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An Education for Nancy Ch. 03

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My name is Nancy and I’ve had some amazing sexual experiences in my life. I grew up young and fast, surrounded by very open minded and sexually liberated people and I am definitely a product of that environment.

The following series of stories are based on real events and real people in my life. As they say, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent”! So I will leave it up to you to separate (guess) fact from fantasy. And since I’ve written these for entertainment, and maybe for therapy, don’t judge me and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not — I just hope you like the stories!

About me, I’m 42 years old and married. I’m 5′-9″ tall, a brunette and my measurements are 36DD-23-36. No! I won’t tell you my weight and it’s not polite to ask a girl either! I was blessed with great looks and I learned very early how to use my body, especially my big tits, to get anything I wanted. It’s amazing how you men will do virtually anything or take virtually any chance to get your hands on a girl with big tits, a flat tummy, a tiny waist and a heart shaped ass!! If you don’t believe me, just look at today’s sports stars!!!

To say “all my life I have absolutely loved sex” is an understatement! Sex is way more fun than the gym, or a personal trainer – unless you can combine the three – it helps keeps a girl in shape for certain!

But sex is not without emotion. I finally found inner peace when I accepted the fact that I couldn’t change my past. And since I can’t change it, why have all the guilt and self-blame? After all, no one “made” me do anything, well not since I was a teenager. But as I think about it, at the age I began to have sex, was I really “ready” to experience all those things? Maybe, maybe not. It’s a “girl thing” I guess – you guys wouldn’t understand – but when I was young sex made me feel loved, grown up, in control and mature. Now that I’m older sex makes me feel loved, young, in control, and mature but nowadays in a “teacher” sort of way.

Honestly, I simply just love sex and if I meet a sexy guy, or gal, I can’t help wonder about their secret fantasies. The more forbidden and taboo they are – the better I like it!!!

The Media have coined the term “Cougar” [koo-ger] nowadays to describe sexually active mature women, usually over the age of 30, who eagerly pursue younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of “MILF”. Well if the shoe fits, wear it! Just make sure you have a sexy short dress to go with it!

What’s my wildest “sexcapade” ever? Well, read my stories and YOU tell me. But I will say, my favorite thing is being naked, or virtually naked, in front of people. That’s why I loved being an exotic dancer! Even better yet – I love being naked in front of people and having sex while they watch! Just knowing a zillion guys will read this and get excited by my profile picture is a huge turn on too!

I’ve been writing this THIRD chapter for TWO years now! And with the help of friends who have edited my many drafts, and my Therapist, I think it’s finally ready to post.

Obviously, you might want to read Chapters 1 and 2 before you read this one……….

All the characters, including me, are all above 18.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3: An Education for Nancy; A competition with Mom!

Lying awake in her bedroom, Nancy could hear everything. Her mother’s squeals, moans and whimpers really turned the schoolgirl on. Sleeping in the raw, as usual, the horny teenager threw back the covers and placed her hand between her legs. A smile spread across her face as she began running her fingers lightly through the deliciously soft fuzz.

Shivering as the wild thrills raced through her body, the highly aroused girl began to gently brush her fingertip up and down along the moist edge of her hot little cunt lips.

Her fingers were now embedded in the deliciously hot flesh of her moist, drooling cunt. She excitedly worked her fingers around her bubbling pussy-flesh. Rolling her head from side to side, her big ripe tits heaved gently with each movement of her body.

Up until her junior year of High School she’d been kind of skinny. But now, the eye-catching frame of Nancy Anderson must have measured a cock-hardening 36, maybe even a 38 double D!

Her tits were positively huge, set firm and high on her chest they swayed gently when she walked. And her tiny waist looked even smaller below the curves of her breasts. That gorgeous young body was sculpted and tanned with a ripe ass the shape of a teardrop. A thick mane of long swirling chestnut hair framed her gorgeous face and her golden sun-kissed skin highlighted her large blue eyes.

The combination of tight curves was amazingly sensual but it was those big firm young tits that drove the boys, and the men, fucking wild.

“Aaaahhh… ooooh… aaahhhh!” she moaned as she fucked her fingers deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Her eyes were closed tightly.

Hearing her mother’s joyful moans through the wall Nancy casino şirketleri wormed her fingers still more deeply into her young eager pussy.

“Oh, fuck… fuck… FUCK!” she moaned, shamelessly enjoying the heavenly elation that streaked from her spread pussy lips to the cherry-hard nipples of her adolescent tits. She began rolling one of her erect nipples between her finger and thumb, her legs becoming taut.

Preston! Mom’s new boyfriend, Preston stayed at the house last night! Mom must have gotten off from her night shift at the hospital and just arrived home.

They were fucking!

She heard her mother moan, “God, I can’t stand it! That cock is so big! Fu..Fuc…FUCK…… meeeeeee!”

Oh, how she wished that she were receiving that tremendous fucking right now. Just not from Preston, her Mom’s handsome, but kind of weird boyfriend. Nancy admitted to herself he was really hot. But something just wasn’t right. He was different, weird, quiet but interesting. The way he stared at her, the naughty things he said when Mom wasn’t around to hear, he was just different.

The tiny jolts of excitement passing through her body became larger and larger. It was as if she were being stabbed with a cold knife that turned blazing white-hot in her belly.

She found the meek little clit poking its head out from the sheath of flesh around it. She looped her finger around the slippery little spire and stroked from base to tip. Each time she touched the very end of the pointy nubbin, she sobbed. The girl began squeezing and stroking over her labia. The oily cunt lips were rigid with the excited blood pounding into them. She stroked and tweaked them the best she could.

The only thing missing was a round, hard cock driving up into her cunt.

She let out a piteous little moan, and then bit her lip.

It wouldn’t do to let them know she was listening. Not that any tiny noise was likely to be heard. They were too wrapped up in fucking to notice anything else.

The teenager rammed three fingers into her tight cunt. She felt her young muscles tighten around her hand. She wished she could have rammed her entire fist up into her cunt. Maybe that would relieve the intense sexual pressures in her young, nubile body.

The girl’s fingers worked in and out of her pussy as fast as she could drive them. Her hand was getting cramped but she ignored it. Her cunt needed this attention desperately.

Her head buzzed and the world spun around her. She almost fainted when she came.

Then as Nancy was panting, the air conditioning turned on and cool air swept her sweaty well-formed, womanly body. She knew it wasn’t the best come possible, but it helped take the edge off her gnawing sexual needs.


Dressed in a sleeveless cut-off t-shirt and denim shorts, Nancy walked into the kitchen for breakfast. She was surprised to see Preston sitting at the kitchen table like he was already family. Dressed only in a robe, his eyes dragged over her bulging tits until Nancy could almost feel his gaze pulling up her top.

She self-consciously tried to turn away, but was acutely aware of her nipples poking against the thin fabric of her wife-beater t-shirt. The tiny mushrooms seemed an open invitation to the man’s openly sexual look. The top was small and the hem stopped right below the creamy mounds of her large tits. Bare creamy flesh was exposed to the low waist of her cut offs. Her belly button was on display along with her long slender legs. And, making it a bit more daring, she was not wearing a bra.

The jean shorts had been cut off at an angle high up the thighs and were as tight as the halter-top. Her ass was a teardrop, flowing out from her waist and cutting sharply in to the backs of her thighs and those shorts were cut off so high that the bottom of her delicious ass cheeks were exposed. They fit her juicy little ass like a coat of paint and, at the crotch, were dragged up into a V.

This outfit would be sexy on anyone but on a girl built like Nancy it was stunning.

“Where’s Mom?” Nancy asked pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

“She’s in the shower. She just got home not too long ago.” Preston’s eyes perked up as he saw Nancy.

“Tits of a woman, slim waist of a girl, but hell and damnation, those hips look so firm. And that ass, baby, you got one hell of a fine tush there.”

“What?” Nancy said, surprised.

He’d said things before but not this bold!

“You heard what I said, little girl. The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’… I bet you’re a real hellion in the sack.”

“I’m a good girl!” Nancy protested, red faced.

He leered at the girl and made her even more self-conscious. How could this man who was dating her mother act like such a sex-crazed bastard right under Mom’s nose?

It was obvious he’d fuck anything that didn’t run away fast enough.

“Yeah, a real choice piece of ass, if I do say so myself,” Preston mumbled barely loud enough for Nancy to hear him, a smirk running across his lips. His eyes were casino firmaları as bold as ever.

Nancy decided she didn’t like him.

“I’ve got to get ready for school.” She reached for a piece of toast.

“I thought we were friends.” Preston said smoothly, his eyes roaming her exposed tight body.

“Yeah, I bet you’re good, real good.”

Nancy heard Mom coming down for breakfast.

Only Nancy could hear him add under his breath, “At fucking!”

“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” Nancy exclaimed, squirming. “I mean, like, you’re Mom’s boyfriend, not mine.”

She paused and said, “And you really shouldn’t be talking to me this way.”

“I really don’t think you even oughta be here,” Nancy added, easing toward the door. “Oh, and you better stop talking to me that way! I’ll just have to tell Mom what you’re doing, if you don’t stop!”

“Would you really do that, Nancy?” Preston whispered, between bites of toast.

“You don’t have to play innocent,” Preston went on, his eyes riveted to her tits, convinced her nipples were harder now than when she walked in.

“I know you listen to us at night sometimes, when your mom and I are fucking. Does it excite you to hear the sounds we make? Does it make your pussy get all wet and hot and tingly?”

Nancy’s eyes enlarged, “How did you know I listened?”

“I didn’t, until you told me, just now, but I guessed.” He laughed.

Nancy was confused by the way she felt. Earlier this morning she’d been fantasizing what it would be like to feel this stud’s huge prick driving fast and furious into her cunt.

Now, she didn’t know if she’d really like that or not.

“Teenage girls always like to listen to their mothers getting fucked,” Preston whispered, a second before Nancy’s mother bounded into the kitchen, her hair wet from her shower.

“Hello you two! Getting acquainted?”


It was about three o’clock when Nancy’s pussy started to itch. Her cunt usually itched after a long day in school. She kept her innocent, blue eyes on the teacher, but her hand slipped into the pocket of her tight jeans.

Her slender fingers stole into the pocket and touched firm, naked flesh. Nancy had recently cut the pocket right out of her jeans. Her fingers brushed through soft peach fuzz and touched her smooth pussy-lips.

Her curvy, young legs parted under the desk and her middle finger located her clit, that special spot all girl’s love. Her eyes got glassy as her finger began to slowly rub and stroke and massage her little clit.

She slumped a little in her seat to make her pussy more available. Her bright eyes watched the teacher write on the blackboard and her fingers clawed her clit. Her thighs opened farther and she slipped one naughty finger into her juicy fuck-hole.

With her slender finger inside her pussy and her thumb on her stiff, little clit she slowly, very slowly, writhed her hips. Her pussy slowly turned and twisted on her finger and thumb. The creamy, dreamy sensations she liked so much filled her cunt.

Her breathing quickened as she got hot, and her ripe, young tits began to rise and fall a little faster in her tight, little T-shirt. Her nostrils flared and her pretty face flushed slightly. A familiar tickle started up, deep in her belly, and she started moving her finger and thumb in time with the rolling of her hips.

The young teenager’s eyes were half closed, glazed over with lust. She remembered the vivid dream she’d been having recently. The same naughty forbidden one, over and over, involving her mother’s new boyfriend Preston.

In her mind’s eye she dreamt she was at home, standing in the center of her bedroom, bathed in a smoky black or purple light. Her hands would unconsciously come up her body until they cupped her big tits. She loved feeling the twin globes of tit flesh. They were always so responsive to the touch, always capable of giving her so much pleasure. She’d catch the nipples between her thumbs and fingers, rolling the fiery nubbins to send tingles coursing through her veins.

She’d open her closet and pull out the pink baby-doll pajamas Uncle Stewart bought her before he left for Los Angeles. As she was searching for the matching, frilly pink bikini panties that served as the bottoms for the pajamas, Nancy always heard a soft knock at the bedroom door.

The scene was played out the same every time. She’d hesitate a moment, wondering what exactly she should do. The devilish streak in her, the constant horny urge to allow her body to feel sensual pleasure, would pushed her on.

“Who is it?” she asked, her tone sweet and innocent.

“Preston,” was the deep-pitched, masculine voice that came through the door.

“Just a minute, Preston,” she’d call out. “I’m getting ready for bed.”

She would quickly pull the baby-doll on, tying the single lace bow between her tits that held the two halves closed then step into the bikini panties. Turning to the mirror above her dressing table, Nancy would see herself bathed in the dark haze of the güvenilir casino dream.

The pink pajamas were see-through, exposing her large, round areolas. Since the garment didn’t quite come together in front because of the size of her full, womanly tits, the inner slopes of her tits could be seen. Her flat belly was exposed, and the panties were so sheer they didn’t hide the smallish patch of cunt hair that was nestled between her thighs.

Opening the door wide, Nancy affected total innocence when she saw the look of lusty shock on her mom’s boyfriend’s face.

“Come in, Preston,” she’d say each time, turning her back to him. The bikini panties exposing most of her succulent ass cheeks, and she could feel his hungry gaze on her ass as she walked.

“I wanted to talk with you before I went to sleep.”

“Where’s Mom? Isn’t she due home from work any minute?” Nancy asked.

“No, she’s working a double shift at the hospital,” Preston’s voice would crack.

“She asked me to order us a pizza.”

Nancy turned at the waist, pivoting her upper body around to give her Mom’s boyfriend a profile view of her tits as well as her ass.

“Yeah, thank you, that’ll be great!” she said, batting her long, dark eyelashes.

Preston’s face was red, “Is there anything else you’ll need?”

“I don’t really know,” she would say each time, batting her long, dark eyelashes at him.

“What do you have that I would want . . . except your cock?”

The dream was the same every time.

A second later, her body froze in the seat and her mouth fell open. She fought back a gasp as she worked her finger in and out of her cunt and rubbed her clit hard. With no one the wiser, she came hard on her naughty wet fingers.

When the bell sounded, she pulled her wet fingers out of her pocket and quickly wiped them on her jeans. Then she grabbed up her books and hugged them to her tits as she got to her feet.

Her best friend, Kearstin, appeared at her side and whispered, “Goddamn, Nancy, where do you get the nerve?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not wearing a bra again!”

As they walked side by side out of the classroom, Kearstin whispered, “You’re gonna get a terrible reputation as a cock-teaser!”

“Look who’s talking,” Nancy laughed. Kearstin was the biggest slut in school. She’d fuck anything.

“Yeah, but at least I wear undies!”

As they left the school building, Nancy said, “Want to come over to my house and spend the night? Mom’s working late and we will probably have the house to ourselves, unless Mom’s new boyfriend is around.”

“Uhhh, no, I’d better not.”

Nancy looked hurt. “I thought you liked what we do?”

Kearstin kept her voice low. “I do. I do! But… gee, Nancy, we could get in a lot of trouble if we ever got caught in bed together.”

“Please?” Nancy begged. Her pussy was tingling just from thinking about it. “Come on! Just for a little while!”

“Gee, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean your Mom’s new boyfriend might be there, right?” Kearstin asked, “What if he walked in on us?” A naughty, coy smile crept over Kearstin’s lips.

“No. No, he won’t! All he wants to do is watch TV and he probably won’t even be around anyway till mom gets home. Come on, Kearstin, it’ll be so much fun!”


“You don’t have to do anything, okay?” Nancy whispered, her voice a sultry, husky purr.

“Trust me, honey, I’ll take care of everything. Everything your heart desires.”

Nancy’s heart was pounding in her chest. Inhaling, she caught the sweet, erotic aroma of Kearstin’s perfume. Nancy had always found her friend very, very attractive. Now, sitting so close, her cunt was getting hot and juicy from imagining what was to come.

“Lets clean our pizza box off the bed. Preston’s downstairs. He won’t bother us. In fact, he’s probably passed out drunk by now.”

A raven-haired beauty, Kearstin was just as hot as Nancy. Her tight young body, maybe even a bit more voluptuous than Nancy’s, was just made for sex. And boy did she ever love sex! She had been the biggest slut in school! Over time, she’d given some naughty confessions to Nancy; like how she’d been fucking the Head Football Coach, Coach Jeff Hodges, for her A in Math, how after a student teacher smelled weed on her one day she fucked him in his locked classroom to avoid being suspended and how she’d even fucked a few parents too, mostly other school dads!

Kearstin had even fucked her own brothers. Both of them! Nancy accidently caught Kearstin and her brother, fucking in their pool one summer night after a big party. And, when she confronted Kearstin the next day, she confessed to her how she’d been blackmailed by her brothers after she was arrested during Spring Break for marijuana possession by the Daytona, Florida police. They threatened to tell their parents if she didn’t give in, so naturally she did. ?

Over time they had experimented with each other, both very eager to explore their budding sexuality. On sleepovers they’d sneak a look through Kearstin’s dad’s stash of porn magazines, staring at the gorgeous men and women in the glossy pages and reading naughty stories to each other as they kissed and rubbed each other’s tits and pussies till they screamed!

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