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An Old Woman’s Rebirth Continues

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An Old Woman’s Rebirth Continues

When I wrote the first part of this story, I never anticipated writing a sequel. It was simply a tremendous experience in my life and I felt compelled to write it down but with so many requests for part two, I felt I should finally write about what happened next. I am again writing it from Linda’s perspective, not because I want to make myself look like some sort of sex god, but because I simply prefer erotic stories from a woman’s point of view. Part 1 was an accurate reflection of what happened but although this second part is heavily based on real events, this time I have used slightly more artistic licence to suit the fact that I am amalgamating a few of our subsequent meetings into one. This is because I have no intention of writing a third instalment, partly because I’d rather experiment with new storylines and partly because I’d rather not continually revisit a relationship that meant so much to me but sadly no longer exists since I moved abroad to work. Linda’s character was a beautifully sexy woman and I still think of her and the times we shared all the time. This two part story is dedicated to older women everywhere and a celebration of their sexuality. You have so much to offer, especially when it comes to sex and I would love to be able to pleasure a woman like Linda again.


I’d love to be able to say that my relationship with David continued without a hitch and we simply met and made love on many more occasions but that’s not the way it worked out. Looking back, I realise that I made things far more difficult than they might have been.

Driving back home the day after I finally met David felt like the start of a whole new chapter of my life. Getting his big cock all the way into my tight pussy had taken a long time, a lot of patience and a great deal of effort but once he was fully in and started to move, the pleasure was just indescribable. All the way home we talked about what a tremendous experience it was and how we’d invite David to our own home the next time. John was keen to watch me with David and while having an audience didn’t appeal to me that much, how could I deny the wish of such a wonderful husband who not only allowed me to take a lover but encouraged me to do so? I may have been an old woman but at that point in my life, I don’t think I’d ever felt younger.

The problems started a day or so later when I started to question things a lot more and probably over-analyse the situation. I’ve never seen myself as beautiful, even in the prime of my youth so it seemed unbelievable in the cold light of day that a younger man would be attracted to me at 67 years old. Deep down I suppose I was also carrying a powerful sense of guilt that I had enjoyed sex so much with another man. The fact that John had encouraged me to see David didn’t change my view that I must have behaved like a slut and now that the excitement of sex with David seemed a more distant memory, I was left with a strong sense of shame in my actions.

This probably sounds ridiculous to most people but women of about my age will more readily understand the moral dilemma I was experiencing. When I grew up, it was drummed into us every day that nice girls protected their virtue and didn’t have sex with just anyone. I tried a few chatrooms to see how other women dealt with this sort of situation but it didn’t help at all. There were very few women there my age and the older women who were there had lost their husbands and were now enjoying their ‘freedom’. Women who did have lovers with their husband’s consent tended to be younger than me and their attitude to the whole thing was very different to mine.

What I should have done was talk openly to John and David about the whole thing but I didn’t. Instead, I had numerous arguments with John and I started to ignore David’s calls while I tried to rationalise what was happening to my life. It eventually came to a head one evening when I had a blazing row with John about the issue as he was once again encouraging me to talk to David and invite him down.

‘Don’t you love me?’ I screamed at him. ‘Aren’t you disgusted with me for having sex with another man?’

‘No darling,’ came his simple reply, ‘I love you more than ever and I’m pleased you’ve been able to enjoy sex again. I get excited just thinking about it!’

‘How can that possibly excite you?’ I cried out, confused and exasperated.

‘Because more than anything else in the world, I love you and seeing you experience pleasure, however that happens, gives me pleasure. I don’t want you having sex with anyone and everyone but Dave is different. I know he cares for you and I know he will treat you with respect and most importantly, I know you like him.’

I fell into John’s arms and wept. The whole thing was difficult to explain to him as I didn’t fully understand it myself. I was obviously attracted to David and sex with him had been the most incredible casino şirketleri experience of my life. Even in these moments of self-doubt, when I thought of his cock and how it felt inside me, my stomach fluttered and my pussy tingled at the thought of it, yet my ridiculous sense of shame was always close behind.

‘Now he’s had his pleasure, he’s probably lost interest in me anyway,’ I lamented.

‘I somehow doubt that,’ John reassured me. ‘I think you at least owe him an explanation.’

That night I was just about to shut my laptop down and go to bed when David called me on Skype. John had gone to bed ten minutes previously so I suspect he had sent David a text to tell him to have another go at speaking to me. I was ready for bed but didn’t feel too tired so I decided that now was as good a time as any to see how David responded to my avoidance of him.

‘Thank goodness you’re there!’ he gasped once I’d connected the call. ‘I’ve really missed you and was starting to think I’d upset you or offended you in some way. Are you alright?’

He sounded completely genuine in his concern and seeing his kind face again reminded me why I’d responded so well to him originally.

‘I’m sorry David, I should have spoken to you earlier but the truth is that I’ve been doubting the wisdom of our relationship.’

‘I expected as much because that’s simply what you do Linda. We went through all of this before we met but such a view just isn’t logical.’

‘Well, good looking young men like you aren’t going to be interested in an old woman like me unless you just want some easy and meaningless sex.’

The frustration of having this conversation with me yet again must have got to him because for the first time he raised his voice when he spoke to me.

‘Is that all you think of me? Do you really believe that’s the sort of man I am and that you could mean so little to me?’ he said abruptly. ‘When you think of the time we spent together, did I really come across as a man who was just there to enjoy himself, with no consideration of your feelings? Well?’

I was stunned and really didn’t know what to say so he carried on.

‘Sex with you was incredible Linda but if it was just sex and nothing else, I wouldn’t have been there because that’s not the person I am and I’d have hoped you would have realised that by now.’

‘You were very considerate David, I can’t deny it and it didn’t feel like you were just using me for sex,’ I admitted. ‘I just can’t see why you’d be interested in an old woman like me. I don’t want it to just be about sex.’

‘Your age simply isn’t a factor as far as I’m concerned so you can forget about that right now,’ he assured me, ‘and to a degree it is inevitably about sex because I’m not your husband and you don’t want me to replace John anyway but that doesn’t mean I can’t love you.’

‘Do you really love me?’ I asked, surprised.

‘Yes, of course I do Linda, you’re an incredible and beautiful woman and I’d be mortified if you ever felt I was simply using you for sex.’

I felt terrible for even suggesting such a thing because there was no foundation for such an idea at all. Obviously sex was a big part of our relationship but it was equally true that when I met David, not once did I feel like he didn’t genuinely care about me. Truth be told, I suspected that most women would be more than happy if their husbands made love to them with that much tenderness and consideration.

‘I know you’re right David and John says the same thing, yet here I am, a stupid old woman, feeling guilty when I should be happy,’ I said dejectedly.

‘I think you’re overthinking the whole thing when all you really need to do is consider a handful of simple questions,’ he assured me. ‘Did you enjoy having sex with me? Would you like me to make love to you again? Is John happy for us to do this?’ He counted the questions out on his fingers as he covered them. ‘If the answer is yes to all of those then you have no problem,’ he smiled, already knowing the answer to each one.

‘Yes, I did enjoy having sex with you, more than I can say and yes, I’d love it to happen again and John is very happy for us to do it again,’ I smiled.

‘Then many would argue you’re a very lucky woman!’ he pointed out triumphantly.

‘Yes, I certainly am,’ I admitted, ‘because I appear to have two wonderful men in my life. I’ve been a very silly woman with all of this but there are a couple of issues we need to discuss before we meet again. The first is that I’m still very nervous about your size.’

David laughed and it was a good sound to hear again as it helped me to relax and feel that we’d turned a corner.

‘Why on earth are you still nervous when you now know you can take it all?’ he asked, looking puzzled.

‘Yes,’ I replied hesitantly, ‘but it wasn’t exactly easy to get you inside me.’

‘No, it wasn’t,’ he admitted, ‘but I went as slowly as you needed me to and if necessary I’ll do exactly the same next casino firmaları time.’

‘Yes, you did and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you were so considerate. I can’t imagine there are many men who would take so much time entering a woman.’

‘It was worth it,’ he shrugged, ‘you certainly seemed to enjoy it once it was eventually in.’

‘Oh God yes!’ I gasped, ‘I hate to admit it but I had no idea a man could give me that much pleasure.’

‘I feel exactly the same about you Linda,’ he assured me, ‘you’re easily the sexiest woman I’ve ever met and I want to be your lover for as long as you want me.’

‘That’s wonderful David but there is another issue and it’s John. He wants to watch us next time as it seems to get him really excited but I know it’s a lot to ask.’

David thought for a few moments before replying and I was grateful he was giving the matter serious consideration rather than simply agreeing so that he could get into bed with me.

‘I can’t deny I’d rather it was just the two of us,’ he eventually admitted, ‘but if it wasn’t for John’s generosity, I wouldn’t be able to be with you at all so if you’re alright with it, so am I. The one thing I would say is that if I came to your place next time and stayed the night, could John watch us first and then could we also have some time by ourselves?’

‘That’s incredible!’ I laughed, ‘I made exactly the same proposal to John when he asked me and he really likes the idea.’

It was a difficult conversation with David but it was an important one. I can’t pretend I understood what he saw in me but I had to admit that his affection and actions in bed all suggested he was absolutely sincere when he said that he had genuine feelings for me. I went to bed feeling happier than I had in a while and when I climbed in beside John, I gave him a kiss and smiled at him.

‘What was that for?’ he asked.

‘Just because I love you.’ I replied, ‘and I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain recently. If you’re really happy with this, I guess I’m being rather silly.’

John positively beamed at me as he realised what I was saying and I became convinced I’d made the right decision for everybody. Naturally he wanted to know if David was alright with him watching and although I was nervous about that part, it was clear that it meant a great deal to him as he looked like a kid in a candy store. There was no doubt I was married to an incredible man and even if it did feel awkward, I would never stop him watching me with David if that was what he wanted.

As I drifted off to sleep, I reflected on just what a lucky woman I was. I was married to a man who loved me so much that he would let me have sex with someone else when he couldn’t make love to me himself. I was also a woman in her late sixties who had a lover still in his forties and that lover had the most gorgeous hard cock any woman could dream of. I wondered how many of my female friends would give their right arms to be in my position. The vast majority I imagined as most were stuck with husbands who showed little interest in them anymore and probably weren’t capable any longer even if they were. A few had made jokes about their sex lives and I had no doubt that behind the laughter they secretly longed for the sort of cock I was able to enjoy with David.

It didn’t take us long to arrange a suitable date for David to visit and it was decided that two weeks on Friday would be best. David would come down straight after work on the Friday, stay overnight and drive home on the Saturday morning. It wouldn’t be a really long visit but that would still give us the whole of Friday evening, an entire night together and Saturday morning so I was fairly sure I’d be sore but satisfied by Saturday afternoon.

It was a long wait to finally see David again and I still had the odd lapse where my confidence started to fade but David spoke to me every day and our conversations always left me feeling happier. He had a real knack for making me feel younger and beautiful and although I’ll always love John before all others, I also loved David. Although we often talked of our sexual desires when he called, we also spoke of endless other things as we’d become great friends as well as lovers.

John also did his bit in making sure I was ready for David’s arrival by being extremely attentive and reassuring while also making sure I remained sexually ‘on the boil.’ We kissed and cuddled every night, often leading to him going further. As he brought my pussy to life with his skilled mouth and fingers, he would tease me by reminding me that David’s beautiful cock would soon be there to pleasure me.

‘You’re thinking of David and his big cock aren’t you,’ he whispered as his fingers ran along my slit and I opened my legs in readiness for him.

‘Yes John, I need him to satisfy me again and fill me up with his thick cock.’

‘Soon this will be him,’ he said as he pushed his fingers into my soaked hole and I orgasmed thinking of güvenilir casino his divine penetration.

Eventually the wait was over and the long awaited date arrived. I spent all day getting my hair dyed, showered and dressed. It sounds vain but I didn’t want him to see any grey hairs on me and I shaved my pussy as well to make sure that I looked as little like an old woman as I could. John had bought me some new sexy lingerie that certainly made the most of my breasts and even I had to admit that my old body was looking pretty good in the matching thong. A close fitting skirt and satin blouse completed the look and I’d just put the finishing touches to my make-up when my phone went with a message from David saying he was just fifteen minutes away.

My heart was pounding with anticipation but I kept telling myself that there was no need to rush anything as it was only 5.20pm. I had anticipated John answering the door but as soon as I received David’s message he got up to take the dog for a walk.

‘I thought you wanted to be here?’ I asked, surprised by this development.

‘I do my love but we have all night and I think it would be nice if you welcomed him more privately after your weeks apart.’

I smiled at his thoughtfulness, ‘Thank you John, I really don’t deserve a wonderful man like you,’ and with that he was gone and I was left to wait alone. Those few minutes dragged by before there was a firm knock on the door and I knew that David was finally here. I went quickly to the door to invite him in and I was met with his warm smile and a lovely bunch of flowers. It was a thoughtful gesture that immediately made my stomach start to flutter with anticipation.

‘Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous!’ he commented as he came through the door and handed me the flowers before kissing me lovingly on my lips. I went through to the kitchen and as I was putting the flowers in some water when he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me on my neck. I love having my neck kissed and I immediately closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. Feeling his groin press against my bum as he hugged me made my heart skip a beat as there was already a pronounced bulge there.

‘Where’s John?’ he asked

‘He’s just taken the dog for a walk so that we can get reacquainted without any pressure.’ I replied as I took his hand and led him back into the living room and to the sofa.

It felt surprisingly natural to sit next to him, with his arm around me while we talked, as if we’d been close friends for many years instead of having only met once before. It felt good to be in his embrace, feeling the tenderness that had first drawn me to him and it wasn’t long before he leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft and warm, encouraging me to respond and I parted my lips slightly to invite his tongue to explore my mouth. My encouragement prompted him to put his other arm around me and his kissing became more passionate.

Our tongues danced together in a waltz of sensual delight and before long his left hand drifted to my right breast and cupped it, gently massaging the mound of flesh and making me moan softly into his mouth. I’d been telling myself that feelings like this that I remembered from our first meeting must be exaggerated because the reality couldn’t have been that good but here it was again. The love, the tenderness, the sexual chemistry was all there in that initial embrace and I longed for him to take me further in our sexual dance together. His kissing moved to my neck and I became little more than quivering jelly to his touch as he started to slowly unbutton my blouse. I felt like a school girl about to lose her virginity and I could feel my pussy start to get very wet with anticipation.

He lowered his head further to kiss the top of each breast and as I moved towards him to increase the contact, his hand snaked around my back to deftly unclip my bra. Freeing my breasts from their captivity allowed his skilful fingers to find my sensitive nipples, tweaking them between his fingers and making me yearn for him to suck them. He was in no rush and continued like this, teasing my nipples with his fingers and kissing close to my nipples without actually taking them into his warm mouth. I found my hands moved to the back of his head by themselves and I pushed my breasts up to him, making it clear what I needed. Finally his tongue darted out and licked a very sensitive nipple before flicking it with the tip of his tongue.

‘Oh David,’ I moaned, ‘you do such incredible things to me.’

He sucked my right nipple into his mouth and I held his head in my hands as he sucked hard. My nipples were like bullets and before long he switched to my left breast and continued to almost feed from me. The more he sucked, the more my pussy began to tingle and I realised I needed him even more than I had anticipated. It had taken so long to get him inside me last time and I had been so stretched that we only had time to do it once and frankly, once wasn’t enough. My hand drifted to his leg as he sucked on me and as I moved up his thigh I soon found his bulge that promised so much. We were only supposed to break the ice while John was walking the dog but I knew I couldn’t wait until later this evening.

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