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Assisting My Lactating Bhabi

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Hello everyone, this is Amir (18 years old). I would like to share my story on how I lost my virginity to by very own sister-in-law, my Bhabi (25 years old).

The story begins with my family travelling to my brother’s place in another city. The reason for the visit is to check out on how my Bhabi and her little son (6-7 months old) was doing as my brother recently had a movement to Canada for job purpose and would be staying there for over 1 year.

It was 3 months since the last time I saw my Bhabi and nephew. But, I wasn’t much excited for the trip as I had plans to go elsewhere. However, I was coerced into accompanying my mom.

It was a dull trip and I was hoping to get back to my city. On the day before I was supposed to leave, I came to the veranda and was curious to find out a pair of bras hanging on the clothesline other clothes. Being a virgin, I didn’t have any sort of exposure to such feminine items and sex in general.

Curiosity nudged me towards moving towards the pair as I slowly touched them. I inspected the thing in my hand and was inverting the cup, when I suddenly noticed a white droplet of something on the inner portion. I didn’t understand what it was and peered closer to see, when suddenly I realized that it was milk.

Adding two plus two together, I concluded that the milk definitely belonged to my Bhabi, as she regularly nursed my baby nephew. I didn’t understand what took over me, but I brought the object closer to my face and extended my tongue to lick it. Even though the liquid was stained in the material, I still managed to feel the sweetness of the tits milk.

The nasty thought of tasting my Bhabi’s milk was an exciting moment for a virgin boy like me, as my cock hardened. Suddenly, I heard a cough from behind, followed by movement towards the verandah. I hastily placed the bra in the clothesline in time to face the intruder.

It was none other than my Bhabi.

Bhabi: what happened? You look like you have seen a ghost?

Me: whaaat? (I stammered nervously)

Bhabi: have you never seen a woman’s bra?

I was rooted and shocked with her question, as I realized that I was standing right beside the hanging bra.

Me: no no, I was out here to get the fresh breeze (I protested)

Bhabi: Hmm, Ok (giving me a look that made me realized that she was not convinced)

Bhabi: Anyways, come back inside, the evening snacks are ready

I went inside, still shocked with the meeting. Right after snacks I excused myself and went to the room I was given to stay. Once inside, locked casino oyna the door and kept on thinking of the milk and bra. Instantly, my virgin cock hardened and I started jerking off. During that night I jerked off about 3 times thinking of my Bhabi.

Next day, when I was all packed and ready to go, I got down for breakfast.

Mom: I was a good trip. Thanks for all your kind hospitality

Bhabi: Ma, you can come anytime you want and will always get the same treatment

Mom: Please don’t forget Shamma’s wedding (my cousin) next week. Please come early so that we can go shopping

Bhabi: About that, Ma. I would face difficulty coming alone with my boy. Would it be possible if Amir stays for a few more days so that he can support us?

I was sipping on the tea, and was almost gulped a bit too more of the hot liquid

Me: I have plans with my friends. I need to get back

Mom: Nonsense! You will be staying and will help your Bhabi and nephew to come

Me: But…but?

Mom: I won’t hear anything from you…

And with that my stay there was over-extended! I was in resentment mood after my mom left. I personally didn’t like my Bhabi and vice versa. But to my surprise my Bhabi was acting nice with me. At times, she was even flirting. These made me confused and feel weird.

At night after dinner, I was in my room, meddling with my phone, when I suddenly saw my Bhabi calling. I received the call and

Bhabi: hey what are you doing?

Me: nothing much, Bhabi. Just meddling with my phone

Bhabi: why don’t you come to my room and give us some company. Its normally boring around here at night.

Me: Ok

I slowly got off the bed and went towards the room. I saw that the room was slightly ajar. I normally pushed the door open and suddenly say my Bhabi topless.

I was stunned. I could see that she was breastfeeding her son with her left tits, with the other one completely exposed. I slowly came back to reality and entered the room.

Bhabi: please sit

I sat on the sofa opposite to her as I struggled to look comfortable and away from her tits.

She started to ask me different questions about different things and I answered to my best capability. Throughout the conversation, she acted as if she wasn’t topless and I couldn’t see her naked titss. I was having a torrid time hiding my hardness.

After about 30 minutes, she got up and said that she would lay my nephew down as he was asleep. Once done, she turned around and came towards me. I was directly facing her two big titss and slot oyna exposed navel. From my assumptions, I deduced that she was a 36. To my surprise, she came and sat beside me.

Bhabi: I have a request from you

Me: what?

Bhabi: I have been breastfeeding my son since his birth. But even after drinking, I have lots left. I am producing lots of milk, which my baby cannot take. Due to this, my tits weigh a lot and pains

Me: ok (too dumbfounded to reply anything else)

Bhabi: Normally, I pump my tits until the excess milk seeps out. But I find it rather painful and annoying. So, my request to you is that I want you to suck out the excess milk

Unbelievable! I was shocked out off my wits. Here was this 25 year old mother of child, asking me to suck her tits. I was in 7th heaven.

Me: ok I guess

Bhabi: good (as she edged closer to me)

Bhabi: why don’t you feel them to understand the weight?

In restrained excitement, I touched the underside of her tits and felt their softness.

Bhabi: you can press them

Following her suggestion, I started to squeeze then slowly at first. But, when I saw that she didn’t mind, I increased the pressure. Slowly, I moved upward as I started to feel the front side of her tits. I felt her hard nipples against my palm, as my hand explored her two melons. Suddenly, I pressed a bit too hard…

Bhabi: Ow! (as a stream of milk lactated out of both her tits)

Me: Oh! Sorry!

Bhabi: No worries, Amir. Now, please suck them out

I didn’t need a second permission, as I buried my face on her right tits and mouthed her erected nipple. I started to suck a few times, but nothing came out.

Bhabi: slowly squeeze while your suck my nipple

I did as told, and in no time, I felt another jet of milk entering my mouth. I felt the known sweet taste and started to enjoy the experience as my cock was ready to burst out off my underwear. In no time I found the rhythm as I sucked and drank her milk

As expected she started to moan after some time and was taking fast breaths.

Bhabi: Oh…oh..ahh..uhh…please suck, suck on my tits!

I kept on sucking and started to play with her left nipple. I was tickling it and pinched it.

Bhabi: c’mon baby, please do that. Play with them! Squeeze!

With more pinching I gave her tits a huge squeeze, as milk started to pour out. I got up and gestured her to follow me to my room. Once there, I made her lie on the bed and got on top of her. With both my hands, I squeezed her tits with both hands, as I took her canlı casino siteleri erected nipples inside my mouth. In intervals, I changed focus and took turns sucking both as I slowly pumped her milk out.

At one point, she pulled me towards her lips and kissed me and felt her own milk in my mouth. We kissed passionately for sometime before she ordered…

Bhabi: Fuck me!

Without a second invitation, I got out of my t-shirts and shorts. I removed my underwear. Now, I was naked in front of her with my hard virgin cock. I pulled on the waistband of her pajama and almost ripped off her panties, to reveal her shaved pussy.

Bhabi: Fuck me, please! Now!

I placed my cock on the entrance and traced her line and labia. I felt her wetness on my circumsized cockhead as I rubbed her clitoris with it.

Bhabi: Please fuccccckkkk meeee!!!!

Thanking the higher power, I gave a hard push and felt two-third of my cock get engulfed inside her. Immediately, I felt tightness around my cock, as the warmth inside her pussy gave me a unique and indescribable sensation. This feeling of relaxation, made me enter my whole cock.

Bhabi: ohhhhhh! Fuck Amir! Fuck meeeee!!!!

I started to move my cock inside her. I never felt so good in life. Simultaneously we started to moan as I humped her. She wrapped her hands behind my head and her legs around my hip, pushing with her feet on my ass to enter and fuck her.

After a few more strokes, I felt her pussy walls closing on my cock. I realized that she was near cumming! In no time, I felt a force against my cock, as a huge gush of sticky liquid gushed by. The added warmth made me lose my control, as I realized that my orgasm was near.

I started to grind my cock into her pussy fast and felt it at the tip of my cock. Without any warning, I cummed and realized that I was flooding the internals of her lovely pussy with my sperm. I collapsed on top of her, as she picked up my head and kissed me on my mouth.

I slowly took my dick out of her pussy, and noticed the sperm trickling out.

Me: sorry! I didn’t mean to come inside

Bhabi: I wouldn’t have let you waste your seeds anywhere else

She gave a smile and scooped a chunk of my sperm from her pussy and put it in her mouth.

Bhabi: you are going to be mine this week. I will teach you lots of things, Amir! I haven’t felt this satisfied since your brother left for abroad

She came towards me and licked my cockhead and gulped my residue sperm. I had one of the best weeks of my life.

Please comment and give your feedbacks if you have liked this story. Your encouragement will make me write more in the future. Also, if you want me to get in touch, leave your email addresses in the comment below and I will get in touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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