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At Last…

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I meet her at the terminal, giddy at the prospect of what’s to come. We’ve talked for months online, cybering until the sun came up in both our time zones, or on the phone, deafening each other with moans of ecstacy and anguished longing for the fantasy to be real. And yet there’s always been this reservation neither has spoken, this fear kept hidden in the backs of our minds, that maybe we won’t be compatible, maybe the phone and the keyboard is where it should stay, maybe this is a risk that shouldn’t be taken.

But risks not taken only turn into regrets.

She comes out from the boarding tunnel, and I recognize her from the photo she sent. Our eyes meet. We’re both surprised–we’ve seen the pictures, but pictures only do so much. Her lips are slightly parted, then they form into a sinful smile. She walks up to me with arms raised for a hug. They feather down around my shoulders as my hands encircle her narrow waist and pull her close. She can feel my excitement through my jeans. She holds my face in her hands, her eyes on mine, that smile still in place. I kiss her mouth hungrily, hands running through her hair back from her temple to the back of her neck, holding her to me as she kisses me back with just as much enthusiasm. People are walking around us, some smiling, some scowling at the display. We go right on, until we come up for air, and I whisper, “Let’s not wait ’till the hotel.” She knows what I mean, and her eyes start to scan our surroundings. She spots an empty waiting area and a ladies’ room near it, her hand takes mine and starts to lead me, but I see where she’s headed and it almost becomes a footrace.

As we hoped, the bathroom’s empty, as soon as we’re past the door she’s in my arms again, kissing me wildly, her tongue thrashing over mine, soft whimpers and gasps escaping as our mouths open and close around each other. I take hold of her by the undersides of her thighs and lift her up, her legs closing around my hips as I carry her to the countertop with the sink. As I sit her down my mouth nuzzles her neck, my tongue gliding along her jawline from her earlobe down to her collarbone, then back up and along her jaw to her open, panting mouth. I pull her soft, shiny shirt with the spaghetti straps up out of her jeans to feel the warm skin of her back under my fingertips, letting them slip down the seam into the seat of her pants, feeling the soft skin of her ass and the line of her silk panties.

“Yessss,” she purrs into my ear just before biting down on my earlobe, her hands already up under my shirt, roaming up my back along the sides of my spine, eager, flexed fingers caressing. I reach around and tug the front of her jeans until they fly open, the zipper sliding down, and she holds herself bahis firmaları up on her hands and lifts her ass so I can slide them down to her knees, scooting my head between her legs and pressing my tongue against her pussy, licking through the gusset of her black panties, feeling, smelling, and tasting the wetness already seeping from within her. She lets out a loud groan and presses her hips against me, her hands in my hair, holding my head to her. I reach up and pull her panties away so I can feel her under my tongue directly. I bring my hand up, extending my forefinger and slipping it between her lips as my lips close around her clit. As it enters her to the second joint, I bend it inwards towards my mouth, tracing every soft and rough spot inside her that I can reach, rubbing her walls. Her intake of breath is a loud hiss as I probe her, followed by a loud moan, her legs starting to squeeze, her fingers tightening in my hair.

At some point someone actually walks in. I can’t see her because of where I’m positioned, and my friend pays her no mind. I hear a stall door behind us close shortly after she walks in. I push a second finger inside her, twisting my wrist as both fingers enter her to the knuckle, her tightening walls being pulled as they cling to my digits. Slowly I spread those fingers apart like a pair of scissors, bring them back together and spread them further apart, stretching her, all the while licking and sucking greedily at her clit and lips. Her breath quickens, her legs squeezing intermittently, she leans back on her hands and presses her hips against my face even harder, her pussy squeezing my fingers as they move inside and explore her.

It’s faint at first, but soon we both can hear a soft moaning coming from behind us, from the stall, and the person who came in, sitting there, listening to my lovely friend groan and shout. The sounds of our listener make me want my friend to cum, and my fingers start pistoning in and out of her, wrist turning each time, fingers bent and probing, spreading apart each time they enter her fully. My mouth renews its assault, my lips closing around her clit and sucking it back towards my throat, then holding it in my mouth while my tongue circles and lashes over it, pressing down with the tip just above it.

Her panting grows louder, punctuating the moans and whimpers that explode from her open mouth, until she lets out a shout that makes my ears ring, every muscle in her body locking, her fingers pulling my hair as her legs shudder over and over. Mingled with her shouts I can hear our observers moans crescendo and peak, subsiding into whimpers and sighs. I withdraw my sopping wet fingers and rub them over her lips, my mouth still moving over her clit, kaçak iddaa each lick and kiss bringing forth another shudder, another quake of her slowly relaxing body. Her hands slip down from my scalp, reaching to cup my face and raise me up to her, and as I slip between her legs, still confined by her jeans bunched up at her ankles, we kiss, and she licks the juices of her passion from my lips, and smiles at me her sultry gaze promising more.

Pushing her jeans from one of her ankles to free her legs, I place myself between them and lift her from the countertop by the bottoms of her thighs. Her hands interlace behind my neck, her eyes on mine as I carry her into another stall, the one neighboring our audience member. She releases my neck to close the door behind us, and as I set her down, I reach into my pocket and pull out a wrapped condom.

“I was hoping you might help me put this on.”

Her lips part into a wicked grin as she takes the packet from my hand. She places it between her teeth as her hands slip down to my belt buckle, pulling the strap free, her fingers deft and sure as she unbuttons my jeans. She stops for a moment to take her jeans off her other ankle and put them on the floor for her to kneel on. Her hands return to the waist of my jeans, taking hold and pulling them down past my knees and over my calves. With flexed fingers her hands travel back up my legs, over my thighs to the waistband of my boxer briefs, my cock now poking them outwards towards her. She lifts her face to look up at me, her approval clear and shining in her eyes.

“Later I’m going to do this to you very slowly, but since we’re not exactly safe here …” With a yank she pulls the waistband down and over my cock, hanging parallel with the floor, pointed right at her. Taking the condom packet from her teeth, her mouth devours me, a growl escaping from her throat as she takes my entire length, sucking in the head first, then drawing the rest of my shaft back towards her throat. Her cheeks hollow when I’m fully engulfed, and the sensation of her tongue caressing the soft, sensitive skin along the underside of my penis sends shivers through my body. She pulls back, letting her lips linger at the tip of the head, giving it a single kiss. She takes hold of me in her hand and pushes my cock up toward my belly to lick along the underside, the tip of her tongue drawing patterns along its veiny length. Her tongue slips between my balls, the tip swirling over and under them, her hand on my cock now stroking its length. She takes each of them between her lips, the suction on my sac pulling me towards her mouth. When she releases my scrotum, her tongue flies back up along my shaft. Her mouth consumes me again, and as she begins to bob her kaçak bahis head up and down, I hear her ripping open the condom packet with her now-free hands.

Her mouth releases me, and in a moment she’s fitting the condom’s ring over the tip of my cock and pushing it downward, sheathing me completely. She stands, reaching up and placing her hands on my shoulders. “Have a seat, sweetie,” she says, pushing me back until I’m sitting on the toilet. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the day we met.”

She steps over my thighs and straddles my hips, holding my shoulders as she lowers herself into my lap. My hands on her hips guide the path of her pelvis until I feel my tip touch her lips and spread them. As her warmth envelops me, my eyes close, my head tilts back, and I hear her groan as she pushes herself down. She kisses me ferociously, her mouth open over mine, tongue pushing its way down my throat. With me fully inside her, she begins to rock her hips towards and away from me, pressing her clit against my pelvic bone with each motion. Her motions quicken, and soon her moans and whimpers are punctuated only by rapid, panting breaths.

In the stall next to us I can hear our audience member again, her moans a higher pitch than my lover’s, their frequency quickening as our pace intensifies. I know her pleasure at listening to us is feeding my lover’s hunger. She breaks our kiss, throwing her head back as she uses her legs and her hands on my shoulders to push and pull herself harder onto me.

“God, I want to come,” she says between breaths. “Fuck me ‘til I come … baby, make me come.” I take her by the hips and pull her down into my lap, pushing my heels into the floor to lift my pelvis and meet her thrusts. She wraps her arms around my neck, holding on to me as I thrust myself up into her over and over, feeling my own explosion nearing.

Next to us I hear a voice pleading. “Fuck her. Fuck her hard. Make her come …”

I feel my lover’s legs go rigid, her tightness spasming around me as I continue to thrust. Her mouth near my ear, she cries out, “God, don’t stop! I’m coming! Don’t fucking stop!” The shouted command pushes me over the edge, and I erupt inside her, my own muscles locking after a final upwards thrust. I cry out, but over my own voice I hear the woman in the stall next to us reach her omega as well, her shout the last of our shared sounds of lust.

For long moments we just hold each other, our breathing slowing, my penis softening inside her. I feel as though we both might asleep, but then the door to the neighboring stall opens, and a voice says, “Thanks, you guys. I really needed that. Enjoy your stay.” A second later, the outer bathroom door opens and closes, and we’re alone.

“Oh, I intend to,” my lover says, looking down at me and licking her lips. “Now let’s get to the hotel so we can do this right.”

“Want to wait that long? I was already thinking about the car …”

… to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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