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An Office Tale

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Walking up the stairs she took a steadying breath. Unable to believe what she was about to do she continued the stair and down a brightly colored hall until she stood before a nondescript gray door. She had been preparing for this for a while, but could not believe that it was really happening. She was about to seduce her boss.

Nervously smoothing out the wrinkles of her skirt, she took one more deep breath. Molding her face into a mask of indifference she twisted the handle, wincing at the squeak the door let, and entered the forward room of her work. Across the room she could see the open door of his office. Her heart slammed against her breast as if attempting to rip itself out. Her stomach felt as if it was filled with writhing serpents. Pressing her hand briefly to her heart she soundlessly walked across the room, silently praying that he was alone yet hoping that someone was there.

Leaning through the doorway she found only him sitting at his desk. His concentration fixed on his Mac laptop. Schooling her features she slowly walked toward him, her heals making soft sounds against the gray carpet.

Seeming to realize that he was no longer alone, he glanced up, his face taking a look of surprise. Standing he looked as if he was going to greet her until he saw the mischievous look upon her face and her finger pressed to her lips in a sign of silence. His face contorted to one of confusion, but he did not speak.

Laughing to herself she wondered around his desk, sliding her hand across the surface. She maneuvered herself between the desk and him. Putting her hand against his chest, she lightly shoved him back into his chair. His confusion became even more apparent as she sat herself down on the desk before him. She watched him swallow a few times as what was happening slowly dawned on him.

Before he could begin to protest casino şirketleri she lifted her high healed feet and placed them on either side of him, effetely trapping him. Her position also gave her the added benefit of having her legs spread before him. The only thing separating him from the view of her womanhood was the fall of her skirt.

As he opened his mouth to speak again he was struck dumb as she started sliding her hand from her stockinged knee, up her thigh and under her skirt. His breath caught as he watched her hand leave the shielding of the material to come up glistening with her juices. Jaw dropping, he sat dumbstruck as her fingers entered his mouth. He could do nothing but run his tongue across her digits; his mental capabilities seemed to be stuck. The musky taste of her filled his mouth, the heavy smell filling his brain.

No longer capable of thought, he reached for her his hands cupping her face as he leaned in to kiss her. He felt her other hand brace against his chest, stopping him as she turned her face away from him. Pushing him away she placed her right foot against his chest to prevent him from standing, and slowly shook the finger that had been in his mouth in a no-no sign.

Moving her foot from his chest and stood up only to straddle him a moment later. Her heart did a double tap when she felt his erection beneath her. Moving her hips in a circle on his lap she felt more then heard his groan of appreciation. His hands moved to her waist to push her down harder against him seeking some relief from the pain.

Dropping her head to his ear, she nibbled his lobe and worked her way, kissing, sucking and biting down his neck until she ran in to the barrier of his collared shirt. Nearly moaning in disappointment, she reached up and loosened his tie, aiming for the buttons beneath. As her hands worked down casino firmaları the front of his shirt, he slid his up her thighs encountering nothing but the leashes of her garter belt. An appreciative moan escaped him as his fingers encountered the slick wetness of her womanhood.

Her hips jerked when he finally touched her, a gasp tore itself from her busy lips. His thin chest finally exposed, she ran her nails over his nipples causing his cock to twitch beneath her. Grinning, she lowered her mouth to one of the flat round disks. Running her tongue across and around one and her hand pinching the other, she did not realize that he found the ties holding her top on. With a sharp tug he exposed her breasts to him.

Grabbing her waist he moved her until she was once again sitting on his desk, her skirt bunched up around her hips and her top hanging below her breasts. Lowering his head he bit her neck, marking her, only to run his tongue over the bite to sooth the pain. Her back arched as his hands slid from her waist to cup her breasts swiping his thumbs over her hardened nipples.

Working his mouth back up her neck he sought her lips once again only to have her turn her head away from him. Moving to follow he was frustrated once again by her evasive movement. Growling he reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair to keep her still. Jerking her head back he proceeded to give her a bruising kiss, running his tongue across her lower lip he begged entrance into her sweet mouth. His other hand continued its menstruations upon her breast as he plundered her mouth, their tongues dulling each other for dominance.

Her hands reached between them to release his belt, her fingers fumbling with need. Pulling at the button of his pants and unzipping his fly, she only had one barrier between her and her goal. While she usually enjoyed seeing güvenilir casino men in boxer-briefs, today she saw them only as a nuisance. Tugging down sharply she finally got what she wanted.

His cock sprang free into her waiting hand. She rubbed her thumb across the tip spreading the drop of pre-cum across it. Her and slid down his shaft pulling the velvet like skin down his iron hard member. Reaching into her garter she pulled out a condom and fumbled to open it. At last when the packaging finally gave she pulled out the latex and slipped it over his cock.

Then things became a blur. She was suddenly filled like she never had been before. The mixture of pain and pleasure caused a gasp to become caught in her throat. He stilled, giving her time to adjust to his girth and length. When she began to grind against him once more he began to move. First shallow thrusts until he could no longer control himself. He began to pound it her relentlessly. Tearing his mouth away from hers he latched his lips once more on her neck.

She wrapped her legs around him tilting her hips up to meet his. Her hands finding a way under his shirt to his back, she started to dig and claw her fingernails in to his skin urging him to go faster, harder. Mews, gasps and cries started ripping themselves from her throat. She could feel him swelling in her. Could feel how close he was to completion, and desired nothing more than to go over the precipice with him.

Pulling one of her hands from his back she moved it between them and sought out her clit. Rubbing fiercely she pushed herself over the edge. Her inner walls clamped down on him as she screamed his name. He grunted as he to was pushed over, pouring himself into her.

Panting, they both fell back on his desk, his face burying between her breasts. In the aftermath they did not hear the sound of keys and people talking outside his office door. As his assistant manager and two more employees walked in to find the couple together, his head snapped up and her eyes opened to find the shocked faces of the others.

“Shit,” they both muttered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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