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An Indian Widow’s Choice Ch. 04

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I walk down the stairways, feeling recharged and energetic. I smiled deviously and said hello to Monee when I see her rushing out her room and down the stairs to meet with me. Her dark dusky colored face blushed when she saw me smile at her, and she lowered her eyes, feeling ashamed of what she did when I was asleep.

I said, “Did you find your room comfortable Monee. I hope you find the room to your likings.”

She thanked me in her broken, heavily accented English that everything is well. We walk down the stairs chatting, and walking all the way into the kitchen. I told Monee that I am quite open with exotic foods, and that she should try to cook me some of the dishes that she is familiar with first so I can sample them and make a decision later.

She readily agreed and begins to prepare the ingredients that are available for cooking. I watched her plump hips jiggle as she worked busily like a worker bee around the kitchen counter, swallowing hard, knowing from the camera that right now she is standing before me, without a petticoat and naked underneath her sari.

Then I noticed there is a very heavily salty sweet musky scent around her body that fill the house, I asked, knowing her cunt flooded and made her sari all wet and damp, “Monee, do you smell something odd. There is something musky in the air, is that some special oil or perfume you brought from India.”

Caught off guard, her face burned like fire as she stammered, “Ye, Yesss, it is a local, local scented oil I use from my village.”

“Oh. Really, I like it quiet well, use it more often,” I spoke and laughing loudly to myself as I see her skin seemingly flush and burn red as I know she was very embarrassed.

Monee thought, “Oh Gods help me, Mr. Steve, he, he wants me to use my, my cunt juice more often, but how can I, I do this. Oh, Gods help me.”

Luckily I did not insist on the topic and went back to my own thoughts which she was truly grateful of. She opened the fridge and found a small pack of sweetened curry lying on the shelf, boneless chicken legs in a neat plastic container, potato, carrots and other vegetables filled the large drawer in the bottom. There is also a small pack of rice as well.

Familiar with household chores, Monee feels more comfortable as she begins to wash rice, slicing potatoes, chopping fresh vegetables into manageable pieces, but she was ever aware that her pussy, aroused, persistently dripping juice down her thighs and wetting her sari to fill the room with that musky fragrance.

She proceeds to cook for me a good meal of rice with curry chicken and vegetables, along with a pot of hot vegetable soup. At 7:00pm the sun finally went down the horizon completely and the house was lit with bright yet soft lights, Monee places a large plate of rice covered with curry chicken and vegetables, and the big bowl of soup sits next to it.

I inhale the aroma, and smiling at her, “It smells really good Monee, sit down and dine with me,” I said softly.

Monee was surprised, she had often heard from neighbors who had worked as servants that they do not eat with their employers, and now here I am, inviting casino şirketleri her to eat with me. She smiled nervously and sits next to me.

The meal was delicious and I complimented Monee on her culinary skills, she smiled happily. Over the course of the dinner, I always keep on looking at her huge tits encased in her blouse, and make a point that she notices it.

Monee on the other hand, blushes at the attention I gave her as she ate her meal in silence, and hoping that she can return to the safety of her room so she can dry her sari and make a good impression on me.

After dinner, Monee cleaned up the dishes and tidying up the house, then she asked leave to return to her room, which I readily agreed, and said that I will retire to my own room as well. Once Monee returns to her room, she threw herself on her bed and cried out, cursing herself on her carelessness and her unfaithful bodily lust.

I looked at her through the monitoring camera, grinning, hearing her cursing herself.

“Oh Gods, Gods please help this poor woman,” Monee prayed, “I need to be chaste, but my body is filled with lust, oh Gods please help me, Mr. Steve is a good loving young man, and I, how can I have such thought about him, and his, his huge cock. I would gladly take care of him as if a mother or sister, but please torture me not with such thoughts, please hear my devotion I beg of you.”

Monee prayed feverishly in Hindi while I listened through the monitoring system, laughing to myself deviously with the contract lay on my desk.

“Tonight will be quite interesting,” I said to myself.

Mean while Monee brushed her fingers against her gold mangal sutra, thinking about her parents in law and the life of chaste she is supposed to live under all her upbringings, but the taste, the sight and the size of his huge cock dominated her thought and flooded her hairy cunt with lust that she could not quench with her fingers.

After two hours or so I emerged from my bedroom, and calling for Monee. She quickly emerged from her room, and she bow her head low, asking in her accented voice what I require.

“It is time I have a bath, prepare the tub, and fill it with hot water. I will join you in the bathroom shortly.”

After I went back into my room. Monee was startled, but she obeyed it nonetheless. She walks into his bathroom and after clean the tub, she begins to fill it with hot water and prepare for the bath. The master bathroom is huge, with a large one piece glass window looking out, and the Jacuzzi itself is huge, big enough for 4 people to bath together by her estimate.

Moments later, I emerged from my bed chamber, and walk into the bathroom naked, my big long cock hang like a fat sausage between my tanned muscular legs. Monee turned her head, and gasped as she saw me standing there naked, and smiling at her.

Quickly she turned her head away, telling herself that I am like a younger brother for her, and is it not the duty of an elder sister to take care the younger siblings. However her confidence shattered as she lowered her eyes and greet me, which unfortunately for her, her sights became even casino firmaları more focused on my cock. Her face burned and flushed hard, with shyness this time but not the strong embarrassment she felt earlier when she sneak into my bedroom while I sleep.

“Ah, thank you Monee,” I thanked her as I noticed the Jacuzzi is filled with hot water and ready for me to bath.

Slowly I walk into the water filled Jacuzzi, the water level reaching almost my waist, I signed, feeling my muscular body relaxing in the hot water. There are 4 seats in each corner of the Jacuzzi, and I sit down lazily in one of them, stretching a bit.

Then I turned to Monee, “Well, are you not going to get naked and bath me.” I frowned and asked Monee as if it is natural.

That question came down on Monee like a huge thunder lightning, for only in her wildest, most lewdly thoughts will she considers to be naked together with me in the tub.

I sensed her reluctance, and inquired, “What is the matter Monee. Tell me not that you have never bathed someone before. Besides, is it not your duty to serve me in all things.”

Stammering with a reply, Monee struggled with the thought of bathing me naked in the tub, and the possible reaction to her refusal in this issue. This job is too important for her, she needs this job, and she again letting her body takes dominance, convincing herself that I am like a younger sibling and strangely even to an extend, a son, and my well being is her duty as elder sibling and mother, therefore it is justified to bath me.

Slowly, Monee take off her mangal sutra, and then her maang, the hair piece. Then she begins to undress, I closed my eyes, seemingly unaware of what she is doing and relaxing in the hot water.

However, through half closed eyes, I can see that her trembling hands un ¡V wrap her sari, layer by layer she strips herself nervously, and finally the sari came off her plump body, revealing to my hungry eyes her very hairy jungle and the fat mound of her cunt. As she raises her arms, my eyes focused on her armpits, they are slightly damp with sweat from the heat and covered with long curly hair from years of non shaving.

After the sari, her blouse came off her body as well, her huge, soft tits look so creamy and her large fat dark nipples harden as they come in contact with the air. My cock by now is standing hard, and ready for action, but I know rushing things would only make her scared. I want her as mine, and since I have her in my grasp, there is no need to hurry, she has nowhere to go to, no one to turn for help. Slowly Monee walk into the Jacuzzi, and the hot water relaxed her muscles, she felt good in the tub. I opened my eyes and licked my lips as I look at her body, completely naked, her tits and cunt are free to my hungry eyes.

Her hair was let loose from the ponytail she arrange them into, now hanging loosely on her back, reaching down well below her buttocks almost reaching her knees. Her womanly aroma filled the steamed room. I inhaled deeply as she moved over next to me, and her trembling hands picked up a bath cloth, rinse it with bathing lotions as she begin güvenilir casino to rub and clean me with her hands and the cloth.

“Mmmmmmm,” I groaned lazily in the Jacuzzi as Monee bathes me. I stand straight in the water as Monee bathes me from head to toe, her hands trembling as her hands begin to wash my crotch, and her eyes, filled with unquenchable lust looked at my huge hard cock, swallowed hard as she use all her will power to not have take hold of it and sucking hungrily.

After Monee has washed me, I sit down on the seat in the Jacuzzi, and lean back against its rim and relaxed. Monee signed in relief and thank the god for keeping her mind sane and chaste.

But then I called out again, “Monee, wash my hair with the lotion, it is the green bottle, do not take the wrong one.”

Monee picks up the bottle, and pour some lotion on her hands, rubbing it and a breeze of sweet refreshing fruity scent fill the room, she wondered where I get lotions like this as she walk over before me and ready to rinse my hair. I sit up straight and immediately feel my head is resting against something big and soft, and then I hear Monee gasping, and breathed deeply, I opened my eyes and realized that I am pressing my head against her large soft tits.

I smiled and pretend it is nothing of importance and tell her to rinse my hair so I can finish my bath and retire to my bedroom. Her face blushed, never has another man touched her so intimately other than her dead husband, and now my head is pressing against her boobs and making her legs wobble.

Her hands pushed my shoulders back a bit as she begin to rinse my hair with the lotion thoroughly. But then fate played an even bigger joke as she was suddenly horrified at the realization that she is in a saddling position wit her legs open and around mine and she can almost feel the tip of my hard cock pressing against her cunt as she rinses my hair.

“OOOH Gods, please, gives me strength and keep me sane and chaste.” Monee prayed in her mind feverishly, “Oh but it is so huge, so big, no, I must be chaste, but it has, it has been so long, honor, ohhh Gods help me keep my honor and integrity as a devoted woman, ohhh God.” Finally, for what seem like eternity to her, she finished rinsing my hair and washed me clean again.

After wiping me dry, Monee ran back to her room and shut the door, I grinned, knowing that I have broken her balance again and go back to my sound proof room, turn on the monitor and examine the fruit of my plan. The monitor showed Monee lays naked on her bed, her long hair loose as her fingers parted her fat mound and take her engorged pink clit between them and rubbing hard.

Her other hand squeezed, and pinching her nipples hard as her fingers working hard on her cunt.

She moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhhh Steve, please take me, fuck me with your huge cock, I need it so much, oh yes, fuck me, fuck your slutty motherly maid Moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Her body writhed on the bed as she worked herself from one orgasm after another. Slowly after the climaxes subsided, she sobbed as she wipes herself clean. Monee then lie on her bed, curled up like a little girl, and fall into an uneasy slumber where her dreams dominated by my cock and many lewd thoughts.

I grinned and turn off the monitor, “It will be soon, soon the fruit of my labor will be returned.” then I lay on my bed and went off to sleep as well.

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