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Arresting Michelle

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Michelle walked into the lounge and sat quietly at a table near the back. She gave her order to the cocktail waitress and waited patiently for her drink to arrive. Looking about the room she tried to determine if she could recognize anyone that she knew. She had lived in this town when she was a teenage girl and this was her first time back. The drink arrived Michelle paid the waitress and gave her a generous tip. The young woman smiled, thanked her and withdrew. She sipped the wine slowly as images of her past in this small Arizona town drifted through her mind.

She recalled school days, hay rides, friends she left behind and was floating in a mist of nostalgia. The lounge was filling up as the working day was quickly coming to an end. Several men, most in Levi’s, but some in suits began to fill the stools at the bar. Nearly all of them glanced at her and then spoke to the bartender, obviously asking him who she was. The bartender could only shake his head indicating he didn’t know. Michelle was pleased to be the mystery woman. She sipped her wine and ignored them. They, in turn, could not ignore her. She was of average height, fiery red curly hair that fell below her shoulders, blue eyes, great legs, ample breasts and a very trim body. Michelle was twenty-five now, but had left this small town when she was fifteen.

She had gone to college after high school and had graduated with a Computer Science Degree. Now she worked as a senior software engineer for a large computer company. She was on her way to a conference in Tucson and had decided to stop by and see if anything had changed in her once hometown. It had grown a bit and had at least added this lounge, which was very nice by most standards. It still had the small town flavor however, and she was glad of that somehow. A local police officer came in and stood at the bar talking with the men cloistered there. The uniform brought instant memories to Michelle.

It was twelve years ago in the summer when she was eighteen. The Police Chief’s son was eighteen and had a crush on her. Michelle was more mature than most girls her age, both physically and mentally. She looked eighteen and acted like she was thirty. No one could get the best of her and all of the boys tried. The Chief’s son would get to drive his dad’s cruiser every so often and he never failed to ask Michelle to go riding in it with him. She always said no, but one day it finally rained in this Arizona town and it was a deluge. Michelle was out walking and was drenched from the rain. The Chief’s son, Jim, pulled up to her as she walked in the rain and offered her a ride. Without thinking, Michelle opened the rear door and got in.

“Where you going in the rain, Michelle?” Jim asked as he looked at her in the rear view mirror.

“Just walking home from my girlfriend’s house,” she replied, “didn’t know it was going to rain.”

“Well, lucky for you, I came along,” Jim said smiling at her through the mirror. She was completely wet from head to foot. He noticed that her nipples were pushing out prominently against her blouse and he felt a bulge growing in his crotch. As she tried to shake the water from her hair, she bent over and Jim had a perfect view of her cleavage. His bulge swelled even bigger. When Michelle looked up she wondered where he was going, because he had driven past her street.

“Hey Jim, you just went by my street,” she said, “if you had been looking at the road instead of my chest you would have noticed that you passed my house.” Jim did not respond and just kept driving. “Darn it, Jim, stop right now and let me out!” Michelle demanded. Jim ignored her and kept driving. “I’ll jump out if you don’t stop and let me out,” she declared. Again her demands were met with silence as Jim drove out into the Arizona desert. Michelle tried to open the door, but realized that the door handles were missing from the rear doors of the police cruiser. She was frightened, but also excited as to what Jim may have in mind. Thinking that it might be something sexual her panties became moist.

Michelle sorted out her options in her mind. If she resisted he might get violent and hurt her or worse. Going along with whatever he wanted might be the best option, especially if he thought she really liked it. She would tell him it was fun, she loved it and he could do it again. Then he had no reason to hurt her. Michelle knew Jim and his family and he wasn’t mean, but she was worried that if he was scared he might do something stupid. Jim pulled off the road into a rocky area in the desert. The rain had missed this part of the desert and it was dry. He drove behind some rocks big enough to hide the cruiser from the main road and stopped. He got out and opened the rear door. Michelle smiled at him and invited casino şirketleri him to get in with her. Jim was confused. He was expecting her to be angry, crying or pleading with him to take her home. Michelle complimented him on the neat hiding place he had found and lifted her skirt showing him her pink panties. Jim saw the huge wet spot on her crotch and thoroughly baffled. “Aw gee, Michelle, did you pee in my dad’s cruiser?” he asked afraid that his dad would see wet spots on the seats.

“No silly, my pussy got wet thinking about what you were going to do with me,” she told him.

“Wet?” he asked, bewildered.

“Oh, Jimmy, you don’t anything about girls,” she said emphatically.

“Yes I do!” exclaimed Jimmy, acting insulted, but feeling awkward because he didn’t have the slightest idea what Michelle was talking about. Michelle seized this opportunity to become his partner instead of his victim. She hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties and pulled them off, revealing her fiery red bush and her little wet pussy beneath her bush. Jim’s eyes were as big as saucers. He could not look away from the first pussy he had ever really seen. Michelle placed her hands on her labia and gently parted her pussy lips showing him the wet pink inner lips of her pussy. A light milky drop of moisture flowed to her outer labia as he watched in awe at this magnificent sight.

“This is my cunnie, Jimmy,” she began, “when girls get aroused their cunnie starts to get wet so it’s easier for a guy to put their, ah…their thing…in them.” Michelle quickly removed her top and her lacy pink bra, revealing her lovely titties, conical in shape, but fleshing out into soon becoming beautiful breasts. Her nipples were erect and hard on her quarter size pink areolas. “Look, Jimmy, see my nipples?” she asked him. Jimmy, mouth open in awe, just nodded. “Look how hard they are. That’s another sign that a girl is…is…ah…horny.” she added. Jimmy was dumbstruck. Events had overcome his plans. He had decided to force Michelle to have sex and instead she had seduced him.

His teenage cock was throbbing in his pants and he had nearly cum just from looking at this lovely naked girl in his dad’s cruiser. “What do you want to do with me, Jimmy?” Michelle asked sweetly, but really a bit worried that he might just hurt her anyway. Jimmy shrugged his shoulders and could not come up with anything to say. “Would you like to touch my titties, Jimmy?” she asked him. He nodded and slowly reached out to her breast, but seemingly afraid to actually touch it. Michelle smiled and gently took his hand and placed it around her lovely breast. “Squeeze it gently, Jimmy, it feels good for a girl, and guys like to feel titties too,” she whispered to him. Jimmy touched her nipple tip, unsure of what he was really doing. Michelle moaned at his touch and begged him to lightly rub the tips of both nipples with his fingertips. He did as he was told and Michelle gasped and moaned in sweet pleasure.

“Did that hurt?” Jimmy asked.

“Oh no, Jimmy, it feels so good,” she replied. “Why don’t you take your clothes off too and feel my titties some more,” she said, “I want to see you naked too, Jimmy.” Quickly Jimmy began to take off his shirt then stopped. He reached into the front seat and grabbed two pairs of his dad’s handcuffs. He put them on Michelle’s wrist and to a strap near the rear window. Cuffing the other wrist, Jimmy locked the other cuff to the heavy wire screen between the front and back seats. Michelle was uneasy about being bound like that, but she also felt extremely aroused at the thought that he could do anything he wanted and she couldn’t stop him. The thought caused her pussy juices to flow heavier.

Jimmy took of his clothes and stood naked in front of Michelle. His hard cock was just over six inches long and fairly thick for a boy of eighteen. She could see thick clear pre-cum oozing from his cockhole and it aroused her even more as she felt her pussy twitch. “Can I touch you…your…cunnie, Michelle?” Jimmy asked meekly. Michelle nodded, yes, and he touched her wet pussy with his finger. He noticed a little nub growing larger to stand erect at the top of her pussy. He touched it and Michelle gasped and twitched hard. “What’s that? Did I hurt you?”

“No Jimmy, it felt soooo good when you touched it.”

“What is it?”

“It’s my clitoris. It’s the most sensitive part of a girls’ pussy. It feels real good when I rub it. Girls call it a clit, for short,” Michelle explained.

“Why do you rub it, Michelle?”

“Do you ever rub your thing, Jimmy?”

“When I jack off I rub it up and down,” he responded.

“When girl’s masturbate, or jack off as you say, they rub their clits” Michelle told him. Jimmy was getting educated in female anatomy as well as having a sexual encounter. Emboldened by Michelle’s cooperative attitude, he began to rub a nipple and her clit at the same time. Michelle writhed in pleasure and pulled at her handcuffs, aroused by knowing she was helpless to casino firmaları stop him. “Lick and suck my nipple, Jimmy…please,” she sighed. Jimmy leaned over her chest and licked at her sweet nipple. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked into his mouth, licking hard on the nipple tip. “Oh God, Jimmy, don’t stop…keep sucking it.”

Jimmy’s cock was overflowing with pre-cum as he played with her nipples and clit. He was totally aroused and moved up to place his throbbing cockhead between her cuntlips. He started to slide his cock into her pussy. Michelle groaned in pleasure, and some discomfort, as this was the first time she had ever been penetrated. Jimmy was completely absorbed by his sexual urgings. He could no longer stop from coupling with the beautiful girl beneath him. Slowly he pushed his cock deeper inside until he was thwarted by some impediment inside her. He didn’t realize it, but Jimmy had encountered her hymen. Crazed with sexual desire he pushed harder and felt the impediment part and admit him. Michelle groaned painfully for a moment, but told him she wanted him to continue.

Finally, Jimmy’s balls slapped against Michelle’s ass and he had her impaled on his cock. He loved the feeling of the tight warm pussy clasping his cock securely. She was cascading her juices all over his balls and running down to her asshole. She twitched when her warm wet juices ran over her asshole, moaning low and long with pleasure. “Oh Jimmy, that feels so wonderful,” she cooed into his ear. Millions of years of evolution instinctively told Jimmy, what to do next. He began to pump his hard throbbing cock in and out of her sweet cunnie as she basked in pleasure. Events had caught up with Jimmy and he groaned and cried out when he exploded in a powerful cum, spewing huge loads of thick white frothy cum deep into Michelle’s pussy.

She felt his warm cum splatter against the walls of her tight cunt and squeeze past his cock to seep out of her pussy onto his balls and her asshole. Jimmy had nearly passed out from his first ever cum in a pussy. His balls kept pumping out the thick wads of cum as he lay against Michelle’s naked body. Finally, he stopped cumming and slowly withdrew his softening cock from her pussy. He wiped his cock with some tissues and saw traces of blood on the tissue. “Oh my God, Michelle, you’re bleeding!” he exclaimed. She grinned at him and shook her head no.

“No, Jimmy, that’s my cherry that you broke. It will bleed the first time a girl is…is…fucked,” she told him.

“Oh, geez, Michelle, Why didn’t you tell me you were a… a… a virgin?”

“Because I didn’t want you to stop, silly. I wanted to do it as much as you did,” she said to him. “Now what else are you going to make your bound slave do, Jimmy?” Jimmy was at a loss to say what more he wanted to do. Michelle could see that he was in mental turmoil over what had happened and she was a bit wary of what he might do next. She mulled it over and decided that she would try one more thing to assure he would not want to hurt her when they were finished. “Jimmy, come up here closer,” she said. Jimmy crouched over her in the car’s back seat and Michelle scooted down until she got to where she wanted to be. She opened her mouth and took Jimmy’s semi hard cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Jimmy writhed and gyrated in extreme pleasure. He never in his wildest dreams thought he would ever get his cock sucked by Michelle. It was his first ever blow job to go along with his first ever fuck that he had just enjoyed. He grabbed her head and pulled it into his crotch forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. Groaning in pleasure he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Michelle did not especially like sucking his cock at first, but as she continued it became so erotic in her mind. Here she was, naked, handcuffed, deflowered, full of cum, sucking a cock and unable to move because of her bound wrists. She loved it, but kept it to herself, not wanting Jimmy to know how erotic being handcuffed and ‘made’ to do these wonderful things made her feel.

Jimmy’s once semi hard cock was now a raging hard-on. Michelle’s lips were tight around his cockshaft and she licked, sucked and moved her head up and down his throbbing cock. He moaned nearly constantly as he could feel himself move closer to orgasm again. He tried to pull back to avoid cumming in her mouth, but Michelle gripped him hard and would not let go. Jimmy erupted in huge volleys of thick creamy cum deep into Michelle’s mouth. She tried to push it out, but the cum continued to fill her mouth until she swallowed it to keep from gagging. Michelle was surprised that the salty cum didn’t taste as bad as she thought it would, but she didn’t want a steady diet of it either.

Jimmy recovered and began to un-cuff his ‘hostage’. He handed her some tissues and helped gather her clothes together while telling her how marvelous the whole experience had been. Michelle said that she had liked it too and they should do it again sometime soon. Jimmy güvenilir casino was heartened to hear her say that and he was eager to get her dressed and home. Soon they were both dressed and driving back to the town. Michelle was glad that he hadn’t hurt her or worse, but wasn’t really sure if he would have let her go if she had resisted. “Michelle, are you going to tell your parents what happened?” Jimmy asked.

“No, Jimmy,” she reassured him, “if I did, they would never let me go anywhere with you again.” Jimmy grinned and felt safe as he drove toward town. Michelle glowed all over. She couldn’t get over the breathtaking feeling of being helpless and it warmed her all over. She knew that someday she would do it all again, only more. Even the pain of being roughly handled and deflowered was exciting and welcomed. Yes, she was determined to do it again and again. Sex, pain and sweet ‘torments’ were her cup of tea.

“Hello, you’re new here aren’t you, Miss?” a voice broke Michelle’s reverie to bring her back to reality. She looked up to see a tall muscular and very handsome police officer standing at her table.

“Oh, I’m sorry, officer, I was day dreaming. What did you say? Is there a problem?” she asked.

“Oh no, Miss, there is no problem,” he grinned, “that’s the over used line I have when I want to meet a pretty woman, like you.” Michelle, fully back from her daydream, suddenly recognized the police officer. It was, Jimmy, the boy that had taken her cherry so many years ago. He hadn’t really changed much, just gotten bigger, taller and very good looking. She saw the handcuffs on his belt and grinned. “Some thing tickle you, Miss?” Jimmy asked playfully. Her first action was to check his left hand for a wedding band. Finding none, Michelle motioned for him to sit down and he accepted her invitation.

“No I’m not at all tickled Officer,” she began acting a bit upset, “It’s just that I came here to file a complaint against your Police Department and an Officer in particular.” Jim’s eyes narrowed quizzically as he listened.

“Well, Ma’am, I’m the Chief of Police here and I am very concerned that you may have had a bad experience with one of my police officers.”

“Yes, I did,” Michelle began. ” I was taken against my will, driven to a remote location in his cruiser, handcuffed, stripped naked, deflowered, fucked and made to give him a blow job!”

“One of my men did this?” Jim asked in amazement.

“Yes, and he said that if I told any one, he would come back and do it again!” she continued, “I told someone and nothing happened, and that’s my complaint.”

“I don’t understand,” said Jim, “what exactly is your complaint?”

“I complaining about the fact that he said that if I told anyone what had happened, he would come back and do it again,” she continued. “Well, I told someone and he hasn’t come back to do it again. That is my complaint. Your Officers lie!” Jim was dumbstruck! He didn’t understand and then he saw Michelle smiling at him. Finally the realization settled in and he recognized her.

“Michelle, is that really you?”

“Yes it is and I’m hopping mad as hell!”

“Why are you angry?”

“I told my college roomies what you did to me and then waited all these years for you to come back and do it again, but you lied because you didn’t come back,” Michelle told him as she grinned from ear to ear. Jim shook his head and chuckled as he returned the grin.

“Well, Michelle, I guess this your lucky night because I’m ba…ack, and you, my dear, are under arrest Ma’am” he laughed. Michelle saw his handcuffs hanging from his police belt and she felt her panties moisten. She reached over and pulled them from his belt and twirled them around with her hand. Raising one eyebrow, she smiled and leaned in closer to Jim and whispered.

“This time I get to use the handcuffs first, big guy.”

“My place is just a few minutes from here,” he whispered back, “whenever your ready, Michelle.”

“We’re wasting time talking,” she replied. Jim rose to his feet, helped Michelle with her chair and they walked from the lounge. Outside, Jim opened the rear door of his cruiser and grinned as Michelle stepped inside, and Jim drove away.

“You’re not going to believe this, Michelle, but I built a small house at the same spot that you taught me about girls,” he told her. “It is still a remote spot with the nearest neighbor nearly three miles away. I live there alone,” he concluded.

“No wife or sweetheart?” Michelle asked him.

“Neither, Michelle, you stole my heart twelve years ago and I’ve been looking for it ever since.” He said. The night was dark and the sky overcast as they drove toward Jim’s home. He could barely see her in the rearview mirror as they rode. The cruiser came to a stop next to a modest two-story house with a large wrap around porch. Jim got out to open the door, as the cruiser’s rear doors could not be opened from the inside. He opened the door and the overhead light came on to reveal Michelle naked, smiling and with one handcuff on her wrist. Jim grinned and embraced her to kiss her passionately, with his hand grasping her firm breast. He lifted her up in his arms and carried her into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom.

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