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Back at the Golf Club

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This story follows on immediately from “Train Rides and Golf Clubs” which relates a day I spent as an office temp at Hassocks Golf Club North of Brighton in England.

Steve spent the night with me that night. He was very gentle with me, but then I was very tender. What with the colonel, the club chairman, four teenage boys and Steve himself, I was knackered. He ran me a bath, in which I soaked for the best part of an hour, then slipped into bed, my hair just wrapped in a towel. Steve just curled up around me and let me sleep as we spooned. My dreams were interrupted by the alarm, which went at 6:30am. I realised how hungry I was and then thought I could smell bacon. I got up, wrapped myself in a dressing gown and went through to the kitchen; there was Steve, cooking breakfast.


“Yes please.”

He poured me a cup. “Nothing special,” he said. “Just made you a bacon sandwich.”

He put it down in front of me, with a cup of milky coffee. Actually I take mine black, but I wasn’t going to look this gift horse in the mouth. And I was famished. I took a big, unladylike bite of sandwich and said, with my mouth full “Oh thanks Steve, this is just what I needed.”

He smiled across from me, and, just before he took a bite from his own sandwich, said, “Welcome.”

We must have both been hungry, because we hardly said a word until we had both finished. I licked the grease from my fingers and washed it down with the coffee. I looked across he table at him, “This is very kind of you,” I said.

“Well, it’s the least i could do.” he replied.

I smiled again, and bit my lower lip. “Do you want a lift back to the club this morning?”

My eyes widened as I realised that, after everything that had happened the previous day, my job wasn’t over. I was due back in the office. “That would be great.” I said. “At least that way I won’t be groped by the Colonel on the train.”

“Dirty old man.”

I giggled. “that he is. But he is also… um… very well… endowed.”

It was Steve’s turn to raise his eyebrows. “Oh really?”

I nodded. “Oh yes. Ten solid inches.”


“And, for a man his age, he knows what he’s doing.”

“I see.” said Steve.

“But that would be too much for me this morning after everything that happened yesterday.”

He nodded. “Do you want to take a shower before we go?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Thanks. I showered while you were still asleep.”

“Well why don’t you make yourself at home, while I get ready for work?”

He nodded again and went through to the living room with his coffee. He sat down on the sofa and I went to get dressed. I decided on a pink silk blouse and a short black knitted lambs wool skirt; sheer black stockings and black suede ankle boots with a three inch wedge heel. I wore dark red lipstick and black eye liner and decided to wear my hair loose. By the way Steve stared when I went back into the living room, I must have looked pretty good.

It was eight o’clock by the time we went down to the car. I slid into the BMW next to him and smiled over at him, “This is much more comfortable than standing on the train–thank you.”

Steve kept his eyes on the road and we made our way out of town and up towards Hassocks and the golf club.

“I am a bit worried about how work might be today,” I confided. “After yesterday.”

“How so?”

“Well, even if the colonel is the only one who can’t keep his mouth shut, there still could be a lot of people thinking I am a complete slapper.”

He chuckled. “Nicki, you have to admit. The way you behaved yesterday was quite slapper-like… Slapper-esque.”

“Those aren’t even words!”

“I know. But I didn’t want to use the word that first popped into my mind.”

“Oh? And what was that?”


I blushed–but he was hardly wrong. Calling me a slapper was just sugar coating it. I had acted like a complete slut the previous day. And if I was feeling apprehensive about going back today that shouldn’t really surprise me. I ached. My jaw, my pussy, my arse, my legs… But there was something more. There was apprehension and embarrassment, certainly–but I was excited too. There was anticipation as well as apprehension–I did wonder what might happen back at the club today. I smiled to myself as I thought about what might happen and who I might meet.

“I said too much.” said Steve.

“Mmmm?” I hadn’t been listening. “Oh. No. Don’t worry, you’re right. I was slutty. Call a spade a spade.” I smiled. “I was just thinking that as well as embarrassment and apprehension about going back, I am a little… excited too.”

Steve laughed out loud.

“It’s all right.” I admitted. “You can say it.”


I looked at him and smiled.

“So! Is there anyone you’d particularly like to um… meet at the club today?”

“I think I’ll just… take it as it comes.”

He laughed again. I put my hand on his thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“It did turn me on you know.” he said.


“All of it. casino şirketleri Especially watching you with those lads.”


“Oh God yes. Watching you get fucked four different ways by those four rampant lads was… mind blowing.”

I smirked.

“Glad to be of service.” I said. “And maybe… Maybe I can be of service again today.”

“Oh God.” said Steve, and wriggled in his seat like he was trying to adjust himself. I looked over at him and realised that there was a bulge in his trousers.

“Ooops.” I said. “What are we going to do about that?”

I reached over and wrapped my hand around his erection. I gave it a gentle squeeze then started rubbing it through his trousers. I could feel him twitch and throb in my hand. I slipped my seat-belt off my shoulder and leaned over toward him. Unzipped his fly and felt inside to grasp his cock and bring it out into the open. “Keep your eyes on the road,” I whispered, then opened my mouth and enveloped his member. My tongue swirled around the head of his cock and I could hear him groan.

“Oh God, Nicki.”

I pulled away. “Tell me to stop if you need to.” I said, but engulfed him again before he answered.

“Oh God.”

On we drove, as I licked and sucked at his delicious cock. My hand cupping and squeezing his balls, teeth raking his length and tongue exploring, teasing his pee-hole. Steve put his hand on my head and whispered, “Traffic lights ahead–keep your head down.”

“Mmmmmm.” I replied, my mouth full. The car came to a stop, but I was too busy to worry about who might or might not see me. I bobbed up and down, up and down. A car horn sounded, then we were moving again.

“Sorry about that. Closed my eyes for a sec, and the lights changed. Someone beeped me.”

Inwardly I smiled and bobbed a little faster. My hand stroked his length, tightening around his girth then, without warning he tensed and I felt a jet of cum spurt into my mouth. I milked his cock with my hand and sucked every last drop from him (well, almost every drop). When I sat up, I licked my lips as I smiled at him, and caught the last drop. Then I giggled and he glanced over at me. “That was amazing,” he said.

“It would have been even better if my jaw wasn’t still aching.” I replied. “Keep your eyes on the road.” I gave his thigh a squeeze and a minute later we were pulling into the golf club car park. I always struggle a bit in heels across a gravel surface and the golf club car park was no exception–but I managed to totter across without making a complete fool of myself. Steve went off to get ready for his first lesson of the day, and I got myself settled in the office. I started going through my email when the phone rang. It was the chairman, “Good morning Miss Taylor–I wonder if I could prevail upon you to grace me with your presence?”

“Yes Sir. I’ll be through directly.”

Ok. That was weird. The chairman didn’t normally talk like that. I wondered what was going on. But I walked through to his office anyway. I knocked and heard the chairman call on me to enter, so in I went. I could see the chairman and there were a couple of other people with their backs to me. Both men, both middle aged.

“Ah. Miss Taylor. This is Mr Angus the club secretary, this is Mr Landry the club treasurer.”

I nodded to each in turn and smiled. I had seen both of them around but that still didn’t account for the formality of the chairman’s address. I was standing between Angus and Landry and facing the chairman across his desk. Both Angus and Landry were staring at me, as if I had just insulted their mothers.

“I am afraid,” continued the chairman, “That there is a problem.”

“Something I can help with Sir?” I said.

“I am not sure, Miss Taylor. Really not sure.” He replied. “There seems to be a… financial irregularity.”

“Oh dear.”

“You, Miss Taylor, are responsible for petty cash?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, yesterday evening, Mr Landry checked petty cash against receipts and found that we were one hundred and fifty pounds short.”

My stomach felt like it was made of lead and my throat tightened.

“Oh my goodness. There must be some mistake, Sir–I have been very careful.”

“There has been no mistake, Miss Taylor. When Mr Landry discovered the discrepancy he informed me immediately, along with Mr Angus and we have all reviewed the receipts and the petty cash box.”

I couldn’t think straight. I suppose I hadn’t been in the office most of the afternoon, as I was out with Steve, but was sure the petty cash was fine that morning. What had happened, and what could I do? If I was accused of stealing I was in deep trouble. Oh God. I’d lose this job and never get another one. I could end up in court; I could end up a convicted criminal–and I hadn’t done anything. Shit! I hadn’t done anything! But my heart was racing and I could feel my face turning red.

“Miss Taylor?” The chairman had asked me a question and I hadn’t even heard it. “Well?”

“I am sorry sir–pardon?”

“I said, is this a matter casino firmaları for the police?”

“Oh no Sir. I am sure Sir. Please let me see if I can work out what has happened. Perhaps there has been a mistake.”

“As I have said, there has been no mistake. The money is definitely missing. The only question is where we go from here.” He paused. “And you have indicated that you don’t want the police involved.”

“Yes Sir.”

“So. What is your counter proposal?”

“My counter proposal?”

“Yes. How will you settle this matter without involving the police.”

“Um.” I really didn’t know, but I had to come up with something.


“Um. Well Sir, I could make up the shortfall from my own money.”

“I see, well that’s a start.” said the chairman–looking to the other two for confirmation. “But that’s not really sufficient, is it?”

“No Sir?”

“No, Miss Taylor.” He looked stern. “The money should never have gone missing in the first place. At best you have failed to do your duty to protect the club’s money; at worst, you have taken the money yourself.”

“Oh NO Sir,” I was emphatic. “I didn’t take the money, Sir.”

“But no one else has had access to it except you.” My heart was pounding and I was blushing bright red now. I was feeling guilty now, even though I knew that I hadn’t taken any money–let alone a hundred and fifty quid. “You must acknowledge your culpability, and, if we are not to go to the police, accept punishment from the club instead.”

“Yes, Sir. All right Sir.”

“And the club has no courts, no lawyers, no right to appeal,” He stood up and walked passed me to the door, “No clerks, no juries.”

“No Sir.”

The chairman turned the key in the door and walked back to his desk. “We mete out punishment ourselves.” He sat down.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you accept your punishment?”

What was happening? What was going on? I had done nothing wrong… If I said ‘yes’ what the hell was going to happen to me? If I said ‘no’ I would have to prove my innocence to the police. And that might mean explaining to the police and these three men, where I had been the previous afternoon. That wouldn’t go well… If I tried to point out that the chairman had had me suck him off under the desk, that would blow my credibility (pardon the pun) as an innocent party and make me look like I was mud slinging. Right then, with the door locked and my heart pounding, I didn’t feel like I had any real choice.

“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” I whimpered.

“That is NOT what I asked,” retorted the chairman. “Do… you… accept… your… punishment?”

Silence. I still couldn’t bring myself to say anything. Ten, fifteen, twenty seconds passed, then he picked up the phone.

“OK, OK.” I said. The chairman held onto the phone, but didn’t lift it to his phone.


“What would my punishment be?” I whispered.

He raised the receiver to his ear and moved to dial a number–the police? He looked at me and growled, “I am asking the questions.” Then he looked down and started to dial.

“OK! Yes! I accept my punishment.”

The chairman stopped dialing and put down the phone. He smiled to the secretary and treasurer, both of whom rose from their seats. “A wise decision.”

Landry and Angus each reached out for and grabbed my wrists–one each. They pulled me forward so I was standing right in front of the chairman’s desk. He moved aside the paraphernalia and nodded to the other two. By twisting my arms, they forced me to bend over the desk. Oh Christ–what had I let myself in for? What were they going to do? The chairman picked up a ruler–it must have been eighteen inches long and wooden. He went around behind me–I twisted my neck to try to see what was happening, but I couldn’t see. The next thing I knew, hands were grasping at the hem of my skirt and wrenching it upwards. “Oh Jesus.” I whispered. I had on only a thong underneath–all three of them could see my virtually bare arse, and the top of my stockings.

Whack! There was no warning whatsoever–looking back, maybe I could have guessed what he was going to do with that ruler, but I was in a panicked state, not really thinking clearly. Whack! I squealed.

“You would do best to stay absolutely quiet,” Whispered Angus–it was the first time I had heard his voice. Whack! It was going to take all my self control to stay quiet as the ruler came down across my arse. it hurt. Angus and Landry tightened their grip and, as I looked up at him, Landry nodded to the chairman, and Whack! I convulsed, pulling against the two of them who held me down, wanting to stand up straight–to do something to defend against this onslaught. But I was defenseless. Whack! Good grief! The pain was almost unbearable and I couldn’t take much more. My eyes were closed and I was trying desperately to focus on keeping my mouth closed. Whack! How many was that? Had he given me six of the best? Was that it? I heard something fall and it sounded wooden. Maybe he had finished, maybe he had dropped the güvenilir casino ruler.

My arse was hot and stinging with the pain. But then I felt hands pulling–no tearing at my thong. In a moment it was gone; ripped off and thrown away. And–oh Jesus… I felt something between my legs–no, not just between my legs but nuzzling my pussy. Not just nuzzling but pushing, forcing its way in. And then, there it was–the chairman had rammed his cock into my cunt. I gasped, rather than screamed. And as he started to pound away, I realized that I was wet. Some of that wetness might have been the excitement of giving Steve a blow job in the BMW that morning, but some of it was… from that spanking. It may have hurt, but it also, at some deep level, turned me on. My hopeless state, overwhelmed and in the power of these three men, had got me hot.

The chairman was holding my hips now and hammering away at me–his balls slapping into me with every thrust of his cock. And I was moaning–not with pain but with delight. God this was hot. I knew my punishment wasn’t over, and knew that the other two were going to want to fuck me too. But right now, the chairman was giving me his all. Every thrust delivering a pussy full of hard, throbbing cock. “Oh God.” I whispered. “Oh GOD.”

Faster and faster he went, and I tensed my cunt around his member, drawing him in, wanting more and more of him. “Fuck me.” I breathed. “Fuck me.”

“Slut.” leered Landry. And he was right. He was absolutely right. Here I was, being punished, but I was absolutely loving it.

“Oh yes, Sir. I am Sir. A slut who loves to be fucked.” The chairman rammed his full length into my hot, tight hole. “Oh GOD.” I said. “Fuck me.”

The chairman wasn’t someone to disappoint: he went faster and faster, deeper and deeper; ramming incessantly into my wet, willing cunt. In only a couple more minutes he made one final thrust and grabbed my hips even tighter as I felt a stream of hot cum spurt into me. He slapped my arse then, with the flat of his hand and that made me squeal it was so unexpected–but it also tightened my pussy around his prick and milked him. I was wanton. Eager for more. Eager to be taken by Angus and Landry.

They knew then–knew they didn’t need to hold me down; knew I would stay there and take whatever they were giving out. The secretary and treasurer let go of me. I stood up and turned around, hair disheveled, smiling. My skirt was still around my waist. I sat back on the edge of the desk and spread my legs. I couldn’t help myself–I started rubbing my clit as I stared from one to the next, biting my lower lip.

Angus couldn’t help himself. He lowered his fly and pulled out a short thick cock. He stepped forward and rubbed his cock along my slippery slit. I whispered, “Give it to me.” and he did. He leaned forward, grabbed my arse in both hands (and God that hurt after my spanking) and rammed his full thick length into me in a single thrust. “Yes!” we both said, together. He slide out his cock, until just the tip was brushing my labia then hammered home again, giving me every last blessed inch. Oh my God. Hot on the heels of the chairman, and knowing I would get the same treatment from the third, this was fantastic. Landry started unbuttoning my blouse and revealed my lacy black bra. Angus let go of my arse and took a tit in each hand, mauling them, clawing at them as he fucked my tight wet pussy over and over again. Well, at the rate he was going, he wasn’t going to last long, but actually came on the back stroke, so he spurted his load all over my stomach.

Landry hardly gave me time to recover before he was literally pushing Angus aside to take me on. His cock was longer and leaner than the other two and he slid inside me easily. But after a few strokes he pulled out and lifted my legs higher in the air. It didn’t take me long to realize, he wanted my bum. With his cock slick from pussy-fucking me, he found his target easily, but didn’t waste any time thrusting his cock balls deep into my arse. With my bum still stinging from six of the best, I was tight around him, and he thrust away like there was no tomorrow. Getting used like this was a turn on in itself, but there was also a relief that this was the ‘punishment’ to which they’d referred. I could keep my job after all–if I could bear the pace! The other two watched him with Cheshire Cat grins as, with his fingernails digging into my stinging bum, he came deep in my arse. He slipped his shrinking cock back into his trousers and did himself up as I re-buttoned my blouse and pulled down my skirt (my thong was a lost cause).

“Do I look… presentable?” I asked the chairman.

He nodded and I smiled in response. “Then I had better get on with my work.”

I walked passed the three of them and went to the door, which I unlocked, then went back to my desk–spunk oozing from both holes and my heart still thumping with excitement.

I wasn’t ready for the burning sensation from my bum as I sat at my desk–but I tried as well as I could to concentrate on my work. In fact I couldn’t really get anything done. My arse was burning and within a very few minutes, I needed to find an excuse to stand up. There was some photocopying that needed doing, so I went into the copy room (it was more of a cupboard really) with a stack of papers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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