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An Unusual Day For Cynthia Ch. 05

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We ran upstairs like a couple of giggling teenagers and jumped in Glenn’s large shower. I got in first as he gathered towels and robes for us and as I stood there I realized that I had no idea where to start. The shower was the recessed kind with no door on it and glass block on one side. It was big enough for four people and there seemed to be shower heads everywhere. As I was looking around there was as sudden blast of cool water from a shower head directly above me.

“JESUS CHRIST!!!” I screamed jumping back. I found myself grabbed from behind as Glenn picked up my wet naked body and walked into the shower. The water had warmed up but I didn’t notice, because I was doing my best to smack the crap out of him for soaking me with cold water. Reaching between my playful slaps, he adjusted the other shower heads so that we were now being soaked with warm water from the sides and not from above anymore. We both relaxed against each other and ran our hands over the others naked back.

“Soap.” I said.

Knowing what I was getting at Glenn handed me a white loofa and poured some liquid soap onto it. Taking one for himself we began washing each others backs. After giving his shoulders, back, and ass a good scrubbing I noticed that I was not getting nearly enough contact with his skin as I would like. Kissing his mouth I tossed the loofa sponge over my shoulder, hearing it hit the wall behind me. I ran my hands over his soapy body and softly kissed him.

THUMP! I looked down to see the loofa he had been using on me now laying behind him. He had gotten the same idea as me. I leaned back and looked at his beautiful face. He was so sweet I almost couldn’t stand it.

I turned my back to him and surveyed the contents of the shower. Spotting some salon shampoo I picked up the bottle and poured some in my hand. I moved back into his arms and ran my shampoo filled hand over his wet hair and started sudsing it up. Once it was good and fluffy I gave him some little horns and generally played with his hair and massaged his scalp as he relaxed against me.

“Mmmmm … that feels so nice.” He said running his fingers up and down my back.

“Time to rinse sweetie.” I said walking him backward toward a shower head. He leaned down to kiss me as we slowly walked. Suddenly we bumped into the wall and the water was rushing over us as we continued to kiss. His lips were amazing. They were full, soft, manly lips and he used them on me perfectly. There is no good way to explain how a kiss is good. Bad kissing is easy but, when it is so good that you can’t think or it takes your breath away … there is no way to write it. We were perfectly matched in height, I ran my hands over his soapy hair as it was rinsing under the water. Closing my eyes I could feel the soap as it fell over our faces and down our bodies.

Glenn started backing us up out from under the stream of water to the where the shampoo was. Letting go, he turned his back to me for a moment and I took full advantage of the opportunity to check him out. His naked body was glowing with water and his all over tan. The shine of the water defined his muscles even more and I could clearly see the cut of them in his legs as he leaned over to pick up the bottle. Turning back to me he caught me staring.

“So, what do you think?” he said running his shampoo filled hands over my wet hair. “I think we have established that I love your luscious body. What do you think of mine?”

Walking me backward toward the shower head I smiled up into his blue eyes then closed them as the water came over my head. “Well, I think you are the closest thing to perfection that I can imagine. Your in great shape but not overly muscular. You have those fantastic tree trunk thighs that I love on a man. Broad shoulders, a hairless back, I’m happy to notice.” I smiled again at his laugh. “And … an absolutely perfect bubble butt.”

Running his fingers through my less soapy hair he paused for a second. “Anything else?”

Keeping my eyes closed I ran my hands down his chest and wrapped my hand around his slightly hard cock. “Like what?” I said opening my eyes.

Glenn pulled me against him pushing my soap free hair behind my ears and kissing me. “You are a ornery little thing aren’t you?”

I moved up onto my toes and pressed my full body against him. Kissing his neck I moved up to his ear, chewed a bit on his earlobe and whispered in it what I thought of his cock. “You have the most perfect cock. Its smooth and shaved and fits me so perfectly. Its big but not to big for me. When you fuck me with it I feel so full and it rubs against my clit just perfectly. That’s why I cum so fast when you fuck me. I love your cock. The color is perfect and the head is so succulent that I can’t resist sucking it.” I moved my head around and looking into his eyes softly touched my lips to his. I could feel his breath as we softly kissed each other.

Pulling away from him a bit I picked up the liquid soap and dribbled it between ankara escort bayan our bodies. Giggling a little we began rubbing our bodies against each other and creating suds with the friction we created. Our hands got in on the action and each of us spent the largest amount of time cleaning the others privates. Finally rinsing off we turned off the water and headed for the doorway. Glenn took a towel off of the towel bar next to the shower and wrapped it around me.

“Wow! Its warm.” I said as Glenn took special care in drying me and then replacing the towel with the white fluffy robe. Before he could grab a towel himself I took one off the warming bar and starting at his chest and shoulders worked my way down until I was drying his big feet. Kneeling at his feet I looked up at him and discovered I was about 6 inches from his warm soft cock. I leaned forward and kissed it on its head. Standing back up I tossed the wet towel in the hamper and held the robe open for him to step into.

Glenn moved me over to the vanity and had me sit down. He ran a brush through my wet hair and added a little Biosilk to it for drying. I watched him as he moved around the bathroom gathering things to take care of me. “How did you know I like to put Biosilk in my hair?” I asked as he plugged in the dryer.

He smiled at me in the mirror, “Now that is an interesting story. You were standing in front of me in the elevator one day and when it lurched to a stop, you fell against me. I could smell your hair. Later that day I asked Anita to find out what you use in it. I love the smell so much I have taken to using it myself for lots of things.” He stopped moving and stared at me in the mirror, “Does that creep you out?”

I laughed at the look on his face. “No, I actually remember talking to Anita about my hair care products one day. This explains a lot. I was thinking she was kind of strange as much as she was drilling me. I’m glad you like the Biosilk too.”

Glenn leaned over and kissed my neck. Moving my hand up I stroked his face as he kissed me, smiling at him in the mirror. He began drying my hair and in no time we were both refreshed, clean, dry and ready to relax a bit. I had never felt so pampered in my entire life.

Taking my hand in his Glenn led me back downstairs and into the living room. As we stepped in the room I noticed that our clothes were no long thrown everywhere. I gave Glenn a questioning look.

“I took them in the laundry room. They should be ready for a dryer or hanger by now. Have a seat I will be right back.” With that he kissed me and headed back toward the kitchen. I sat down on the sofa right were I had blown him yesterday and smiled at the sweet memory.

A couple of minutes passed and he returned to the room with the rest of the fruit and some glasses of ice tea. Setting them down on the coffee table he sat in the corner of the sofa and dragged me over against him. Picking up a remote he pushed a few buttons and a large TV screen slowly slide up from the interior of a nearby table. This guy had some serious toys in his house. Flipping through cable he found a movie we both agreed we would like to see and we settled in for a relaxing afternoon.

Its unusual to find someone that talking to them is just as comfortable as sleeping and fucking them. Most of the time one of these elements is missing. Great in bed, easy to sleep with, unable to form a complete sentence and thinks that Chuck Norris should have been nominated for an Oscar. Or Great to talk to, easy to sleep with and sucks in bed (as in he fucks like he is trying to win a race). You can see where I am going with this. Glenn on the other hand was and Ace in all of these areas. Wonderful in bed, sleeping with him was a treat, and after talking for 4 hours in front of the TV where we didn’t really WATCH anything, I knew that I was in some serious trouble.

I had always been a bit of a commitment phobic in the past but nothing about this man made me want to run away like the others had. I felt safe with him. Cared for by him. And happy with him. WOW!

“I will be right back.” I said getting up and heading for the bathroom.

I looked into the mirror in the downstairs powder room and took a deep breath. ‘Relax and go with it.’ I said to myself. After taking a quick pee and washing my hands I headed back out.

When I got back to the living room it was empty. “Glenn?” I said

Glenn came back into the living room with a cordless phone attached to his ear. “… Yes .. yes. Table for two. 7 o’clock? Perfect. Thank you we will see you then.” He hung up the phone and walked over to kiss me. “Do you feel up to dinner out?”

“Sure.” I said kissing him back. “I don’t really have anything to wear out though.”

“Well, how about we get dressed and head over to your apartment and you can grab something to wear, while I run an errand. What do you think?” He said this while running a hand softly over my make-up free face.

“Sounds… perfect.” I said with etimesgut escort a smile.

“Great, let me get our clothes out of the laundry room. Be right back.” With that he jogged toward the kitchen again and came back in record time with my shirt and pants draped over his arm.

Taking these from him I looked at his face, “Umm Glenn, where are my underwear and bra?” I said confused.

“Well, those stay here. You will have to come back for them.” He said smiling at me. “Besides I like the idea of running around with you knowing that you have nothing under your shirt and pants.”

“And I love knowing that I am one of the few people that know what a true pervert you are!” I said kissing him quickly on the mouth and heading upstairs to dress.

“Well you bring it out in me.” he said following me up the stairs. “This is all your fault.”

I snort laughed over my shoulder at him, “Yeah RIGHT!”

We pulled ourselves together after a certain amount of grab ass and nipple twisting in the bedroom finally making it out to his vehicle. I talked Glenn into going back to the office so I could pick up my car and get it back to my apartment. Glenn followed me back to my apartment and came upstairs with me so that I could give him a key. We made out at the door for several minutes before he finally left for his errand. Key in hand, to let himself back in, he headed out to run the mysterious errand he wouldn’t tell me about.

As soon as the door closed behind him I went into hyper drive to pull together a kick ass outfit as well as an overnight bag for the rest of the weekend. As my curling iron heated up I grabbed my best black lace bra, matching high cut panties and a matching garter belt. Being the little slut that I was I pulled the panties on over the garters to allow for them to be removed before the garter ..if needed! I pulled out my best lace top thigh highs (the kind with a seam down the back) and gave my body a good dose of Chloe perfume. A bright red blouse with a long tight black skirt complemented my curvy figure. Black strappy high heals completed my outfit as I ran to do my make-up and hair.

I could hear Glenn come in just as I was finishing with my hair which now had a soft touchable curl look to it. Tossing some personal items in my overnight bag I headed back out to the living room.

I dropped the bag next to the sofa and looked up at Glenn. He was staring at me so hard that he didn’t hear me asking if he had gotten his errand done. I walked up to him and kissed his mouth. “Glenn? Everything okay?” I asked.

“Umm… Yeah.. oh yeah everything is GREAT!” He kissed me back and pulled me against his warm body. “You look wonderful.”

I laughed softly as he kept a firm grip on me. “Glenn we need to go if we are going to make our reservation time.”

“Yeah..” he said reluctantly, “Lets go.” Kissing me softly again he grabbed my bag, I locked the door and we headed out.


We arrived at the restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised to find our table ready and waiting. This was a place I had never been before but, I had always wondered about. The three level dining area started below ground level with a raised area slightly above ground level for a bar and lounge.

The best place to dine was the third floor which had large windows, secluded little nooks and seating that looked over a rail at the bar and dining areas below. The music was funky but not obtrusive and loud enough to cover chatting but not too loud to hear the person or people you were sitting with. The hostess led us to a corner table surrounded by windows, and draped fabric. It was very private and had a killer view that looked out over the river. Glenn held my chair out as I sat with my back to the window and then instead of sitting across from me he pulled out the chair next to mine and sat down. The hostess asked if she could get a drink order in for us and we both agreed that would be a good idea. Thinking about it I ordered a Cosmopolitan while Glenn ordered a vodka martini with a twist. She thanked us and said that our waiter Lucas would be over with our drinks shortly.

As we waited for the waiter Glenn took my hand in his and started asking questions about my family, hobbies, friends, ect. While he asked the questions I would answer and fire them back at him. It was like being on a game show. Back and forth back and forth we went until the drinks finally came. Suddenly we realized that we had not even looked at the menu so we asked the waiter what he recommended and ordered what he suggested.

Taking a sip of my drink after Lucas left, I rested my head in my hand and looked at Glenn. His suit looked tailored for him it fit so well. The dark charcoal color was offset by his striped white shirt and black tie. The lack of color in his clothing made his tan skin seem to glow. The lighting where we were sitting brought out the red in his close cut hair and made the blue in his eyes seem more kızılay escort green. He was beautiful.

“What?” he said crinkling his eyebrows up questioning.

“I sipped my drink again. “Ok pal, whets with the third degree?” I said crossing my arms across my breasts.

Glenn smiled and pulled my hand back over to his side of the table. “What, is too much?” he asked kissing my knuckles.

Losing my train of thought as his lips brushed against my skin I took a deep breath and said, “No. Just curious about what is going on in that head of yours sweetie. Is there something specific you want to ask me or that you want to tell me?”

“I don’t want to pressure you.” He said. “I just want to know as much about you as I can.” He turned my hand over and kissed my palm with his soft lips. “I don’t want this to just be a weekend for us. I want more.”

Glenn turned my hand back over and gripped it tight pulling me toward him. “I need to know what you think about us. Do you want more?”

I could see real concern on his beautiful masculine face and my stomach gave a lurch. “What do I think? Hmmm.. lets see..!?!” I moved my hand out of his and placed it on the side of his face. My fingertips were just touching his hair as my palm pressed against his cheek. “I think that you are a wonderful man. Your kind and thoughtful. Sexy as hell. Your funny and Smart. And I would love nothing better than to get to know you better.” I leaned in and kissed his soft lips. Pulling back a bit I looked into his relieved eyes and whispered. “I do want more.”

Glenn pulled me into his strong arms and held me captive there until Lucas showed up with our salads. Letting me go we nibbled at the salads holding hands and feeding each other bites as we ate. We were almost finished when I suddenly dropped some french dressing on the front of my shirt.

“Oh shit.” I said soaking up the dressing as best I could with my napkin. “Well now you know how graceful I am. I’m going to go to the ladies room and I will be right back okay?”

As I stood up the skirt I had on had moved up my thigh a bit. The top of my garter could be seen where the slit in the side of my skirt was and when I move to get up I caught Glenn’s eyes focusing on them. Leaning back over my chair I kissed his mouth again and moved to his ear. “What do you think your looking at cowboy?” As his face turned red I stood back up and headed for the washroom.

Cleaning off my shirt took a relatively short time and within minutes it looked good as new. I went into the bathroom stall and pulling down my panties sat down to pee. As I sat there looking at my undies, the soft hose with the lacy tops and my lacy black garters I began to formulate a plan. Things had gotten pretty serious out there and now was not the time for an emotional upheaval. Wiping myself clean I pulled my black lace undies off and over my shoes. Washing my hands I tucked the undies into my right hand and headed back out to the table.

While I had been gone our meals had arrived and Lucas was waiting to see if I required anything else. After sitting down and looking over my chicken, veggies and rice I thanked him and asked for a couple of new napkins as ours had left with our salads. Without either of them noticing I slide my skirt up a bit further so that the slit started around my hip.

Picking at my food I waited for the cloth napkins to arrive. Before Lucas could place them on the table, I put out my hand for them and then set them out of Glenn’s reach. Taking the top one off the stack I flipped it open and adding my panties to it reached over and draped it over his left thigh, Panty side up!

Glenn thanked me and taking a bite of his steak, reached down to pick up the napkin and froze. Turning to look at me he smiled at me as I placed a juicy piece of my teriyaki chicken breast in my mouth and chewed. I waited to see what he would say, never looking at him directly.

Suddenly the chair I was sitting in was yanked a foot to my right side toward his chair. “Move your plate over here along with your drink.” Doing as he asked I moved my plate so it was in front of me and picking up my Cosmo, I took a long pull and set it down to the right of my plate. To the casual eye it would look as if we were simply eating our meal.

Finally turning my head to look at him I was startled to find myself nose to nose with him. His eyes had turned dark and I could see the lust and aggression in them. Moving his hands back up to his plate he cut off another piece of steak and placed it in his mouth. After chewing it he picked up his martini and finally spoke again. “Am I to assume that these are your lace panties laying across my leg?” he said taking a sip.

I paused before answering and took a bite of my veggies, “Yes actually they are? Do you like them?”

We were both sitting here eating and taking and no one anywhere around us were aware of what was going on. “They are fantastic. I bet they looked good on. I would have like to have seen that.”

Smiling at him I turned my head and looked at his face. “Well then don’t lose them and you will.”

Glenn looked into my grinning face and smiled back at me. “What else do you have under there for me?” he said glancing down.

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