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At the Beach

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We lie in the sun, totally oblivious to the worries and pressures of the rest of the world, enjoying the morning sun and quiet surroundings.

You lie with your tiny white string bikini barely covering your flesh. I lie with my eyes half closed behind dark sunglasses providing merciful relief from the brightness of the sun. Each of us is dozing off the effects of last night’s excesses.

You ask if I want you to take off your bikini top on what is admittedly a fairly secluded beach. I feign indifference, curious as to how you’ll react.

Although you can’t see if I’m looking out from behind my dark glasses or not, you can guess that I won’t be able to keep my eyes off you for long.

Just as you’re about to take your bikini top off, one of the guys from the resort bar wanders toward us, wanting to know if he can get us a drink.

Jesus Christ, it’s barely into the morning and already you’re trying to ply us with alcohol, you playfully tease him. In the end you order a couple of drinks for us and he wanders off, no doubt having enjoyed how you look.

Again I begin to drift off to a light sleep as the waves gently roll up and caress the beach. You have a little more energy.

Again you ask if I’d like you to take off your top, both of us knowing that the drinks boy will be back before long. “Sure,” I say, curious again as to what you’ll do.

Calling my bluff, you unhook your already skimpy bikini top and let it fall to the sand.

At first you lie back in your sun lounger with your magnificent breasts on display. You playfully reach for the oil, and in your cutest sex kitten voice ask if I’d like to rub oil into your naked breasts.

I pretend to be dozing and watch as you begin to pour oil over your exposed breasts drop by drop, rubbing it with just a single fingertip. You know that my curiosity would never allow me to sleep through this, and that I wouldn’t be able to do anything but enjoy your little show.

What neither of us realizes is that our friend with the drinks is casino şirketleri also enjoying the show, as he’s now only a few feet away. He takes a few moments to recover himself and clears his throat in embarrassment. You mumble an apology and flip over onto your stomach.

I gaze out from behind my sunglasses, barely able to suppress a grin as I watch you both squirm self-consciously. He places one drink near me in the sand and places yours down in front of you.

He utters “Madam…” as he’s about to turn on his heel and walk away. Something makes him hesitate; probably the smooth curves of your back, waist and legs as well as the memory of the oil dripping on your chest.

As he starts to move away, you tell him to wait.

“Can you rub some oil on my back?” you ask him quietly.

He glances nervously over to where I’m lying, but you offer him the oil imploringly. He assumes I’m asleep as he takes the oil from your hand. You can’t really be sure either way.

He pours some oil straight onto your bare back, absentmindedly admiring your flesh before he begins to gingerly touch you. You let out a soft, barely audible moan as he begins to rub the oil into your back and shoulders with a little more confidence.

I watch, motionless from behind my dark glasses at the way the oil glistens on your soft skin and his hands glide over you.

He starts to rub the oil higher on your shoulders, so that his hands make their way to your sensitive neck. You both begin to relax and forget your surroundings as he softly runs his fingers over your flesh, tickling the nape of your neck.

You guide him lower down your back, so that he massages more oil into the small of your back. He then pours oil onto the backs of your legs and massages the entire length of your smooth, brown skin.

The flimsy, thin white material of your string bikini leaves little to the imagination of your thighs or your ass. He again rubs oil into the small of your back, this time with fingers lingering along the edge of casino firmaları your bikini line.

At this moment I notice that your arm has dropped to your side and that it you’re stroking his calf in encouragement.

With that little sign of reassurance, he pours oil over the bikini material, soaking it through so that it clings to the outline of your ass. I have a perfect view to see that the oil has soaked through between your thighs, showing off the outline of your pussy.

His hand touches your ass now, and fingers move under your bikini to the top of your ass. You let out another moan of contentment and reach your hand further up his leg.

His hand feels the curve of your now slippy ass. Your hand reaches further up the inside of his thigh.

His finger mercifully moves to the inside of your sensitive thighs, and then incredibly, to your pussy and your whole body shudders.

He begins to slide his finger over your pussy and anus until you reach down with your free hand to his, urging him to move under your bikini.

His fingers slide easily inside your soaking wet pussy as you wanted and demanded. Your hand moves up to the bulge in his shorts, rubbing over the top before you too slip your hand under the material for a proper feel.

Your reach for the oil and apply it generously over your hand before again reaching under his shorts to stroke his already stiffening cock.

As you know I am, I watch from behind the concealment of my sunglasses. I watch as his fingers slide in and out of your dripping wet pussy and your hand moves over his penis, both of you slick with oil.

You throw a glance over to see the bulge in my own shorts, and know I consent to what’s happening, wanting what is about to happen next almost as much as you.

He continues to play with your slick pussy and anus as you slide his shorts down to expose the lust he has for you. You rub still more oil on his manhood as he slides the material of your bikini to one side.

You part your legs for him güvenilir casino as he moves behind you, never leaving your sun lounger. You let out a loud groan of shameless fulfillment as his slick penis enters your wet pussy. Laying on top of you, he starts to slide along your slick, oiled back effortlessly.

It’s obvious from the low moans that you both let out that each of you is already near to climaxing almost immediately as he continues to slide in and out of your lusting pussy. Your slippery, well oiled pussy and his penis move together almost without friction as he continues to fill and stretch you.

For the very first time I begin to wonder if this is what you want; fears that are soon allayed when you tell him not to stop, your voice dripping with sensuality.

I continue to watch your lithe bodies moving together, his well-lubricated penis sliding in and out of you. Your eyes are closed and your mouth open as I watch your face revealing the sensations you experience deep inside of you.

Suddenly, he withdraws from your pussy and begins to slide his cock between your ass cheeks. He rubs the head of his slick cock gently around your anus, itself still covered in oil and now also the slickness from your pussy.

He knows the pleasure you will be feeling as every nerve ending in your body is alive with sensation and want. Without trying to penetrate your anus, he slides his penis back and forth in the crack of your ass, between your two bodies.

You tell him to fuck you again, with more of a statement than a request.

As easily as before, he penetrates you from behind. His penis slips into you in one stroke, your hips moving back to ease his entry. Again his body slides back and forth over yours as he slides in and out of you.

Both of you are soon on the verge of coming once again, with the excitement of watching you making me rock hard.

You both start to climax at the same time, your moans now louder than before as he begins to cum inside of you. You both cry out in unison with your continued climax as he unloads his lust inside your pussy. Never before have your deepest nerve endings been awakened in this way and filled with such lusting want and fulfillment as they are now. You both collapse, utterly satisfied.

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