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April’s Anal Adventure

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Fuck me! Fuck me!”

April’s words made my cock pulse as she hissed into my ear, her finger nails digging deeper into my back with each thrust of my hips. The room filled with the wet slapping sound of our sweaty bodies colliding as she urged me on.

“Harder,” she moaned, her legs wrapped tightly around my body.

I raised myself up with my arms in an attempt to gain better leverage as I repeatedly slammed my hips into hers, driving my cock deep with each forceful descent. Her eyes were locked on mine as I became lost in the lustful gaze of her penetrating green eyes.

Reaching up, she grabbed the back of my hair, guiding me back down to rest upon her. The weight of my body pressed against hers, forcing her breasts to squeeze together against my chest. I could feel her torso rising and falling with each breath, growing ragged and intense. She pressed her face against mine, and I felt her hot breath in my ear as she whispered.

“Put your finger in my ass.”

Taking my finger I presented it to my girlfriend, who quickly took it into her mouth, sucking it lustfully with eyes closed. Her soft lips continued to drag along the length as I pulled it away, now glistening wet with her saliva.

As April lifted her knees, raising her legs into the air she smiled up at me invitingly. I knew the drill. We had played it out many times since that first night. That night when I had sat back and watched her anal virginity being take before my very eyes.

Reaching down awkwardly, I slid my hand in between our sweaty bodies, feeling my way along the smooth curves of her ass. I could hear her let out a subtle moan as my wet finger began to delve between her firm cheeks, searching for her hole.

April gasped as my saliva-soaked finger tip touched the smooth, soft skin of her sensitive rim, pressing gently.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned with satisfaction as I began to wriggle my finger past her pulsing, muscular ring.

I could feel her hot, tight asshole clutching my digit as it slid up inside her. As I buried myself knuckle-deep in her ass, he urged me on with moans of pleasure and erratic grasps of her clutching hands.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Deeper!” she moaned, her fingernails tracking deep gouges in my naked flesh as she became overwhelmed by the sensation.

My hand twisted and turned in an attempt to drive my finger deeper in accord with April’s wishes. As it slid as far as it could go in her tight ass, I began curling my finger, massaging her insides as my dick continued thrusting into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yessssssssssss!” she squealed as her pussy clenched around my shaft and her asshole hugged my finger with short, repeated contractions.

As April’s orgasm rose, peaked, and then subsided, I continued driving my cock in and out with an unrelenting forceful rhythm. Gradually, as fatigue began to overtake me, I slowed to a deep, deliberate grinding. I slipped my finger out of her ass and stared down into her face as she smiled back with satisfied content.

As I caught a brief glimpse of the recognizable gleam in her eye, I knew what she was going to ask next.

“From behind?” I asked.

April’s pink lips curled up into a sexy smile of confirmation.

“Yes,” she answered with contained enthusiasm. “But…can we use the…”

I cocked my head in interested curiosity.


Since April had discovered her newfound fascination with anal stimulation, she had purchased a plethora of sex toys that she had insisted on using, both with and without me. In fact, our sexual activities had rarely gone without them lately.

“Sure,” I responded, sliding my dick out of her gripping, wet pussy. “Which one did you want to use this time.”

An expression of excitement overtook her face as she rolled onto her side and reached for the drawer in her bedside table which contained her stash of recently purchased sex toys.

“Actually,” she began as she slid the drawer open. “I just got a new one.”

I rolled my eyes. She had been purchasing one or two “new ones” every week lately.

As she pulled out her new toy my eyes widened with surprise. Most of her toys had been slender, delicate vibrators or plugs made specifically for anal use, but this one was much different. It was a large rubber dildo formed in the shape of a real penis, complete with veins and balls, making it appear eerily lifelike.

As she handed me the fake cock, my brow furrowed with skepticism. At around nine inches, and quite thick it much larger than anything she had previously taken in her ass, included my own dick.

“You want this in your ass?” I asked, inspecting the toy’s firmness and pliability.

April nodded enthusiastically as she grabbed a tube of lubricant from the drawer.

“Are you sure you can handle this? It’s kind of…big.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” she beamed, handing me the lube and quickly rolling over onto her hands and knees in eagerness.

As I squeezed the small tube producing a line of opaque red fluid along the shaft of the dildo, I began to realize just how much my girlfriend had changed over the last month and a half. Her timid, self-conscious nature had given way to a lustful, insatiable desire with a complete fascination with anal experimentation. It wasn’t just in the bedroom that she had changed however, as her whole demeanor had been transformed. She seemed happier and more comfortable with herself. She even looked different, often experimenting with different styles of clothing and hair. Recently, she had dyed her hair from her original dirty blonde to a much darker brown and had it cut into a shorter, tasteful style that came just down to her shoulders. She had pierced her nose and even pierced her tongue, although I had not yet experienced the pleasures of that particular addition yet.

“Hurry,” she urged impatiently, looking back over her shoulder at me with an excited smile.

I smiled back as I finished coating the entire shaft with the slippery, cherry flavored lubricant.

“Okay,” I said finally, moving closer. “Ready?”

April giggled and reached back with both hands to pull her cheeks apart, presenting her tiny little asshole to me.

“Yes,” she answered softly, as I stared down at my girlfriend’s enticing orifice pulled open lewdly by her slender hands.

As I readied the dildo for penetration, I lightly stoked my thumb over her asshole, watching it clench up at my touch. I then placed the rubber cock against her tight little opening and slowly forced it inside as April moaned with gratification. I preceded cautiously due to the size of the toy, slowly twisting and turning as the veiny, rubber shaft descended in my girlfriend’s ass.

“You doing okay?” I asked, checking her status as I pulled back a bit before sliding in a little farther.

“Yes,” she gasped, her hands grasping in futility at the bed sheets. “Keep going.”

I was actually amazed at April’s ability to take the large rubber dick into her tight ass. Her hole remained stretched around the invading shaft, hugging the dildo tightly as I slid it in and out. Soon I had the entire length buried inside her, with the rubber balls snuggled firmly against her glistening wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm,” she cooed, slowly stroking her clit. “That’s it.”

As I began sliding the dildo in and out, fucking her ass, she blurted out her next request.

“Can you fuck me at the same time?” she asked with gasping breaths. “I want you to fill my holes.”

“Of course,” I responded, although it was easier said than done.

In order to gain access to April’s empty pussy, I was forced to rotate the dildo around in her ass so that the balls were on the topside. As I did so, she reached between her legs, spreading her moist, swollen lips invitingly. My cock slipped in between her soft folds with ease, sliding deep inside her as my stomach came to rest against the backside of the rubber toy embedded in her butt.

“Oh fuck yes!” she gasped, feeling her holes being completely filled.

As I started to thrust forward, driving my cock into her swollen, wet pussy my body pushed the dildo with each repetition, eliciting a throaty moan from April’s open mouth each time.

“Do you like that?” I asked, my arousal growing with each thrust. “Do you like having two cocks inside you?”

“Yes! She blurted out emphatically. “I fucking love it!”

“I bet you wish they were both real cocks don’t you?”


As my arousal escalated with each thrust, so did the intensity of my dirty talking.

“Oh yeah?” I said, driving my dick deep inside April’s warm, wet hole. “You want to get fucked by two guys?”

“Yes!” she cried out in between moans.

“At the same time?”


I felt my orgasm approaching and slowed my pace, but it was too late.
I groaned as I pulled my cock free, grasping it tightly around the shaft as my balls contracted sending a pleasurable, intense shiver through my body. A few pumps of my hand then sent stream after stream of hot cum jetting across April’s back. As the streams progressively shortened in distance, the white fluid dripped down onto her ass, collecting in between her cheeks, and around the shaft of the dildo which was still firmly embedded in her stretched butthole.

“Wow. Sorry,” I apologized as I sat back in disappointment. “I guess I got a little bit too turned on there.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” April said as she rolled onto her side and eased the dildo out of her ass. “I guess you’ll just have to fuck me again later.”

“Sure, sure,” I answered with a laugh, crawling up to lay beside my girlfriend. “Just give me…five or ten minutes.”

After a few moments or post coital relaxation, April spoke again.

“So…” she began, hesitantly. “What made you so turned on?”

I looked over and narrowed my eyes with curious suspicion.


“I don’t know,” she continued, shrugging one shoulder and cocking her head to the side as a coy expression crossed her face. “Just wondering.”

“Uh huh. Well, I’m not sure. I guess it was just hearing you talk about…”

“Yes…?” she prompted.

“Getting fucked by two guys.”

April smiled.

“I think you were the one talking about that,” she stated playfully, pointing a finger into my shoulder.

I shrugged in agreement, but remained silent, cautious about what to say next.

“Does that turn you on?” she prodded, pressing her knuckles into my shoulder. “The thought of me being with two guys?”

“Well, I’ve never really thought about it…but according to the response it had on my cock…yeah. Maybe so.”

I turned towards her.

“Why?” I asked. “Does it turn you on?”

April snuggled up closer as she bit her bottom lip with renewed excitement.

“Actually…yes. A lot.”

“Oh really?”

“Uh huh,” she said with a shy giggle. “I’ve actually been thinking about that quite a bit lately.”

My brow elevated with intrigue.

“Is that why you bought your new…toy?”

April nodded, trying hard to contain her smile.

“You dirty little girl,” I teased, grabbing her side, tickling her as she giggled and playfully swatted at my hands.

After a few minutes of play-wrestling, we settled back into the bed, lying sideways as stared into each other’s eyes.

“So…” April began again, something obviously on her mind. “What do you think? Do you think you would ever do it?”

“What? Double-team you?”

“Yeah,” she answered, staring at me with a cute, child-like expression that seemed ill-suited to the dirty direction she was taking the conversation.

“Uh…”I stammered, turning my eyes away from her inquisitive gaze. “I don’t know…maybe…Why? Do you actually want to try it?”

Again she shrugged, although I could sense her apprehensiveness in admitting hers thoughts.

Come on,” I prodded. “You can tell me. It’s okay.”

“Okay…,” she began slowly before blurting out the rest. “Yeah. I want to try it.”

A moment of awkward silence followed before April began to regret her kinky confession.

“Unless, you think it’s weird or something. We don’t have to…”

“No, no, no,” I said, cutting her off. I don’t think it’s weird. I’m just not sure if…,”


I took a deep breath before continuing.

“I’m not sure if I would want to be…one of the guys.”

A look of confusion caused April’s brow to furrow and her nose to wrinkle up as she tried to understand what I had just said.

“So…,” she began slowly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. “You would want to…watch?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

She rolled over, propping he head up with her hands as her face beamed with growing interest.

“Why wouldn’t you want to participate?” she asked with curiosity.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “It just doesn’t really appeal to me.”

“But watching two other guys does?”

Again I shrugged.

“Well…I got kind of turned on watching you get fucked by one other guy so…I’m sure watching you get fucked by two other guys might be even hotter.”

“Do you think we could find two guys that would do it?” she asked, trying to hide her growing excitement.

“I’m not sure,” I answered nonchalantly. “Why? Did you have someone in mind?”

My last comment held a bit of suspicion as I looked over at my girlfriend.
April shrugged her shoulders, but I could tell she already had somebody in mind.

“Well…,” she began cautiously. “What about Will? He might do it.”

I rolled my eyes. I had suspected that my friend’s name would come up since he was the one that had deflowered my girlfriend’s virgin ass some forty five days ago. I had always wondered if April had been harboring some kind of sexual crush on him since that day, and now her recent suggestion was lending credence to my theory.

“Yeah,” I began unenthusiastically. “He would probably do it.”

Not only was I sure that Will would jump at the chance to fuck April again, I was pretty sure that he would be able to get someone to join him. Although, I would have liked to have someone else, I realized that Will would probably be the only choice.

“I’ll call him tomorrow,” I said, eliciting an enthusiastic smile from my excited girlfriend.



“You’re the best!” April exclaimed, throwing her arms around me and planting a big kiss on my cheek.

I smiled, although I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

“You’re pretty excited about this huh?” I asked, turning to face April.

“I am!” she answered quickly. “I’m sooo turned on right now! In fact…”

April turned around and positioned herself on her hands and knees with her ass facing me.

“I think you still have some work to do tonight.”

I smiled as I reached over and grabbed the lubricant.

* * * * * * * *

The next day I called Will to make the awkward proposal. I felt a little uncomfortable calling him. In fact, I had not spoken to him much since that fateful night when I had lost the pool game that cost my girlfriend her anal innocence. Of course he agreed and quickly suggested a few names as accomplices. I found it a little strange that he didn’t even seem fazed by the odd request I was making.

As soon as I hung up the phone I called April to fill her in. I could sense her excitement, even over the phone, as she heard the news. When I told her that I didn’t know who the third person would be in her future threesome, she didn’t even seem concerned.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” she asked, just as I was about to say goodbye.

“Uh…nothing. Why?”

“I’m going to buy a new sexy outfit. Want to come?”

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “You’re really getting into this huh?”

“Kind of…” April answered with a giggle. “Does that bother you? I don’t want you to get all jealous on me now.”

“No, no,” I reassured, assuaging any emerging concerns my girlfriend may have been feeling. “But why don’t you go pick something out? You can surprise me.”

“Oh, okay” she said, somewhat surprised at my reluctance to join her on her shopping trip. “Do you have any requests?”

“You know what I like,” I responded as a continuous stream of mental images flew through my wandering mind.

“Yeah,” April agreed. “I think I have a pretty good idea.”

As I was beginning to picture my girlfriend casino şirketleri in a variety of skimpy, lurid outfits she spoke again.

“What do you think Will would like?”

Her question shocked me slightly as I was soon brought to the realization that my girlfriend was intending on pleasing not only me.

“Uhh…anything I would guess. You know how he is. He usually likes pretty slutty looking girls so…”

“So I should wear something slutty?”

“Yeah…I guess so,” I answered carefully. April had always been very self conscious and tended to be reluctant when it came to wearing revealing clothing.

“Oh!” she piped up, suddenly changing the subject. “I was thinking of getting a hotel room that night. What do you think?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “We can do that.”

“Good,” she chirped, her enthusiasm rising. “I’ll book the room. I can’t believe we’re going through with this!”

“Yeah, I know. You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

“Not at all,” April stated quickly. “I am a little nervous though.”

We continued talking for a few minutes before saying our goodbyes for the night.

As I hung up the phone, the realization began to set in. This was really happening. My girlfriend was going to get fucked by two guys and I was going to watch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My excitement grew over the next couple days as I waited with eager anticipation to hear back from April. It was Thursday evening when she finally called to finalize the plans for our illicit weekend of fun.

“Hey, where have you been?” I asked with concern after answering the phone. “I was expecting to hear from you yesterday.”

“Sorry,” she apologized with sincerity. “I’ve been busy getting everything ready.”

“Oh yeah?” I responded, surprised at April’s dedication. “How was your little shopping trip?

“Am I going to get to see what you bought?”

“Nope,” she answered promptly with a cute
giggle. “You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Oh come on!” I whined. “Can you at least tell me what you bought?”

“Uh uh,” she teased. “You should have come with me. Don’t worry though. I promise you’ll like it.”

“Okay”, I conceded with reluctance. “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” April continued. “I booked us a room at the Holliday Inn downtown. I booked it under your name so be there by eight. Tell Will and his friend to get there around nine.”

“You’re not going to come with me?” I asked, surprised at my girlfriend’s uncharacteristic desire to take charge of the situation.

“No. I have a few things to do beforehand. I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay,” I agreed reluctantly. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes you will,” April said in a soft, seductive tone. “Yes you will.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I kept glancing over at the clock as I waited impatiently alone in hotel room. Leaning back on the moderately firm king sized bed, I flipped through the television channels, toying with the idea of ordering a pay-per-view porn movie. Finding an old episode of Seinfeld, I tossed the remote on the bed beside me and settled in as my mind raced with a continuing stream of impure thoughts.


The sound of a keycard sliding in and out of the room’s lock startled me from my reverie and I sat up, training my eyes intently on the slowly opening door

“Hi,” April greeted cheerfully as she stepped inside, letting the door close behind her.
A smile spread across my face as I climbed off the bed towards my girlfriend as she set her purse and a few other bags on the bed. She was wearing a long black coat that reached down to her knees. Her hair looked impeccable, silky and straight as it hung down to her shoulders, partially covering the silver hoop earrings that dangled from her ears.

“Wow,” I exclaimed, studying her with leering eyes. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks,” she responded, managing half a smile as she rummaged through the bags, seemingly distracted. “I was in the salon all afternoon.”

Glancing down at her perfectly manicured nails, I realized just how much effort April had put into the evening. Her makeup was flawless as well, complimenting her tanned complexion and drawing attention to her eyes, which were lined with just enough mascara to give her a sexy, provocative appearance.

“How did you get a key?” I asked, letting my eyes drift downward to the pair of fishnet stocking covered legs peeking out from the bottom of her knee-length coat.

“The guy at the desk just gave it to me,” she stated, looking up from her bags for a brief moment. “I think he thought I was a hooker.”

“Hmmm,” I hummed, my interest peaked by her choice of undergarments as my eyes remained glued to the tantalizing fishnets and black high heels. “That is possible. By the way, let’s see what you have hidden under there.”

As I stepped forward and reached for April’s coat, she absently brushed my hand away and cast me a scolding gaze.

“Uh uh,” she said, wagging her finger as one side of her lip curled up into a cute smile. “Not yet.”

I pursed my lips together into a pouting child-like expression as April pulled a bottle of champagne from one of the bags.

“Why don’t you go get some ice,” she suggested, displaying the bottle before my wandering eyes. “Then…I’ll show you what I have on under here.”

I just smiled in response as I strolled over to the table and grabbed the ice bucket. It was out of character for my girlfriend to be such a tease, but I had to admit her secretive behavior was beginning to entice me. Without looking back, I opened the door and walked out into the hallway and headed for the ice machine. After a few minutes of waiting for the stubborn machine to spit out enough ice, I made my way back to the room where my girlfriend awaited, hopefully displayed in her new outfit.

“I’m ba-ak,” I called out as I pushed the door open and re-entered the room, sauntering in to set the ice bucket down on the table. “Now let’s see…”

My words stumbled to a halt as I looked up to see April standing before me, hands on her hips and a bashful expression spread across her pretty face. My eyes carefully scanned her body as she remained standing on display. My heart skipped a beat as I took in the sight of her toned legs encased in thigh high fishnet stockings, giving her a wondrously slutty appeal. A light black camisole tightly hugged her torso, teasing my hungry eyes with a strip of sheer material running from between her breasts down to her navel. The see-through fabric allowed a tantalizing view of her ample cleavage, which was emphasized by the snug fitting top. A pair of matching booty-short style panties adorned her hips and cupped her pert little ass cheeks. Her silken hair was now tied back in a pony tail giving me an unfettered view of her beautiful face and neck, complete with a sexy black choker. As I took in the alluring sight, I realized just how much April had changed in the previous month. When we had first started dating, there was no way she would ever choose to show herself off in such a provocative outfit. The slightly embarrassed look on her face combined with the growing redness of her blushing cheeks however, told me that she still retained some of her previous bashful innocence.

“Well?” April asked, waiting impatiently for my impending approval.

“It’s perfect,” I stated simply as I took a step towards her. “Although I think I need a closer look.”

“First…,” she shot back, causing me to halt my aroused advance as she turned to grab the champagne. “Pour me a glass, and put the bottle on ice.”

“Mmmm,” I murmured out loud as I caught a glimpse of the posterior view of her new outfit. “Just a sec. I think I might like the back better than the front.”

April giggled and looked back over her shoulder as she posed again for my viewing pleasure. Similar to the transparent strip of sheer fabric down the front of the camisole, the entire back was likewise see-through. Even more enticing, however, was the back of her panties which also possessed a slightly sheer quality allowing a partial view of her cute little round ass.

“Now don’t you wish you were the one fucking me tonight?” April asked, taunting me by arching her back and wiggling her irresistible little butt.
“We still have time,” I suggested, my eyes glued to my girlfriend’s delectable backside.

“Uh uh,” she said dismissively with a wave of her finger. “You had your chance. You said you only wanted to watch.”

Although disappointed, I was impressed with April’s shrewdness and her avoidant demeanor only served to increase my desire. As I slipped off the covering from the cheap plastic cups, I barely looked up as she placed the bottle down on the table beside me. I portioned out the champagne and turned to hand one cup to April. I noticed a nervous tremble in her hand as she accepted the drink and quickly put it to her lips. As I studied her movements I began to realize just how anxious my girlfriend was concerning the night’s upcoming events.

“Are you okay?” I asked with concern, sipping from the plastic cup in my hand. “If you want to call this off, we…”

“No,” she answered promptly, dismissing my concern with the emphatic nature of her response. “I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

As I took another drink, I found it increasingly difficult to tear my eyes away from my scantily clad girlfriend as she walked over to the bed and resumed looking through her shopping bags. Unable to restrain myself, I set my drink down, walked up behind April and pressed my body against hers, kissing her softly on the neck.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” she scolded, although she made no attempt to push me away.

“I can’t help it,” I explained between kisses down her slender neck. “You look too good.”

“Well…” she said, turning to face me, biting one corner of her lip in a cute, innocent manor. “There is something you can help me with.”

“And what is that?” I asked, intrigued by her vague suggestion.

April smiled as she reached into one of the bags and pulled out a small package.

“You can help me get warmed up,” she said, holding up the clear, plastic package containing what I could clearly see was flesh colored butt plug.

“Another toy?” I asked, taking the object from her and studying it half-heartedly. “Don’t you have enough of these?”

“I don’t have one like that,” April explained, turning back to the bed. “I thought it might be useful to help me get…prepared.”

I nodded as I attempted to peel apart the stubborn plastic package.

“Plus,” she added, glancing back over her shoulder with a wry smile. “I thought it might be fun.”

“I’m sure…it will…be,” I answered back, struggling as I strenuously pulled apart the package.

Turning back to me, April smiled as she held up a small bottle of lubricant.

“Good. Let’s get started.”

With that, she downed her drink, swept the bags onto the floor and climbed onto the bed, pausing for a moment on all fours in a blatant attempt to further entice me before flipping over onto her back and sliding into a comfortable position, propped up on her elbows.

I looked from April back to the plastic object I now held in my hand, inspecting it carefully. I had seen butt plugs before, but this one seemed quite a bit larger with a thick base, tapering down to a rounded point. As much as I was looking forward to working the toy into my girlfriend’s ass, I was determined to play as much as possible before completing that particular task.

“You looked really tanned,” I said, observing the deep, golden hue that covered April’s half naked body.

“It’s mostly fake,” she explained, staring back up at me. “I wanted to make sure I looked really, really good.”

“Well, you succeeded in that,” I ensured, once again marveling at my girlfriend’s impeccable form. “What else did you do to prepare for this?”
“Oh you’ll find out soon enough,” she said with a restrained giggle, glancing downwards as she spread her legs invitingly.

Unable to further contain my excitement, I rested one knee on the bed and reached out to curl my fingers into the waistband of her tightly fitting panties. April lifted her hips off the bed, allowing me to slide the underwear from around her ass and down her stocking-clad legs. As soon as the panties were down around her thighs, I realized what her ambiguous comment had been referring to. April’s usual thatch of light blonde hair was nowhere to be seen, leaving her entire pubic region completely hairless.

“Wow,” I exclaimed, staring down at her inviting, pink folds. “You shaved it all?”

“Nope,” April countered, kicking her underwear to the side. “I had it waxed. Do you think they’ll like it?”

April’s question brought me back to reality as I realized that within less than an hour, two other guys were going to be fucking my girlfriend.

“Yes,” I answered meekly, reaching out to run my fingers over her hairless folds. “I think they will.”

Unable to restrain myself any further, I climbed onto the bed, pushing April’s legs out wide as she let out a faint gasp of anticipation. Planting my lips around her blushing pussy, I sucked firmly before pushing my eager tongue inside her. Letting out a started moan, she reached down to grab my hair, locking her legs around my back as I delved deeper into her moistening hole.

“Mmmm, yeah baby,” she moaned in

encouragement. “Suck that pussy.”

Usually not inclined to talking dirty, April’s words aroused me even further and I intensified my oral assault, pushing her legs up high as I tongue fucked her with deep, stabbing wet thrusts of my hungry tongue.

“Yessss,” she continued, writhing with pleasure under my busy lips. “Lick it. Get it nice and wet so I can get fucked later.”

Sliding my tongue from her juicy little hole, I pressed my face into the bed and an attempt to get at her ass, which remained just out of reach.

“Are you trying to lick my ass?” April asked softly as my flickering tongue lashed at her tiny dark orifice.

“Maybe…” I said in between licks, my eyes glancing upward to see her staring down at me with a lustful smile.

Smiling contentedly, April pushed me away before rolling over and rising up to her knees, presenting her luscious ass to me as she smiled back over her shoulder.

“Do it like this,” she said, biting her lip as she looked back at me, reaching with her hands to provocatively pull apart her supple ass cheeks.
I licked my lips with desire as I moved into position behind her, eyeing her little pink asshole as it twitched in anticipation.

“Do it,” she urged. “Lick my ass. I want to feel your tongue in my…ohhh,”

April’s tempting words were cut short as she felt the soft, warm sensation of my probing tongue gliding over her tiny puckered hole.

“You like that?” I asked, circling her asshole with slow, deliberate laps, each one decreasing in size as I centered in on her sensitive little star.

“Yes,” she exclaimed, restraining her excitement with clenched teeth. “I fucking love it. I love having you lick my ass.”

April’s neatly manicured nails dug into the flesh of her ass as she pulled hard to expose herself to my exploring tongue. As the tip of my tongue found her elusive hole, I wriggled it forcefully, feeling her tight muscular ring pulse under my hot, wet lips.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she continued, as her asshole relaxed my tip wiggled its way inside. “Just think. In less than an hour this tight little ass is going to be full of cock.”

Her words caught me by surprise and I paused for a brief moment before continuing my lingual violation of my girlfriend’s anus.

“Yeah?” I asked, running a couple fingers over her damp pussy lips. “Are you excited?”

“Mmmhmm,” she purred in affirmation. “I can’t wait.”

Reaching over, I picked up the bottle of lubricant and flipped open the cap.
“What are you most excited for?” I asked as I tilted the bottle and let the slippery liquid dribble down over April’s freshly licked asshole.

“I want…to be used,” she answered softly, as she felt the cool lubricant pooling in her crinkled little star. “I want to be full of cock. I want them to fuck my holes and use me for their pleasure.”

My dick pulsed in my pants as my girlfriend verbalized her lascivious casino firmaları desires.

“I…just want…to be a…whore.”

“Don’t worry baby,” I said softly as I leaned down to plant a kiss on her supple asscheek as I watched the lubricant trickle down over her flushed pussy lips. “You will be.”

As I reached for the plug, April reached back between her legs and collected some of the lube in her delicate hand before reaching back and lathering it over her little pink asshole.

“You…want me to be a whore?” she asked tentatively as she stroked her tightly closed opening with sensual strokes of her middle finger.

“Yes,” I gasped watching her nimble finger slip easily into the confines of her tight little ring.

Taking the butt plug, I began lubricating it in preparation, using my hand to completely cover the plastic toy with slippery fluid as April continued finger fucking her own ass.

“Ready?” I asked, entranced by the rhythmic motion of her finger slipping in and out of her gripping hole.

“Mmmhmm,” she purred, letting her finger slip free as she resumed the clutching grasp of her widely spread ass in anticipation.

Placing the tip of the plug directly into the center of her little pink star, her ring twitched as I slowly pushed the toy inside. Rotating it from side to side, I watched in amazement as April’s wanton asshole slowly expanded around the invading plastic object. Letting out a subtle, drawn-out moan, she closed her eyes and let out a subtle moan as her tiny hole swallowed up the entire length of the flesh-colored plug.

“Mmmm, thanks,” April chirped, reaching back to run her fingers over the deeply embedded toy, now firmly secured within the welcoming confines of her stretched asshole.

As I looked down at my girlfriend, I found myself wishing that it was my dick filling her ass. I was very turned on, and I could feel my cock pulsing within my pants as my eyes scanned over her sexy form. Rolling over onto her back, April smiled up at me before reaching for her underwear.

“That’s it?” I asked, as my horny smile turned into a disappointed frown. “We still have some time.”

April just smiled and cast me another teasing glance as she pulled her panties back up her legs.

“Uh uh,” she muttered with a shake of her head as I watched her perfectly hairless pussy disappear under the silky black fabric. “We can’t have you wearing me out before the guys get here.”

“You’re evil,” I chided playfully as I adjusted my swollen dick to a more comfortable position within my tight fitting underwear.

“Aww, poor baby,” she teased, as she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Don’t worry. You can fuck me after they’re finished with me.”
With that, April leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was strange hearing her talk that way. I had to admit though…It was turning me on.

“How about a blowjob?” I asked optimistically, causing her to let out a brief laugh as she once again shook her head.

“I don’t want to mess my make-up,” she explained with taunting smirk as she turned and walked back over the table. “How about another drink though?”

“Sure,” I answered, slumping down onto the bed in disappointment as I resigned to suffering an excruciating case of blue balls for the next hour.

April poured us each a glass of champagne before sitting down on the bed beside me. It took all the self-restraint I could muster to keep my hands to myself as we chatted casually. As the night progressed I could sense her growing anxious as she kept glancing at the clock in between nervous sips from her glass.
It was almost nine-thirty when Will finally showed up. His lateness surprised me little, as punctuality had never been one of his strong suits. As I heard the raucous knocking at the door I gave one more glance to my girlfriend who immediately blushed red in anticipation.

“Ready?” I asked one final time, as I stood up and walked over to the door.

“I think so,” April replied meekly as she gave herself one final inspection in the mirror.
I took one final deep breath before turning the handle and opening the door.

“Hey buddy!” Will blurted out enthusiastically as he pushed his way into the room. “Let the games begin.”

I stood aside as he walked past me, cradling a half-empty case of beer in his arm. In close pursuit behind him was his friend Mark, who I had met previously on a few occasions. Mark was kind of a quiet guy, and I always perceived him as kind of a prick but maybe I just didn’t know him that well. He gave me a cordial nod as he followed Will into the room.

“April!” Will exclaimed, slamming the beer down on the table. “Look at you! Come here and let me get a closer look at that hot little outfit.”
My girlfriend turned a darker shade of red, as she strolled towards him, suddenly stricken with a new bout of shyness. Will took her by the hand and spun her around, viewing her from all angles as his lecherous eyes roamed her body with lustful admiration.

“Mmm, yummy,” he said with a devilish smile as he released her hand. “This is going to be fun.”
I closed the door and strolled over to sit down as Will turned to his companion.

“This is Mark,” he said, beaming widely as he introduced his friend.

“Hi,” Mark said briefly, managing half a smile as he stared at April with his icy blue eyes.
I studied my girlfriend’s expression as she greeted him politely. Although shorter than Will, Mark was considerably better looking with a well muscled body that made him appear shorter than he actually was. Girls had always initially found him attractive, although his relatively quiet personality usually wore thin after a while.

“Anyone want a beer?” Will asked, breaking the brief awkward silence. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he had already had his fill for the night.

“No thanks,” April answered quickly. “We just finished off a bottle of champagne.”

“Oooo,” Will teased as he sat down and kicked off his shoes. “So I guess you’re all loosened up then huh?”

“Well, probably a lot looser than our last encounter,” she shot back with a smile.

“Hey!” Will blurted back as he noticed with flicker of metallic silver flashing behind her teeth. “Is that a tongue ring?”

April stuck her tongue out in display of her newly acquired piercing, wiggling it from side to side.

“Nice! Am I going to get to sample that as well?”

April and I had not discussed the intricacies of our current arrangement, and the issue of oral sex had not even come up. Therefore, I was quite surprised when she quickly answered.

“Sure,” she chirped without hesitation, eliciting an enthusiastic smile from both Will and Mark.
Before I could say anything, April dropped to her knees before Will as his eyes widened in surprise.

“Right…now?” he stammered, staring down at her expecting face as she waited obediently on her knees.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked, crossing her arms impatiently.

Will seemed to be as shocked as I was concerning her uncharacteristically blatant demeanor. Sitting there stunned, he soon recovered and began scrambling to undo his pants as I watched as my heart rate quickened. April’s eyes lowered from Will’s face down to his crotch as his fully erect cock sprang forth from within his pants. Assisting him in removing his pants and underwear, she tossed them aside as he leaned back on his elbows. Reaching out gingerly to wrap her delicate fingers around the shaft of his cock, she gave me one more glance before turning and opening her lips to take his swollen head into her eager little mouth.

A pang of jealousy shot through my body as I watched my girlfriend close her eyes with pleasure as her pink lips slipped down over his fleshy helmet, taking his deeper into her mouth. Will grinned with satisfaction as he placed a hand on her head, urging her to go deeper. Blowjobs had never been a specialty of April’s, and although she had recently begun to show increased interest in the subject, I was nonetheless surprised at her enthusiasm as she sank down on Will’s cock before withdrawing, leaving his shaft wet with glistening wetness.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he groaned, feeling the tiny
metal tongue stud gliding up the underside of his dick.

April smiled briefly before sucking his cock head back into her mouth as her hand stroked his shaft with long slow pumps. My own dick started to swell as I sat back and settled in to watch the scene unfold before me.

“Suck my balls,” Will suggested, gently pushing her head downward as he grasped his dick in his hand and pulled it free of her lips with a wet ‘pop’.

Without any sign of reluctance, she pushed his thighs apart and lowered her face to part his hanging balls with her nimble little pink tongue before sucking them both into her mouth as he moaned in encouragement.

Will smiled as he looked over at Mark, who was standing there awkwardly watching his friend enjoying the oral talents of my girlfriend’s lips and tongue.

“I think Mark’s feeling a little left out,” Will stated, slowly stroking his cock with long deliberate strokes as April continued teasing his balls with wriggling flicks of her pierced tongue.

“Oh yeah?” she asked turning her head slightly. “Well whip it out and let’s get this party started.”

Mark revealed half a smile as he calmly reached down to undo his pants. April looked on impatiently as he let them fall to the floor before removing his underwear, a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs. As they too slipped down his legs, I saw her eyes widen with astonishment as she took in the close-up view of Mark’s dangling cock. Although still half flaccid, it was already larger than Will’s with an equally impressive girth as well. April eyed the monstrous dick with lust before she composed herself and motioned him to come closer.

“What’s the matter?” she asked with a playful pout in reference to his lack of hardness. “Am I not turning you on?”

“It always takes me kind of a while to get going,” he explained sheepishly as she pulled his shirt off and stepped closer, now standing fully naked before my kneeling girlfriend.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that,” she retorted, leaning forward and tilting her head to take the tip of his hanging cock into her little wet mouth.

As Mark felt my girlfriend’s lips envelope his bulging head he let out a gentle sigh and closed his eyes as she proceeded to stuff more of his flaccid dick into her hungry mouth. When half his length had disappeared inside April’s stuffed cheeks, I could see his shaft twitching with life as it began to expand and grow. She let out an appreciative moan as she closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation of having him pulse to life within her lips. Relinquishing her oral embrace, she gently cradled his growing cock, holding it aloft as she dipped under and flicked her tongue over his tightening balls, before gliding up the underside of his shaft, coating his hardening pole with a smooth layer of lubricating saliva.

Mark’s hand migrated to the back of April’s head as he prompted her to take him back into her mouth. Submitting to his prompting, she allowed him to pull her head forward as he pushed his dick into the back of her throat, eliciting a slight gag as she tried to withdraw. Mark pulled back a little before cautiously guiding his cock through her widely stretched lips. Fighting her gag reflex as best she could, April knelt passively as he proceeded to fuck her mouth with short, deliberate thrusts.

Will smiled as he watched the sight with growing interest. Kneeling behind April, he took hold of her wrists, holding them firmly in his grip as he coached his friend on.

“Fuck her face,” he ordered, with a deviously lustful grin.

April offered no resistance as Mark began pushing faster and deeper, his monstrously large dick sliding unfettered in and out of my girlfriend’s mouth. She closed her eyes tightly as moisture began to build up, while a thin trickle of saliva dripped down her chin. As the wet cock withdrew from her gasping lips, she panted for air, coughing and sputtering as Mark released her head and lifted his dick.

April accepted his invitation with renewed enthusiasm and leaned back in to suck his balls into her mouth as Will reached down to grope her supple ass cheeks. Gradually his hand migrated down between her legs, causing her to moan softly as he explored with eager fingers.

“Whoa, what’s this?” He exclaimed suddenly upon discovering the end of the butt plug protruding from her ass as he traced his fingers around the object through her black sheer panties.

April giggled as he frantically pulled her underwear down over her hips, exposing the flat round base snuggled firmly between her little round cheeks.

“April,” Will beamed with admiration as he began wiggling the embedded toy inside her hole. “You’ve turned into quite the little anal whore I see.”

“You made me that way,” she returned with a smile, pulling her wet lips from Mark’s spit soaked balls.

Will smiled with pride as he clawed at her butt with grasping hands.

“Damn, I miss this ass,” he muttered. “I can’t wait to get my dick inside you.”

“Well then hurry up and do it!” she shot back, obviously aroused by his crude compliments.

As the guys scrambled to remove any remaining clothing, April looked over at me with a look of pure lust. I smiled back at her as she bent over to pick up her underwear. With one final glance she blew me a kiss and tossed them to me before turning back to her new companions. I adjusted my dick within my pants and say back as my heart raced with excitement. The feeling was indescribable. I just hoped that once the sexual frenzy had dissipated, neither April or I would come to regret it.

Will had obviously laid claim to my girlfriend’s ass and Mark did little to object. Following his friend’s directions, Mark climbed onto the bed, lying on his back. April soon joined him, crawling onto his naked body as Will located the bottle of lube.

“That’s it,” Will coaxed, his lecherous eyes glued to her naked ass as she straddled Mark’s supine body. “Get on that dick.”

April giggled as she reached down to lift Mark’s cock which was still shimmering with wetness from the enthusiastic face-fucking she had provided him with. Holding it aloft, she descended cautiously, using two fingers to spread her dewy lips around his swollen head. His substantial girth stretched her wet, eager opening as she let out a subtle moan and allowed her tight little pussy to slide slowly down his upturned shaft. Gradually, his length disappeared into my girlfriend as she lowered herself to rest atop his hips with his cock buried deep inside her.

“How does that pussy feel?” Will asked as he climbed onto the bed, slathering his erect dick with lubricant.

“It’s pretty fucking tight,” Mark groaned as April began to gyrate her hips against his, leaning over and placing her hands on his chest.

“I bet it is,” Will answered back, watching with increasing gratification as his fist slid up and down his slick shaft with wet, deliberate strokes.

April lowered her body deeper, and swept a few strands of hanging hair back from her face before dropping her face the extra few inches to plant her lips against Mark’s. He seemed as surprised as I was and took a few seconds before closing his eyes and fully accepting her intimate gesture. For some reason, that kiss shook me more than the fact that his dick was inside my girlfriend.

Encouraged by her sensual kissing, Mark brought his hands to the back her head and clutched at her hair before exploring April’s body. His fingers slid down the sheer back of her sexy outfit before grasping her perfectly round ass cheeks and guiding her back and forth on his oversized dick. Reaching back, she lightly caressed his balls before withdrawing her fingertips up the underside of his shaft and grazing over the base the plug protruding from her ass. As her pussy began gliding up and down his thick pole, he began thrusting back, meeting her repeated rhythmic descent with short, upward thrusts.

April turned her face to the side, portraying a look of profound ecstasy, as the supple flesh of her ass jiggled while she fucked him with increasingly eager gyrations. Will inched closer, eyeing her tempting ass with an expression of wanton desire as his cock pulsed in güvenilir casino his hand. Reaching out, he took hold of the base of the plug, twisting it around in her ass before tugging carefully. As April felt the toy sliding out of her tight little hole, she stopped all movement and closed her eyes in anticipation. The plug easily slipped free and her tiny orifice quickly contracted as Will placed his thumb over her asshole, massaging it with firm, pressing movements.

“Ready to get filled?” he asked crudely, as he tossed the plug aside and moved into position.

“Yes,” April answered, patiently looking back over her shoulder.

Will placed a knee on either side of Mark’s leg and rested a hand on her back as he gripped his lubricated cock with avid anticipation. Butting his glistening, purple head up against her tight little star, he rubbed it up and down, coating her hole with slippery fluid.

“Oh yeah,” she sighed, as Will’s tip centered in on her opening, testing the tightness of her muscular ring. “Do it. Put your dick in my ass.”

I swallowed hard and shifted in my seat as he complied with her request. April’s mouth opened and her eyes closed, overcome by the inexplicable sensation of having her wanton asshole pried open by the increasing pressure of Will’s probing cock. With her left hand, she reached back and clutched her ass cheek, pulling it aside and giving me a perfect view of the dick half buried in her tight little butt. Mark ceased all movement as Will continued pushing, his shimmering cock slowly disappearing into my girlfriend’s parting asshole. Leaning forward, April rested her body against Mark’s naked torso as she turned her head towards me and opened her mouth, letting out a prolonged, high pitched sigh. As her asshole expanded to fit the entire length of Will’s shaft, her lips converted from a silent gasp into a blissful, contented smile as if some eternal longing had just been fulfilled.
At that moment I silently wished I had brought a camera. I had suggested the idea previously, but April had refused, not wanting any lingering evidence of the kinky encounter.

“How does it feel?” I asked, as she turned back towards me, her eye afire with savage, impassioned lust.

“So fucking good!” she exclaimed with an emphatic, forceful gasp.

As Will increased the speed of his thrusting, Mark complimented his friend’s enhanced activity with slow, upward strokes of his own. The feeling of having two cocks pistoning in and out of her holes caused April to freeze, overcome by the sensation of elated, carnal bliss. Placing her hands on Mark’s chest, she lifted her body up and tossed her head back as Will began fucking her with increasingly spirited thrusts.

“Oh my god!” she gasped as her fingers clutched in futility at the bed sheets.

Will lifted his leg, placing a foot on the left side of Mark’s body, giving me a full view of April’s backside with each one of her holes plugged with thrusting cock. Mark’s upward thrusting remained short and slow, his fat cock splaying her flushed, dewy lips as his friend continued to assault her asshole with deep, plunging strokes. Her body lurched with every thrust as her bouncing ponytail was snatched up by Will’s grasping hand. As he pulled her head back, her eyes closed tightly and her lips parted, her mouth agape in breathless gasping.

“Do you like being our slutty little cock whore?” he asked, hissing into her ear as he impaled himself deep in her hungry hole.

“Fuck yes,” she answered with a strenuous squeal as her ravaged asshole distended with each plunge of his throbbing dick. “I love being your dirty fucking whore.”

As April’s filthy words left her lips, my cock pulsed, sending aching vibrations through my swollen balls. I had never been so turned on in my entire life. Will was obviously pleasantly surprised by my girlfriend’s dirty exclamation as well, smiling widely as he continued treating her tiny hole to a savage series of frenzied stabs.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he asked, slowing his rhythm under the threat of impending orgasm.

“I don’t care,” she gasped, her body shuddering from the relentless assault. “Anywhere you want.”

Will’s eye sparkled with exhilaration as a filthy thought had obviously crept into his crude, salacious mind. Unsheathing his dick with one fluid movement, he stood up and pulled her head back by her hair. April titled her head back and to the side, opening her mouth obediently as Will pushed his cockhead against her cheek, his pumping fist pointing the tip across her open lips.

“Fucccckkkkk,” he growled, sending a shot of creamy white cum across her gasping face.

With an outstretched tongue, she struggled to catch the spurting fluid as her body jostled from Mark’s upward thrusting. As Will’s load spattered her open mouth, he pushed his cock past her lips to drizzle the remaining liquid onto her wriggling tongue.

As he stepped down off the bed, April once again cast her gaze my way, staring at me with an animalistic expression, her fiery green eyes glazed with lust and her lips shimmering with the remnants of Will’s cum. Bringing her hand to her face, she wiped a long streak of sticky fluid from her cheek, pushing it into her panting mouth.

Will shot me a look of thankfulness as he walked over and grabbed himself a beer. He opened the can and took a long, thirsty drink, standing back to watch as April continued riding Mark’s cock, her wet pussy sliding up and down, coating his thick shaft with a glistening, wet sheen.

“Can I fuck your ass too?” Mark asked, staring up at my girlfriend’s flushed, cum covered face.

“Yes,” she answered promptly as both Will and I, widened our eyes with surprise.

“Are you sure you can take that thing in your ass?” Will asked in a teasing tone before finishing his drink and setting the empty can on the table.

“I can sure try,” she answered with a sly smile as she pulled her dripping pussy off his dick and dismounted his lying body. “How do you want me?”

“Whatever is easiest for you,” Mark answered, sitting up as he absently stroked his cock with expectation.

April lay down on her back at the edge of the bed, smiling at me from between her spread legs as she stroked her fingers over her engorged pussy lips. Raising her knees up towards her chest, she reached down with each hand and pulled her cheeks apart, giving me a lewdly provocative view of her abused, reddened asshole. As Mark stood and stepped up before my girlfriend’s waiting body, he blocked my view and I was forced to stand up in order to see. As he lubed his cock, April smiled up him lightly running her fingertip over her asshole, massaging it with gentle, circular rubs.

“Okay, “she said softly, moving one hand back to her clit. “Do it.”

Mark stepped forward and pressed his engorged cock head against April’s waiting asshole as she closed her eyes in concentration. He proceeded cautiously, butting up against her tightly closed star as we watched with skepticism. At first it looked as though there would be no way Mark’s monster cock would fit inside my girl’s tight little ass.

“Push harder,” she suggested, wiggling her hips in assistance. “Don’t worry. If you hurt me I’ll let you know.”

Mark nodded and immediately complied, increasing the pressure until her tiny pink knot slowly gave way before his unrelenting pressure. Distracted by her own finger dancing on her clit, April sighed as she relaxed her asshole enough for the head to slip inside, the tiny aperture stretching to accommodate his impressive girth. As her clenching ring clamped down, trapping his bulbous pink helmet, she moaned with encouragement while he began pushing deeper. A few minutes later and most of Mark’s length became firmly ensconced within the confines of my girlfriend’s insatiable ass.

April was breathing hard with deep, labored gasps as he began moving his hips back and forth, inching his impressive cock in and out with short, leisurely jabs. With one hand busy at work on her pussy, she reached under between her legs tracing her fingertip around the perimeter of her tightly stretched asshole as Mark’s dick slid deeper with each tender stroke.

“Do you like fucking my ass?” she asked, watching his face with determined interest.

“I love it,” he moaned in response, reaching out to take hold of April’s fishnet-covered legs around each ankle.

“Oh yeah,” she muttered in encouragement as he pushed her legs up towards her head, allowing a longer, deeper stroke. “Fuck me just like that. Nice and deep.”

Unable to allow his friend to have all the fun, Will soon felt drawn back into the action as he crawled back onto the bed. His dick was still half limp, but he nonetheless intended to insert himself back into the sexy situation. April’s asshole had now accommodated to the size and thickness of Mark’s cock and he was now sliding and out with relative ease as she buried two of her fingers deep in her dripping wet pussy.

“Suck my balls,” Will ordered, as he inched his way closer to April’s head, holding his half-hard dick aloft with his slowly stroking hand.
April turned her face to accept his balls, letting them drop into her open mouth as he leaned over her. Sucking hungrily, she let out a muffled moan, still reveling in the sensation of her tiny asshole stretched around Mark’s invading shaft. Gradually, Will’s dick soon resumed its former hardness in my girlfriend’s mouth, her tongue bathing his balls as they jostled between her lips due to his frantic jerking.

Overcome with lust, Will flipped a leg over April’s head, straddling her face as he stared down into her eyes with cocky smile. Again his balls found her accepting mouth as she continued sucking frantically, moaning under the relentless anal assault from Mark’s enthusiastic thrusts.

“Put your finger in my ass,” he ordered, pumping his cock with increasingly eager strokes of his fist.

Will’s request caught me by surprise, but April apparently remained unbothered, immediately pulling her fingers from her soaking wet pussy and bringing them to his ass. After a few seconds of awkward exploring, her wet fingers found his asshole and began worming their way inside.

“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned as my girlfriend’s slick, slender middle finger probed his ass with wriggling thrusts. “Deeper. Move it in and out.”

I was a little surprised at Will’s penchant for anal play, but Mark seemed unfazed as he repeatedly pushed the length of his pulsing cock into April’s accepting anus. Reaching around, Will grabbed her small hand, forcing her finger deeper into his ass as he continued prodding her on with his crude, verbal assault.

“Yeah, that’s it. Make me cum, slut. Finger my ass and make me cum all over your slutty little face.”

Will’s words only increased April’s arousal and she attacked his ass with brazenly aggressive stabs of her tiny finger. His body began to shudder atop her face as his stroking increased to a franticly rapid pace. Suddenly he growled and tensed as a fountain of white cum erupted from the end of his dick, arcing into the air before flowing down over his knuckles onto April’s face. As his strokes diminished in frequency, the creamy fluid pulsed out of his swollen head, trickling down over his pumping fist and dripping in small white droplets onto her cheeks and forehead. With one last contented smile, Will removed himself from April’s cum-covered face, sitting back on the bed to watch the rest of the show.

“Do you want to fuck me from behind?” April asked Mark, who surprisingly, had yet to cum.

Mark agreed and immediately pulled his cock from her battered, distended asshole. April rolled over quickly and got on her hands and knees with her head facing me. Mark scrambled onto the bed behind her, eager to get his dick back into the depths of her insatiable ass.

“Just shove it in,” she ordered her usually timid voice now taking on a distinct air of authority as she reached back to obscenely spread her cheeks in shameless invitation.

Mark abided her forceful request, smoothly sheathing his impressive length back into the alluring grasp of my girlfriend’s butt hole.

“Yessss,” April hissed through clenched teeth as she felt her tight little tunnel once again being filled with meaty, pulsing cock. “Fuck me. Fuck me like a whore! Use me. Use my asshole!”

The new position had apparently rekindled April’s passionate arousal she prompted Mark with an unending stream of verbal filth. His brow furrowed and his hands gripped her slender hips like a vice as he slammed his dick deep inside her.

“Pull…my…hair,” she stammered, her voice now coming in halting, breathy gasps as her body lurched violently with every powerful thrust.

Mark reached forward and grabbed April’s little brown ponytail, yanking her head back vigorously as his balls slapped wetly against her dripping pussy. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp of ecstasy as her silver earrings bounced against the sides of her face which was now portraying an expression of unrestrained, sexual desire. The thick droplets of cum were now streaming down her pretty face, forming long, sticky streaks. A few stray hairs had been jostled free of her ponytail and were now pasted to her soft, tanned, cum-coated skin presenting a scene of absolute sluttiness. It soon became too much to bear and I found my hand digging into my pants to grasp my throbbing cock.

“Is this turning you on?” April asked, her green eyes flashing with excitement as she noticed my hand buried in my pants. “Do you like seeing your sweet little girlfriend on her hands and knees with a cock in her ass?”

“Yes,” I groaned, feeling my dick pulsing in my hand.

“Do you like seeing me being used like a slutty little whore?”


“Mmmm,” she moaned, her hand fast at work between her legs as Mark continued to fervently assail her flawless little ass. “Good. I love being a dirty little ass whore.”

“Where do you want him to cum?” I asked, my heart pounding as I prodded my girlfriend to continue her whorish talk. I could tell by Mark’s posture and mannerisms, that he was approaching his long awaited climax.

“In my ass,” she gasped. “I want him to cum in my dirty little asshole.”

As Mark’s speed increased to a feverish pace, her eyes fixed on me.

“I want you to cum on my face,” she squealed. “Take your cock out and cum on my fucking face.”

It took me less than a second to unzip my pants and whip out my eager dick as I held it firmly in my hand. In my current state of arousal, I knew that it was ready to explode with the slightest stroke, so I held it precariously as I approached.

“Do it!” she gasped as her body began to shiver with the sense of approaching orgasm. “Cum on my face. Please cum on my fucking face!”

As I began stroking my cock with in front of my girlfriend’s moaning face, Mark was treating her asshole to a few final, forceful thrusts.

“Ugggggghhhh,” he groaned as his face contorted with orgasmic delirium and his body tensed.

“Fuck yesssss,” April howled back, as her tight little ring clamped down around his shaft, her hungry asshole sucking every drop of his semen deep into her body.

The feeling of Mark’s hot cum flooding her ass pushed her over the edge and she let out a scream of ecstasy, her convulsing body finally submitting to the unrestrained throes of orgasm as the first streams of jism began shooting from my cock. I let out a groan of my own as the bountiful, white fluid arced through the air before splashing across April’s flushing face and gasping mouth, adding to the collection of cum still dripping from her lips and chin.

Unable to hold herself up any longer with her shaking arms, April collapsed into the bed with her eyes closed in contented bliss. The last few drop of cum slowly oozed from my tip before dripping passively down onto her flushing cheek. Mark slipped out of her ass and sat back on his heels, breathing heavily as his sticky, half-erect dick slapped against his thigh with a wet ‘smack’.

“HO…LY…FUCK,” Will exclaimed, standing motionless with an astonished expression. “That was fucking crazy!”

April rolled onto her side, panting softly as she stared up at me with a glazed-over expression of satisfaction. Gradually, her lips curled into a soft, thankful smile as we shared a brief moment of unspoken understanding. I had a feeling things were going to get a lot more interesting.

The End

Send comments or suggestions to xxdamon@hotmail.com. You can also check out April’s first anal adventure in “The Prize”. Let me know if you want to see more adventures with April.

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