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Bad Tutor

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“No Dustin,” Jacob Gordon said as he leaned over his student’s shoulder. “That’s not a debit – it’s a credit – and that should go over to this column. You know better than that.”

“Oh yeah,” the young man said, scratching his long blond hair with the eraser end of his pencil before before correcting the mistake, and as the senior citizen looked over the shoulder of his protege he got the feeling that Dustin not only knew better but he had done that on purpose.

Not again. That was the thought that went through the retired teacher’s mind as he tried not to inhale the scent of that Axe spray, or whatever it was that Dustin used. Step back. That wasn’t you last time. It was an aberration, one that rarely happened before in 40 years of instructing and would never happen again if he could help it. A misstep born out of loneliness, and the best way to avoid that was to step back.

Sixty four year old Jacob Gordon didn’t step back, although he had time and could not use the excuse of being shocked and caught off guard like last time. Instead he stood there next to his pupil watching the boy wiggle the pencil with his right hand while his left came around his back and reached up into the crotch of his tutor’s baggy trousers.

“Dustin…” the old man gasped when he felt the hand reaching – searching for what had been way too easy to find last time.

Last time Jacob had been aroused, consumed by the sweetness of the blond lad with the dimples and the innocent smile. Inflamed by the smooth pale skin – and so much of it visible because of the shorts and tank-top Dustin wore – except for the scab on his left knee the lad had got from skateboarding.

He’s too young, Jacob had told himself that last time as he tried to not notice the boy’s habit of reaching down to his crotch to rearrange things, even though their was a noticeable bulge in the shorts. Too young even though Jacob had maneuvered around the desk several times to get a better view of the wisps of blond hair – so blonde it was nearly invisible – that sprouted from the boy’s deep armpits and seemed to beg to be stroked or nibbled on again.

“I’m 18,” Dustin had said in defending what he was doing, and Jacob remembered being 18 himself once decades ago, and while he had been curious and open back then as well, never so much so as to grope a teacher’s crotch.

Last time the teacher’s cock had been easy to find because it had been significantly aroused, so much so that even in the baggy slacks the student had seen the outline. This time Jacob had done everything in his power not to let that arousing happen – everything except for stepping back before the hand came.

“Not excited to see me this time Mr. Gordon?” Dustin asked as he looked up to the teacher, grinning when his hand found the flaccid tube after a brief search. “There it is. Can’t hide something like this, especially from somebody who wants to find it as bad as I do.”

“Please. This isn’t right,” the old man protested, straightening up and intending to step back but failing to do anything but put his hand on Dustin’s pale shoulder.

“That’s what makes it so good,” Dustin insisted as he swiveled in his chair to fully face his teacher, his face eye-level with the belt on the slacks with the letter G on the buckle. “Been thinking about your big dick every night.”

“Please Dustin – don’t,” Jacob Gordon croaked, his voice crumbling along with his resistance as the lad’s hand came out from between his legs and moved to the fly of his trousers.

“Do you mean that?” Dustin asked, his blue eyes twinkling as he looked up at the weathered face of his mentor while his hand rubbed the bulge that was growing under his touch. “I will stop if you want Mr. Gordon. Just say the word.”

“Your mother…” Jacob Gordon protested as he thought of the boy’s Mom somewhere outside that closed door.

“She knows better that to interrupt, and besides, it’s locked.”

“I…” was all Jacob said because he had noticed Dustin locking the door after they entered and had said nothing, and after a moment of awkward silence Dustin stopped rubbing.

“Thought so,” Dustin replied as his fingers took the tab of the old man’s zipper and slowly pulled it down, and after lowering it reached in like a kid going into a cookie jar and with great flair extracted what he wanted.

“Mmmm,” Dustin purred as he let the flaccid hose hang out of the opened fly for a moment, examining the wrinkled beige organ and the network of veins that covered much of the uncut flesh, and then he took it in his hand and pulled it downward.

“Damn,” Dustin whispered under his breath as the already impressive organ stretch down as if it was made of elastic instead of flesh and blood. kaçak iddaa “Still can’t get over how long this thing is. Remember how far down my lips got last time?”

“Yes,” Jacob Gordon grunted, trying not to look down and having to look at that innocent face, although judging by the way he had performed fellatio on his aged organ last time Dustin was far from innocent.

Jacob did look down through. He saw the boy milking his cock, looking at it with a combination of lust and wonder, and he saw his cock once again forget how old he was by getting longer and stiffer and beginning to rise to point at Dustin who was there waiting with his lips parted.

“Ohh!” Jacob groaned as the boy’s wet lips slid down the stiffening pole while his right hand gripped the shaft of the old man’s member, and Jacob found himself assisting by undoing his belt for the lad.

After the belt came loose the elder’s baggy trousers went down to the carpet, and Dustin reluctantly let go of Jacob’s cock long enough to yank down the old timer’s boxer shorts. The student smiled when the senior stepped out of the clothing around his ankles and his cock sprang around wildly.

“Gotcha!” Dustin cackled as his fist took back custody of the long spear, and before he resumed giving Jacob head he looked up with a twinkle in his eye and reminded his tutor of what was going to follow. “You know where this is going after I get it hard, don’t you Mr. Gordon?”

“Yes,” the silver-haired senior replied, shuddering when he saw what Dustin’s free hand had removed from a drawer of his desk, and when the bottle of the cleverly named Fifty Shades of Grey anal lubricant thumped on the wood he found himself chuckling to himself.

“Where will it go?” Dustin mumbled. “Tell me.”

“In – into your anus,” Jacob reluctantly said.

“Yeah,” Dustin replied, smacking his lips before going back to work.

Jacob knew he would be compounding his sins by not only allowing the boy to perform oral sex on him but would then defile the lad by taking him anally. Jacob hadn’t been the first and he knew he would likely not be the last to take the lad that way, but this was not what he signed on for when he accepted this tutoring assignment and all he had to do was step back. Step back and say “I’m flattered but…” and walk away.

The problem was that the elder had done that last time, but the lad had ignored his feeble protests and kept right on doing what he wanted, and Jacob Gordon let him do it. It was happening again.

The lad was multi-tasking, continuing to suck Jacob’s cock while his fist milked the shaft while with his other hand the boy was undoing his own shorts and wiggling out of them without missing a beat.

Jacob noted that the young fellow was already erect, his very slender and modestly sized penis so stiff that it curved back towards his stomach. The reddish glans of Dustin’s circumcised organ, a surprisingly plump bulb that looked out of place on top of the slim shaft, was so taut that it looked ready to burst, and the bead of pre-cum that glistened on the opening testified further to the lad’s excitement.

“You’re hard,” Dustin said and he looked at the grizzled shaft he was holding like it was a treasure, and then he was making the saliva streaked organ glisten even more by lubing the weapon. “You know what I want.”

“Yes,” Jacob said, and he knew what he wanted too. The study materials were cast aside, and after the desk was cleared Dustin was standing up, his upstanding prong making like a diving board while he prepared to assume the position he had been put in by the inflamed teacher last time, but this time Jacob wanted more.

The mentor took the bottle of lube from the lad but set it aside for the time being, and after Dustin bent over his desk and spread his legs Jacob went down to his creaky knees and parted them further, squeezing the pert pale cheeks of his student.

“Oh man!” Dustin gasped when he realized that what was rubbing his puckered ring was not the finger greased lubricant from the bottle but the tongue of his mentor, and as the old man pushed his face in the crevice and extended his tongue to the limit the lad squealed. “Oh man, you’re freaking rimming me!”

“Shut up!” Jacob hissed, the thought of the boy’s mother hearing that sending a chill down is aching spine, but the thrill of eating out the lad’s ass seemed to be worth it.

Thinking anything had ever been in or out of that sweet little orifice seemed impossible, but Jacob knew differently. It had been severely violated but one would never know it judging by the way Dustin’s ass tasted.

He swirled the tip of his tongue into the lad’s anus while reaching up and grabbing Dustin’s dangling nut sack, and kaçak bahis as he kneaded the hairless pouch roughly Dustin thankfully kept his mouth shut except for stifled sounds of pleasure.

The old man wished they were in a nice soft bed in a tastefully decorated bedroom instead of holed up in a cluttered teen’s study area with pictures of skateboarders and animated video game characters on the walls, but maybe that was part of the appeal because the throbbing of the old man’s cock was running the show and the more he sucked the lad’s ass the more crazed he found himself becoming.

Jacob Gordon didn’t multitask as smoothly as his protege did. Because the lad’s cock arched upward it was out of his reach, and he had to let go out Dustin’s nuts in order to get some lube out of the bottle, fumbling the thing with his slick hand.

His clumsiness annoyed him, and it was a combination of the slickness and his aging hands that made this a challenge, but it was also due to the lust that was enveloping him. He was as randy as he had been when he was Dustin’s age, the sight of that tiny pink puckered ring nearly driving him mad with desire.

Jacob sloppily lathered lube all of his throbbing manhood, and although he had to grab onto the edge of the desk to rise to his feet, his prick was greased and ready. The old man brought the veiny tool to Dustin’s orifice, and the lad parted his legs father while the student grabbed the edges of the desk, letting out a muffled groan that the old man echoed as he pushed his slick manhood into the furnace of the lad’s bowels with only minimal effort.

Not too deep, Jacob cautioned himself as he looked down and watched as he sank about half of his stiff 9″ into Dustin’s ass, and not too hard either he reminded himself because he didn’t want to hurt the lad.

Jacob chuckled to himself when those thoughts went through his mind, because he knew too well that once things really got going those issues of concern would be forgotten and his kindly mentor persona would disappear behind his overwhelming lust.

Last time Jacob had shocked himself as he stood behind the lad as Dustin was helplessly sprawled over the desk, savaging the boy’s ass like an animal. Jacob had caught a glimpse of himself in the dresser mirror last time and was appalled at what he saw, a wild-eyed lunatic with silver hair flying around while rutting into his student.

And what of the boy? The poor defenseless lad was repeating his performance of last time, imploring his tutor to give it to him harder and faster because although Dustin might look like a boy he was not only an adult chronologically but took it up the ass like a man too.

“Harder Mr. Gordon,” Dustin was whispering, even though the desk was already moving with each thrust. “Give me all of that big dick.”

“You want it all?” somebody hissed, the voice coming from the teacher but sounding more like someone sinister, and as the old man crouched over the lad’s back he snarled. “You man enough for that?”

“Yes,” Dustin grunted as the force of his teacher’s thrust lifted him off the wood a bit. “So good.”

It would be over soon, Jacob lamented as his back and hips started to ache while his orgasm built up inside of him, and as his dangling balls slapped around down there the old man fought it off as long as he could until he finally gave it up.

Jacob growled as his cock erupted inside of the lad, and Dustin whimpered as he felt the old man’s warm sap coat his savaged insides. Dustin kept his tutor’s deflating cock inside of him as long as he could before it reluctantly slithered out of him.

“Oh man Mr. Gordon, that was even better than last time,” Dustin said as he turned around.

Jacob Gordon only sighed, sitting down in Dustin’s chair and reaching over and pulling his student over by the hips, but he was shocked when he saw that Dustin’s cock was not arched and throbbing but very limp and tiny.

“I came already,” Dustin said, gesturing back at the top of the desk when ropes of his cum testified to that. “When you were milking my balls I popped my nut.”

“Well, you’re 18. I suspect Master Dustin has the same recuperative powers that I did back then,” Jacob theorized as he grabbed the limp spout and gave it a tug or two before leaning forward to take it in his mouth.

As Jacob suckled on Dustin’s dick the teacher’s theory was proving true as the modest tube began to surge, getting longer and stiffer under his expert sucking until it was once again the wildly aching prong was once again as hard as steel.

The teacher let his lips slide up and down the length of the teen’s cock, burying his nose in the cloud of golden curls as the bulbous head tickled his throat, and as he illegal bahis did he wondered what it would feel like to have Dustin take him anally.

It wouldn’t happen, of course, because that would upset the natural order of things which had the elder as the dominant one, but that didn’t stop the tutor from fantasizing about it. Jacob rarely was the bottom but there had been times in the distant past when he had been the receiver.

It would hurt some, Jacob mused as his lips slid of to the tip of Dustin’s manhood, and not because of the length since the lad’s penis probably wasn’t even six inches long, although if one straightened it out that would be something else altogether.

No, it wasn’t the length, Jacob reasoned as he let his tongue poke at the tender opening of Dustin’s prick, it was what his tongue was swabbing, the plump glans which made the student’s cock look like a candy apple on a stick. That might make for considerable pain if his tried to take that knob into his long dormant orifice, not to mention the arching curve of his tool which would test anyone’s insides.

No, Jacob reasoned. Better to keep things as they were. He loved sucking on Dustin’s unique manhood and judging by Dustin’s puppy-like panting, the lad loved it just as much. Already the tutor could feel the student’s cock pulsating as his orgasm approached, and when Dustin whimpered out that he was cumming Jacob was ready and waiting as he let the hot seed spurt into his mouth and down his throat, not letting go until the lad was spent.

“Well then,” Jacob said as he looked at the disarray around them, and after they picked up the mess and got their pants back on the tutor added, “I trust Master Dustin will put due diligence into improving his ledger work.”

“I will Mr. Gordon,” Dustin confirmed as they made sure all looked proper before they exited the student’s room, and after they went downstairs Dustin’s mother was waiting.

“Thank you so much Mr. Gordon,” Dustin’s Mom gushed as she discretely handed the tutor a check, and as the elderly mentor nodded and pocketed the offering she continued. “Things seem to be getting better at school. Dustin got an 82 on a quiz yesterday, didn’t you honey?”

“Yes Mom,” Dustin replied as they walked to the door, and after Jacob Gordon declared than Dustin would be on track in no time at all he stepped out into the fresh air, the scent of Dustin’s seed now more noticeable on his breath.

“Larry is waiting out there for you honey,” Dustin’s Mom said as she opened the door for the two of them to leave, and before she closed the door behind them she added, “I told him you would be done soon. Don’t stay out long. The street lights will be on soon.”

Jacob stepped gingerly down the steps, his body already giving him a preview of how his 64 year old body would remind him for a few days what he had done, but it was worth it. There was a curly hair of Dustin’s between his teeth, and Jacob wondered whether he would floss it out or not when he got home.

The rumpled little butterball who was waiting for Dustin came up to them as they walked down the path, and after the two lads exchanged greetings Dustin introduced his tutor.

“Larry, this is Mr. Gordon,” Dustin announced, and after Jacob shook the pudgy sweaty hand of Dustin’s friend he added. “He’s the man I told you about that’s tutoring me in accounting.”

“Oh yeah,” the chubby kid said, and while Jacob hoped that Dustin hadn’t gone into any more detail than that, the way this Larry boy kept glancing down to his crotch made him fear otherwise. “I don’t have to take accounting until next year.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll do fine,” Jacob assured Larry. “Just apply yourself.”

“I dunno,” Larry replied as his sneaker tip pawed the ground, his eyes continuing to try to see any evidence of the considerable endowment that Dustin had no doubt talked about despite Jacob’s request for discretion. “I’m not too good at math.”

“He isn’t,” Dustin seconded. “Maybe next year you can help Larry like you’re helping me.”

“Well…” Jacob sighed.

“Yeah. Dusty said that you’re really good…” Larry said before adding, “At Accounting. I’ll probably need tutoring.”

“We’ll see,” Jacob responded as he tried not to mentally undress the lad. “Perhaps Dustin here will become so skilled he can give you some help before then.”

“Oh, I’m trying to teach him everything I know,” Dustin said as he glanced over at his friend, and Jacob tried not to notice the mostly stifled grins the two exchanged. “But I think you can do a lot better than me.”

“Yeah,” Larry said as they wished the tutor a good night. “My Mom is already putting away money for next year because Dusty’s Mom keeps telling her how much you’re helping him.”

“Oh dear,” Jacob said after getting into his car and grimacing when his back protested. “What have you gotten yourself into?”


thank you for reading

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