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An Awakening

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In the stillness offered by the middle of the night, they laid naked, on their sides, with a thin sheet covering them both. He was behind her. Pressed against her. His chest to her back, rising and falling with each breath. No sound filled the space, other than the soft hum of the house, and the softer breaths drawn by each of them in their sleep. However, he wasn’t asleep. He felt her back to his chest, her tight ass against is semi hard cock, and he wanted more of her. It had only been a few hours since they fell asleep after their last fuck, but he needed her again, wanted her again, and it was all he was thinking about.

It could have been 2:03 a.m., or 6:03 a.m. That was uncertain and that didn’t matter. What was certain, what did matter, was that he wasn’t going to wait longer. As he drifted between sleep and awake, he slipped his calloused palm over her hip and wrapped his fingers over tight ass. Pausing and then rolling his hips slightly. The movement was almost imperceptible, but it was repetitive. Repetitive and soft, initially. Flexing his ass and offering his hardening cock against her. A slow burn began to grow in his chest. It was the need, and it was growing. His thick cock began to harden against the flesh of her warm and tight ass. The rolling of his hips becoming more noticeable as the sheets began to rustle.

In the same moment that he fit the thick underside of his shaft between her ass cheeks, a soft groan slipped from her lips. It was a groan of need. A groan from deep within. He paused only for a moment, but then slipped his hand off her hip, up her body, and collapsed it in a grip over her tit as they remained on their side. Continuing to roll his hips, humping softly against her ass as he clutched her breast and kissed her neck.

“Again?” she asked, as she pressed back against his dick.

“Again,” he responded, with a grin in his voice, but his tone was matter of fact. “Again,” he repeated, everything now a certainty.

He kissed her neck, walking his lips up from the bridge of her neck, behind her ear, and then scraping his teeth and tongue back down. Walking his lips up and down her neck, as his hips settled into a rhythmic humping against her ass. His dick hard, the precum beading at the head of his cock and smearing against her lower back. His hand pulling fingers away from her breast, scraping softly as he did until he caught, clamped, and gave a slow twist to her nipple.

“Fuucckkkkkk,” she hissed out. Rolling her hips back to match the rolling heat of his thick dick against her ass. She wanted him and everything. Still on her side, she slipped her hand over his and clutched his hand and her tit, keeping him close. Needing him closer.

His hand broke from hers, slipped down farther, fingers tracing down her body before groping her pussy with his palm. Her back to his chest. Her ass lurching back against his rolling hips and hot cock, and her pussy clutched by his hand. She oscillated between grinding her ass against his dick and pussy against his palm. His free hand up her back and into her hair, clutching it as they lay on their sides.

“Come here” as he drew her head back, her chin pointing up as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Tongue teasing hers, as he slipped his hands up and softly found her uşak escort clit. Kissing her, strumming her clit, and grinding against her ass.

“Please” she groaned into his lips as he kiss her, sucking his lower lip between her teeth, as she bowed her body out, grinding against his fingers and pressing back against his cock against her ass.

His hand still in her hair as he slipped his fingers off her pussy and to her hip. In an easy movement, he rolled her to her stomach, slipped up to his knees, and again drew her back to him by a hand in her hair. She was on all fours, presented for him. He slipped his thick shaft between her upper inner thighs, with the top of his shaft grinding across her pussy lips. Right hand in her hair and left hand over her hip, finding and, once again, strumming her clit. “Please what?” he asked in response to her plea.

“Please…fuck…fuck me,” she asked. Not yet a beg, but she could feel herself tilting in that direction. She pressed her palms to the bed, head down and hair hanging as she rutted back on his cock, pressing her hips down and grinding her pussy against the top of his shaft. Her eyes flashing wide open, but unable to catch sight of anything in the pitch black room. She could feel him. Hear him.

“But why should I?” a grin in his voice, his tone confident, deliberate in the question. His right hand releasing from her hair and dragging fingers down her spine until he gripped her hip, and held her in place. His left hand continued to strum her clit in time and in the same pace as the top of his shaft teasing back and forth across her pussy lips in long and slow strokes. “Why should I fuck you?” He punctuated the sentence with a warm slap of his wide palm against her ass. The soft echo reverberating in the room.

She let out a deep and single laugh. Both at the question and the sting of the slap. She lifted her ass, as if to say “again” referring to the slap. “mmmmm…because you want this pussy” she hummed out as she took another slap of his hand to her ass, feeling the sting against her ass drive need to her pussy.

“Mm..fuck…yess” he smirked as she offered her ass again and he spanked her again. His pussy wet shaft sawing back and forth against her pussy lips in an increasing pace. His fingers strumming her clit in time. “Tell me…” he gasped again “Tell me whose pussy it is” he said with a grin. “Tell me you want me to fuck you.” He ratcheted up the sensations of his fingers against her clit, and thick shaft rolling back and forth across her pussy lips.

“Please..fuck..me.” She attempted to precisely enunciate each word to drive home the point that she needed his dick, but purposefully avoiding the first directive. Despite feeling her body urge closer to an orgasm, she wasn’t going to give that to him. Not yet. He spanked her again. She might cum as is…as currently used and toyed by him. “Please…” breathlessly urging him on. “Please…fuck.. me”

“No…not yet…I don’t believe you”. He slipped back from her, depriving her of the sensation of his cock in the darkness. Slipping back away from her as he spread her ass apart with both hands. “I just don’t believe you,” he said again. Her ass in the air, spread by his hands. “Prove it to me… that you want that dick” uşak escort bayan but as the final words fell upon her ears, he pressed his lips to her asshole, and begin to grind his tongue against her ass. Slipping a hand forward, over her hip and strumming her clit again as he tongue fucked her asshole.

Her head fell to the bed, and fingers gripped the sheets. “fuuuckkkkkkk” Her hips involuntarily reacting to the sensation of his tongue on her asshole and fingers strumming her clit. Her cries poured into the sheets as her core tightened. “Please…” repeating the word, “Please…” even as she said it, she was unsure of what she wanted. His fingers felt so good, his tongue an unexpected but delicious sensation, but fuck she wanted that dick.

“Mhmmm” humming against her asshole as he urged her on. “Mhmmm” tongue matching the timing with his fingers strumming her clit in a circle. “Mmhmm” He wanted her and her orgasm. “Do you want to fucking cum?” He quickly uttered before returning his tongue to her pussy. “mmmhmm..Fuck I bet you do”. As he finished the sentence, his tongue remained pinned to her asshole, twisting and writhing against it, but his free fingers slipped down, plunging two into her pussy.

“FUUCKKK…please…don’t stop…fuck I’m so close”. Her ass up in the air, offering herself as she pinned her face and tits to the bed, pressing into the mattress. “Fuck..fuck” his tongue unrelenting on her asshole, and as his fingers plunge-fucked her pussy, his palm continued to grind on her clit. “Please….please…fuck…please” Again, unsure of what she was asking, but unable to stop the words. In a single moment, as he fucked her pussy with his thick fingers, teased her clit with his palm, and worked her asshole with his needy tongue, her mouth fell open. Her body went rigid, tight, as a silent scream escaped her open mouth. And then “FUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.” The orgasm swept over her body as she gripped the sheets and her pussy clamped his thick fingers.

As she came, he planted his fingers deep, letting her ride her orgasm on his hand, and pinned his tongue to her asshole, keeping his face pressed to her tight ass. All the while, he smiled. As her orgasm subsided, he kneeled up behind her. One hand over her ass, holding her in place, as he pulled his fingers from her pussy to his lips. Sucking on them hungrily, “mmmm..fuck that pussy tastes good,” slapping her ass once as he looked down over her.

“Then fucking take it then” she managed as she helped herself back to all fours, sliding one hand back and wrapping it around his dick. Jacking him off slowly as she held herself up with one arm and looked back at him. The need growing in her, and her eyes said the same. “Fuck that pussy,” as she pushed her ass back and drew the thick head of his dick to her pussy lips.

“Should I?” he said as he slid her hand off his dick, replacing it with his own as he held her hip and teased the head of his cock side to side against her pussy lips from behind. Her body flinching in response, each time the head of his cock teased back and forth against her. “Like this?” rolling his hips forward, just enough to drive the head of his cock into her pussy, holding it there and the bouncing his hips in shallow strokes and fucking her escort uşak with just the head of his dick.

“Ohhhh…..” as she felt his cockhead ease into her gripping pussy “Fuckkk..you” she said with a smile as he deprived her of the rest. Again with the pleas, as she lurched her hips back, trying to hump herself onto the full length his dick in the darkness. “Please…fuck…this…pussy,” intentionally driving home the words. The room was pitch black. She couldn’t see a thing. Each other sense was on alert as she was linked to him by the head of his dick gripped by her needy pussy.

“Come the fuck here then” his hands over her hip and in a slow plunge, he split her in half inch by sinking inch, until his hips pressed to her ass and he held her there. Grinding as he flexed his ass and rolled his hips, with his dick held deep inside of her. Then drawing out to the tip. “Fuck you feel good” and sinking into her again completely. “Fuck you feel good,” he groaned out in the darkness of the room as his dick pulled back to the the tip. “Fuck you feel good,” as he split her again. His voice was a mantra as the repetitive and audible slap…slap…slap…slap of his hips hitting her ass with each fuck thrust filled the room.

“Fuck…yes..fuck..yes,” she uttered, almost in a whisper, as she began to feel her body bounce on his dick. Each thrust, pushing her closer to another orgasm. If she’d ever felt so full, she didn’t know, and she didn’t care. She wanted more. “Fuck me harder…harder.” He answered her desire perfectly as he pitched forward and used his weight to fuck down into her pussy from behind. His hips clapping against her ass with each deepening thrust. “Oh fuck,” and his cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. “Oh fuck me” as his hand found and teased her clit again, quickly side to side. “Fuck” feeling herself go over the edge as his cock sawed her pussy with each thrust. “FUCCKKKKKK” she cried out as she began to cum again, and her knees gave out, causing her to fall forward onto the bed.

“Whose fucking pussy is it?” He didn’t relent as she came. He leaned over as she collapsed forward, and continued fucking her. His palms slipped over the back of her hands as they both reached toward the head board. His chest against her back, as she laid flat against the bed and took each delicious stroke.

“Please” she replied. Fuck she was going to cum again. “Please” she repeated. Unsure of whether she was begging him to stop or begging him for more. “Please”

“WHOSE” his hips smacking her reddening ass as her fucked her into the bed. “FUCKING” His lips to her ear as he demanded. “PUSSY” His palms holding the back of her hand as he remained close to her. “IS IT” his hips flexed as he fucked her, his chest to her back.

“Please. Fuck. Yours” The words left her lips before she had a chance to stop them. The orgasm swept over her again as her mind went blank from the admission and sensation.

“Good….” his fuck thrusts were deeper. “Fucking….” lips to her ear. “Girl…” has his body tightening and cum poured into her pussy, flooding her with rope after rope as he pinned his hips to her ass and giving her every inch of his dick.

“FUCKKkkkk yessss…” she was able to cry.

He collapsed against her back as they lay in a moment together. He then pulled himself from her, kissed her spine and then up to her ear, and whispered. “Good girl,” and applied a firm and affectionate slap to her ass, before she could no longer feel him.

The room was still dark. Was this the end or the beginning of something entirely new for her.

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