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Babysitting with Benefits

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My boyfriend and I love watching porn videos, but I have to smile when we see one where somebody seduces the babysitter. The reason I smile is because it isn’t ever the way they show in the movies. I know, because it happened to me.

I know that a dirty movie isn’t realistic; it’s just somebody’s fantasy on film. But I can’t help but think about it because it was just too good to forget.

I had just turned eighteen when all this happened, but I was a little shy as a teenager and never dated very much. I was old enough to know what to do and too young to care. I was still a virgin, but I had giggled enough times with other girls when we talked or went to slumber parties and I knew what sex was. I didn’t want any other the other girls to know, but when the sex talk started I never left the room. I was obsessed with sex, but afraid if anyone found out I would be labeled a slut or a whore or whatever.

In fact, I was more than obsessed. I ached for sex. I couldn’t quit thinking about sex. I had already found out how good my fingers felt on my pussy and on my clit. I had discovered that my fingers were too small to be satisfying when I fingered myself, but too big if I tried to put them in my ass. I listened to all the jokes about using petroleum jelly and laughed along with the rest of the girls, then almost ran to the cosmetics box that my mother had so I could try it. I searched the entire house to find something that was the right size and never found anything that was just the right size. I had tried everything in the house with a handle and found everything was both too long and skinny, or too thick and short. My mother never did figure out where her little flashlight went, but it was hidden under my nightstand. I wasn’t satisfied with the flashlight, though, because it didn’t taper on the end, it was just flat and I could only use it after lubricating it and being really careful putting it in. Then it was the right size around, but it was still too short and after I used it I had to clean all the petroleum jelly out of the nooks and crannies. I settled down to having a long-term affair with my hairbrush handle.

It was just about that time that I got the babysitter’s job at the Harpers’. They were the nice couple that my mother had met, and they had this adorable little boy that they wanted someone to baby-sit. I was happy to baby-sit for them. I needed the money, plus their little boy was so cute. I really liked the Harpers. Mr. Harper had a job as an executive at a company and made a lot of money. Mrs. Harper was absolutely model beautiful and dressed like it, with all these fantastic showy clothes and shoes and perfect hair. The big benefit was that it gave me time away from my mother.

The first time was pretty straightforward. I played with the Harpers’ little boy and kept him fed and entertained until bedtime. Then I put him in his crib and was there in case he woke up and was scared or cried. He was really good and slept all the time after I put him to bed, so it was pretty boring.

It was a few weeks later that I began to snoop around the house. They were good about leaving me things to entertain me, like movies or magazines, and they left food for me, but there was a night that I didn’t feel like reading or watching a movie. There wasn’t anything on TV, either, so I started snooping around the house.

Mostly I wanted to see the clothes Mrs. Harper had. She had all these fantastic clothes and shoes, and every Saturday when they went out she would have on some absolutely stunning, sexy outfit that showed off her figure and her cleavage. She usually had heels on, or sometimes long sexy leather boots that fit to the shape of her legs and looked amazing. She always had hose, or net stockings, or seamed stockings or something fabulous that showed off her legs, too.

So there I was looking through the clothes in her closet like I was in the shopping mall. I had a lot to look at; her closet was almost the size of my bedroom, and she had the most amazing clothes I had ever seen. I was looking at some really sexy outfits that looked like they were from Frederick’s or Victoria’s Secret, and right next to all of it, just there between the hanging clothes was a big dresser, so I opened a drawer to see what was inside. I wasn’t a prude or anything, back then, but I was shocked when I looked. I guess it was her sexy lingerie cabinet and it had all kinds of things in it. She had thong panties, and split crotch panties, and garter belts and hose in it. She had several corsets that I guess were custom made just for her. One of them was made of patent leather.

I got embarrassed and went back downstairs and made myself watch TV. I couldn’t make myself stop thinking about it, though. I couldn’t make myself stop thinking about it all that week. I knew it was wrong, but all the sudden I was having all these mental pictures of Mrs. Harper in these sexy outfits like a centerfold, or even worse, just nude, maybe wearing nothing but a pair of high-heels. I would casino şirketleri wonder if she wore them for Mr. Harper, too, and think about her dressing up for him and them having sex. I couldn’t get the pictures out of my head.

It made me masturbate. It was to the point that I was making myself sore and I washed and washed my hairbrush but it still smelled like…well…it smelled like me. It smelled like I had been carrying it around in my panties all day. It smelled like when I had my period. It just smelled like it, and every time I brushed my hair I would be thinking about how the handle had been jammed between my legs a few hours before.

When the Harpers got home the night that I found the lingerie I had a hard time talking to them. It was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed and didn’t know how to face them. I just kept thinking that they must be having sex as soon as Mr. Harper got me home and got back to Mrs. Harper. I knew they didn’t know what I had found, but I knew and it made me uncomfortable.

If I had just left it there, then I probably would have gotten over it. Instead, stupid, snoopy me had to go back and look again. So a week later my willpower gave out and I was back in the bedroom closet again, looking at all the sexy lingerie Mrs. Harper had. It wasn’t just panties and sexy bras and hose, I found out. She had form-fitting leather outfits and corsets and bustiers. It was the bottom drawer that floored me, though. I opened the bottom drawer and there was the Harpers collection of porn videos.

Now I had noticed the video player and the TV in the bedroom when I went in there, but I had just assumed they watched TV at bedtime, like everyone else. Now, to add to my torment, I had a picture of them watching porn movies while Mrs. Harper dressed like a hooker and they both had wild sex.

It was a couple of weeks later that thinking about the porn videos intrigued me enough to go back and watch one. I guess I had opened the Pandora’s box. I had seen porn movies before, but I never had the chance to watch one uninterrupted and without fear of getting caught. So I took out one and watched it the next time I baby-sat for them, after the baby was in bed.

I had to look through them before I decided which one to try. There were a lot in the drawer that were still in the box with all these stupid titles that were trying to sound funny and sexy at the same time, but mostly they just sounded silly. I watched a few before I started coming to the ones that were just in cases with nothing but dates, or that had things written on them, like “Tom’s birthday,” or “Toni’s October visit.” I just thought they were home movies. One night I made the mistake of watching one.

There on the video was Mr. and Mrs. Harper and another woman, and they were all three having sex. Mr. Harper was kissing Mrs. Harper, but the other woman was giving Mr. Harper a head job. Mrs. Harper was wearing dark hose, with garters and heels, but the other woman was completely naked and so was Mr. Harper. I took it out as soon as I could and put it away. It was really hard to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Harper that night.

Damn it, I couldn’t ever get that picture out of my mind. It would just pop up in my head and I would see a porn video in my mind starring Mr. and Mrs. Harper and the cute, dark-haired woman I had seen them with. It was bothering the hell out of me. So like the idiot that I am, I couldn’t wait to watch it the next time I baby-sat for them. I was in such a hurry that I put the baby to bed early and nearly ran to their room and started watching. I sat on the floor in their room and masturbated and watched them having sex with this woman in one video, then in another video Mr. Harper was sharing Mrs. Harper with another man and every video I watched the sex seemed to get wilder. I saw Mrs. Harper have sex with men and women and masturbating with a vibrator.

The vibrator idea got to me next. There I had been with a hair brush handle and now I started thinking that there must be a vibrator somewhere in the house that looked just the right size and shape as what I had wanted. So I intended to go looking for it the next week.

It was one of the days just about that time that Mr. Harper talked to my mother. He told her that since they got back so late at night; sometimes it was three o’clock in the morning when they came home; maybe it would be better if my mother just let me spend the night at their house and sleep in their guest bedroom. I didn’t think a thing of it. I really hated staying up that late and then getting home even later, then being sleepy and tired all the next day. If I got to spend the night there, I could have my fun and then go to bed and get a little sleep. So my mom okayed it and I started spending the entire night over there.

The next week, I did a little diligent hunting and found the vibrator. In fact, I found a lot of them. They were put away nicely in a cardboard box on the floor at the back of the closet, along with some flavored lube casino firmaları and candles and handcuffs and other things that just about blew my eighteen year old virgin mind. There was another big box right next to that with something in it that looked like a big, black bucket cut in half and laying on it’s side with an electrical cord. I didn’t have any idea what it was, but I went back to the room with a couple of things to try and a video to watch.

Oh my God! The vibrator was fantastic. I didn’t try just one of them, I tried two, one that was just straight, and another one that looked like a big fluorescent orange penis made out of some kind of transparent jelly that just felt fantastic inside me. I orgasmed again and again and finally realized how late it was getting, so I cleaned everything up and put it all away just like I had found it. At least, I thought everything was just how I found it. I hoped that if I hadn’t the Harpers wouldn’t notice.

I guess I hadn’t even thought about how Mrs. Harper and probably other people had used the vibrators. I guess I was pretty naïve and didn’t know any better. I washed them both in the bathroom sink with soap and water before I put them back and figured that would be okay. I dried them with a washrag and patted them all over to make sure they weren’t wet anywhere, then put them back in the box that I had taken them out of.

All week I could only think about how much I wanted to do it again. When I got back to their house I pretended to be bored like nothing was going on, then after they left I fed the baby and gave him a bath, then let him play for a little while before bedtime. I was really anxious and I felt wet the entire time, but I wanted to quit putting the baby to bed early just because I wanted to have fun. Finally it was his bedtime and I made sure he was asleep then almost ran to the bedroom and got out an unmarked video and the orange vibrator. I was ready and I hit the play button on the video and almost died when I saw it. Mrs. Harper and the pretty brunette woman were on the floor and the thing in the closet that looked like a half-bucket was laying between them. The half-bucket machine was laying on it’s side with a big, flesh-colored vibrator sticking out of it and it was plugged in to the wall. The brunette woman straddled the bucket and slid the vibrator into herself and then turned on a switch on what looked like a remote control and I could hear the thing making a vibrating noise and the woman began smiling and going up and down on the vibrator. Mrs. Harper was kissing her and touching her breasts. By the expression on the woman’s face it was really good.

“So that’s what that thing was,” I thought! I went into the closet and pulled the box out and it was like an entire kit, with the bucket and several different size and shape toys that attached right into the top. I unpacked all of it and plugged it in. When I turned on the buttons the toy on top began moving and vibrating. I couldn’t wait. I put a little gel on the toy and began straddling it and pushing it into me. Oh God, did it ever feel fantastic! I rode it up and down and watched the video of the brunette on the machine and had one orgasm after another. I finally told myself I would have to stop and cleaned everything up and put it away, and went to bed happy.

The Harpers got home after I fell asleep and Mr. Harper took me home the next morning. I was in a really good mood all day. My pussy was a little sore, and my thighs were all rubbery feeling from riding on the machine all that time, but all I could think about was how good it felt and how I wanted to do it some more.

The next week I am back baby-sitting and back doing the same thing. This time I just go ahead and decide to do everything. After the baby was in bed asleep I went to the bedroom, stripped and put on some of Mrs. Harper’s lingerie. I was wearing a garter belt and a pair of her stockings and a pair of her high heels. The stockings were a little long for my legs and the shoes were way narrow on my feet by I managed them anyway. Then I took out the machine and set it up and put in the video. It had come to the part where Mrs. Harper was on the machine and, from the looks of it, she was enjoying herself. I put some lube on the toy and straddled it and began enjoying myself, too.

Oh God, that thing made me come. Here I was dressed sexy and having one orgasm after another, watching Mrs. Harper dressed almost just like I was and watching her orgasm and buck on the same machine. I got lost in it. I don’t know how many times it made me come, but I was in the middle of a good hard orgasm when I realized that the bedroom door had opened and someone was standing there.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper had come home early and were standing in the doorway watching me. I think I almost fainted. I didn’t have anything to cover myself with, except my hands so I tried covering my breasts and my pussy with my hands and realized it was useless, so I covered my face with my hands instead güvenilir casino and just kind of slumped down over the machine. I figured the yelling would start any second.

Well, here is where my story parts company with the baby-sitter porn movies. In a porn movie the couple would have come into the room and told the baby-sitter that she had to have sex with them or they’d tell, or maybe she’d just be so hot that she’d have sex with them, anyway. Then they would all get naked and have a hot threesome and the guy would get head from both of them and then shoot come all over both of their faces.

But that didn’t happen in my story. What did happen was that I heard Mr. Harper tell his wife that he would let her talk to me and he turned around and I heard him go downstairs. Mrs. Harper just said, “don’t be scared, honey, I’m going to close the door so you won’t be embarrassed and when you feel like coming downstairs we will be in the kitchen.”

That’s it. That’s all there was to it, at least for right then. My little sexual fire had been completely put out for the evening, so I got out of Mrs. Harper’s lingerie and put my clothes back on. I put the machine back in the box, but I didn’t really put everything away, since I didn’t see any need to try to cover it up anymore. I figured it would be the last time I would see the inside of the Harper house again, and once they told my mom it might be the last time I saw daylight, or nightlight, or whatever, for a while. I went downstairs to the kitchen ready to face the music.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper were making coffee. When I came in Mr. Harper excused himself and left the room and Mrs. Harper told me to sit down at the table. I think I started crying. Instead of yelling or threatening, though, Mrs. Harper put her arms around me and tried to quiet me. I didn’t know what to think, whether she was coming on to me or just felt sorry for me or what. But she held me for a second and told me it was okay and led me to a chair and sat me down.

“Look, honey, stop crying, you aren’t in trouble,” she said.

I think that eased me a little, but I still didn’t quite know what to think.

“No one is going to do anything to you. We just need to discuss some things, is all.”

She hesitated for a few seconds like she was either letting this sink in, or gathering herself for something.

“Look,” she said, “you’ve seen our videos that we have in the bedroom.”

It dawned on me that they had things to hide, too, and maybe if I didn’t tell anyone about them, then they might not say anything about me. I began to think that I might get out of trouble.

“We both have a sexually liberal lifestyle. We’re swingers,” she said, and paused as if she needed to let that sink in before she went on. “That’s kind of an old phrase. Now people like us go by the name ‘polyamorous.’ We have a sexually open lifestyle. We love each other, but we enjoy having an open marriage where we can have sex with other people.”

I guess this seemed pretty weird to me. I think I had heard about it before, but I never thought I would meet anybody like that. Still, I really liked both of them and they didn’t seem weird to me. Right that moment I guess they seemed pretty nice.

“We both think people are too repressed about sex. It gets shoved into the dark and people hide it and nobody ever talks about it. People start thinking that it’s weird and bad and filthy. We don’t think that. We think if people could just admit that they enjoy sex and were encouraged to have a healthy sex life we wouldn’t have all the sexual problems people have today.”

I wasn’t getting the ‘you should be ashamed’ lecture, instead I was getting the ‘I’m a cool adult and I understand’ lecture.

“I don’t understand,” I started, ” are you telling me that you aren’t mad at me?”

“No, we’re not really mad, but we do have to discuss some things.”

“Discuss,” I asked her?

“Yeah, we need to lay some ground rules.”

“Well, like how do you mean?”

“Well, first, as open as we are about sex, we don’t really want everyone knowing about us. If everyone knows what we do we would have people spying on us and people coming by thinking that we just have sex with anybody, and we don’t.”

“You don’t?” I realized as soon as I said it that it probably sounded stupid or like an insult. She didn’t seem to take it that way, though.

“No, we don’t. We are really pretty closed about who we swing with. We have some friends that we know well and we’re attracted to, and we pretty much only are open with them. Anyone else we have to get acquainted with before we do anything. You probably saw Toni, the girl in the videos. We meet her a lot because we know her really well and we trust her. It’s kind of a trust thing.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“So if we’re going to give you your privacy and let you behave as you want, you have to respect our privacy and never tell anyone what we do. Agreed?”

“Well, yeah, okay,” I agreed.

“And we will give you your privacy. When you’re here you’re free to do as you please, sexual, or otherwise. We’ll figure out what we want to let you have access to here in the house and what we’d rather you didn’t, but you can do what you want, otherwise.”

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