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Another Surprise

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Cuckolding was not something we had planned. My wife Lenora and I had a good marriage, had good kids, and what most people would call a normal life.

Then unexpectedly, while attending a friend’s wedding, my wife Lenora and I were introduced to the world of cuckolding. We had never spoken about it before. It just happened. I think we both needed it at the time.

Our new sexual adventures began later in our marriage when our kids were older and out of the house. From my perspective, and up to that point in our marriage, I thought I knew my wife and her non-adventurous, even prudish sexual preferences; I apparently did not.

The best part in the beginning was that these were spontaneous situations. Lenora was always reluctant at first and alcohol had a lot to do with it initially. I was never aware this would happen but it was exciting and new to watch.

Later on, we searched for her partners together online. The first time this happened, it occurred with a black stranger. Forcefully introduced to a stranger’s strong fingers at our table at the wedding, she quickly succumbed to his charms. She instigated what came later that night in his hotel room, and I was a voyeur.

That original encounter, and my feeling of helplessness and humiliation while watching her fucked silly, should have made me feel ashamed. It did not! My cock was the hardest it ever was during that night. And it made Lenora enjoy it more too, knowing I was watching her and helpless. She told me this, years later.

We had not spoken about what happened that night after the wedding. I did not want to bring it up to her and I thought she was embarrassed by it. So, we just forgot about it. I assumed it was a one time thing, until a couple of months later after that wedding night.

We were invited to a brunch on a Saturday in early October 2014 by one of Lenora’s cousins. It was a cousin’s thing and it was at a very nice place not to far from our house. The brunch was from 11am to 3pm. Lenora’s family liked to drink so we expected to have a nice time. We did not go out very often and we enjoyed ourselves at these functions.

Because it was early in the day, we had kept an appointment with a mortgage broker for later that afternoon. This guy was referred to us by a friend who had refinanced his mortgage and we wanted to do the same thing if we could. This guy was always booked up so we were happy to finally get an appointment. And he was coming to our house. Our appointment was at 4:30pm so we had plenty of time to get back from the brunch.

We had a great time and the food was great. Lenora and her cousins had a great time too, as they started with Mimosas early and continued through out the brunch. I don’t really like to drink early in the day anyway so I let Lenora have a good time. By the looks of her, she did. She was feeling no pain.

We stayed until the end of the brunch and then hung around for another half hour or so just bullshitting with everyone. On the way home, we talked about dinner that night, but we had that meeting at 4:30. I said I would go out later for a pizza after the meeting.

We got home and changed clothes. Lenora put on her favorite pink housedress and flip-flops and I changed into my usual casual attire: shorts and a tee shirt. Even though it was October, it was still relatively warm.

Lenora was still feeling good and I anticipated a decent night of sex as Lenora always liked to fool around when she was drunk.

At almost exactly 4:30, our doorbell rang. I answered the door and a very tall middle-aged black man stood there. He introduced himself as Anthony Burns and handed me a business card. As I showed him in, he told me to call him ‘Tony’ as that was what everyone called him.

Tony was about 6 feet 2 inches tall and built like a linebacker. He wore a light blue polo shirt which showed off his build and muscular arms. He wore business casual slacks and shoes.

Lenora was putting clothes in the dryer when we walked into the kitchen area. We live in a nice sized ranch in a nice quiet town in New Jersey. The house is on 2 acres and we have our privacy as the surrounding homes are similar.

When you enter our house from the front door you walk through a small foyer into our bar area then into the den. On the left is the kitchen which has a center island and 3 stools. The garage is on that side of the house with an entrance into the kitchen. We usually come in through the garage. The laundry room is on that side as well as a bathroom. From the kitchen, you can access the back yard and our deck in the back of the house.

The den has a large L-shaped sectional couch, which faces our television and entertainment unit casino şirketleri in the far corner of the room. The back section of the couch faces our large kitchen table. You can see the TV from the couch and the kitchen table as the house has a very open floor plan. There are windows all around in each of the rooms. The colors are light and neutral and the house has hardwood floors.

As we walked in the den, Lenora came out of the laundry room to meet us. I introduced her to Tony and we all sat down at the kitchen table. The television was on but was muted. Lenora asked if Tony wanted coffee or a soda and he declined.

We started discussing the mortgage process but Lenora continually changed the subject of the conversation. Lenora was still feeling good and when she was, she liked to talk. She seemed extremely interested in hearing about Tony and his life. Tony seemed like a genuinely good person.

He told us he was originally from Philadelphia and had gone to school there. He was 39 years old and he had moved to New Jersey years ago and still had family in the Philadelphia area. He visited them often. He had been married but had gotten divorced five years earlier and he had no children.

In the midst of our conversations that continued to go from business to personal, Tony had told us, based on all the factors involved in the process, we should easily get the refinancing. Lenora was thrilled! Lenora said, “Ed, open a bottle of wine. Let’s celebrate!” This normally does not happen, but since she was already feeling good, she wanted to drink more.

I opened a bottle of white wine and brought over a few glasses. Tony initially said no to the wine, but Lenora insisted. Finally, we all toasted and went back to our conversation. The wine quickly accelerated Lenora’s ‘feeling good mood’. She was laughing and talking up a storm, even slurring her words a little. I knew she was lit. We really were having a fun time.

I was starving by this time and suggested getting a pizza. Tony said, in that case he should be going. Lenora said, “No Tony. Stay and have pizza with us. We’ll have a pizza party!” We all started to laugh. After some more prodding, Tony finally said, “Okay, I’ll stay for pizza.”

I called the order in to our local pizzeria, which included some appetizers now as well. They said it would be ready in 20 minutes.

We continued to talk about everything and anything. A second bottle of wine was opened. I wasn’t even drinking; I just had that first toast a while ago. Lenora was getting a little more personal with Tony. She asked him if he had a girlfriend, and does he date many women. She giggled and said, “You must have a lot of girlfriends Tony.” I thought that was odd for her to say but she was drunk by now. He said at this time he had not been involved with anyone for a while. He was busy with his career and he was focusing on that.

After about 15 minutes or so, I said I was going to get the food.

I had to wait about 10 minutes after I arrived at the pizzeria. It was Saturday night and the place was packed. I finally got my food and headed back home.

I parked the car in the garage, gathered the pizza and the appetizers and opened the door to the kitchen from the garage. I heard some music playing and what sounded like deep grunts. I also heard a sort of slapping sound.

As I walked around the L-shaped countertop toward the kitchen table, I then saw Lenora’s face. She was facing me and her hands gripped top of the back of the couch. She clung to the couch tightly as her head bounced up and down. Tony was standing behind her, thrusting violently into her from behind. The force was so great that the sound his balls made as they slapped Lenora’ ass rose above the music and her grunts!

Lenora’s drunk eyes were wide and glazed. Her hair was sweaty and getting more disheveled as Tony pounded her relentlessly. She was making those deep guttural sounds!

Tony faced me as well. I saw he was shirtless, his massive chest moving back and forth into my wife. The determined expression on his face did not change as the sound of his balls slapping against Lenora’s ass resonated over the music. He glanced at me but didn’t miss a beat.That was the sound I heard when I walked in.

The television was off and music was playing from the entertainment unit. The song “Holding Back the Tears” by Simply Red was playing. To this day, when I hear that song, I remember this scene.

Lenora’s still wore her housedress which was pushed up over her back, but her panties were torn and on the floor. Tony’s clothes were thrown all over the room. As her head rocked, Lenora looked right at me and slurred, “Hi Ed, uh.” as she continued moaning casino firmaları on Tony’s cock.

Her eyes said it all as she was clearly getting the shit fucked out of her. As I stood there, holding the pizza and the other stuff, with my mouth open, she just looked at me and smiled slightly.

She closed her eyes and gripped the couch tightly. I never heard her moan like that.

I immediately began to get a hard on! He was pounding Lenora so hard the couch was moving forward! Lenora was grunting and whimpering now. I don’t know how long they were at it, but suddenly Tony let out a loud grunt and began thrusting spasmodically. I’m sure the load he left in my wife’s pussy was huge!

I finally moved and put the pizza and food on the kitchen table. I walked over to the bar, which was directly on the right of the den from where I was, and poured myself a glass of scotch. As I took a sip, I looked to my right and saw Tony pull his cock out of Lenora. She stood up, turned to face Tony, glanced at me with a drunk smile, and pulled her housedress off. Her nipples were so hard!

Tony backed up a bit and it was then that I saw the size of his cock. It was huge. It had to be 9 – 10 inches long! Twice as long as mine! And it was thick too. It had to have a 6 to 7-inch girth!

Lenora led him to the couch and sat him down. She kneeled in front of him and spread his legs. I took my scotch and my screaming hard on to the other part of the sectional, facing them and started watching my wife play with this stranger in front of me.

Lenora started by stroking his huge shaft slowly with both of hands. It looked even bigger in her small hands! Then she opened her mouth wide and began sucking that black cock! The tip was large, almost mushroom like, and she engulfed it with her lips. She made sure she worked that mushroom head good. As Tony moaned, Lenora stared at him, but made sure she looked over at me too. When she looked at me, her teasing eyes said, “I love sucking this black cock Ed!”

Not since that night, months ago with David, had I seen Lenora suck a cock like that. Tony looked over at me, and his expression said, “Hey Ed, looks like Lenora’s mine tonight”. His wide grin and white teeth said it all. I felt humiliation and anger, but it was all so fucking hot! Lenora, as she sucked and licked that black cock, looked over at me and said, “Oh yeah. We’re all gonna have some fun tonight”.

After a few minutes, Lenora got up and swung her left leg onto the couch. She guided Tony’s 10 inches into her pussy, and slowly sat onto it. Again, as she slowly slid down on Tony’s cock, she looked over at me and said, “Oh Ed, this is a real man’s cock. Oh!”

It didn’t take long until she was bouncing up and down on it and moaning like a woman possessed. Tony just sat there and she did all the work. Her head was shaking from side to side and her dark brown hair was flying in every direction. She never took her eyes off me though as she rubbed her clit on that monster cock. I thought I was going to come in my pants.

Tony was moaning too. Then he stood up carrying Lenora on his cock. He lifted her up and down on his cock, her white pussy foam drenching his shaft. She was whimpering now. He walked over to where I was sitting. Lenora’s ass was right in front of me now as he lifted her up and down. Tony looked over at me and said, “Ed where’s the bedroom?” I got up and led the way.

When we got to our bedroom, Tony headed toward our king size bed. I couldn’t take it anymore and got naked myself. My cock was going to explode but I kept watching my shy wife act like a slut whore. It was fucking amazing!

Tony put Lenora on the bed, never taking his cock out of her. He was like a man possessed now too. He raised Lenora’s legs onto his shoulders exposing that beautiful pussy and slid that monster of a cock in and out relentlessly. Lenora was screaming now! I moved to the bed hoping she would suck my cock.

When I got closer to the bed, she noticed me and turned to me. She smiled that little smile of hers. Then Lenora looked at my cock, and with her left hand, held her thumb and index finger about 2 inches apart and laughed. She grabbed my cock and began jerking it. I blew my load across her chest within 20 seconds of her grabbing me.

With the sounds of Tony’s balls hitting her ass, Lenora’s loud uncontrollable moans, and the sight of my wife’s legs raised on Tony’s shoulders and her feet dangling, my cock was hard again!

Tony’s familiar grunting was proof he just blew another load into my wife’s pussy. They took a break for a few minutes. They were on the bed and I was standing at the foot of it. Lenora was rubbing her hand across Tony’s chest. güvenilir casino She still seemed to be feeling good from the wine. She was also rubbing her leg across Tony’s cock.

She looked at me and said, “Tony’s cock is so big, Ed. It fills me up! I love the way it feels. He fucks me so good! So much better than you. You like watching me with black men though, don’t you?”

“Yes, Lenora I do, I said as I lowered my head. I love watching your expressions when you come on those black cocks!” Tony, who was soft spoken when we were talking earlier, and who hadn’t said a word while he was fucking Lenora, finally said, in a very stern voice, “Lenora, suck my cock. Get me hard again. I want to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

Lenora, without replying, slid down the bed toward Tony’s cock. Glancing at me and smiling that smile again, she greedily took that mushroom head of his into her mouth. The slurping sounds she made as she sucked and licked him had me hard again. All I could do was stroke my cock and stare.

Tony suddenly grabbed Lenora by the back of the neck and moved toward her. He planted a very violent and sensual kiss on her lips. She reciprocated, and they kissed for a few minutes. Tony then yelled to me, “Ed, don’t just stand there, get me some Vaseline or lube.”

Like a zombie, I went into the adjacent bathroom and grabbed some KY jelly we kept in there. I quickly brought it to him. “Pour some on my cock Ed”. Lenora, stared at me and said, “Do it Ed. Fucking do it!”, and she giggled as she stared at me.

As Tony held his huge cock extended, I poured the KY across the length of it. Lenora told me, “Now rub it on that man’s cock Ed”. I was stunned. I was about to say ‘No’, when she gave me that evil eye of hers.

I began to rub that lotion onto Tony’s cock. What the fuck was I doing? As I did, Lenora looked at me and said, “good boy Ed. You have to be part of this too. And you will.” I rubbed it all over his hard cock. Lenora had laid down with her head facing the foot of the bed. She had her head down on the bed but lifted her ass up to Tony.

It was so surreal to me; we had spoken about anal sex but we had never done it. Lenora would always be reluctant to try it with me. Now she couldn’t wait for her ass fuck from this big black cock! Her ass was raised up for Tony’s cock! It didn’t matter though; my cock was so fucking hard!

I kneeled down at the foot of the bed about a foot away from Lenora’s face. Tony started to work that huge head of his cock into Lenora’s virgin asshole. She squirmed and looked at me with excited eyes. Then Tony got the head in! He slowly continued to work his huge member into that ass.

His speed began to increase when he had over half his cock in Lenora’s ass. She was moaning now and gripping my arm like a vise! Tony was looking down at me and smiling. He said, “Oh my God! Your ass is so tight Lenora!” He was grunting again.

Tony pulled out of Lenora’s ass and said to her, “Get over here Lenora! I’m gonna come in your mouth” while stroking his cock. She looked at me, grabbed my arm and said, “Your turn Ed. Open those pretty little lips of yours. As she pushed my head down towards that black cock, she said, “I want you to taste me on Tony’s cock.”

Tony grabbed the back of my head and even though I reluctantly protested, I engulfed his cock and sucked it. She was looking right at me and holding my head on his cock as well. I stared right back at her as Tony’s hips began to spasm. As I sucked all of his jism down, she jerked my cock quickly as her breasts bounced. He let out a loud thunderous groan as he finished emptying his load down my throat. Lenora’s eyes widened as she watched her cuckold husband swallow this black man’s load. She made sure not to take her eyes off me. She was showing me who was the boss.

Lenora kissed me deeply then and continued to jerk me off but I wanted to fuck her too, as my cock was going to explode! She watched me and laid back and opened her legs. I slid my cock in her wet pussy and went to work. After a few minutes I came hard. It felt like I shot my intestines out into her pussy!

We finally cleaned up and dressed. I went in and heated up the food because we all were starving. We sat down and ate as if nothing had happened. After we ate, Tony told us he’d be in touch as far as the refinancing was concerned and left.

I wanted to talk to Lenora about the evening and pursuing this cuckold life going forward. She said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I figured we’d talk about it the next morning.

She didn’t want to discuss it when I asked the next morning and said she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. I know from what I saw, and from what she said to me, that that was bullshit.

But I let it go because I too wasn’t really sure about this cocksucking thing either.

I knew at some point though, something like this was going to happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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