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Aquata Cove Ch. 101: Final Pt. 02

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Thank you all so much for reading and liking my story. The 5 years that went into the making of this fantasy means so much to me, and has yet still so far to go from total completion. One day, I hope to have it published in hard cover as books. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

Chapters 100 and 101 have been dutifully edited by my acquaintance, reader, fellow writer, and fan Leeclark. He is found here on Literotica under the name Leeclark, and he offers his editorial services to any writer who will ask of his assistance.

Thank you Leeclark for your help, and thank you all for following Aquata Cove.

As was once said, “This song is ending, but the story never ends.”


Aquata Cove

Chapter 101: Dearly Beloved

Sometime later, at 1:45AM, Merrick walks outside of the White Swan gay bar, sighing as he takes a breath of fresh air. Adam comes up behind him as he puts his arms around Merrick, grinding softly behind him.

“This time next month, you are I are gonna be married, can you believe it?” Adam asked as he laced his fingers together.

“The idea of marriage is still a little weird to me.” Merrick says, “But at the same time, I am excited about it, don’t get me wrong. Even if you are gaining a few.” He says playfully as rubs Adam’s small belly.


Merrick giggles before he kisses Adam’s mouth again. He breathes slow and deep as he puts a hand onto Adam’s neck and hip. Adam huffs silently as his hands firmly grab onto Merrick’s hips.

It’s been four months since they last had sex. They made an abstinence pledge to make the honeymoon a more of an impactful establishment; which made things a bit depressing during the Red Moon on Thanksgiving. Yuri had to do most of the cooking while Adam had to try and follow Merrick’s recipes to the letter while Merrick spent most of the day wondering the reefs and collecting shells and coral for the wedding just to keep the hormones at bay. At least he was able to make it to the dinner.

“Mnnhhh…” Merrick moans as he parts the kiss, “We should uh… Get back to the party…”

“Yeah… Mhm, yeah…” Adam nods absentmindedly. The two of them slowly made their way back to the door, dragging their feet on the way. “… Hey, look!” He says as he looks up. Merrick looks up and lets out a soft gasp as he sees soft flakes drift down from the sky. Merrick beams as he holds out his hands, feeling slow-falling snowflakes touch on his arms as a very light and gradual flurry coats the area in fluffy crystals.

“So… You sure Atarah can’t make it to the wedding? It would be great to have her there.” Adam says as he rubs Merrick’s shoulders as they watch the illuminated snow throughout the sky.

“I’m sure. While Winter is here, she falls into a deep sleep just to maintain the contradictory balance of nature to make it snow in Hawaii.”

“Heh…” Adam rubs Merrick’s arm as they stand and watch the beautiful snow flurry, “Remember, babe… Starting on Monday, we can’t see each other until the ceremony.”

“I know, fuzzy. I’ll sleep over at Sasha’s when it comes to that.” Merrick snuggles his face onto Adam’s chest. He digs his hands behind Adam and under his shirt and jacket.

“Ooh! Ho…” Adam jumps a little as those chilled hands feel up his warm skin, “You cold, babe?”

“Hmph…” Merrick scoffed a little, “In a way, I always am…”

“Awww…” Adam pouted as he hugs Merrick back.

“It’s genetic, genius.” Merrick smirked, “I’m related to the North, remember?”

“Hahah, right right.” They stand there sharing this solitary moment as Merrick feels his fingers along Adam’s back slowly up and down.

“You’re always so warm…”

~~~Several days later~~~

Adam’s eyes peer open, waking to an empty bed. His chest feels a deep sensation as he rolls on his back, looking up at the ceiling. He lets out a breath that seems to escape on its own from his lips before he looks to the calendar on the wall, with the date box drawn in with hearts and stars.

Today’s the day.

He can hear talking outside his room though, “Ah shit, are they here already??” He asks as he gets out of bed, and puts on some fresh satin boxer shorts.

After getting dressed, Adam walks into the living room, and smiles broadly as he sees a handful of people discussing amongst themselves.

“There he is!” Jamal says with a grin, “Yo man, it’s the big day!” He says as he grabs Adam’s shoulder playfully.

“About fuckin time, Bryant.” Captain growled. Adam needed to take a moment to blink and look thoroughly. Captain looks a LOT cleaner and is actually groomed! His black and grey hair has been combed back and slicked down with hair spray, and he’s even got his own tuxedo on.

“Whoa, Captain, you uh… Wow, you clean up nice.” Adam remarks with a bemused chuckle.

“Yeh. Lift up and scrub. Who’da thought it?” Captain retorted in his usual crusty sarcasm.

“Right???” Jamal laughed.

“Oliver, PLEASE. There are ladies here!” Donna says as she walks to Adam, before bahis firmaları turning and running up to him excitedly, “Oh honeeyyyyy!”

“Mom,” Adam grins a she hugs him tightly, before backing up.

“Are you ok, sweetie? How is your head? Anything relapsing since we last spoke?”

“Hahaha, I’m ok, Mom, I’m fine.” Donna and Luther have not come until now since they had to leave Hawaii, before Adam’s memories came back. Donna has been calling by Skype at least once every couple of weeks or so since then.

“He’s fine, Donna, give him some air.” Luther says as he pats at Adam’s shoulder, “How are you feeling, son? Excited?”

“Hohh, God, I could hardly sleep at all.” Adam huffs.

“Dude, ya gotta wake up, you getting married, man!” Jamal slaps his back hard. “Look alive!”

“Cause you look a lot worse dead; just ask the doctors.” Captain growled.

“Oliver!” Donna swiped at Captain’s arm.

“Relax, honey!” Luther laughs.

“Oh, Adam! Before I forget,” Donna strides to the kitchen table, and brings over a suit bag, “This is your tux, go ahead and put it on.

“Alright, where are you going to get dressed?” Adam asked.

“The ladies will be using Yuri’s room, and the men will either go to your room, Jamal’s, or the bathroom.”

“Word to the wise,” Kevin says as he folds and loops his own tie on his suit, “Based on Yuri’s graphic description about Jamal’s hobbies, you might want to sterilize his room first.”

“Hah!” Luther smirks as he takes his suit bag and heads for the bathroom, while Adam heads for his own room.

“Yeah yeah right,” Jamal snorted, “I actually had to use TWO paper towels when I cleaned it up.”

“You are a regular cleaner, Jamal. A real neat freak.” Kevin smirked, “One might even say you are worthy of being ‘The Help’.”

“Aw hell naw.” Jamal steps over to Kevin, before Captain yanked him backwards before he could get any further.

“Don’t dirty your suit, dammit. I ain’t waiting for your ass to get sorted.”


Hanamaru shudders as she remains in the heated tent next to the beach of Aquata Cove. It’s partially sunny today, with a slight curtain of snow gliding down from the sky. “Tell me again why they have to have the wedding on an icy beach? Couldn’t they just have a warm ceremony in Spring where everybody gets a lei? Or what about a church or somewhere indoors?”

“Because everyone’s done that, Mom. And there’s no nearby church that will condone a gay wedding. Also Aquata Cove has a lot of sentimental attachment to the both of them.” Yuri says as she arranges the gold-glitter coral branches in glass bottles with glittering seashells. Nick and Sasha are also here, along with Belinda and Syrinx.

“I appreciate you making all of the outfits, Hana.” Merrick says as he opens up the faux fur outfits on the table for when his guests arrive, “Some of the Kenovani have a very low tolerance for the cold.”

“You’re the one signing the checks, sweetie.” Hanamaru replies with a smile. “Is your Father going to be here to walk you down the isle?”

“Gheh. Not likely.” Merrick snorted, “To keep things simple, let’s just say my Father barely got over the fact that I’m gay. End of story.”

“Oh I see.” Hanamaru nodded.

“He’s going to have the leader of the pod walk him down.” Yuri said, “What was his name again?”

“Triton Samudra.” Merrick answered, “Still can’t help but feel awkward about asking him to do this, but he agreed nonetheless.”

“Se-S-S-Sei-SeinnNNsei?” Comes a very shaky voice. They look and gasp as they see a vibrating otter at the tent.

“Oh my gosh, Arnaav?!” Yuri gets one of the many towels supplied and runs over to the boy.

“I-I-It’sss so coollld.” Arnaav whines miserably as he shakes constantly.

“Oh my God, come here hun,” Yuri says as she wraps him in the towel and picks him up. The otter whines in freezing agony as he curls tightly in the warm towel.

“Are you ok, Arnaav?” Merrick asked as he trots up to him.

“M-Mnnhh…” Arnaav nods, still trembling like a furry earthquake, “Th-The Ke-envani is on their wa-a-ay… Th-They wanted to ask that no other humans be around.”

“Agh…” Merrick winced, “I can’t promise that, I’ll just tell them the humans here don’t know any better.”

“Oy!” Sasha calls out.

“Guys, seriously.” Merrick turns to them, “Just pretend you don’t know they’re merfolk. As far as anyone is concerned, they are all distant relatives of mine who live in remote areas in various parts of the world – tribal-like people. I’ll go and get them; my body is made for icy waters.”

“No problem, man, we got this.” Nick says as he pulls out a folding chair. They then hear the sound of a few trucks driving in the distance.

“Oh don’t tell me that’s the catering! It’s 3 hours too early!” Merrick says as he trots off and peers around the corner.

“It’s fine, Merrick,” Syrinx says as she pats his shoulder, “Me and Nick will go straighten things out.”

“Ok.” While Merrick strips his clothing and walks to the frigid kaçak iddaa shore, Arnaav snuggles in the towel as Yuri brings him to one of the industrial heaters; now that he’s warm and drying, his fuzzy muzzle curls into his usual adorable smile as Yuri sees to him, purring in bliss as he’s tended to.

“Meanwhile, you little furball.” Yuri says playfully as she dries the boy up, “I think we should get you dressed up. Did Merrick tell you want he wanted you to do for him?”

“A few moons ago,” Arnaav answered, “But can you tell me again, Sensei?”


“Mom, I can do my hair fine.” Adam says as Donna walks around him with a wet comb and a small dollop of gel.

“This is your big day, Adam. I’m not going to let you just go through with it with a rat’s nest like this was any other day.”

“Oh my God, Moooom! My hair is NOT that bad!”

“Look down.” Donna says as she tilts Adam’s head to snip off a few stray hairs with the small scissors. Adam is half dressed in his tuxedo; his black pants are on, and his white polyester shirt is half buttoned from the top.

“Alright, all…” She looks at the partially hidden scar on Adam’s head, it’s mostly covered with his hair, but she can still see the outline though the thick scalp, where he was bashed. Adam notes her hesitance as she looks at the spot. “All done…”

“Thanks, Mom.” Adam says as he rubs her arm before stepping out of the bathroom, and to the kitchen table, “Ok, so how do I put this on?” He asked as he picks up a gold tie.

The front door opens, and in swoops Erin, “Hello boys.” Adam turns and gives a broad and surprised smile, “Am I late for the party?”

“Oh my God, Erin!” Adam says as he goes walks to her, and holds her arms, “Holy shit, look at you!” He says as he looks up and down the official black robes, “You got the promotion?!”

“As of last week! Jacquelyn gave me the all-clear for your wedding, and here I am!” Erin says enthusiastically.

“My God, this is fantastic, congratulations!” Adam says with excitement, “I’m just- wow, I can’t believe it!”

“I can say the same; I’m so happy for you both!”

“Ok, so, down to business. This is a gay wedding, is there a talk prepared for this orrr what? You missed the rehearsal last week.”

“I did a little research and browsing, and I think came up with something appropriate with a few tweaks,” Erin draws out a paper and gives it to him, “Here, give this a read-over, tell me if it’s fine.”


“Adam, honey!” Donna says as she shuffles over, “We need to hurry, I just got a text from Yuri, and they’re almost done with setting everything up!”

“Ok Mom, I’m going!” Adam says with aggravation as he gets up, “Hey Dad, do you know how to work a tie?”

“Sure son, need help?” Luther asked as he turns and approaches him.

“Yeah, could you put it on for me?” Adam says as Luther takes the gold tie from him while Adam connects the remaining buttons on his shirt.

“Alright, only take a moment.” Luther looped it around Adam’s neck and under the collar of the shirt, and worked it until he pulled down the finished knot, “Ok, then we clip it…” Luther takes a silver tie clip with a small diamond on it and attached the tie to the middle of Adam’s shirt.


“Alright, lets get you fitted here…” Hanamaru says as she takes Mindal to get dressed. There is a small pyramid of boxes where each member of the Kenovani’s items is stored. Each merfolk, currently in human form, stand and wait in the heated tents, their bodies shrouded in one of the many warm towels to dry them off, while Hanamaru, along with Harold, Sasha, Syrinx, and a few other friends pick a sized tunic, robe, trousers, or dress of soft fur coats and clothing to keep the merfolk warm for the ceremony.

“[These are fascinating treasures,]” Deilan says as he examines a satin sash with a murex shell attached, “[How do humans make such things?]” On a table is a very large array of decorative baubles and decorations of metallic, bejeweled with plastic gems, or glittering seashells, coral branches, fancy wearable sea animal designed items, shawls, sashes, and other various items.

“[Ooh, I like this one!]” Deilan’s wife says as she picks up sea turtle buckle with hexagonal crystals for the back, while she is dressed in an elegant tweed suit.

“Any idea what they’re saying, Kevin?” Syrinx asked as she does her make-up in the mirror, with her husband next to her, “I can understand him while we’re underwater, but he only speaks Italian when he’s on his legs.”

“He’s just admiring the accessories that Yuri’s mom made for them to wear, same with his wife.” Kevin answers, knowing how to speak Italian himself. He grins with enthusiasm as he grasps her shoulders, “This is nuts, isn’t it? Those guys are finally making it official; it’s still hard to really grasp.”

“I know, right? You know me, Deilan, and Merrick are still the only Kenovani members mated to humans, and now all three of us are married.”

“Very interesting.” Adra Nerissa remakes as she puts kaçak bahis a curve-styled circlet on her head.

“Merrick told me you and your family are the leaders of your people, is that correct?” Hanamaru asks, “So I had these small crowns made for you, your brother, and your parents.”

“Oh I see.” Nerissa says as she takes a small metal band with a small spiral shell, and turn to her very young brother, “Here, this one is yours, Brother.” She says as she kneels down to little Adra Hecolt.

“This is so distressing.” Razirah Ebba grumbles as she huddles in her fur coat, “I have never had such discomfort with waters of ice.” She says as Nick helps wrap the decorative threads holding Ebba’s link mediums of the pod around her.

“I’m going to go check up on Merrick.” Yuri says before she walks across the tent, and into the smaller tent. Merrick’s outfit is still in its case, untouched. Merrick is also not in here. “Merrick? … Merrick??” She says out. No response.

“Oh no…” Yuri turns and runs out of the tent, and races out of the tent and out into the snow, “Merrick!!” She called out, almost immediately jumping to a terrifying conclusion, “MERRICK!” She runs around, her eyes scanning around for that blonde man, “MERRICK!!”

“What???” Yuri turns her head and sees Merrick walking from behind the rocks. “I’m right here.”

“Oh my God, Merrick, where the hell have you been?!”

“I couldn’t find my phone.” He answered, giving her an estranged look while holding up his iPhone, “It was in the truck.”

“Merrick, you’re not even ready yet! What have you been doing?!”

“Yuri, Yuri, relax, what’s wrong with you?”

“Agh, sorry.” Yuri rubs her head, “I guess… I can’t help but feel like something traumatic was going to happen.”

“… Why?” He asked after a curious pause.

“I don’t know, just a reflex or something.” Yuri said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“Well calm down, you’re more stressed out than me.”

“Hhh, ok.” Yuri huffs before she grabs Merrick by the arm.

“Ow! Hey!”

“You’re running late, Merrick. Stop goofing off now.”

“Ow, Yuri! You’re hurting my arm!”


Most of the guests have arrived at Aquata Cove, at a forest clearing arranged with two sides of chairs. People are still wrapping the white arch with white and gold glimmering ribbon, while someone else tucks in and places wither a shiny flower or a glittering seashell in a specific pattern.

“Holy freaking shit, it’s fucking cold!” Chloe says as she shakes in her formal black jacket lined with grey fur.

“Sssshh, Chloe, there are people here.” Rajani says as she tries to quiet Chloe down.

“There are people EVERYwhere, babe, I don’t care. God, why did I agree to even be here?”

“Hahaha, because Adam is your friend and colleague?”

“No, Adam is my bitch, and I can’t let him forget that. But of all times to have a fucking wedding for fuck’s sake! I’m freezing my fucking tits off!”

“Chloe, come on,” Rajani giggles as they go. Chloe stalks right up to Adam, who is digging around in a duffle bag he brought.

“Hey! Fatboy! Is there any reason why you’re having everyone get frostbite just to see you suck some fagface??” Adam turned and gave her a scoff.

“Well, Chloe, how should I put it? I wanted to show you what hell would look like frozen over so you won’t be too disappointed when you get there.”

“I’ve BEEN to hell. Every time I have to walk on stage with you is like 5 minutes of torture.”

“Isn’t that what you call your date nights?” Adam asked.

“Shut up!” Chloe grits, “Christ’s sake, I can’t even feel my fucking fingers.”

“HHnnhheheh,” Rajani snickers as she comes up behind Chloe, “Here, darling. Let me warm them.” She places her hands over Chloe’s to rub and stroke them.”

“That reminds me, I got that thing you forgot at home.” Adam says as he gives Chloe a small Amazon box.

“Put it in my pocket.” Chloe says, “I have my hands tied here.”

“Chloe, could you get freaky on your own time?? No one needs to see your creepy abomination of a sex life while I’m trying to be happy for once. This is MY day.”

“Just put the fucking box in my pocket.” Chloe says.

“What you say before sex.” Adam says as he reaches over and tucks it into the larger lower pockets of Chloe’s fur jacket. “Now get out, there’s only so much of your evil I can stand at one time.”

“You’re lucky just to look at me, faggot.” Chloe says as she and Rajani turns around, “I’ll be right back, Raja, I want to get my gloves.”

Adam chuckled as he turns back to the duffle, “Thanks, you stupid bitch…” He mumbled, “I needed that.” His insides feel a little lighter from that exchange. How the hell do these fights with her always make him feel so at ease? He smiles as he brings up the black leather box he was looking for.

“Hey, man.” Jamal says as he came up to Adam. He turns and smiles at Jamal in a tuxedo.

“Wow. Tuxes are a lot sexier than I thought.” Adam says, “I’m so having Merrick wear one on our honeymoon.”

“You found a something for that yet, by the way?”

“Oh yeah. We’re going to Maui and spending a week and a half at the Wild Rodeo Ranch. It’s like a cowboy-themed resort that looks a lot like the Old West.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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