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Ark City

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During the summer break in college I worked as a brakeman for the Santa Fe railroad in Oklahoma. It was a good job that paid very well. It required that I move to several different cities each summer. It began in Enid, Oklahoma with the wheat harvest. It would end in Arkanas City, Kansas. That was the northern most point in the district.

The hours were weird as you were on call and worked when needed. Sometimes you would stay in town and work at the yard. Other times you would get called to be a brakeman and go to the southern end of the district in Gainesville, Texas.

When in town we all stayed at an old hotel downtown on Main Street. I don’t remember the name but I do remember we shared a bathroom and the bed was old and saggy. But, we were young and making money.

The hotel had a front porch and we would sit out there waiting to be called to work. It was there that I learned of a hobby the local girls had. They would drive by and check us out. Some would wave. Some would smile. There were a few blown kisses followed by giggles and the car speeding away.

One evening I was sitting out there but decided to walk down to a near-by gas station to get a soda. I walked out of the store to find a car parked off to the side. The divier was a young girl. I recognized the car as one that drove by the hotel quite often.

I walked over.


No response.

“I said hello.”

“I heard you. Get in.”

Looking around and seeing no one I opened the door and got in. She quickly sped away.

She looked to be around 18 or so. There was the high school graduation tassle dangling from the rear-view.

“Am I being kidnapped?”

She laughed and gave me a sideways look.

“Right. I’m a little over 5 feet tall and 110 pounds pounds. My guess is you’re 6’2 and about 200.”


“So, I don’t think I could kidnap you.”

“So, what’s going on?”

“I’m Debbie, by the way.”


She kept looking at the road which was a good idea as fast as she was going.

“So, what’s going on.”

“Just a minute.”

She suddenly hit the brakes and turned down a dirt road. The road turned to the left and then back hard to the right. She stopped with the car facing the direction we had just come. She turned the car off.

She turned to me after a few minutes.

“My name’s Debbie.”

“Yeah, Terry.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.”


“Well, anyway, do you remeber Dixie?”

Dixie had been a girl I had met the previous summer. We had become good friends.

“Of course. I was hoping to see her this summer. Is she in town?”

She laughed.

“No, she’s staying in Lawrence for the summer. She got a good job and there are no good jobs in Ark City. I’m her cousin, by the way.”

“Oh, great. I knew she was going to casino şirketleri KU. How’s she doing?”

“Just fine but that’s not why I wanted to talk to you.”

After a few awkward moments I asked.

“So, why did you want to talk to me?”

Debbie looked away.

“She told me everything about last summer.”

That must have been an interesting story. Dixie and I had done a lot together.

She looked back right into my eyes.

“She said you were a nice guy. She said you treated her real nice. She also said you have a nice cock. You really know how to eat pussy. She also said I should try and get to know you this summer if you were in town,”

“Excuse me?”

“She told me everything, OK?. She said I should see if you would show me all the things you showed her last year. So, do you want to do it or not?”

“OK, this is weird. Dixie told you to get me to fuck you?”

“More than that. She said you made her feel better about herself when she went to school. She had more confidence. This is a small town and we don’t get much experience here. You fuck one of the locals and you end up married and living here the rest of your life. No way we are going to do that. So, do you want to or not?”

I had to think this over a little. I guess my hesitation made her mad.

“Fuck it.”

She started the car.

“Turn the car off.”

She looked at me and turned the car off.

“I’m not much for doing it in the car. I like more room. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little. What have you done so far?”

“Not much. A little kissing and a couple of guys have felt my tits. One felt my pussy through my jeans but freaked out when I came. Pussy. I’ve felt two cocks but only held one outside his pants. He was a cousin of one of my girlfriends. I let him fuck me. He lasted about six strokes, pulled out, didn’t say a word and left.”

“OK, so you don’t have much experience at all. I don’t understand why you ae asking me to be show you all this stuff. I mena this doesn’t happen.”

“I know it’s weird. I’ve seen you sitting on that porch for over a week trying to decide if I wanted to or not. I called Dixie last night and she said I should so here I am.”

I opened the door to get in the back seat. Debbie just climbed over. She pulled her shirt off confirming my guess that she wasn’t wearing a bra. An amazing set of 18 year old tits stood up proud and firm.

“Nice, real nice.”

“Like ’em? I sure do. Not huge but look real nice.”

She moved and was in my arms before my butt hit the seat. I pulled her around so we were face to face. Her legs stretched out across the seat.

Her lips were soft as I kissed her. Her mouth opened and her tongue touched my lips. She must have been practicing becasue she was amazing. My lips moved from her mouth to her casino firmaları jaw and then her neck. I heard a soft moan as I kissed just behind and below her ear lobe. My hand reached up and I took her tit in my hand, softly. My finger teased her very erect nipple. She had the puffy kind that stood out and were very sensitive. Another moan.

“Real nice. I love your tits.”

She just moaned and pulled me back and kissed me hard.

I felt her hand work across my chest, past my stomach and to my hardening cock. I was wearing an old pair of shorts I worked out in and didn’t have any underwear on. When she reached my cock she pushed me away so she could look at her hand and my cock.

“Oh, Dixie. You were right.”

My cock hardened more and she looked me and smiled.

“Dixie said your cock was real nice. Not too big. I’ve seen a couple of porn movies and those guys scare me. Dixie said she dated a guy at school who had a huge cock. She said he was rotten in bed. She said yours was just the right size. Fills you up, hits all the right spots.”

“You two have some interesting conversations.”

“Yep, take your shorts off. I gotta see this.”

I arched my back and she grabbed my shorts and yanked them off.

She took my cock in her hand again.

“Wow. So hard. I’m going to love having that in my pussy.”

“Not yet, Get naked.”

She giggled and quickly shed her shorts and panties.

I noticed her pussy was well trimmed.

She reached down and felt her pussy.

“Dixie said you liked them trimmed. Something about hair in your teeth. Terry, do you like my pussy? Want to eat my pussy? I want you to, I want you to eat my pussy. Eat my pussy like you ate Dixie’s.”

She moved so her back was against the door. She spread her legs as wide as she could.

“I’ve been waiting since last summer when Dixie would tell me about how you would eat her pussy and make her cum. Eat my pussy, please, eat my pussy.”

She used her fingers and opened her pussy lips. I could she how wet she was and immediately dove in. I loved how her pussy smelled. My tongue snaked out and I tasted her. She arched her backand moaned. I forced my tongue inside her and began tongue fucking her. She moaned not so softly now. I moved up to her clit and teased that most sensitive spot. I sucked her clit. licked it, rolled my tongue around it. After a few minutes she gabbed my head with both hands and forced my face deeper into her pussy. I began to tongue fuck her and lick her clit. She arched her back again and came hard against my face.

“Oh, fuck, Fuck. Fuck.”

She was pushing her pussy hard into my face. I was covered in her juice. Her hands released my head and I was able to look up at her. Her eyes were closed. One hand move up and rubbed her nipple. It took a few minutes for her breathing güvenilir casino to slow. She looked down at me and smiled.

“I had no idea it could be that good. I’ve gotten off before but nothing like that. Dixie said you were good but I had no idea.”

I moved up and kissed both her tits. She pulled me up to her and kissed me hard licking her juice off my face.

“So, that’s what my pussy tastes like.”

“Like it?”

“It’s OK but I want something else.”

She reached for my very hard cock.

“Do you want me to put your cock in my mouth? I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before. Do you want to fuck my virgin mouth, Terry?”

She moved around so her face was next to my cock.

“I love it. So hard. I bet you want me to suck you, don’t you? I bet you can’t wait for my mouth to take you in.”

She moved her hand up and down. Some precum came out of my cock.

“What’s this? Getting anxious are we?”

She licked the cum off my cock.

“You keep this up and I’m not going to last much longer.”

She moved her mouth quickly taking about half of my cock in before pulling out, She moved back down and gently sucked. She moved back up. She kept just the head in her mouth moving her tongue around it. Her hand continued to jack me off. She did this several times and I felt my balls begin to tighten. So did she.

“Are you about to cum?”

I nodded yes.

She moaned as she dove down and began mouth fucking me.

“I’m going to cum.”

She pulled back so just the head was in her mouth. Her hand was moving very quickly.

My cum moved through my cock and filled her mouth. She moaned again and continued moving her hand making sure she got every drop. After what must have been one of the most intense orgasms of my life I looked down.

She had my cock still in her mouth. She pulled away and opened her mouth. I could see my cum coating her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed.

“Good to the last drop.”

Her hand moved over my cock very slowly.

“I can’t wait until you fuck me. We need to find a place. I’ll find it. Leave your car window open a little. I’ll leave you a note when I do.”

She kissed the head of my cock. Opening her mouth she moved over me again. She slowly moved back and forth.

“I want everything. I want to suck you off. I want you to eat my pussy. The first time, I want you to fuck me doggie. Dixie said that was the best. She didn’t let you fuck her ass, did she? She didn’t mention it. Did she let you fuck her ass?”

“No, we didn’t do that.”

“Ever fuck an ass, Terry?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“Want to? Want to fuck my ass?”

She took my cock into her mouth again. I was beginning to get hard again.

“I see your cock likes the idea of fucking my ass.”

She smiled and pulled away.

“You drive back into town. There’s a turn off about two miles from town just before the railroad bridge. I bet I can suck another load of cum out of you before we get there.”

This was going to be an interesting summer.

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