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Background Research Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a continuing story. In order to appreciate the characters and their relationship, please read the first part: Background Research.

* * * * *

Don and Lisa were seated in front of his home computer. Although they had been close friends for years, there was a strange tension between them today. Don had agreed to help Lisa research prostitutes for her new mystery book. In the course of their research, Don had sex with a prostitute, Amber, while Lisa watched. Although Don really enjoyed his time with Amber, he was worried about how it would affect his friendship with Lisa.

Lisa seemed a little less disturbed than Don. At least she was doing a good job of keeping the conversation businesslike.

“Like I said, Don, the main character in my next book is addicted to sex with prostitutes. He’s pretty well off, so he often takes high-priced escorts on weekend trips and vacations. That’s what we need to research next.”

“But Amber had really high ratings on the escort review site. She was fantastic. I don’t see what else you need to learn.”

“Amber was wonderful Don, and really sweet. She’s exactly the kind of girl this guy would see when he was in town. But the kind of woman I’m talking about is in a different league. She needs to be sophisticated enough to accompany an executive in any situation.”

“So where do we find a girl like that?”

“The same place we found Amber – on the Internet. Some of the people I interviewed gave me passwords for some exclusive websites. I looked them over ahead of time. This one seems to be the top agency for our area,” she said, leaning across Don to type the address into the web browser.

“Classy looking site! They must’ve paid a lot for a design like this.”

“I don’t see a search function – it looks like you have to browse through the girls.”

“Well, there aren’t that many. It looks like each one has a personal bio, plus pictures. Wow, these are some nice looking women!” Don said.

“Look at that girl, Don. What a body! And look at the bio. She’s an art history graduate and she speaks French and Italian.”

“Yeah, if I wanted a girl to take on my next business trip to Europe, she’s the one I’d call,” Don laughed. “Hey, the advance on your book won’t cover a trip to Europe, will it?”

“Dream on, my friend. I was thinking more in terms of an overnight at a nice spa.”

“You’re serious? You want me to spend the night with one of these women?”

“Yes Don, I really do. You know how I feel about getting the characters and the background just right in my books. This is something I just need to see.”

Don turned his attention back to the screen. He really didn’t know how to respond. It seemed like Lisa was taking this much too far. He tried to relax and focus on the girls. After all, it was pretty exciting checking out beautiful women, and knowing they were available for sex.

There was one woman in particular that caught his eye. She wasn’t the type of woman he usually went for. She was tall and thin, with long wavy red hair and very fair skin. Her web page said that she was 5′ 10″ and wore a 34B bra.

Her photos were beautiful. In one she wore a sexy but conservative evening gown. In another she wore a very revealing bikini. There were also photos of her wearing casual clothes and a business suit, and a close-up showing her full lips and green eyes.

Her bio said her name was Kathleen, she loved sports, and she studied investment finance.

He gasped when he got to her “Rates” – $2500 for an overnight stay!

He started to flip to the next page but Lisa stopped him.

“That’s OK Don. I knew how much this was going to cost. But just for a minute, let me get inside your head. Why do you like her?”

“Well, she’s beautiful. She’s also different from most of the others. After seeing all the huge tits and cleavage shots, she really stands out. And that picture of her face and those lips…” Don stopped, embarrassed.

“Yes, I can imagine what you were thinking about her lips!” Lisa reached down and mischievously pressed her hand against his crotch, feeling his bulging erection inside his pants. She knew instantly it was a mistake. Looking into his shocked eyes, she realized how tense he had been around her since their session with Amber. She quickly looked away, embarrassed, and continued talking.

“Look, there’s a phone number. It’s late afternoon, so maybe if we’re lucky you can catch her.”

Don picked up the phone and dialed. A woman with a lilting voice answered it on the third ring.


“Hello, Kathleen? My name is Don. A saw your page on the travel companions website.”

“Yes Don – are you looking for a companion for a trip?”

“Well not really. Actually, I’m just looking for an overnight experience. You see I’m helping a friend with research for her book. She wants to see how an escort interacts with a client. I’m sorry, I know this sounds very strange.”

“A little. Would your friend be joining us?” casino şirketleri She seemed more curious than surprised by Don’s request.

“She’d be there in the room, but not participating. We’ve actually already done this once, but never with someone like you. I mean, never overnight.”

“I see. Do you have a place in mind? Some of my clients like to go up to the wine country for the weekend.”

“I’m afraid we really hadn’t talked about it. Lisa, what would you think of going up to the wine country for the weekend?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know, Don. I hate the traffic leaving the city for the weekend, and I was really only planning on one night. Ask her if she knows of someplace nice in town. Something very upscale, where she might entertain an out-of-town visitor.”

Don relayed this to Kathleen, who had several suggestions. They eventually settled on spending Saturday night in an executive suite at the Regents Hotel, a downtown landmark, and dinner at the exclusive hotel restaurant. Kathleen said that the hotel was actually less busy on weekends, and she could get reservations for them. Don wondered what sort of arrangement she had with the hotel, but didn’t ask. He was sure Lisa would get the details if she needed the information for her book.

They made arrangements to meet at the hotel, and Kathleen told Don what sort of clothes to bring. Before hanging up she took Don’s phone number and gave him her cell-phone number.

* * * * *

As they had arranged with Kathleen, Don and Lisa arrived at the Regents Hotel late Saturday afternoon. Kathleen had made a room reservation in Don’s name. When he picked up the key at the front desk, the hotel clerk informed him that there was a young woman waiting for him in the hotel lounge.

They found her sitting at a corner table, sipping a drink. She was dressed in a conservative but very attractive outfit – a simple blouse that emphasized her small, shapely breasts, and a mid-length skirt and boots, which showed off her long legs. Her face was beautiful – big, wide eyes, full lips, and a soft smile.

She greeted them warmly when they introduced themselves, giving Don and Lisa each a hug.

“Why don’t we go up and see the room?” she suggested. “The desk clerk will send up my bags along with yours.”

There was an express elevator to the top two floors, where the executive suites and the penthouse were located. Don used the card-key the hotel clerk had given him to activate the elevator.

As the elevator started up Lisa said, “This must be very strange for you – my being with you and Don and taking notes for my books.”

“Not really,” Kathleen said with a smile. “Last summer, a client paid me to travel to Greece with him and his wife. During the days, he and I visited museums and saw the sites, while his wife shopped. At night he would come to my room and we’d make love. Some nights he’d spend the night in my bed, and other nights he’d return to his own room to sleep with his wife. Then, in the morning, we’d all meet for breakfast and talk about our plans for the day. His wife was really very nice to me. THAT was a weird experience!”

“Alright then! I guess I won’t worry about what you must think of me.”

Lisa was quiet after that. Don knew her well enough to realize that she was thinking about her book, wondering if she could somehow work Kathleen’s anecdote into the story.

When the elevator stopped, Kathleen showed them to the room. She had stayed there before and was familiar with the amenities, but Lisa and Don were almost overwhelmed. There was a huge bedroom with two beds, a fireplace and a TV; a living room with an enormous plasma TV; a small bar; a spa with a treadmill, a stationary cycle and a big Jacuzzi; and two bathrooms.

“This is all ours?” Don asked. As a regional sales manager for his company, he’d stayed in many first-class hotels, but the executive suite was almost as big as his house – and much better furnished.

“Some of the suites are even bigger. This one only has one bedroom, and the Jacuzzi is only big enough for four people.”

As they finished the “tour,” their bags arrived. Don tipped the bellman, noticing as he unloaded the suitcases that Kathleen had a Louis Vuitton overnight bag and make-up case.

Kathleen suggested that they dress for dinner, so they’d have plenty of time afterwards to play. “As I mentioned on the phone, the restaurant is fairly formal – besides, it’s fun to dress up for a big night, isn’t it?”

She and Lisa retreated to the two bathrooms, leaving Don to change in the spa. He quickly changed from his casual clothes to his best suit – a hand tailored Italian suite he’d splurged on when he was promoted to regional manager. It really showed off his fit, muscular body. Don wasn’t a vain man, but he couldn’t help smiling as he looked at himself in the mirror.

The girls were still dressing and seeing to their makeup, so he turned on the plasma TV in the living room and lost himself in a ball game.

Some time later the casino firmaları girls joined him. Kathleen was wearing a dark green designer dress. The tight-fitting gown was slit almost to the waist, showing flashes of her perfect breasts, and emphasizing her tall, thin form. The color complemented her fair skin and red hair. A diamond choker, bracelet and earrings completed the outfit.

Lisa also looked great. She wore a black and white strapless dress that worked very well with her blond hair and tanned skin, and showed off her very ample cleavage. Don was impressed with how good she looked – he didn’t often see his friend dressed in such a sexy outfit.

They took the elevator to the floor below, where the exclusive restaurant was located. As they approached the restaurant, Kathleen said, “Ready for our entrance? Lisa, take Don’s other arm. Believe me, when he walks in with the two of us, every man there will be watching.”

She was absolutely right. The few early diners, and well as the staff, were transfixed as Don entered with the two beautiful women, each holding tightly to his arms and devoting their full attention to him. They were quickly seated at a great table with a view of the city.

“You see,” Kathleen explained, “a lot of my clients are paying for appearances. It makes them seem important when other men see them with a beautiful woman. A lot of them buy me expensive clothes and jewelry just so I can be seen wearing them when we go out together.”

“Are those diamonds…?” Lisa started to ask.

“Yes, they are a gift from an admirer. And yes, they are real. But if you look closely, they’re not first quality diamonds. I didn’t want to bring anything I’d need to keep in the hotel safe!”

At that point, the waiter appeared with the menus. As he hovered over Kathleen and Lisa, Don realized they would be getting exceptional service tonight. Kathleen quietly advised Don to eat lightly, so he wouldn’t be too full later. He felt himself getting aroused as he thought about what he would be doing in just a short while.

As the dinner progressed, Kathleen entertained them with stories of her travels, and discrete anecdotes about some of her clients (all without mentioning any names). Lisa was fascinated, and pulled out a small pad to take notes.

The dinner itself was really wonderful, and they had the wine steward suggest a wine to accompany each course, which helped relax them. Since Lisa was a small woman, she felt the wine more than Kathleen, and was soon laughing and enjoying herself as if she and Kathleen had been friends for years.

As they were finishing their main course, Kathleen leaned across Don to speak to Lisa in a low voice. Don sat back and enjoyed the proximity of her body. He jumped just a little as he felt her hand under the table brushing his thigh.

“So Lisa – did you notice that couple on the other side of the dining room? Notice how the man keeps looking at us? I bet his wife is going to get an incredible fuck tonight – and all the while he’ll be thinking of you and me.”

Lisa almost choked with laughter. She quickly took another sip of wine.

Don noticed that Kathleen’s hand had moved up his thigh, and was lightly stroking his cock, which by now was getting quite hard.

“And do you know what else, Lisa?” she said quietly, “My hand is under the table right now, and I’m stroking Don’s cock. I’m going to keep stroking him and squeezing him as we talk. He’s going to get more and more aroused, and if I keep playing with him, he may just cum right here in the restaurant.”

“Oh god,” Lisa replied, “that is so hot. Keep stroking him Kath – make him cum.” She giggled.

Don was a little shocked at Lisa’s words – he realized the wine was really affecting her. But his attention was soon distracted by what Kathleen was doing to him beneath the table. Her hand was exerting steady pressure, squeezing and pumping him through the soft fabric. His cock was rigid and throbbing. He noticed that Lisa was watching him intently, her own face becoming flushed.

Don saw the waiter coming toward their table. Kathleen sat upright, but continued stroking him as the waiter brought their check, and Don quickly signed the tab. The girls both had wicked grins on their faces as he helped them from their seats and quickly ushered them toward the elevator. He walked with some difficulty, keeping Lisa positioned in front of him to hide the huge bulge in his pants.

As the elevator door closed, both girls burst into laughter.

“That was pure evil!” Don protested. “I hope you don’t treat all your clients that way!”

Kathleen smiled at him. “Poor Don. Let me make it up to you.”

Looking straight into his eyes, she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, pulling down the waistband of his shorts to reveal his throbbing cock. He was already dripping pre-cum, and Kathleen’s slender hand worked the slick fluid over the swollen head of his cock.

Lisa watched in fascination as Kathleen pumped Don’s cock, the pale skin of güvenilir casino her hand contrasting with the dark color of his engorged shaft. Don was leaning back against the wall of the elevator, breathing hard. Lisa knew that after the teasing in the restaurant, he was very close to cumming.

Kathleen slowly released his cock just as the elevator came to a stop. The girls ran down the hall to their suite, laughing, and Don rushed to get his pants closed and catch up with them.

As soon as they entered the room, Kathleen threw her arms around Don’s neck and gave him a long, deep kiss, her body pressed sensuously against his. He was surprised when Kathleen let go, and Lisa also gave him a quick kiss.

“Don, why don’t you get the Jacuzzi ready? Lisa and I need to get out of these dresses, and take off some of this makeup – it runs when we get all sweaty,” Kathleen said with a suggestive leer.

As the girls headed for the bathrooms, Don went over to the bar and opened the refrigerator. He found a chilled bottle of champagne, which he opened. He took the bottle and three glasses into the spa. As an afterthought, he also got several bottles of chilled water from the refrigerator. While he waited for the girls, he quickly got undressed, turned on the Jacuzzi, and slipped into the warm water.

A few minutes later, Kathleen joined him. She walked into the spa, naked, a robe draped over her arm. Don couldn’t take his eyes off her – she was beautiful! She had the figure of a model – tall and slim. Her skin was fair, almost creamy, with just a light sprinkling of freckles. Her aureoles were round and rosy, the small nubs of her nipples protruding stiffly.

Her hair was a rich red, long and wavy. She had a small triangle of neatly trimmed red hair right above her delicious looking pussy.

She smiled at him as she tossed the robe aside and slid into the warm water beside him. She slid her arm around his neck and kissed him. Her other hand ran lightly down his body and brushed over his stiff cock.

Don returned her kiss, putting his arms around her, drawing her body against his. He felt her stiff nipples brush over his chest as they kissed. Their tongues explored one another’s mouths as the kiss grew more passionate.

Kathleen reached down and wrapped her hand around Don’s shaft, stroking him. He lay back against the side of the Jacuzzi with a long moan.

He was barely aware of Lisa entering the room. She was wearing a hotel robe, her pad in one hand. She looked around uncertainly for a place to sit before settling onto the floor. She’d had much more to drink than she was used to, and she was feeling a little dizzy.

“You don’t look so good, Lisa. Have some water,” Don said, reaching out of the Jacuzzi and tossing her one of the plastic bottles.

She gratefully opened it and took a long drink.

“Lisa, come join us in the Jacuzzi!” Kathleen said.

“No, I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Don’t be silly! Look, you’re paying for this – you might as well enjoy it. Don won’t mind, and the tub is made for four people so there’s plenty of room.”

Lisa looked hesitant, but she really had been having a great time at dinner with Kathleen and Don. The wine probably had a lot to do with it, but she felt like partying. She quickly took another drink of water, and then slipped out of the robe and into the tub across from Don.

Don had forgotten how attractive Lisa was. For years, he’d thought of her as a friend, but seeing her now, he had to admit he was really attracted to her. She was a small woman, but she had a wonderful curvy body, with full round tits. Her rich tan contrasted with her short, sun-bleached hair. She was a natural blond, her soft bush trimmed just slightly in a bikini cut. She had a cute face and a small mouth, and she pursed her lips and let out a small “ooooo” as she settled into the hot water.

“I was just picking up where we left off at dinner,” Kathleen said. “You don’t mind, do you Lisa?”

“Of course not. That’s what we’re here for! Besides, I think Don deserves something for being such a good sport.”

Don had some ideas of his own. “Wait a minute, Kath. Just sit back in the tub, OK? I have something for you.”

Kathleen did as she asked, a curious expression on her face. Don stood up – giving the girls a clear look at his rigid cock. Don was a big, muscular guy, and his thick cock looked great standing out stiffly from his body. He ignored their appreciative comments, and quickly poured them each of glass of champagne. He passed two glasses to the girls, and took a long sip from his, filling his mouth with champagne.

He turned to Kathleen and lifted her until her upper body was out of the water. He leaned over and cupped one of her breasts in his hand, gently squeezing her as he took her nipple into his mouth.

She gasped as the cold champagne touched her nipple like an electric shock. Don twirled his tongue around her hard nipple, making the champagne foam, the tiny bubbles making her nipple tingle. He continued sucking, gradually swallowing the champagne as his mouth warmed her.

Kathleen let out a long, low moan of pleasure. She felt her knees buckling under her, and she would have slid back into the water if Don had not supported her.

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