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Awake in Black Tape

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I open my eyes to the ceiling of our hotel, strangely more generic than other white ceilings. As I begin to sleepily smile and recall another perfect day with you, I feel a tightness around my wrist. As I tug, in slight confusion, I feel the other three points of my restraint. My wrists and ankles, all, are bound by black tape and fastened to the bedframe. Just as confusion turns into fear, I see your face above me. Your hair frames your smile in a way that makes my cock jump. It understands and then I do.

Remembering I can move my head, I turn and see your beautiful skin, barely concealed by a wrap of shear fabric; my cock continues its knowing advance. You rub my stomach and I arch to direct your hand down, but you don’t continue. Again confusion, but with a smile.

Fully erect, with skin stretched tight, I finally feel a slight breeze. I turn the other way and see the door open. Light spills in, and I squirm against my black tape until a shadow appears. I see a male figure, backlit, pausing in the doorway. A shot of adrenaline as I think we are caught. The thought of you sucking me with him watching shoots through my mind between drafts of explanation. But he advances with prearranged confidence. I look to you and you are smiling with a welcoming grin. Just then I hear a sound from the bathroom and another man walks out, lit by the sun, plainly naked. The sunlight gives his skin a soft filtered look, and I see the shape of his cock tells he is aroused, but not fully erect.

Both men walk up to the bed, the clothed one stripping to join his nude friend. You are teasingly silent and stand up next to me. I watch, finally knowing something about what’s happening, and the knowledge brings a glint of wetness to the tip of my cock. You reach out and grab the man from the bathroom, pulling him gently but directly by his growing erection. The sight of your fingers draped around another man’s cock pushes another drop out of me. Like presenting a gift you pull him down next to my face and he braces himself on the bed with his hands on the other side of me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the other man now fully naked and slowly watching and stroking.

But I’m focused on the cock before me. The scent of it draws me toward it. With little range of motion I move my lips to feel the head of his penis. It’s dry and soft. I open my mouth and he does the rest, bahis siteleri slowly beginning to fuck my lips and tongue. I feel his contours on the roof of my mouth as I notice your fingernails scraping down my ribs and leg. I wiggle with a slight tickle that tightens my grip on his cock. I suck him in with each thrust.

I still feel your hand on my leg, but my view is blocked. You take my thigh and pull it towards you, pushing it into your chest. I can feel your breasts straddling my knee. I move to caress you in any way I can, but my other leg is also being taken. And in a moment my legs are spread. I notice this, but barely care or understand; I’m beginning to taste familiar wetness. The man from the bathroom is now fully engaged in fucking my mouth. I try to push him out with my tongue, hoping to fail, but he slides past. I keep pushing up against him as he slides out again, and I squeeze out a great stream of warm, salty liquid.

You are hard at work, with one hand on my stomach and one cool and slippery, covering me with lube. I wonder if you are applying it to the other man’s cock as I feel him push against me with it. It slides up just below my testicles and I feel a hand, I think it’s yours, guide him into me. I moan without thought as he pushes his head just inside. The moan must have been a pleasing vibration for the man from the bathroom, since I start to taste something stronger. I don’t know what to focus on as he comes in my mouth. I feel it filling up my cheek as some leaks down around the back of my tongue, but the backlit man continues his push. I feel his thighs contact my hips and his hair against me as he pushes completely inside. You have used plenty of lube and when he starts fucking me, I feel the rush of him filling me. I start to move up and down with each bang against my thighs and ass. My lips are sealed around the cock in front of me as it pulls out, being stroked to final completion by each thrust from being fucked.


The man from the bathroom pulls his body up and you see my face, my lips flushed with friction and glossy from cum, I’m savoring his taste in my mouth. By body is shifting next to you and you can feel, through my leg in your arms, the same pounding that I feel. Looking down my thigh, you see a shimmering cock push in and out. The novel angle makes it surreal and hyper-real all at the same time. My cock canlı bahis siteleri is hard and flopping in a small pool of wetness, and you start to salivate. You slide down my leg and suck up the head of my cock, trying to taste as much wetness on my stomach as you can. It’s slippery on your tongue and lips. You barely need to work, my cock is pushed into your mouth every time the backlit man’s cock dives into me. With your head lying on my stomach, you can feel my muscles contract as I try to fuck your mouth in time.

The bathroom man has been watching and resting, his cock limp from cumming in my mouth. With your lips still around me, he begins to move around the bed. He pauses behind you and you feel his hands on your back as he leans into you. On the inside of your right thigh you feel his soft cock wet from my mouth. He just stays there for a moment and you feel what it would be like to be fucked my him while sucking me. You glance up at your new view of the backlit man inside me. His pace is quickening and I am squirming under you.

You reach back and pull a hand down to your breast. The man behind you squeezes and pushes into you harder. You push back in rhythm with your sucking and as you do you feel his cock swinging between your legs. You are wet enough to be dripping and his cock starts to slide over the slippery parts as it grows. You reach back again, this time underneath. You catch his swinging cock and push it up against your clit. He starts pumping in time with your pushes, in time with your sucking, in time with hips slamming against hips as I’m being fucked.

You almost come from cock against clit as you see the backlit man push up with his legs, raising me slightly in the air and pushing me further into your mouth. My moans echo in your ears as he groans and fills me with cum. You can see me struggling against my tape to continue pushing his cock into me him as he pulls away. The man behind you is fucking the space between your hand and clit. You let my cock fall from your mouth, pulling a desperate squeal from my lips. A couple more thrusts and you tighten your hand around the cock behind you. You and he are dripping and trying to put your fingers around him almost pushes him inside.

You successfully grab him and keeping him behind you, you both move around to where the backlit man was. You scale the edge of the bed and over canlı bahis my thighs until you are kneeling above my waist. You pull the cock in your hand towards you, with a familiar feeling of inviting penetration. But you guide him into me instead. I am slippery with cum and he is slippery from fucking your hand and clit, so he slides in with ease. He steadies himself with a hand on your rib cage and starts his work fucking me. You look back to see his cock coated in a layer of cum and he reaches around to grab your breast. One hand still on your ribs, just touching the under breast fold, the other in full squeeze.

My shiny cock is below you, developing a small pool of liquid on my belly. You could taste that I was close to coming before. The side of my face is pushed into the bed, having been in a daze of ecstasy, but you see me feel your look and I meet your eyes. A quick silent conversation and you angle me into you. You can almost only feel my warmth as you lower yourself. I meet you with my hips. I give as much of a thrust as I can and you fall forward onto your hands. This pulls the man from the bathroom forward too, hanging onto your ribs and breast. You can now feel him moving behind you. He pulls on you to push himself into me and you sit back onto my cock. With you angled forward and him behind you, you feel his hair on your tailbone and butt. With every thrust, it tickles you slightly. It feels like being fucked by him, but you can feel my cock in you, shaking rhythmically. Our eyes continue their focus and the two of you develop a rhythm as you fuck me. Some of the times you fall down onto my hips you can feel the skin of your butt push into the belly of the man behind you. It makes a pleasing soft slap, different from the one you hear from me.

You feel his grip on you change and he lowers a hand to your stomach, quickening his pace. He moans as I do and pushes into me with a long thrust. He lays down onto your back and his hand falls farther down, one finger touching your clit as you’re pushed down onto me. You know that he filled me with cum and that I could take no more as you feel me fill you. The finger on your clit, my pumping cock, and the look of my face are it for you and you ride me for seconds more until your legs give out and you crash onto me in orgasm.

I stay inside you and you can tell I want to hold you. You snap one wrist restraint then another. As the two men wash up and leave, we lay together. You can feel sweat and cum between us and you slide gently as you adjust. We can’t help but fall asleep this way; maybe we’ll wait a few days later to wake.

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