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Angela’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Authors note: This is the first part in the Angela’s Adventures series, if you want to know what happens next stay tuned.

Chapter 01: Being Chose

She put the kettle on for tea and went to her bath to start running the water, but when she returned to the kitchen, the kettle was … gone. She stared around the room in confusion. The kitchen was in pristine order and nothing out of place, except the kettle, of course. She thought back hoping somehow she had just forgotten about it, but no memories surfaced and she was jogged out of her thought by the clinking of china in the next room. She walked slowly towards the bathroom and turned the water off, hoping that this might alert the intruder to her presence and make him flee. She still heard the telltale clinking and decided she had to investigate.

She wrapped her robe closely around herself and grabbed the nearest metal utensil, which happened to be a meat tenderizer, she didn’t really care. She walked slowly towards the next room, fear making her chilled skin color. She looked in and sitting on her sofa pouring himself a cup of tea was the most attractive man she had ever seen. His hair was long and a perfect golden blond, his face angular and pale. He looked boyish yet remarkably succulent…like a male sex kitten. His eyes said please me, and his lips said kiss me, and for a moment she forgot he was a strange man intruding on her solitude and considered doing both. And then he spoke.

“I do apologize for popping in unannounced. I found myself on your doorstep and couldn’t stop myself from coming in for a cup.” He looked up at her and smiled, his teeth brilliant white and oddly sharp. She shivered a bit, more because of the feelings those lips inspired in her than any real fear.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” she said, her voice cracking in irritation and surprise. He looked up, his brilliant blue eyes making her knees wobble a bit.

“I’m Leo, I’m just here for a cup of tea and a nice chat, come join me? Please, I promise I won’t bite, unless you ask.”

She stared at him in shock, her hair falling dark over her shoulder as she shook her head, trying to clear it. He couldn’t have been much older than she was, no more than twenty four, she would have guessed, but he spoke very proper as though he were raised to respect. For some reason this calmed her. She stepped forward and sat down across from him, taking the cup of tea he offered without a thought.

“So, Angela, how are you this fine night? I really am sorry casino şirketleri for giving you a scare, I just needed a cup of tea.” He smiled in a reassuring way that was somehow creepier than his presence in the room. She nodded silently, trying to clear her head of the stupor she found there.

It almost seemed she couldn’t think properly, as if his very presence was a drug and she was under its effects. She didn’t really mind. Something in her was begging to be let free, to defy the proper girl mold she was raised in and to break out. She wasn’t sure what it would look like if it escaped, but she had an odd feeling it wouldn’t wear much clothing. Once again her thoughts seemed muddled. She wanted to touch him, to kiss him and to feel his hands on her body. Yet she knew it was a bad idea. She had lived her whole life without a man’s touch. She had decided she would not defile herself in that way, for to need a man’s touch was to need someone else telling you what you were worth. She suddenly felt the urge to reply, heat bubbling up deep inside. And when the words came out she really wasn’t sure who was talking, it was as if she were possessed.

“Oh honey, I am just fine. And it’s OK, a pretty thing like you should never be left out in the cold, or hot, for too long. Not that it could ever affect those looks.” She clapped her hand over her mouth as she leaned back into the couch. She knew she had spoken but it was like her thoughts came out instead of her words. She wanted to say all those things, but had never come close to having the courage to tell a man he was attractive. It was like she was drunk maybe, she looked down at her tea but it was impossible that even if it were spiked, that the small sip she had managed to take would affect her this badly. She was waiting for shock to color his face, and disgust maybe. But all she saw was surprise, and a bit of triumph maybe.

“Oh dear Angela. You do present an interesting challenge, so much bottled up inside. I think I’ll be riding you for days.” He laughed to himself as she gasped, the part of herself that said she did not want that to happen taking momentary control, but oddly enough the part that did want it was a whole lot bigger. Without thinking she sat her cup of tea down and walked towards him, controlled by some unknown entity it seemed, and sat down next to him. She lay along the couch, bare legs across his waist and her dark terrycloth robe riding up her thighs. He grinned, his hand laying lightly on her leg as he sipped his tea. She shivered at casino firmaları even that touch, his pale cool hands on her calf, gliding absentmindedly up and down her pale legs. She was happy she had remembered to shave last night. She felt unfamiliar sensations in her belly, molten heat. It grew more pronounced with every pass of his hand, going farther up her leg each time. He had already passed her knee and his hand was creeping slowly up her thigh. She shivered a bit and his eyes finally looked at her.

They were ice blue yet somehow burnt with fire, as if he would melt her with the heat of his gaze. She wanted it though, wanted his hands on her skin, and his lips on hers. And he seemed quite ready to give it to her. This Leo, this stranger who she did not know, for this moment brought out something in her she had been suppressing since puberty. Her own personal demon, her slut side. She sat up and straddled his lap, letting herself be that other half, if just for the night. She straddled him, her robe gaping wide open as he smiled. His hands stroked her super heated skin, pinched at her perfect rose colored nipples and kissed at her long, smooth neck. Then his lips met hers and she lost all semblance of control. His lips were hard and demanding and his tongue delved inside quick and deep, plundering her, taking her and making her his. Her hips moved of their own volition, grinding against him, feeling his cock spring hard and long between her thighs.

His hands reached down and unleashed himself, his perfect cock long and thick and hard, pressing against the most sensitive part of her. She moaned as she rode him, his cock at her entrance now, probing her. She felt how tight she was and realized that this was going to hurt, but she still wanted it. He flipped her over onto her back and positioned himself to enter her. He was gentle, inching in slowly, stretching her, the strain of maintaining a slow and steady pace showing on his perfect face. And when he came to that barrier he thrust through quickly, leaving her feeling silly for all those years of wondering.

It hurt a bit at first, a stinging ache, but the ache didn’t last as his fingers found her clit and stroked her. Suddenly it was good, so good she could barely breathe and her hips thrust back against his. She felt her orgasm growing and she dug her heels into his back, begging him for more. And he delivered. His pace picked up slightly, getting ever faster and deeper and harder and she was so close as he thrust again and again. And then suddenly güvenilir casino it was upon her, her whole body vibrating as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. He climaxed as her cunt clenched around him, milking his cock in fast waves. He nearly collapsed onto her but sat back before losing his strength. He sat back and stared at her, a sly smile on his perfect face.

“So…how long do you think it will be until you can do that again?” he asked and she was shocked to note his cock was already growing between her thighs. But she had gotten the worst of her lust out of her system and now needed answers.

“Please Leo, what is this? Where did you come from and why did you end up here? I don’t even know you yet I accepted you into my home and even my body, there has to be something going on.” He smiled at her and sat back against the couch thinking deeply. He seemed to come to some conclusion as he stared ahead, his smile growing brighter.

“I’m just a predator. In a sense. I search all over for women who are repressed and in need, and I use my particular gifts to get them to open up. If you want me to leave now I will.” He looked up at her, a sad light to his eyes as he watched her.

She actually surprised him. Without replying she sat up and took his cock between her lips, stroking and teasing him in a nice but unskilled way. He was soon thrusting without thinking, her small unskilled mouth doing more for him than the most experienced woman ever could. And as he drew close he flipped her over, thrusting inside her quickly, her small yelp of pain just bringing him that much closer to the edge as he pounded into her. He stared down into her innocent eyes as he thrust again and again, loving how much heat there was in them. Lust to rival his own burnt there. And as those eyes closed he thrust once, twice, three times and came with a thunderous cry.

She fell asleep underneath him hours later. His seed leaked from her and covered her skin as she dozed. He kissed her lightly on one filthy cheek and walked out of the room. His hands flew up in the air and he clapped, disappearing into the ether. He reappeared in his domicile. Taking his throne he looked out over his kingdom and smiled wryly. If she had of continued on the path she had been following she would have been something great to the world, the first female president, or the next mother Theresa. Now she would be so lost in her lust that she would end up searching her whole life for a man who could please her. And one day when she was ready, he would call her to him and she would take her place at his side. True consort to Lucifer, lord of Hell. And she would love every moment of it. He laughed to himself and idly cleaned his nails, while far away she slept with his seed leaking out of her.

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