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Backstage Bang Ch. 3

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Lisa sucked and stroked the two big cocks in turn. “I’m such a slut” she thought as she felt her pussy twitch at the thought of getting fucked yet again. Lisa popped a cock out of her mouth and said “Somebody fuck me, please I need fucked so bad!”

“You found her dude you go first” said one of her studs. The guy Lisa had picked up originally pushed her into the doggie position, pulled her thong to the side and started bouncing his big dick off her hot ass. The guy in front did the same, dick whipping her pretty face. “Don’t tease you bastards, hurry up and fuck me stupid!!” Lisa hollered as she grabbed the cock in her face and inhaled the first 8.”

“O.K. bitch, you asked for it.” the stud behind her said as he drove the entire length of his 11″ monster into her. “MMMph OOmph ” Lisa groaned around her mouthful of cock. She couldn’t believe how full of cock she was. The guys got their rythym and rode the hot slut for all she was worth. When the guy behind slammed her full she felt his balls bounce off her clit; the force of his fucking drove her forward ’til the other guys sack was on her chin.

“I got so much hot cock in me that they must meet in the middle!!” Lisa thought. They banged her like that for over 10 minutes when Lisa yanked the cock out of her mouth and hollered ” I’m cumming!! Don’t stop you bastard, I’m cumming all over that fat fuckbeast in my twat!! OOOHH YEss, OOHH MY GAWD, fuck me yeah!!” Lisa held a big dong to her face as she rode out her cum. “You liked that bitch you’re gonna love this.” said the stud in her pussy as he reached under her and got some of the cum that was still clinging to her big tits. He then spread her quivering ass cheeks and popped a cum coated finger up her virgin asshole. Lisa’s eyes flew open wide as she got the idea of what was about to happen.

“Oh no, I can’t, I’ve never, you’re way casino şirketleri too big ” she babbled. ” You can and you will bitch.” her stud said as he pulled out of her pussy and pressed his bell end against her sphincter. Lisa scrambled forward on all fours trying to get away but she didn’t have a chance. The guy in front grabbed a handful of hair while the one in back got her by the hips and pulled her back to him. He ripped her thong off and slapped her ass hard. He then spread her cheeks with one hand and popped his big cockhead into her ass.

“No, oh god it hurts please don’t!!” Lisa wailed as she felt more cock slide into her ass.

“Shut the slut up man ” he said to the guy in front. Lisa soon had a mouthful of cock to moan and grunt around. The pain in her ass was unbelievable and she was gagging on a foot of cock to add to it! She didn’t know how much more she could stand when suddenly her buttfucker started spanking her. Crack, Crack, Crack “Move that ass bitch, fuck my big cock with your ass!!” he yelled at her.

Lisa started swinging her ass in circles as the spanking continued. She couldn’t believe it but it started to feel good. “Oh my god I’m such a slut, I’m gonna cum with an ass full of cock!!” She thought. She started fucking back onto that giant dong and grunting around the cock in her mouth as she felt her girl goo stream down her thighs.

“Yeah I knew you’d like it bitch, cum your brains out with my dick in your ass!” her assfucking stud said. “Now you’re really gonna get stuffed bitch!” He said as he pulled free of her tight ass. “Lay down dude, you get to fuck her fine ass while I ream that hot twat of hers!!” he said to his buddy. Lisa eagerly sat on the big cock, easing it all the way into her ass. She leaned back putting her hands on the floor to either side of the guy below her and spread her legs, ready casino firmaları for her first D.P. “Reverse cowgirl in my ass and missionary in my cunt, I’m a slut and I love it!!” Lisa thought giddily. As her second stud got into position and stuffed her pussy full she said “Bang the shit out of me boys, I want to walk funny for a week!!”

“You’re gonna be lucky to walk right in a month baby!” the stud on top hollered as he started pile driving his cock into her. Lisa moaned and squealed as she got the fucking of her young life. She was squeaking her way through her third orgasm when the other two guys stepped up to bat.

“Yeah, give me more cock boys, stuff me like a Christmas goose!!!” Lisa yelped as one guy started fucking her face and the other straddled her chest and squeezed her heaving melons around his throbbing nine-incher. The guys rode her like that for fifteen minutes. Lisa lost track of how many times she came, she was a total cock craving cum-junkie and she loved it!!

When she felt the cock in her mouth start to swell she reached up and popped her finger into the guys ass. She got her reward immediately as the guy started groaning and spewing cum down her throat. The guy fucking her tits saw her cheeks bulge as she sucked and swallowed and he lost it. ” Take this bitch!” he yelled as he blew a hefty sackful of schlong-sauce all over her cock sucking face. The two studs milked their cocks dry over her bouncing boobs and then stepped back to watch the other two finish her off. The guy hammering her pussy found her cum-covered face so sexy that he started to spew his goo up her hungry hole.

“Shoot it on me, cover me in cum!!” Lisa hollered at him. He immediately pulled out and started pumping his jizz all over her flat belly and big tits. “Yeah, come on stud gimme your hot cum too!” Lisa begged her assfucker.

“Soon güvenilir casino baby, real soon.” he said as he rolled her over onto all fours without taking his cock out of her ass. “Oh yeah fuck me hard you bastard!” Lisa yelled as he started long stroking her ass. He slammed her ass for 10 strokes then pulled out and stuffed his cock into her hot twat for another ten strokes. He kept alternating holes as Lisa squealed and screamed her way through one orgasm after another.

“Fuck her man, she’s gone cross-eyed!!” one of the guys watching the show yelled. “Here it cums bitch, watch this!” he hollered as he pulled out and laid his horsecock in her ass crack and started jerking off. Lisa looked over her shoulder just in time to catch his first shot in her right eye.

She felt his cock twitch on her ass a second before she felt his next wad splatter across her cheek and nose. “Jizz me good stud!” Lisa moaned as his cum splashed up her back and into her long hair. Her big dicked stud finished his cum by pulling back and hosing her ass with four big bursts of jism. Lisa quickly turned around and sucked his flagging cock clean.

“Here ya go babe” one of her bangers said as he threw her a towel.

“You cum back anytime” another said. The guys got dressed and left her there cum-coated and breathless. Lisa cleaned up as best she could and got dressed. She spotted her torn thong lying in the corner, it was wet with cum, hers and theirs, she got a gleam in her eye as an idea struck her. She stuffed her ruined panties into her pocket and wobbled her way out.

She spotted her cheating ex and worked her way through the crowd to him. Jim saw her and felt the jealousy rise as he noticed jizz in her hair and crusting on her clothes.

“I just got fucked better than you could ever do you needle-dicked asshole!! But here’s a little memento of me!!” Lisa said as she through her ruined thong into his face and walked away.

“You bitch!” Jim yelled after her as he felt his face wet with another mans’ spew. Lisa just laughed and flipped him the bird over her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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