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Ann: A Love Story Ch. 10.5

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**** Hello to all my faithful fans

I want to thank the alert reader that sent me an anonymous email to let me know there seemed to be something missing between chapters 10 and 11. You were correct. Thus, I give you Ch. 10.5 – The Missing Chapter. I apologize for the oversight. I posted this one, but somewhere during the process, it didn’t upload for submitting to the site. To that fan, I’d really like to offer a more personal thank you…next time you email, use your username so I can email you back through the site. And to the rest of you, I hope you enjoy this chapter too.



I had to pull my shorts up just to drive. I didn’t bother zipping or buttoning them once I got them past my hips. Starting the engine, I backed out quietly, waiting to turn on my lights until I had cleared the Franklin residence.

It was a short trip home, but one filled with questions and concerns. I actually got very nervous. A couple of hours before I had stood staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror of a bar, wondering if the feelings eating away at my gut were caused by love. But all I could think about as I drove home was that somehow I’d just lost Ann, and I didn’t know why.

And that thought itself was weird. Ann lived in California, for heaven’s sake. She was going to be leaving in five days to go back to her life, and I’d be in Indiana, rebuilding mine. So, how could you lose something, or in this case, someone, that you never had to begin with? That thought didn’t help ease the queasiness I was feeling as I pulled into my parent’s driveway.

Why did Ann run off like she did, without letting me even say goodnight? She had seemed so excited when I kissed her as she held a mouthful of my cum; did she suddenly have second thoughts about that? Maybe I HAD crossed some line with her I was unaware of. Yet, she did say she’d call me, and that she couldn’t wait for us to get together the next night. Was that true, or was she just trying to say something to help make a clean escape?

I would have felt better if Ann had turned at the door and waved. Or smiled. Maybe if she had just turned to look back at me. But she was so focused on getting inside as fast as she could, she practically burst through the front door and shut it quickly behind her. Why would she do that?

As I got myself together, shorts wise, I took Ann’s panties off the seat and looked at them. No longer concerned with the image of being in control, I lifted them to my nose and inhaled. The scent of her sex was so prevalent on them. Just like her perfume had imprinted itself on my brain, the bouquet of Ann’s natural fragrance set me on fire. She had obviously had a huge orgasm while wearing them to leave such a strong aroma behind. If I had helped cause that in any way, why did she bolt? And why take my boxers with her?

When I walked into the house and opened the door, a fear washed over me. I was in my parents’ house. Ann was staying with hers. Did one of them peek out of the window and see us? She had gotten into an argument with her Mom before I picked her up. What if her Mom had waited up for her, and was keeping tabs on us?

I quietly made my way to my room, and was in bed shortly after. But it didn’t matter. As tired as I was, I had a lot of trouble going to sleep. And this time, whacking off wasn’t going to help. I stared at the ceiling, my chest feeling tight; my breathing short and erratic. In my mind, I could feel the walls closing in.


It was, in reality, a sleepless night. I got some, but not what I needed. My mind seemed to race as I rattled it, looking for answers to questions that I didn’t want to even think about, let alone ask Ann. In the shower, I woke up a little and went about admonishing myself for getting so worked up about a girl that I had no future with. I had spent the entire weekend using Dawn, literally, to get over my self-imposed morose. I was able to walk away from her with fond memories, but no feelings of angst that I experienced through the night. As depressed as I felt at that moment, there was no fucking way I was going to slip back to the way I was. That would be a huge disservice to what Dawn and I shared.

I stayed in the shower longer than usual, knowing I’d have to scramble out of the house to avoid being late. It was a calculated move on my part to avoid having to talk to my mother. She knew all to well I had to be to work on time. On the rare occasion that I ran late, she just said hi and told me to have a good day.

Being right, I skipped out of the house and was on my way to work. I looked to my right, and saw Ann’s panties sitting on the seat. I couldn’t help myself and picked them up again. The scent brought her back to me, and I licked my lips thinking about what it would be like to drink from the source that provided that wonderful aroma. Thinking happier thoughts, I actually found a way to walk into the plant in a good mood.

I threw myself into the pile of paperwork that awaited me, and made it through casino şirketleri the morning break without getting tripped up by any random thoughts of Ann. I had had two cups of very strong coffee, and that helped make up for the lack of sleep I had gotten. It had been a very productive morning, and I was already back on top of the mound of crap that had covered my desk. I was pretty happy about it, especially since I was disappointed in my performance the day before.

The phone rang, and I picked up, saying, “Good Morning, Neil Thomas.”

“Good Morning, Ann Franklin,” came the singsong reply on the other end.

My heart started beating a hundred miles an hour, and my mouth went dry. I couldn’t think of anything to say, which created an awkward silence that seemed to drag on forever.


I took a quick swig of my coffee just to wet my mouth, and said, “Yeah.” But I wasn’t successful in hiding the fear of rejection in my voice.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

That was the first positive sign I had since I sailed myself into the cesspool of self-doubt and pity the night before. Just Ann saying the word ‘baby’ brought a smile to my face.

“Nothing, why?”

Ann confronted me head on, saying, “Don’t lie to me, Neil. I know something is bothering you. What is it?”

“Really, Ann. It’s nothing?”

“Neil, you of all people should know that relationships between people that care about each other will only work if they communicate. Now what’s the matter? I must have done something.”

Ann was right, although I was still tripping on the ‘relationship’ word. Every time she used it, it made me want to scratch my head. Instead of dwelling on that technicality, I decided to forge ahead. So what if our relationship was going to last less than a week; the ground rules should be the same. Throwing caution out the window, I answered Ann’s question.

“I got upset about last night.”

“Last night. Why? I had a wonderful time.”

“That’s what I thought too. But the way you bolted out of the car…I thought I’d done something…”

“Oh God, Neil! I’m so sorry. I never thought about you, and how you must have felt. That must have seemed so rude.”

“What the hell was it all about? Did somebody see us; your Mom? Or did you just freak and run?”

“Neither, baby. It wasn’t what you think at all.”

“Well, you’re going to have to narrow it down a little more than that. I’ve had dozens and dozens of ridiculous reasons pop into my little brain since last night, and right now, I’m working on, like, no sleep.”

“Oh Neil! I am so, so sorry!”

“Why? What happened?”

“I was about to lose control of myself. When you kissed me, afterwards; that was such a rush. And you were still kind of hard, and I knew I could keep you hard if I wanted to. I was so worked up that if I had stayed, or even looked at you for another minute, I would have fucked you right there in the car. And I just couldn’t do that. It was a big enough risk doing what we did.”

“So you ran away from me because you didn’t want to fuck me?”

“NO, I ran away because I DID want to fuck you. By the way, it’s all your fault that you’re up by one again.”

“What do you mean?” I said with a laugh.

“I was in complete control until you told me you wanted to see your cum in my mouth. And I got up to let you, but you had to go and be a sexy bastard and kiss me with my mouth full. I masturbated as soon as I got to my room last night just thinking about it. I didn’t even get undressed. I hopped on the bed, moved my panties to the side, and I was cumming in less that a minute.”

“I’m sorry I did that to you, babe.”

“Don’t be. I still can’t believe you kissed me like you did, though. And I’m still sorry for making you worry. I’d never hurt you, Neil.”

I listened to her voice, and she was sincere. I believed her, even without being able to see her eyes.

“I know you wouldn’t, Ann. I shouldn’t have overreacted. I was just surprised, I guess.”

“Well, I won’t ever do that again. Okay?”

“Which? Suck me off in a car, or kiss me with a mouthful of my cum?”

“That’s better. Now you’re talking like my Neil again.”

My Neil? Ann certainly had a way of making me feel wanted, if not already had.

“Now that we’ve made up, do you want to meet me for lunch? I was going to walk down to the DQ, and I was hoping you’d meet me there.”

“Wow, okay. I’ll be there a little after 11:00.”

Hanging up, I felt a huge weight lift off of me. And, I immediately felt silly when I thought about all of the odd scenarios I’d come up with for why Ann took off out of the car. And I got upset when I realized that I never looked for any reason why she left that wasn’t negative. That really wasn’t fair; to either of us.


The rest of the morning went as smooth as the first part had. I finished the pile of paperwork I had ignored the day before, and moved on to items on my list that had to be accomplished for the afternoon. It felt good to be on task, and with casino firmaları a little more focus, I hoped to be ahead by the end of the day.

I wasn’t surprised by the lunch bell this time. I had my keys in my hand and was standing just outside my office when it rang. The Dairy Queen was farther away, so I had to move. Getting out of the parking lot first again, I was inside the sitting next to Ann in about seven minutes. It was also cool that she had taken the liberty of ordering for us, and the food was on the table as I walked in.

Ann kissed me when I sat down, as I said, next to her. I wanted to be closer to her, and having her tucked into the booth made me feel warm all over.

Ann shared her stories about working at the DQ in high school. It was her first job, and while she had some fond memories, she remembered the former owner being a pig. She even said the guy hit on her a couple of times.

All in all, it was nice to sit down and just talk. It was actually a normal lunch. While I was still sexually charged just from being with Ann, the conversation actually steered away from the subject. It was almost like each of us decided to see if we could be with each other without thinking about it. I’d like to say I did, but in truth, I was thinking about how much she turned me on. I think she was having similar thoughts. But the fact that we kept our libidos in check was an important moment, at least to me.

I kissed Ann goodbye and reminded her of what time I’d be picking her up for the game. She hugged me and gave my ass a playful squeeze.

“Wow, you’ve got a tight ass, baby,” she said with a little giggle.

“So do you, but I’m going to wait to play with yours until tonight. Be careful walking home.”


I drove back to the plant and made my rounds once production started again. I was away from my desk for a little over an hour getting updates on progress so I could call various customers to let them know where their jobs stood. It was something I did every afternoon. I always wanted to be calling them before they wondered about their jobs and felt they had to call me.

I walked back into my office with a clipboard full of notes, and sat down just as my phone rang.

“Good Afternoon, Neil Thomas.”

“Are you thinking about my tight ass, baby?” Ann said as a greeting.

“I am now!”

“What are you going to do to it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said you were going to play with it tonight. You weren’t just teasing me, were you Neil?”

“I’ll tease you if you want me to.”

“Will you do it right now?” she asked.

I laughed and said, “That’s going to be a little hard to do from here.”

“Not if you try.”

Ann was acting very coy, and her sexy voice was leading me down a path she wanted me to go. Trying to read her, I got an inkling of what she wanted, and decided to play along to see if I was right.

“Sounds like someone is trying to find a way to get two ahead of me.”

I could hear Ann suck in her breath, holding it before she let it out between her teeth in a shaky hiss.

“Yesssss. I am, baby.”

“Are you wearing anything?” I asked.

“No. I’m naked.”

“Where are you? Are you in your room?”

“No. I’m in the basement in my Dad’s rec room. I’m lying back in a recliner.”

“So, what do you want me to do for you Ann?”

She gasped a little, and said, “I…I want…” But she couldn’t make herself say it.

“Tell me Ann. Tell me what you want me to do. I want to hear you say it.”

“I…I want you to make me cum again, Neil. I can’t stop thinking about last night. I need to cum.”

“How bad?”

“I’m not going to make it until tonight. Please, make me cum baby!”

“How can I make that happen from here, Ann? How can I make my baby cum from here?”

“Oh God…please!” Ann pleaded. She really reacted when I had called her my baby, much like I had been when she’d said something similar. I realized that it was a fantasy we were sharing that we were actually a couple, and it reminded me of how Dawn and I reacted to each other by calling each other ‘lover’ all the time.

“How can I make you do it from here, baby? Tell me what you want.”

Ann was breathing hard, getting excited about making her ask for it. I wasn’t sure she was touching herself yet.

“Tell me what you want me to do to myself, Neil. Tell me, and I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do whatever I want you to do right now?”

“Yes. Yes baby. Please MAKE me do this!”

“Are you touching yourself right now?”

“I’m playing with my nipples. That’s all.” The way she said it let me know she was waiting for me to tell her to touch herself.


“No, please let me…”

“Ann, I’m at work. I don’t have a lot of time. You said you would do what I tell you to do, so if you want me to help you, you’ll have to trust me.”

“Okay. I’ve stopped. Now what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go upstairs. The basement is too safe.”

“Safe? What do you mean güvenilir casino safe?”

“I’ll get to that in a minute. Are you walking upstairs?”

“I am now.”

“Good. Describe the house upstairs.”

“It’s a small ranch. There’s the living room in front, and two bedrooms to the side nearest to Main Street. Mom and Dad’s room is in the back, mine was in the front.”

“That’s where you’re staying now, right?”

“Yes. Then there’s the kitchen, which has a little breakfast nook on the one end. In between the kitchen and Mom’s bedroom is the dining room. And off the back of the dining room is…the…”

“What’s off the dining room?” I asked, since her voice trailed off in mid sentence.


I smiled. When I had said the basement was too safe, she didn’t understand. But the mere mention of there being a sunroom off of the back of the house made her nervous.

“Tell me about the sunroom, baby.”

“Uhh…they…they built it a few years ago. It’s actually where the back patio used to be.”

“Is it all windows?”

“Yes.” I could picture Ann biting her lip, wondering where I was going.

“Perfect. Last night, when you were sucking me, I was exposed, and you weren’t. You left me there with my pants around my ankles, while you went inside and got yourself off in the safety of your bedroom.”

“Neil, I can’t.”

“Okay. I’ll see you tonight,” I said, and I hung up the phone.

I sat down at my desk, and started making a list of customers I needed to call. I was on the phone with the first one when my line buzzed, letting me know I had another call. I couldn’t get off the phone at that moment, so it went into my voicemail.

I was checking my voicemail, listening to Ann’s desperate message to call her back, when I was paged over the intercom. I saved the message, and picked up the phone to call the operator.

“Ann Franklin on line two, Neil,” the operator said to me.

“Thanks, Nancy.”

I hit the button on the phone, and said, “Good Afternoon, Neil Thomas.”

“Neil, it’s me. I’m sorry. I’ll do it.”

“Are you sure? I have a lot of calls to make this afternoon.”

“Yes. I’m standing at the door of the sunroom now. Do you want me to go in there…naked?” she said breathlessly.

“No. Not yet. I don’t want you totally naked.”

“Really?” Ann said with a sense of relief.

“Go put on the heels you had on last night. I want to picture what you might look like in just your heels, lounging around the house.”

She laughed and said, “What is it with guys and heels?”

“I don’t want questions, Ann. I told you, I don’t have a lot of time. Call me back if you decide to put them on.” I hung up the phone, smiling to myself. I placed another call to a customer to give them a schedule update.

I got another call, and it was pretty much a repeat performance of the previous time I’d hung up. Ann left a message begging me to help her. And I listened to her sexy message I got paged again.

“Ann Franklin on line three, Neil.”

“Thanks, Nancy,” I said just before hitting the button to open the line.

“Good Afternoon, Neil…”

“I’m wearing the heels, Neil,” she said, practically panting into the phone.

“Good. Now go into the kitchen.”

“The kitchen?” she asked.

“Ann, I don’t want any more questions. I know you’re usually a strong, independent woman. And I love that about you. But right now, you’re my little love slave, and I want you to do what I tell you.”

“I’m Amanda?” she said enthusiastically.

Ann had remembered my story about Dawn, and the character she’d become for me. She was excited about the chance to role-play for me. Maybe she’d do things as Amanda that she wouldn’t consider doing as Ann. Who knew? I wasn’t going to question her motive.

“Yes Amanda. Open door to the refrigerator. I want you to see if there are any cucumbers in the crisper.”

I could hear her rooting around in the background, and she giggled and said, “There are about a half dozen. Dad grows them in his garden.”

“Find the one that you think is the closest to me.”

“Closest to you?” she said, not thinking clearly.

“No more questions, baby,” I said as I hung up.

Again we repeated the phone tag game. I was on the phone with the latest customer for over ten minutes. My phone rang, and a message was left. Soon after that came the page, but I couldn’t take it. So, a second message went into my voicemail.

I wasn’t going to call Ann back. I wanted her to make the effort to call me. I was on another call, just finishing it, when I heard my name on the intercom again. I quickly finished up the call with that customer, and called the front desk.

“Amanda Franklin on line three, Neil.”

I laughed and said, “Thanks, Nancy.”

“I thought her name was Ann. Have I been saying it wrong?”

“No. It’s Ann. She’s just trying to get my attention.”

Nancy knew what I’d been through. The entire plant did. So it didn’t surprise me when she quizzed me on the mystery girl who’d been calling me.

“Is she your…”

“No, Nancy. She’s a good friend I went to high school with. She’s in town for the week. We’ve just been catching up.”

“Oh…okay. Well, she’s on line three.”

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