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This is my third submission and I hope you enjoy it. I like to write short, sweet, to the point type stories, and I would love to hear some feedback from you, the readers.


We both lie sleeping deeply in his bed, until he rolls over and curls around me. I feel his arm slip around me and his hand cup my breast, giving the nipple a small pinch. I curl deeper into his embrace and he wraps his leg over mine.

We continue to doze in this position, with any movement on my part bringing a sharp pinch to my nipple and a tightening of the leg trapping mine. I can hear his soft, low snoring behind me, and my sleep-fogged brain paints images of a beast wrapping me in its possessive embrace. I imagine I can even feel a large, silken wing over me, ensnaring me, shielding me. I feel so totally his, as if I belong only to him and to this moment.

It is a very powerful illusion, and I feel myself growing aroused, moisture seeping out to dampen my inner thighs. I press myself back against him and feel his cock twitch in its nest between my ass cheeks. His fingers close tightly again on my nipple, but this time they don’t release it so quickly and he continues to knead and pinch until my casino şirketleri nipple is a hard nub against his palm. I arch my back against him, feeling him grow longer and harder as his hand closes over my other breast. A moan escapes me when he roughly pinches the nipple, and it immediately springs to a hard, tight peak. I can hear his breathing growing rougher and I shift my hips against him yet again.

Suddenly, his head dips down and I feel his teeth biting harshly into the sensitive skin of my shoulder. I gasp at the pleasure-pain of it as he growls in my ear, “I think you better put me inside of you, right now!”

I reach back between us to wrap my hand around his cock and guide him to my now drenched pussy. I slide the head back and forth along my wet slit until I hear a warning growl, then slip the just the tip inside my hot opening. He grabs tightly to my hips and thrusts himself into me in one stroke, driving a moan from my lips. I love when he fucks me this way, in the spoon position, because with each thrust the head of his cock rubs just the right places to drive me closer and closer to the edge, but not quite over it. I bend forward to allow him deeper inside, and his casino firmaları forceful thrusts soon have me bracing my hands against the wall, and thanking the heavens that his bed is against the wall, to keep me from ending up on the floor. He teases me at times, pulling all the way out and then sliding just the head in and out, making me arch back and try to take him deeper, then driving deep to make me cry out in pleasure.

Abruptly, he stops and pulls away. When I look over my shoulder at him, he orders, “get on your hands and knees.” I follow the order with a soft “yes, sir” and he smiles. “That’s what I like to hear.” Positioning himself behind me, he again thrusts his full length into me with one stroke and begins a slow, steady rhythm punctuated by the sporadic sting of his hand on my ass. “I want you to touch yourself,” he tells me. “I want you to make my pussy come for me.” Another stinging smack, “It’s my pussy, isn’t it?” “Yes, sir,” I reply again, “it’s your pussy.” He runs his fingernails lightly over the spot he just smacked, raising goose bumps on my skin and making me shudder.

I reach between my legs and begin stroking my fingertip over my clit in time with his thrusts, güvenilir casino working to please him as I pleasure myself. I can feel the nub of it getting harder and more sensitive as I circle its tip, and I rock my hips to meet his with every thrust. I can feel myself getting close and I gasp out, “I’m going to cum for you, oh please, fuck me harder!” He pounds into me hard and fast as I start bucking under him in the grip of a truly intense orgasm. The contractions in my pussy are so strong that they push him out of me.

He grabs my leg and rolls me over, then positions a pillow beneath my hips, all while I’m still shuddering with the last pulses of pleasure from my orgasm. He slides into me more slowly, knowing how sensitive I am now, and takes up a strong , quick rhythm. The pillow in this position allows him to penetrate me deeper than in any other, and I gasp and moan with as with every plunge his cock grows harder and longer. I hold onto his forearms to brace myself, and my nails leave crescents in his skin. With my muscles clamping around him, it isn’t long before I feel his hot cum spurting into me, filling me, claiming me. He collapses onto my chest, panting, and I wrap my arms and legs around him, holding him as he catches his breath.

After a few moments, he shifts himself to lay beside me. I curl into his side as he pulls the covers over us both. Nestled together, both well satisfied, we drift back into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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