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Any Hole Will Do

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My name is Big Mickey and I am an anal enthusiast. I just love anal sex. There’s nothing quite like it in the world of sex. I think a few of you know what I mean. Ah, come on. I know that everybody loves anal. Both men and women. How else would you explain why it’s so taboo? People consider something taboo because they like it but feel secretly ashamed, so they hide it. I could make the same argument for smoking weed or public nudity.

I first discovered anal sex with Madeline, the woman who lived next door. She was a large, chunky black woman with jet-black skin and short hair. She wasn’t pretty at all but she had a nice-looking butt. Madeline lived alone since her man Vincent left her, having grown tired of all her crazy business. It is me or is every black woman crazy? I take that back. All women are crazy regardless of race. Still, what are you going to do? You may not be able to stand them but when you get horny, you got no choice. You’re going to go after them, play their game and hope to score. I think every man feels me on that one.

I was eighteen when I met Madeline. Before, I didn’t really know her except that she was loud and bitchy and most neighbors, both male and female, couldn’t stand her. I noticed her looking at me. I didn’t mind. Back then, I was a six-foot-one, curly-haired, brown-skinned Adonis. A handsome young black man. I had graduated from Hyde Park high and was heading to the University of Massachusetts for my education on a basketball scholarship. I was going places. All the bitches in the hood were after me. I decided to have myself some fun.

One time, I went to Madeline’s house. She needed some things fixed and was willing to pay me. I fixed her faucet and a few other things. When I was done, she decided to pay me with some booty. I took her up on that offer. We went into her living room and she got right down to business. She got naked, showing me her chunky but somehow sexy body. Yes, big girls had their appeal. Madeline sucked my cock and licked my balls. She was good at it. I was thrusting into that mouth of hers like there was no tomorrow. Yes, that bitch was a great cock sucker. I stroked her hair, encouraging her as she sucked me off. Half an hour went by before I came. When I did, she drank my seed.

Next, she wanted me to fuck her. I looked at her big butt. I saw something in a porn video one time. A fat woman getting fucked in the ass by a slim dude. It was hot. I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen. I wanted some of that. I asked Madeline if she was down for it. She smiled at me. Of course she was down for it, but with conditions. She told me that I had to lick her ass otherwise she wouldn’t let me fuck it. I hesitated. Madeline had damn well better be a clean woman…or else. I wasn’t about to lick any dirty hole. Oh, well. I wanted to fuck her so badly that I ended up licking her asshole, which was clean.

It was definitely worth it. When Madeline spread those big butt cheeks of hers wide open and showed me her brown little asshole, I was smiling from ear to ear. My fantasy was about to come true. I was finally going to fuck a woman in the ass. I slid the condom on my cock and smeared some Vaseline over it. I greased up her asshole and then pushed my cock into her. From the way she reacted when my cock went up her butt hole, I could tell that Madeline was no stranger to butt fucking. I fucked her, thrusting my cock into her hole. Madeline took it like a champ. She did not scream. Man, I loved the feel of her tight hole around my stick. I fucked her, hard.

We went at it for some time, with her big booty pushing back against me. Madeline’s hole gripped my pole and I was loving every moment of it. My dream had come true. I was fucking a big woman in the ass. When I finally came, it was glorious. I pulled out of her, and rolled on the floor. Madeline winced as my cock got squeezed out of her big ass and then sat there, looking at me. I got up, took off the condom and flushed it down the toilet. When I came back, Madeline had put her clothes on. Business as usual. I wonder how many guys she paid off that way. I didn’t care. I went home.

This was my first anal experience. I liked it a lot. In fact, I became an anal addict after that. I went to UMass and school got started. I was a Criminology major. There were plenty of good-looking girls in my classes. There were casino şirketleri a lot of handsome guys on campus too. Who to choose? I decided to experiment a little bit. One guy from my team told me that professor Emilia Giacomo, a sexy woman from Santo Domingo, had a weakness for young black studs. I went after her like a shark seeing a dolphin. I heard a lot of freaky stories about her. I wanted to see if they were true.

I met Emilia at the library one time. We were both reaching for the same book and somehow ended up talking. Professor Emilia Giacomo was a tall, good-looking Latin woman with black hair, pale bronze skin and green eyes. Also, she was about twelve years older than me. I didn’t mind, though, especially since I didn’t see a ring on her finger. Emilia Giacomo told me that she was bisexual and had recently broken up with her lover, a female soccer player. These days, she was exploring lust and love with men. I wanted to give her the ultimate in the male experience. I wanted her to experience sex with a good-looking, well-endowed black man with plenty of energy who knew how to work it in bed. Would you believe that she was down for what I had in mind?

One night, we went to her apartment. It was a fairly nice place. Emilia did well for herself. She was the faculty advisor to the Gay Straight Alliance at school. She was looking at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. We started making out as soon as we got inside. We got undressed and went into the shower. There, under the warm water, that’s when I took her. Emilia was facing away from me and I was kissing her neck and caressing her body. She pressed her butt against my groin and told me to take her. I did. I spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open and pressed my cock against her asshole. And then I pushed. Emilia gasped. I held her by the hips and thrust into her. Emilia had a tight asshole. I fucked her hard and quick. She screamed in my arms. I could tell that she loved it. We fucked like this for half an hour, then went to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, she straddled me. I was thrusting into her ass and she was bouncing up and down on my cock, driving me deep inside her hole. I loved fucking her. It felt so damn good. We explored different positions. I took her doggy-style on the floor. Now that’s what’s up. Later, we showered together and then I left. This concludes my second anal sex experience and again it was with an older woman. I was pleased with myself. I wonder what other feat I could accomplish. Getting a hot woman to give up the booty is a top on every man’s list of things to do. Where does one go from here?

My next experience occurred a few months into my first semester. That’s when I met this guy named Joel Stein. A good-looking dude with short blond hair and pale blue eyes. Joel Stein was an athlete like myself. In fact, he was the only white player on the men’s soccer team. The team was made up of tall, good-looking black males and a couple of Latinos. Joel was a tutor down at the Student Center. I was getting good grades but I needed some help with my Calculus. Math is not my strong suit. My father and three brothers excelled at math but I was more into literature and sports than numbers.

Joel was a lifesaver. I had never met anybody like this young man. I wasn’t so focused on chasing the chicks these days. I’ve come to discover that they’re just not worth it. Also, recently, a chick had done something nasty to me, man. I was having some fun with this broad named Joanna. A nice-looking chick from Cape Verde. Unfortunately, Joanna was also having an affair with this geek named Fiona Jordan. Fiona Jordan was an ugly dyke. When she saw me fucking her girlfriend, she went around starting rumors about me. Saying that I was a potential predator with violent tendencies and should be locked up. You wouldn’t believe how people started looking at me funny simply because Fiona said I was a brute. Nobody tried to get me arrested but I got looked at like I was O.J. Simpson. I ignored them, dumped Joanna, and eventually got my peace of mind back.

I have just about had it with females at this point. I’m just gonna say it like it is. I hate the bitches. Most bitches I meet tend to remind me of all the other bitches I’ve met. They’re obnoxious, they think they’re all that, they get way too much into a brother’s business and they’re casino firmaları so damn psycho. Have you ever met a bitch who wasn’t a control freak? Or a nosy creep? I don’t think so. Sorry for being rather blunt but somebody’s got to speak the truth. I don’t really like to date chicks. I just like chasing skirts in the hopes of some casual sex. Dating is expensive and frustrating. Chicks irritate the hell out of me, and most dudes, to tell you the truth.

So, yeah. I went down to the Student Center to get tutored. I insisted on a male tutor since I didn’t want to deal with any bitch and got one in Joel. He was such a nice guy. I stink at math but with his help, my grades started getting better and better. I started getting eighties and nineties on my tests rather than the seventies and sixties I usually got. Joel was a big help. He was such a nice guy. A lot of teachers just don’t care about students or about teaching. It’s like they’ve lost their trust and belief in their profession.

Joel wasn’t like that. He told me that he wanted to be a teacher someday. I was surprised. Teachers don’t make much. Joel told me that he wanted to be a role model for young men and women. He also wanted to help resolve the crisis in male education. He brought to my attention something I barely noticed. There were fewer male students on college campuses these days. Men were not doing well in higher education, or in high school. This crisis needed to be addressed. Solutions needed to be found. Joel felt that male students needed help and encouragement. Schools showed preferential treatment to female students. Men’s educational needs shouldn’t be neglected. Joel wanted to make a difference in the lives of the men of tomorrow.

I looked at Joel, surprised. There was so much more to this young man than I originally thought. He was cool, and a real Boy Scout too. He surprised me by telling me that he was once a real Boy Scout. I shook his hand. It had been a while since anybody impressed me. Joel and I became friends. He was such a cool guy. Unlike most dudes on campus, he wasn’t a skirt-chaser. I respected that about him. He was smart, respectable guy. The kind of guy whom most people felt was worthy of respect. I liked him and admired him to no end. He wasn’t just a cool guy. He was the kind of man that I wanted to be.

Joel and I became inseparable. He was actually a member of the New England Boy Scouts Association. I went to council meetings with him and I saw into his world. The men he knew were good guys. The kind of men I wish I knew. Joel and I sometimes went to the YMCA and played ball together. What took place one afternoon in the pool is something which I will never forget.

Joel and I were in the YMCA pool together, and we were swimming. I looked at him as he swam. He was looking really good. Sexy. Whoa! Did I just say that I thought a guy was sexy? I was shocked. Joel was swimming around, looking so damn good. I admired his handsome face, broad shoulders, six pack and muscular form as he went by. I was smiling. I felt weird but a good kind of weird, you know? I was so lost in my daydream that I didn’t see Joel sneaking up on me. He popped up right in front of me. I stared at him. Suddenly, he was close to me and our faces were an inch apart. He kissed me. And I kissed him back.

I was so damn shocked. Joel had put his arms around me and kissed me. And I kissed him back. When our lips parted, I stared at him. My mind was racing. I had just kissed a guy! I wasn’t gay, though. Hell, I wasn’t even bisexual. I like to have sex with women. Only women. No funny business on the side. I’m not a down low brother. No way. Still….what was I? Joel looked at me. He suddenly looked sad. He told me that he was sorry for what he did, and took off.

I watched him go. The sight of his sexy, masculine form streaking away from me caused a stir in me. I went after him. He had almost reached the gym doors when he froze. I had called him back. Joel looked at me. There was fear and hesitation on his face. I smiled at him. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I pulled Joel closer to me and kissed him. This time, neither of us ran away. We went into the showers, to continue what seemed like a lot of fun.

I pressed Joel against the wall as we kissed. I felt his hard, masculine body against mine. Our lips parted. I looked at güvenilir casino him. He was so beautiful. I wanted this guy. I wasn’t gay or bisexual. I was just a straight black man who felt a strong desire for another man. I wanted Joel and I looked into his eyes and knew that he wanted me. I looked at his sexy, nude body and hard cock. Yes, he wanted me. I was hard as hell too. I wanted to take him. He turned around, offering himself to me. I put on a condom and told him that I wanted him.

I kissed the back of Joel’s neck, and held him by the hips. He pressed his fine behind against my groin. I spread his butt cheeks gently, and pushed. My cock slid into Joel’s ass. I had never felt anything like this before. The feeling of my cock in another man’s ass. I had fucked girls in the ass before but this was different. His ass was tighter, warmer, better. He stroked his cock as I thrust into him. Joel moaned as I took him. He urged me to fuck him harder. I fucked him hard and quick. Moments later, I came and pulled out of him. It was wonderful.

Joel and I stood naked under the showers. We laughed, and kissed again. I suddenly felt like doing something crazy. I wanted to know what it was like to get fucked by another man. Joel was surprised but happy to oblige. He used some soap to prepare me, and then it was on. He grabbed a condom and put it on. I felt Joel’s cock press against my ass. I felt nervous but also excited. Joel spread my butt cheeks wide open and slowly worked his cock into me. I felt his cock enter me. I couldn’t believe this. I was letting another man’s dick up my ass. It hurt at first but as he thrust into me, it began to feel so damn good. Joel held my hips and slammed his cock into me. My own cock and balls bounced this way and that as he fucked me. I was loving every moment of it. When he came, I did as well. We both screamed our pleasure.

Later, we showered, cleaned ourselves up and left. I couldn’t believe all that I had just done on impulse with a guy. I wondered what kind of man that made me. I had just had sex with another man. Does this mean that I was gay or at least bisexual? Joel told me not to bother with labels. Joel dated girls back in high school and college. He admitted to sleeping with a few girls and quite a lot of guys. He considered himself bisexual. He also told me that sleeping with a man a few times didn’t automatically make me gay or bisexual. Some straight men had sex with other men while in prison or in places with few available females, like the military. Some straight women did it with other women while in gender-segregated environments or simply out of curiosity. Straight people had sex with members of their own gender all the damn time. Very few people were actually true bisexuals, according to Joel. Maybe I was one of them.

I pondered this in my mind. I decided not to bother with labels. The sex with Joel had been fun and different. I loved fucking a man in the ass. I also loved having a man suck my dick and shoving his cock up my ass. Later in the semester, back in Joel’s dorm, we had little chats at night and a lot more sex. Sometimes, I would take him doggy-style, just bend him over and slam into him. Other times, he’d give me the same treatment. We used up a lot of condoms and lube. We always practiced safe sex, which was wonderful. This was my last anal experience and I loved every minute of it.

Joel became my fuck buddy. We love hanging out and having fun. Just two bisexual studs, one black and one white, having fun in the big city. Sometimes, we go to clubs together. Once, Joel and I picked up Marcelao, a tall and sexy Hispanic guy and took him back to the dorms for a hot threesome. Man, we both sucked Marcelao and fucked him. I fucked him while he sucked on Joel’s dick. Then, Joel fucked him while he sucked on my cock and balls. I rode on Marcelao’s dick while he sucked on Joel’s thick prick. I love dick up my ass. I don’t care what color it is. We fucked and sucked the night away. Marcelao left the next morning.

You might think that I forgot about the females. I didn’t. there were nights when Joel and I picked up girls and brought them home but we always had sex with them separately. We didn’t want the females to know that we were bisexual. Women talk about their sex lives as often as men do, if not more. We didn’t want our secret to be out. That’s why we took precautions. And that’s how it goes, folks. I’m a young black man who’s in college. I shoot hoops and hope to get my education and make a lot of green someday. I also fuck anything that moves, male or female, when I get horny enough. Peace.

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