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Ann: The Married Years Ch. 28

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“Miss Moneypenny?” Ann asked, confused as to why Neil had stopped at a hotel in Northern Virginia on their way home from picking him up at the airport.

It wasn’t like she hated the idea. She couldn’t wait to get Neil home to have her way with him. The fact that he’d whipped into the parking lot of a hotel seemed to affirm that he was feeling the same way about her.

Still, she was confused as to why he’d called her that name. They weren’t role-playing. There had been no indication at all that he’d even been thinking along those lines. Yet there they were, in his red Nissan 300ZX, under the covered awning in front of a multi-story Sheraton in Northern Virginia. “Why are you calling me that? And why are we here… we shouldn’t be spending the money, Neil. I want to be with you as much as you obviously want me, but I can wait until we get home.”

“One, we’re not spending the money. Armada is. This is part of Andy’s efforts to make up for me being gone for six weeks,” he said of his company, and the Vice President who’d asked him to go on an extended trip on behalf of said company to resolve a potentially costly manufacturing problem. “Two, when Carol asked me if I had anything in mind as a special way for me to make it up to you for being gone so long, we both kind of came up with this. And three, like I said, as luck would have it, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

“I am so confused right now. When are we meeting him… or her? Tomorrow? It’s almost one in the morning.”

“You’re meeting them right now,” he smiled as he opened the door.


“Maybe. I’m not sure. There’s certainly one person you’re going to meet.” Popping the hatch, he grabbed his overnight bag, and then closed it. Before she could rationalize anything that was happening, he was opening her door.

“Neil, you cannot be serious. I can’t go into the lobby like this. At least give me my outfit to put on.”

“No. Besides, you’ve gone into a lobby naked before. This isn’t a first.”

“I have never –“


“That was a lodge cabin out in the mountain wilderness; not the lobby of some huge high-rise hotel. And I was Annabelle. Please don’t tell me I’m… I already told you, Dr. Duncan said I can’t do that,” she said, referring to the caution her obstetrician gave her regarding that particular sexual personality.

“You’re not Annabelle. You’re Moneypenny. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve done this before. Come on,” he said firmly as he held out his hand.

Ann trembled as she took it, letting him help her to her feet. She walked in his shadow, following him closely, as if she were using him as some kind of shield. He allowed her to, at least until he confirmed the lobby was clear once they were deeper inside the hotel. Approaching the counter, he paused, making her stand next to him. “Be proud of the slut you are, Moneypenny. You’ve waited a long time for this.”

“Are we really doing this? Are you really… pretending to be him? I mean, shit, I can’t see James Bond parading one of his tarts around the lobby of a fancy hotel like this,” she whispered.

“Tart,” he laughed. “Who says that?”

“Someone that’s English, I would imagine. Isn’t Moneypenny English? I’m not going to attempt the accent though.”

“For the record, it’s never about an accent. It’s about an attitude. And yes, for just a bit, I need you to channel Moneypenny. It’s important.”

“Important? I don’t under –“


The loud bellow echoed throughout the large open space. The killer brunette behind the front desk was beaming, her eyes sparkling with excitement even from a distance. She was practically jumping up and down as she tried to decide whether to stay put, or race around the counter and run to greet him.

“Agent Nichols,” he replied, taking Ann’s hand to lead her toward the welcoming Bond girl.

“You know her?” Ann whispered again, so stunned by the sudden change of events that she temporarily forgot she was without most of her clothes; certainly nothing of significance was covered by the stockings and garter she was wearing with her heels.

“So do you, Moneypenny. You introduced us.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I’ve never seen her in my life.”

“Not in person. But you’ve seen her picture. And you’ve talked to her… a lot.”

“Neil, I…”

He turned, his piercing blue eyes letting her know he wasn’t happy that she’d broken character. He knew she really didn’t know what was going on. The night had taken such a strange turn, for both of them.

He never expected her to reveal she was pregnant. It had taken them so long to conceive, he set aside the idea that they were trying, if for no other reason than their sanity. They’d become consumed about the idea of having a baby to the point that it was ruining sex for the two of them. It became routine… a chore to do instead casino şirketleri of something to be excited about. The spontaneity was gone, and with it any sense of sexual adventure.

It wasn’t until they decided to just screw it and have fun the weekend he was leaving that he felt like they were back on the same page. They stopped trying to get pregnant and fucked each other silly. He felt like they were newlyweds again, unable to get enough of each other. And that was because they stopped attempting to time things and try special techniques; instead they just let it go.

He only came inside her pussy one time that entire weekend. Well, twice, the way she was calculating that last fuck, where he came, kept fucking her, and came again. But other than that, he came anywhere but inside her pussy. He still found it hard to believe it was that one time that got her pregnant, but he wasn’t going to doubt the doctor.

He was still a bit off-kilter about the idea that they were going to have a baby. Yet it was a reality. One he’d have to continually process over the coming days and weeks. Hell, he wondered if it wouldn’t really sink in until she began to show.

Ann was on the other end of the spectrum. She’d come to terms with the pregnancy weeks before, the morning sickness and lack of sleep becoming her daily reminder. What kept her sane was her friends. The first one of them dropping by to have sex with her the very night Neil left for Indiana. And that seemed to happen almost every night afterward.

It became a never-ending parade of horny women who were more than willing to play toward the feminine side of Ann’s bisexuality. Carol had outdone herself, lining up Heather and Ann’s two neighbors with no problem. Those four were the most frequent; Felicia and Samantha able to fill calendar gaps easily because they were literally right next door on either side of Ann’s house.

Olivia made a couple of appearances, as did Stacy… two friends from the Super Bowl parties, both excited about being asked to be added to the eclectic mix of sexual partners. But Ann only shared the news of her pregnancy with the first four, wanting to control who knew. She trusted them, knowing they wouldn’t say anything to anyone until she’d had a chance to personally tell Neil. She only hoped it wouldn’t take him too much longer than the six weeks they were thinking they’d be apart.

Once the morning sickness consumed her, the sexual fun came to an abrupt halt. But the visits didn’t. Her friends would still stop by, someone checking on her every day. In truth, it became more than one most days, all of them wanting to make sure she was eating and taking care of herself; checking if she needed anything. She felt their love even more than those times when they were making each other cum the previous weeks. They were true friends, and she loved them for it. All she was really concerned about was when and how to break the good news to Neil.

It took some time, but Ann finally came up with the naughty idea of how to tell him, taking a page from their past. She was channeling Molly, the hot, sexy limousine driver that took them around the greater Omaha area. She’d not only dropped them off at an incredible musical dinner theatre that night, she followed that up by entertaining their whims by driving them into Iowa so they could pacify their quest to take erotic photos of Ann in front of state welcoming signs. Neil joined Ann in front of the camera in those particular pictures, with Molly actually taking them, bringing a new element to the night.

Ann and Neil ended up both having sex with Molly in the back of the limousine. It never became a threesome, but it was one of the hottest, most memorable parts of their weeklong trip from California to Indiana. So memorable that Ann found herself ordering a costume, and using it as a template for how she wanted to greet Neil at the airport. And it worked perfectly. Her plan was going pretty much the way she wanted, until he pulled into the hotel parking lot unexpectedly.

Neil hadn’t expected the incredible news she’d dropped on him. He was excited, brought to tears with elation over finally becoming a dad. But he had plans of his own. His first reaction was to scrap them once she told him; the idea of doing something like he had in mind now that she was expecting seemed wrong somehow. That was until she mildly scolded him for looking at her differently, insisting that he treat her normally. In a way, she actually implored him, saying she could do anything he desired sexually, other than submitting to him as Annabelle.

She even made it a point to say that she could be Anna Renee, willing to be physically reprimanded for not telling him sooner that they were going to be parents. He knew she felt guilty for withholding that information, but he understood why. He even told her not to bring it up again because it turned out to be such a memorable moment the way she revealed it. Yet he filed away the notion casino firmaları of her wanting to be held accountable for that indiscretion, if you could call it that. In her own way, she needed it, and he recognized those needs in his wife more than she did sometimes.

With the gauntlet thrown down that she didn’t want to be viewed or treated any differently, he made the decision to do exactly as she wanted. He played with her physically and emotionally at the airport, ensnaring a wonderful gentleman named Edward into becoming part of their little game. Edward was gracious and charming, knowing it was harmless fun between a husband and wife. He’d noticed the sign Ann held up, letting Neil know he was about to become a father. He watched with great joy that initial reaction, the excitement and emotion of the moment overwhelming Neil. He was then intrigued by the way the young couple celebrated the news, with Neil exposing his wife to him, and many other travelers, gathered around the luggage carousel. Yet it was confirmed early on that Ann’s performance was personal, and it was directed at him.

Edward thanked Ann for that gesture outside the airport. In doing so, he got an even better view of her womanly charms. She removed her outer clothing after crossing the street, and he watched her walk naked to their car in the distance. When his wife, Maria pulled up a few minutes later, Edward was still reveling in the aftermath of that experience.


Edward jumped into the passenger seat, imploring Maria to hurry and find a place to park.

“What? Why would I do that? My goodness, Edward, if you wanted to park, you could have left your car here to begin with and I wouldn’t have had to…”

He moved quickly, shifting the car into park as he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her hard into a deep, steamy kiss. She growled into his open mouth, his tongue searching for hers to dance with. She was paralyzed by the suddenness of it. He hadn’t even closed the passenger door. He’d thrown his suitcase in the trunk, climbed sideways on the seat, and launched himself at her. It was startling.

Edward was a refined man. A scholar, as Ann had correctly guessed. He was always reserved and charming. He was, in a word… a gentleman; always carrying himself in a controlled, almost stoic manner. He’d left for Chicago that way. The man that had returned to Maria was anything but. He was an animal, pawing at her chest as he kissed her barbarically.

She felt the front of her dress being lifted, her sexy legs coming into his view, if he’d bothered to look. Instead he was raping her mouth with his tongue, sucking the breath from her lungs as he kissed her more passionately than she could ever remember. His hand found her panties, and he ripped them down. She’d subconsciously lifted her hips to assist him, unsure as to why. It was so unlike either of them to behave the way they were. Before she could protest, two fingers were shoved into her pussy, which had become instantly wet from his sexual aggressiveness. She accepted his advances the way a dutiful wife might, even though she’d never seen herself in such a role.

They were equals. Both professors with tenure; him at prestigious Georgetown, she at American University. They were each very highly regarded in their field of education. Edward was returning from giving a lecture at Loyola, doing a favor for a colleague. But that man was no more. He’d been left on the curb by the outdoor exit of the baggage claim, replaced by a brutish beast consumed by lust inside her pristine Cadillac. His Neanderthal-like actions were figuratively dragging her along with him.

“Find us a place to park, Maria! Now!” he barked as he literally ripped the front of her dress, exposing an elegant bra.

“God, yes!” she screamed, more from the way he was abusing her neck than his sharp demand for privacy. Sucking wildly, it was certain a huge hickey would appear later. Her orgasm was nearing already, his fingers doing things to her he’d never done. She didn’t know if she should listen to his instruction or allow herself to be taken right there in front of the arrival pick-up zone at Dulles.

When he barked again, she slammed the car into gear, taking off; the passenger door slamming shut on its own from the speed of her getaway. They ended up in a darkened corner an empty office complex parking lot some five miles away.

Her dress had been completely torn off, her panties left unceremoniously on the floor of the driver’s side. Her bra had been pulled down violently to expose her exquisite tits. He was sucking and biting on them as she rode his thick hardness in the passenger seat, having been yanked over the center console by her arm, as he was unwilling to wait. He’d dropped his pants, kicking them and his boxers off, only the top half of his tailored suit still on.

She’d removed his tie, and he used it in the heat of passion, stuffing it into her mouth to stifle her screams. In güvenilir casino response, she ripped open his designer shirt, the buttons flying all over the car, her fingernails digging into his skin, leaving claw marks behind as they scraped his muscled chest.

Thirty minutes later he was driving her car down the interstate toward their home in the Georgetown district of the city. She was catatonic, languidly slumped in the passenger seat, a huge load of cum dripping from her matted cunt. Her dress was ruined, shreds of it on the floor at her feet. She was naked, only her bra still on, and it remained underneath her breasts instead of covering them. It was so stretched out, it was doubtful it could be salvaged. Her entire ensemble seemed to be a casualty of their torrid encounter.

The strobe effect of the street lights illuminated the inside of the car as it passed under them along I-66, and they finally called to her; rousing her from the dazed state she was in. Pushing herself upright, she remained quiet, unable to come to terms with the last half-hour. She shuddered when she felt another droplet of cum ooze from her pussy, dripping onto the plush leather seat. She felt foreign; far removed from the dignified woman she always attempted to portray, yet the yearning in her heaving chest couldn’t be denied. She wasn’t able to comprehend what just happened, or why, but she was unmistakably captured by the sensations the escapade created. It was all so puzzling, and it had her head swimming.

“Edward?” she finally said sheepishly, peering to her left, the first time she’d looked in his direction since he’d unceremoniously lifted her off his hard shaft and got out of the car to walk around to the driver’s side, never bothering to put his pants back on.

“Yes,” he answered coolly. It was his usual, confident, controlled voice. Yet there was a sinister lilt to his one-word response, as if he’d become possessed somehow.

“Wh… what just happened?”

“I fucked you.”

Her ears perked up. This definitely wasn’t the same man she’d dropped off at the airport two days before. She’d never heard him curse in their entire twenty-plus year relationship. Not a single damn. There was nary a shit either. For him to actually say fuck was unconscionable. He was always in control of his emotions, and his vocabulary. There were better ways to converse in his eyes than to succumb to cursing as a way to express his thoughts. And yet, he’d carefully chosen that exact word. She knew it wasn’t a mistake. He said it, because he meant it. He always did.

Ignoring the vulgarity of his description, she focused on the message. “Why?”

“Because I wanted to. You should get used to the idea, Maria. I’m going to do it again… very soon. You belong to me.”

She looked at his crotch. His enormous erection was throbbing, the veins protruding as it pulsed and twitched. It looked much like his expression; the mood evident in his body language. He wasn’t angry, but he was agitated. There was an angst to him… an edge. She’d never seen it before. It was driving him, and it was affecting her. She could feel her body, the change in her demeanor since he’d first kissed her. She could still feel the force of it, her lips tingling from the way he took her. She was a bright, intellectual woman, highly educated in numerous subjects. She knew how the body worked. She fully understood the chemical releases she was sending out at that very moment. It was like she’d just been bred, but she needed to be mounted again, and the stud next to her was looking to do just that.

“What happened, Edward? Why did you do that to me?” she wondered, not really sure why she asked the question.

“Does it matter?” he replied, his brevity once again putting her at a disadvantage. For a man known for his use of words, he often used very few. It was a control device; one he used with colleagues, and more often students, putting them on the defensive, forcing them to have to think of what to say to respond.

“No,” she finally countered after a minute of reflection. “But something happened to you. I’d like to know what and why at some point. That was an expensive dress. So was your shirt.”

“We have money, Maria. We have many things. Health, possessions, prestige in our respective circles. What we don’t have, just happened.”

“What… what are you saying?”

“We’ll talk more once the weekend is over. But things are about to change. I can promise you that.”

“Are you talking about sex? Is that what this is all about?”

“You’re a very bright woman, Maria. But goddammit, we can both be so fucking dumb sometimes.”

“I’m really confused right now, Edward.”

“I’m Eddie. Call me Eddie… please, for the love of God, call me Eddie!”

“You’re scaring me right now.”

“Really? Did you cum?”

“Are you asking me if I climaxed?”

“Stop being a robot, Maria. I asked you a direct question. Did… you… cum!?”

“If you have to be crude, then yes, I did. I… came.”

“How many times?”

“Does it matter?” she asked, trying to spin things in her direction, using his own tactics as a way to try to figure out just what was going on with her husband.

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