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Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Ch. 02

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Somewhere in the distance I hear a repeated smack-smack that pierces the tranquility of my slumber, cruelly touches my sensory centers and causes me to be roused from my passionate dream state. Through my half open eyes I saw Lucy’s dark hair spread over the adjacent pillow, her eyes closed, right hand resting on the pillow next to her head, her left arm under the bed clothes. Still the smack-smack sound continues with no obvious origin. I glance down through my half open eyes to see the bed clothes tented on Lucy’s knees. Surely not, was she playing with herself while lying right next to me? My visual, aural and olfactory senses continue to respond to the inputs around me: assimilating and collating, assessing and evaluating, triangulating and interpreting the continued smack-smack sound. Unconsciously my body reacted to the overwhelming stimuli, my cock grew stiff and I could feel fluid starting to accumulate on its end. “Anything I can do to help dear?” I asked.

“Just getting myself ready for you birthday boy.”

Lucy drew me into an embrace and her intention was clear when her stiff nipples brush against my chest, her hand reached down and she raked her nails lightly across my stomach just above my pubic hair. I respond with a sharp intake of breath as she continues to explore my lower body. As her hand lightly caresses my balls I reach out and cup her breast in the palm of my hand, extending my thumb I circle her nipple sensing its hardened state and cause it to stand erect from her body. Our lips come together, softly touching before parting to allow the mutual intertwining of tongues and exploration of each other. Lucy continues to caress my balls and I reached out, place my hand on her hip allowing my nails to lightly drag down the side of her firm, muscular leg. As my hand circles over her knee and starts down the inside of her thigh she responds by parting her legs to give me easier access to her sensitive and needy areas.

At the top of her thigh I halt my progress and gently pass my hand along the outside of the outer lips of her pussy, a passage that guides me to the top of her mound. Here I encountered the arrow of pubic hair that points directly at her now wide open entrance. I place a finger on each side of her outer lips and run them down the cleft between her thigh and outer lips. This put pressure on her engorged clit and she throws her head back against the pillow in response; on reaching the end of her slit I extend my middle finger to find the dripping fluid dripping and proceed to slide my finger up until I am deep inside her. As I circle and stretch her hot opening she raises her hips to move with me, forcing me to go deeper. As I explore the cul-de-sac at the end of her vaginal wall she opens her mouth and utters a gasp, extending my thumb I start to explore her now fully exposed clit. My middle finger is joined by a second finger deep inside her allowing me to stretch her open and softly stroke her inner vagina. In response Lucy starts to buck against my hand, throwing her head back, taking short shallow breaths as her climax explodes around my hand. Her fluids trickle down my hand and I pull her to me as I continue to stimulate her deep inside until her muscles cease their involuntary contractions.

As she completes her climax, her face displays a trance like state, eyes glazed, staring at a point beyond me, mouth open, short sharp breaths passing through those luscious lips. I bring my lips to hers and pull her into a deep passionate embrace. She pushes me onto my back, takes my cock into her hand and proceeds to pump it until I start to buck against her hand. Unexpectedly she releases her hold leaving me bucking against thin air frustrating my impending release. She positions herself over me, knees on either side of my hips her wide open pussy directly over my erection, casino şirketleri her magnificent firm breasts topped by fully erect nipples directly over me. Taking my cock in her hands she lowers herself onto me, taking my full length in one slow sensuous movement. Now sitting on me she starts to rock back and forth forcing me deeper into her, revealing her pink tissue stretching around my impaled member and exposing her erect clit to full view. Her hands slide up her body and caress her breasts. Cupping them in each hand she massages them in rhythm with her rocking motion, simultaneously pinching and twisting her nipples between forefinger and thumb. With every movement I feel the tip of my cock brush against her back wall as she continues to push me deeper. The arrow of pubic hair guides my next steps and I reach down, extend my thumb and start to circle her exposed clit. Lucy responds by bucking faster, breathing deeper and drives me to the edge of my climax. I feel her inner muscles contract against my cock and she emits a scream as she climaxes.

Under her release she collapses onto me, her hot breasts and hard nipples forced against my chest. Our interlaced bodies roll to one side and I spread myself above her and begin pumping in and out seeking my own release, Lucy raises her legs and wraps them around my waist, arches her back and begins to pull me deeper into her. Suddenly she spreads her legs and grabs hold of her ankles to force her legs further apart, opening herself up and allowing me to penetrate deeper than before. I withdraw until the tip of my cock is close to her entrance and then plunge quickly into her depth, the frequency of my thrusts increases and I feel the tension rising in my balls. In need of release I continue my movement, make one last thrust into her and feel the spasms in my balls and cock that leads to the ejaculation of my cum inside her. She wraps her legs around my waist, pulls me deeper and milks me dry with her contracting muscles so that we both feel the impact of my fluid against her inner tissue as I deposit my juices as deeply as possible. My weight falls onto her and she holds me tightly against her with both arms and legs wrapped around my body. We lie together, joined at the most natural of places, sharing common contact, exhausted, satisfied and utterly spent. “Happy birthday, lover.”

I awake to the sound of a rumbling stomach lying next to me. With all the exertions of the past few hours it is no surprise that Lucy is in need of food, and with some of the plans that are formulating in my mind we will need all the energy she can get. I rise silently trying not to wake the slumbering goddess sharing my bed, take a quick shower and after putting on shorts and a tee shirt head to the kitchen to see what I can find to eat.

From the refrigerator I pull out an assortment of juice, fruit, yoghurt, cheese and cold meat, a small pot of coffee completes the preparation of breakfast. Unexpectedly, I find a bottle of prosecco in the back of the refrigerator and, since it is my birthday, decide to open it with our meal. The sound of running water from Lucy taking a shower is followed by footsteps gently padding along the hall. Lucy pushes the door open and enters the kitchen dressed in a short bath robe that barely covers her shapely butt, the robe is loosely tied at the front forming a V shape that dips to her belly button and simultaneously puts the outline of her breasts on display. Despite the available visual attractions, I know that she is in need of food and in no mood for anything to get between her and calories.

I coax the cork out of the prosecco bottle not wishing to spare a drop and pour some for each of us. Lucy raises her glass, offers a toast to my birthday and we clink glasses before tasting the wine. Lucy’s arms circle my neck, she pulls casino firmaları me towards her and gives me a deep, passionate kiss before whispering “I hope you enjoy your birthday present and take full advantage of me this weekend.” She takes her hands from around my neck and I suddenly feel my balls being playfully squeezed as she winks back at me.

Lucy sits at the table with her legs crossed underneath her allowing the robe to ride up her legs and provide tempting glimpses of the delights it covers. Each time she reaches forward for more food the front folds open and more of her breasts come into view, the edge of her nipples are occasionally revealed before she pulls the robe tighter around her. Over the late breakfast we talk about how her research is progressing. The scientific nuances of recombinant DNA strands flowing through carbon nanotubes are lost on me but I offer some suggestions about automating her data capture and also pick up on the fact that there is some tension with her supervisor about the direction of her research. While this may have been concerning for many graduate students it only adds to Lucy’s resolve, encouraging her to pursue an innovative direction that she can scientifically justify without the need to follow the well-trodden path of the other students in the group. “They are all guilty of robot research,” she announces.

“I take offense at that,” I interject with an amused tone as I think about my daily occupation.

“No I didn’t mean it that way,” Lucy continues, “I mean they are not capable of a novel thought or action, too scared to follow their own path and simply take instruction from their supervisor without thinking about it.”

Who am I to argue? Already this weekend has shown her ability to pursue never previously charted territory and it is only Saturday lunchtime.

Our discussion is interrupted by the familiar ring tone of Lucy’s cell phone announcing the impending “short chat” with her mother. “Hi Mom,” she chirps as she unwinds her legs and moves to the sofa to get more comfortable for the upcoming inquisition. These calls normally go on for an eternity so I pour us some more prosecco and start to clear things away before returning about 15 minutes later to find the “conversation” still in progress:

“Yes Mom, I’m at Mike’s for the weekend. I cum here quite often, you know that.”

Hopefully her mother missed the double meaning knowingly inserted into the conversation. Although I get along well with her Mom, the thought of her daughter being sexually active is something that Mom knows but doesn’t want to be reminded about; if only she know what we got up to earlier.

“Yes Mom he is being really good to me, he is making sure that I get everything I need this weekend,” she looks directly at me and gives me a lascivious wink.

Holding the phone to one ear with her left hand she idly swings the end of the belt of her robe with her right. Her left leg is draped over the armrest with her head lying on the sofa. The bottom of her robe rides up and at the right angle I get a glimpse of her inviting, bald pussy. The front of the robe is invitingly open to display the top of the pubic arrow that points directly down between her legs; the thought of the delights at its tip causes the pressure in my swelling cock to increase further. The temptation is too great and I reach down and gently pull her robe open revealing the swell of her firm breasts. Cupping one in my right hand I place my mouth on her breast and roll my tongue over her nipple until it points stiffly back at me. I look up and see Lucy mouthing “Stop it, I’m on the phone with Mom?”

I just look back and say softly “Anytime, anywhere, anyhow,” before lowering my mouth onto her other breast and gently clamping her erect nipple between my teeth. The sensation causes güvenilir casino her to throw back her head while trying to keep from uttering something into the phone that would leave no doubt in her Mom’s mind exactly how “good” I was being to her daughter.

My head and extended tongue head south pausing only to explore her belly button while seeking out the arrow with my target at its tip. As I reach my destination I gently part the lips of her pussy to expose her engorged clit, the site of her arousal invites me on as I graze her swollen button with the tip of my tongue. Somewhere in the background I hear “No Mom I don’t know if I will make it home next weekend, but I am sure I will be cumming soon.”

Emboldened by that request I continue exploring her pussy with my tongue, tracing the edge with its tip before sliding past her outer lips and pushing into her. The arching of her back as she throws her head back tells me that I have found a sensitive spot so I continue my assault, lapping her juices and spreading them over her sensitive self.

“Ok Mom, I’ve got to go, I’ll be cumming soon. Love you,” after which I begin to feel her shake and hear her cry out as juices pour from between her legs.

I take a long, deep lick and capture as much as possible on my tongue. Holding it in my mouth I push my body up wedging her legs apart, my mouth covers hers and our tongues intertwine allowing me to release her tasty fluids for her palate to savour. “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose” I whisper into her ear.

After freeing my cock from the confines of my shorts I grab her by the waist, flip her onto the floor and position her on her hands and knees. She instinctively pushes her ass in the air and parts her legs to show me her desire to have me plunge deep into her. I put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and in one continuous movement push forward, slowly burying myself in her until my hips land against the soft muscles of her butt. As I withdraw slowly I feel every delicious contour of her inner surfaces press against me, reversing my direction Lucy pushes back urging me to increase my pace; instead I maintain a slow rhythm savouring every inch of motion, maximizing every nerve tingling movement. The head of my cock barely appears from Lucy’s pussy before it heads back into the deep, dark but ever so inviting hole, the liberal coating of slick juices keep the movement smooth and effortless. I feel every ridge inside her and every voluntary or involuntary contraction of her muscles as I probe rhythmically in and out. Each motion pushing us both closer to climax, closer to joining each other in the release of sexual tension, closer to that space and time where nothing but our unity exists.

Suddenly I feel Lucy’s hand grab my balls, rolling them between her fingers, massaging them with the palm of her hand and grabbing my sack to pull me forward as a counterpoint to her thrusts backward. I increase the speed of my thrusts, matching the urgency I feel from Lucy’s hot body. As our mutual desires fuel our movement the tension in my balls rises; demanding release, I aggressively grab Lucy’s hips and take control of entering her at my choice of speed and force. As I feel the pressure rise I automatically increase the rate of penetration and as I near my own limits I push deep inside her, holding her butt against her swaying hips, my cock circling inside her. Her muscles start to contract as she issues a cry of relief from the building tension in her own body. The extra stimulus pushes me over the edge and I feel my hot cum explode into her, splashing off her insides the warmth spreads over the surface of my embedded cock; with another spasm I climax again, thrust again before 3 more spasms drain my balls and I collapse on top of Lucy, pinning her to the floor. We lie motionless joined by a physical bond, sharing a common experience, lusting for more. Although presently sated I suspect that our lustful nature will take over once again as we continue our weekend of depravity, exploration and birthday celebrations.

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