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Babysitting Alex – Part 6

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-=Just a small note to fans, weekends are the days I don’t post stories, if something changes about it, I’ll contact you all, thanks for the support on the series and enjoy part 6!=-


I woke up, Aky was with his arm over my waist and Mark had his leg over mine, it felt warm…so good…I gave both a small kiss on their cheeks and slowly got up to prepare the usual stuff of the morning, it was actually pretty much the first time I had woke up and they were not already up, playing. I yawned moving to the kitchen, in some minutes only Aky came walking down.

“morning..” He said rubbing his eye and holding his glasses, I always loved that scene.

“morning sunshine..” I said smiling at him.

“Wow..someone’s happy” He said smiling back at me.

“And you know why huh little boyfriend?” I said moving to him.

“Mnnhum” He let out hugging me.

“You have no idea of how much I love you..” I said facing him.

“I bet as much as I do” He replied smiling and pulling me for a kiss, as always, I wouldn’t deny a kiss from him, ever…we kissed deeply for some seconds, then we heard footsteps so we instantly broke our kiss, then, Mark showed up coming down the stairs.

“G’ Morning…”He said yawning.

“Morning!” I said.

“Is he happy?” Mark asked Aky.
“Pretty much” Aky replied.

“Breakfast’s ready you party poopers…” I said looking at both.

“Awwn…we’re kidding!” Aky said stroking my cheek.

“Yeah, dude…chill out!” He said laughing.

“This is gonna be a long day…I can feel it…”

As we were having our breakfast, we kept looking at each other, pretty much because we were still in out underwear.

“So…you guys wanna get naked?” Aky said.

“Sure..” I said sliding my black boxers down.

“Ok.” Mark said sliding down his blue boxers. Aky had already slid down his green ones and we kept eating.

“So…I wanted to ask you guys about a little..tiny thing..” Mark said.

“Sure. What is it?” I asked.

“What are your fetishes? Or…pretty much anything you guys want to do that bad?” he asked, I noticed Aky’s eyes had a different glow, the very same from when he tried his little fantasy with me.

“I can tell you mine if you tell me yours…” Aky said.

“I…don’t know…ever since we tried all those stuff…I mean…I wanted to try a double…maybe that…”

“Double penetration? Kinda hardcore huh?” I asked a little surprised.

“Pretty much…so what’s yours?” he asked.

“I got no fetish…at least….not that I actually know about…” I said.

“Oh…and you Alex?” he asked Aky.

“Humm..I can show you today, at night, if Matt wanna help….” He said winking at me.

“H-Hum…yeah…right..” I said.

“You know his fetish?” Mark asked me.

“Not only I know but felt it…it’s fun…” I said smiling. “But I think you won’t be able to handle it…” I continued.

“Dude..I took your huge dick completely inside my ass….guess nothing surprises me anymore…” He said.

“Keep thinking like that until tonight ok?” I said smiling.

“Let’s see if you’re tooooough” Aky said. “ Oh yeah…I gotta pick up some stuff at home. Can you help me?”Aky asked me.

“Sure…right after breakfast.” I said.
“Can I go?” Mark asked.

“Don’t think so! That’ll ruin the surprise” Aky said laughing and ruffling his hair.

“Yeah…right…”Mark said before chewing.

“Well…I’m done…” I said.

“Me too! Then let’s go!” Aky said getting up and grabbing his clothes.

“Hang on…hang on…”I said grabbing my clothes on the floor and going to the door. ”Expect us!” I said getting dressed with Aky and finally leaving to his house.

“So….what are we gonna pick up?” I asked.

“Some small things for our fun tonight..”He said smiling casino şirketleri at me.

“Riiiiight…are you actually going to torture him?” I asked.

“Maybe a little harder…I was afraid of doing some suff to you and you beat me up once I untied you” He said.

“Oh yeah…?That’s bad ‘cause I was pretty much going to cooperate” I said.

“How was I supposed to know?” he said opening the door and letting me in.

“Let’s see…you told me not to chicken out and ‘no objections’ “ I said.

“You were actually going to obey me?” He asked getting near me.
“Maaaaaybe…if you had given any order…but you were so busy trying to make me scream for mercy….” I said sarcasticly.

“I don’t know…pain kinda turns me on…I mean…other people’s pain…” he said moving to his room.

“No wonder…” I said following him, and as Soon as I got in he closed it and locked the door.

“Saaay….how about just a private play?” he asked.

“……Now…I wasn’t expecting that” I said as he pulled my hand getting me near him. His head was always near my neck, he was just a bit smaller than me…but his skin against mine felt so good…always felt so good…I couldn’t wait nor stand it…I took his shirt off and put him on his bed kissing him all over slowly moving to his pants, lowering it together with his underwear licking his dick and slowly jacking him off.

“Ahh…y-yeah..”He let out while I jerked him.

“You like when I do this to you right? You little bitch….” I said as I slowly jerked him. I didn’t know where THAT get from…I mean…I never really said anything like that…but He seemed like he enjoyed it.

“Oh yeah…you slut…suck on it!” He said ordering me. I closed my mouth around his dick and sucked him off hard, it felt so good…

“I love sucking you…you know…if feels so good..it tastes good..” I said before sucking him again, he was moaning a lot, that meant I was doing a good job, of course…

“Ahh…yeah..suck it you fucker…”He let out. I was surprised that he was actually cussing, it was funny though. I held his dick outside my mouth and licked it from the base to his tip, he was leaking a bit of precum, it felt so sweet, I played with his dick using my tongue, licking around the head, his pee hole before sucking him off deeply again.

“Ah! ah! Yeah…suck me off!” He screamed almost shooting his load. I knew he was close so I lifted his legs licking his hole, he screamed in pleasure before I unbuttoned my pants and sliding my dick inside, it went in much easier that it did the last times, he held his legs behind his knees while I thrusted my dick inside, he began shaking and moving his legs a bit, and before I could notice, he came on his own chest and face, he seemed to like that a lot and as soon as I felt it coming, I took it off and came on his dick, he smiled at me licking his own cum.

“I wasn’t expecting that…” He said.

“It just came to my mind…hum…sorry I called you a bitch…” I said.

“No problem…I kinda called you a slut anyway” he said before we both laughed.

“That was fun…but we gotta go back…let’s grab what you need and go back” I said.

“I’m not going back with my chest and face cummed!” He said.

“Then take a bath…duh..but fast” I said sitting on the bed.

“Fine…hum…by the way…” He said getting up and moving to the bathroom. “It was kinda hot you cumming ON me…” he continued.

“Ya..I liked it too….maybe we can do it tonight again…” I said.

“Nah…let’s save it for tomorrow night, Mark’s going home sadly anyway…” He said

“Oh yeah….so tonight let’s have our attention pulled to Mark” I said.

“Oh yeah…” he said finally getting into the bathroom.

After we were done grabbing the stuff he needed, we got back to my house, Mark looked casino firmalari at us with a smirk as if he knew what we have done there, and he wasn’t wrong, but he let it go, we left the bag with Aky’s stuff on my room and we went to have lunch. We played and swam all the afternoon only stopping to take a bath and having a snack, finally, at night, we had dinner and the real game was on.

“Alright! I’m tired of waiting! What is it Alex!? I gotta know!!” Mark screamed.

“Wow…chill…I don’t know how to tell you…so I’ll have to show you” He said running up. “Come on Matt!” He continued.

“What is he planning?” Mark asked looking at me and walking up.

“Who knows….” I said moving up as well, as soon as we got to my room, Aky closed the door.

“Grab him!!” He screamed at me as I held Mark’s arms and pushed him to my bed and kept holding his arms as I sat on his stomach.

“Hey!What are you doing!?” Mark screamed struggling to flee.

“Do it!” I screamed to Aky as he got some ropes and tied Mark’s hands and feet to the bed.

“Let me go!Now!” He screamed.

“You look cute pissed!” Aky said smiling so I got up from him. “Come on…let’s hit it on…” He said getting on bed as Mark struggled to flee.

“His fetish is torture dude…I took my blows, but now you got to as well” I said whispering on his ear.

“W-What? That’s not funny!” Mark said trying to break free, obviously, he couldn’t, the only moves he was allowed to make were lie on his back and change to lie on his stomach, that’s all the ropes allowed him to do.

“Now…let’s start!” Aky said moving to his half-hard dick and licking it from the base to the tip, he squeezed it had and he let out a low moan, as if we were not supposed to hear that. As he was sucking, I took a look at Aky’s hand…it was moving back and forward, he was already finger fucking him and Mark finally let out a normal moan, that turned Aky on even more, and I knew it….

“You like this Mark?” He said before flicking one of his balls, I watched as Mark opened his eyes in shock wanting to get hold of his balls, but he couldn’t.

“OW!What the Hell man! ” Mark screamed, Aky continued sucking, now squeezing his balls, I watched Mark’s face, he was trying to twist himself in pain, I even thought I saw a small tear forming by the corner of his eyes, so I kissed him deeply, I don’t know why, but his face of pain turned me on, Mark moaned while kissing me and shook a little shooting his load into Alex’s mouth, He swallowed everything and took it out of his mouth.

“Sweet….I liked it…” Aky said licking his own lips as he slowly fucked him with his fingers. I broke the kiss and lowered my pants touching my dick on Mark’s lips, his eyes were wide opened as he took my dick inside his mouth, it felt warm and wet….

“Ahhh yeah you little whore…Swallow it all…”I let out, he looked at my face while sucking and deep throated me, it felt amazing, he gagged a little and let it out of his mouth to cough.

“That’s one..hell of a big cock…” Mark said. His hard on had just returned and Aky squeezed his balls again a bit hard one last time, he closed his eyes in pain wanting it to stop. Aky moved to his nipples pressing, pulling and twisting them, Mark moaned a lot from his touch.

“Matt…can you get me the bag?” Aky asked me kindly. I got up and took the dark blue bag near him, he took a dildo from it, looking at the stuff he got, I wondered WHERE did he get all that stuff from.

“Ah no!! No Dildo!!” Mark screamed as Alex slid it inside his ass, Mark screamed cursing words in Pain as Aky was moving back to his dick sucking it hard, I slid my dick inside Mark’s mouth again, he closed his eyes both in pain and pleasure shaking his body trying güvenilir casino to move, he knew we wouldn’t hurt him (Deeply) so he seemed a lot more relaxed now, while he was sucking me I saw his closed eyes narrowing as he was trying to moan, when I looked to his dick, Aky was already sitting on him, Mark was twitching and shaking as he he was about to come, Aky stopped his moves and got up from his dick as he slowly turned Mark on his stomach sliding the dildo out, Mark was almost crying before he took out the dildo. Aky spread his butt cheeks getting a good look at his little hole and rubbed his dick on the entrance before sliding it in easily, Aky moaned loud and Mark tried to, still with my dick into his mouth.

“You’re so tight….so good..inside of you…”Aky said moving deeper with his 4,5 dick…Mark lifted his ass a little and he fucked him back, Aky was going all out against Mark’s ass, and when he felt that he was going to cum, Aky held and squeezed the base of his dick, not allowing him to blow.

“Mnn…yeah..suck good…Oh Shit!” I screamed before blasting my load inside his mouth, I slid my dick out of his mouth as his head fell on the pillow, his mouth letting out some cum, he was already tired but Aky wouldn’t let him cum and as soon as Aky came inside him, he slid his dick out of his ass and moved to his bag again, I was surprised with what I saw…a Venus 2000, or as he called it: “Milking Machine”, he turned Mark over and placed it on his dick, I couldn’t believe what I was watching, and as soon as he turned it on, Mark moaned loud as his dick was being milked.

“You know..this has always kinda been my secret fantasy…I really wanted to try it with someone…you know…it is so hot…” Alex said looking at me.

“Ahhh!Ah!!Cut it out Alex!!Turn this thing off!!I already came!!” He pleaded.

“Just 3 more times!” He said.

“But! But I can’t stand it!! I’ll faint if it continues!!!Ahh!AHH!” Mark pleaded again before coming a 2nd time. “C-Come on! L-Let me go Alex!! Please!! I’m begging!!!” He said almost crying. I felt bad for him…and I poked his shoulder.

“Enough…let him go” I said before getting up.

“Ahhh…A-Again!!” He let out as he came again he was almost faiting and his tears were sliding down his face.

“Now! Enough Alex!” I said as he got up and turned it off and I took it away from Mark, looking at the collected cum.

“Wow….look at how much he came…” Aky said taking it from me and puring it over Mark’s chest….I was amazed…and I couldn’t control myself…I got on bed and started licking it from his chest…I’ve never been this horny before, I was drinking all of the cum on Mark’s chest, his tears stopped running down his cheeks and I looked at him, his eyes were heavy, he was tired, so I kissed him as he tasted his own cum from inside my mouth, Alex watched everything and also licked some of Mark’s cum from his chest, swallowing it right away, I couldn’t believe what we had just done…suddenly, Mark’s tongue stopped moving and when I looked at him again, he was already sleeping, I looked at Aky with some of Mark’s cum drooling out of my mouth along with saliva, he gave me a small laugh before falling on the pillow alongside Mark, before I forgot, I untied Mark from the bed and I laid down next to him putting my arm over his chest, then I felt Aky’s hand crossing his fingers with mines, I lifted my head and looked at him.

“You’re just…the best boyfriend I could dream of…” he said.

“Thanks Aky…I love you…a lot…”I said as my eyes got heavy.

“I love you too…” He said, before closing his eyes. I gave him a smile and closed my eyes again…”Love..”I thought to myself before everything went dark…

“Good night both of you” I heard, it was Mark’s voice in a happy tone, then I felt a kiss on my cheek. The best night so far…

-=Thanks for waiting for it by the way! Thanks for reading, see u guys on Part 7=-

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