burst from joy, and climbed onto the bed next to me. She straddled my legs and moved very close to me. Our bare breasts touched, hers small and perky, and mine larger and round. Our faces were extremely close, and our noses touched. Then, she slowly leaned in further and our lips met.

I allowed mine to part slightly, and her tongue gently probed past them. I met it with my own tongue, our mouths opened to each other’s, and I tasted my Aunt’s sweet breath for the first time. Her hand stroked my cheek, then slid down to my breast, and I gasped into her mouth as her fingernail struck my erect nipple.

I reached around Jen’s body and my hands gripped her spandex-clad ass, then slid down into the crack between her firm cheeks. My fingertips brushed her pussy lips, probing the wet cloth of her shorts. Now it was she who gasped into my mouth. I began gently rubbing her pussy, and as the movement of my hands became more urgent, I discovered that my own wet cunt was also within reach.

Aunt Jen bucked and moaned as I stroked both of our pussies with my hand, and my thong became soaking wet. It was then that Aunt Jen pulled away from me. Fearing I had done something wrong, I looked at her anxiously. She smiled reassuringly and told me to lay back. I complied as she removed her shorts, revealing her naked, dripping sex.

Her pussy was absolutely beautiful, glistening with her body’s juices, and shaved completely bald. I stared at it in awe, and knew then that I wanted desperately to have it in my mouth. She had other plans for the moment, however.

Gently, she slid my thong over my legs and off, then she climbed back on the bed, and spread my legs. Kneeling before me, she began licking my legs, starting with my toes and working her way slowly and gently upward. I lay back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed each flicker of her talented tongue.

Soon, güvenilir casino she was up to my thighs, and as her tongue found its way to the inner thigh, I released a small moan of pleasure. She licked her way up my inner thigh, and just when my pussy was quivering for her touch, she merely brushed it with her nose and licked up my stomach. But soon, she worked her way back down, sliding her tongue all around my quaking cunt without actually touching it.

My small moans turned into a loud one as she tired of teasing me, and her tongue finally brushed my juicy clit. Once that happened, she plunged her tongue deep into my soaking wet pussy, using her nose to rub my clit. My hips moved in rhythm to her tongue-fucking, and I ground my clit into her nose.

As my body rocked and bucked at her touch, and I thought it couldn’t get any better, her smallest finger penetrated my pussy, and she rammed it in and out. At this point, I was very close to climaxing, and she withdrew her finger while she kept her tongue diving in and out of me.

I felt her finger rubbing my pussy lips, then sliding gently down towards my asshole, its well-lubed tip pressing against my sphincter. Then my butthole opened, and her finger dove inside.

Amazed at how pleasurable it was to have my aunt fucking me, I grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and began ramming my hips into her face, her tongue sliding deep into her pussy while her finger fucked my virgin ass and her nose massaged my clit.

Suddenly, my body exploded in a monumental orgasm, and every muscle clenched as I screamed out my pleasure. Wave after wave of release racked my body, and I felt my skin tingling. I rode the raging river of my cum until I was totally spent.

My aunt, grinning ear to ear, her face slimed by my body’s juices, slid her finger out of my ass and climbed on top of me. She covered my face in soft, gentle kisses, then kissed me full on the lips, our tongues finding each other immediately. It wasn’t the first time I had ever tasted myself; I loved masturbating, then sucking my own juice off of my fingers. But it was the first time I had tasted my juice on my aunt’s tongue, and it tasted wonderful!

After several minutes, Jen broke the passionate kiss and said the most arousing four words I had ever heard her say.

“Now it’s MY turn.”

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