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Bait and Switch Retype – Ch 09-10

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So, I just found DB’s original thread, here: http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=231610 .
Please feel free to post comments, or ides on how I’m doing with his series.


I know where I’m at as soon as the blue light penetrates my eyelids. My eyes fly open, but I’m disappointed to see I’m the only person in the room. The white light douses me, and I can feel my strength leaking from me, as it builds up my body.

“Lela?” I call out, but there’s no answer. In silence I wait for the light to finish its work, and then I’m back in my own bed. I’m worried that she’s still upset with me, and I don’t get much sleep; I’m too guilt ridden.

Robin is in the bathroom when I get up, so I go ahead and eat, while I wait. She takes a little longer than Shanna had yesterday, but I don’t mind too much. Dennis comes out of the bathroom with her, and suddenly I understand what has taken them so long.

I quickly shower and shave, and decide to walk to campus. The sun is up, but the air is crisp, my breath misting thickly from me as I walk.

My phone rings, and I see its Gina, from the Caller ID.

“Nick?” Her voice sounds quiet on the other end. “I think that person is back. Can you come over and check?”

I’m already most of the way to campus, and really don’t want to turn back around to get my car. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Just jump in your car, and drive here. I’m sure you’ll be fine,” I try to reassure her.

“Okay. See you in class?” She still sounds unsure, but I’m glad I won’t need to walk all the way back, and get my car. My first class has a final today, and I don’t want to be late for it.

“I can’t wait,” I say. But I can wait. After what had happened with Prof. Frankens last night and then having both Gina and Shanna in the same class. . . Well, let’s just say that if I didn’t have a final, I would be ditching it again.

The morning veritably flies by, my finals are easy, and I’m usually one of the first ones done. I see Robbie talking with Nicole, and know I don’t need to tell him about her. He actually goes so far as to give me a smile and a nod when he sees me, though Nicole only gives me a disgusted look before saying something that makes Robbie laugh.

I don’t have a class after lunch, having taken that final on Tuesday, so I closet myself in the library, and try to come up with ideas on how to defeat the demons, and casually try various switches on inanimate objects around me. From experience, I know I can create multiple switches at once on a group, but it’s harder on me than making switches one at a time. And the thought of trying to affect an entire fleet of the red beasts. . . Well, that would probably kill me, and I would never even get the opportunity to move the switch, once I make it. Is there something I can do to a few that might affect the rest?

Maybe if they mate like the angels do, I could put all their females in heat. The males would go wild with lust, and the females would have to mate, lest they die. Meanwhile the human race could fall upon them, and defeat them. . .

There are a few problems with that, though. While affecting only the females would reduce the strain on me, it would still be too much. I would also need to notify the government about the aliens, and I don’t feel like being locked up in a loony bin. And then, I am only going off of a guess that they MIGHT be like Lela, which isn’t a good start. Lela’s entire species are herbivores, while the demons are pure carnivores. Maybe if I were to change their diet. . . But then again, their food preference doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s not likely to work, but for now it’s something.

No further plan occurs to me by the time I have to get to Prof. Frankens’ class, and I reluctantly turn my feet in that direction.

Shanna greets me just outside the door, with a smile on her face, and her long lashes batting at me. Had I really thought Gina was that much prettier than her a couple weeks ago? Right now, as the pretty brunette smiles at me, I’d have to say they’re on par. Thinking of Gina, I look around for her, but don’t spy her blonde hair.

“Are you ready for this? I stayed up half the night studying, but I know there will be something I forgot to look up on this final.” She seems fidgety as she speaks all in a rush.

“Relax. I have no doubt you’ll do fine,” I try to reassure her, but she isn’t having it.

“Well, we can’t all be as smart as you, Nick. I’ll bet you played games all night, instead of studying.”

“I studied,” I tell her defensively. I had listened to Robin’s loud cries, and Dennis’ grunts more, but I HAD tried to study. . . For a few minutes, at least.

Deciding out of reflex to do something for her, I make a quick switch to increase her memory, and confidence, and budge them both a little, and I see her back stiffen slightly, and her shoulders go back.

“Hmmm,” she murmurs, “I don’t know why, but suddenly I feel a lot better. Thanks!” She gets on her tip-toes and places a soft kiss on my cheek.

She sits right next to me, and I look around again for Gina, but she is nowhere to be seen.

Prof. Frankens has us separate some, putting at least one empty seat between each student, before handing out the tests, one by one. She informs us that there are four different test versions, but when she hands me the question booklet from the bottom of her stack, I see that the answers have already been marked, and then poorly erased. Donna barely smiles at me, before walking on, handing out other tests. I notice a few of the other men in class giving me jealous glares, but luckily Shanna is already going over her test, and hadn’t noticed.

I still don’t see Gina.

I start answering the questions, at first verifying the circled answer is the correct one, but after the first ten are accurate, I start copying the book. Every now and then I answer one intentionally wrong; there is no reason to make my cheating completely obvious, even if Donna had handed me this book on purpose. I also verify answers here and there, just to make sure it’s not a trap. It’s not as though I don’t trust Donna, but it’s always better to play it safe, than sorry. For all I know, she might trick me, in order to get me to fail, and then I’d have to take her class again.

About halfway through, Gina still hasn’t shown up. She had said she would see me in class, didn’t she? Was there really someone there this morning, and did they do something to her? Or am I just being paranoid?

Dammit, I don’t need this right now!

I start rushing through the test, worried about the blonde bombshell. I can call her as soon as I get out of this test.

Sweat is actually beading on my brow, as I walk up and hand the test to Prof. Frankens. She smiles at me again, and I think she is about to say more, but looks at the class behind me, and just mouths, “Thank you.” Despite my stress, I can’t help but catch her sweet scent, and notice how nice she looks.

I try to walk calmly out of class, though I know my steps are faster than a normal walk. As soon as the door closes behind me, I pull out my phone, and call Gina.

One ring. . . Two rings. . . After the fourth ring, it goes to voicemail. Hanging up, I try again, but with the same result. I decide to leave a message this time. “Gina. Just worried about you. Gimme a call when you get this. Bye.”

That was my last class, but I would gladly skip any others as I start to walk briskly home. My heart is thudding in my chest as I almost run, and despite the cold, I’m sweating even more as I rush to get to my car.

I only have the faintest warning, before pain explodes in the back of my head, and blackness swallows the snow-white world around me.

* * *

Pain, as always, is the first thing I become aware of. The back of my head hurts almost as bad as the second day with my ability.

A soft sobbing is the second thing to penetrate the haze that seems to fill my mind.

Lifting my head to find the source of the crying, I realize that I’m tied up and naked, as I attempt to move my arms. The room I’m in is dim and there’s no furniture. I can faintly make out holes in the wall, and know that this must be an abandoned house. The only light is coming through the holes in the walls, and a flashlight shining on Gina.

Gina lays hunched on the floor about ten feet in front of me, her hands tied to another post, and just as naked as I am. Bruises and cuts cover her body, all of them fresh, some with dried blood.

“So, you finally wake up,” a cold voice says from a shadow. I look in the direction of the voice, groaning at the pain the movement causes in my skull. The voice laughs, and only then do I recognize it.

“Derek,” I say, the name hissing through my teeth. Damn, even talking hurts. I fight feebly against my bonds, but they’re rope, and I know my ability can’t affect them. The pain of even this small movement is excruciating.

Gina moans piteously in her corner, and I feel my rage increase, some of it directed inward. I had assumed that Derek’s attack would come at me. I didn’t think he would attack someone else to hurt me.

“What do you want from us?” I’m proud of how steady and calm my voice sounds.

“Us? I don’t want anything from her, it’s you I want to make pay. She is just an innocent, caught in your freakish evil ways.” There is laughter behind every word, and it makes me think of the Joker.

For a second I debate on flipping his ‘sleep’ switch, but that will still leave us both tied up. Somehow I have to convince him to untie us. And in order to do that, I have to keep him talking. I don’t think a ‘guilt’ switch will work in him, like it had in Gina the last time I’d been tied up.

“MY evil ways? What are you talking about?” How could HE consider ME evil, after what he’d obviously done to Gina?

Derek steps out of the shadows, and into the dim light, wearing nothing but a wicked smile. His dick is hard between his legs, and it wobbles as he walks to where Gina’s cowering. My blood boils as I see the fear in her eyes.

“Why, it’s a good thing I arrived when I did,“ Derek says solicitously. “Unfortunately I’m too late to stop you from raping and killing poor Gina, but at least I got here in time to do you in, freak.”

Gina cringes as Derek approaches her, and I spit in his direction, and then moan in pain. I notice he has a condom on, as he bends over, grabs Gina’s ass, and lifts it up. She struggles against him, until he smacks her hard, she sobs some more, but stops fighting. I know this isn’t the first time he’s raped her today, and that this time it’s just for my benefit.

I can’t stand it. Even if it means staying tied up, I can’t let him hurt her again. I flip his ‘sleep’ switch, and cry out in throbbing agaony, as nothing happens.

Derek mistakes my cry of agony for one of anguish, and laughs as he shoves himself into the bound woman from behind. Gina cries out, her terror and pain evident, which only serves to make Derek’s smile wider.

I try again to put him to sleep, but the ache in my head is too intense, and I can’t work through it. I slump in my bonds, trying to drive the hurt away.

“No!” Derek screams. “No, you will watch this.” Hearing him approach me, I look up in time to see him grab a broom handle and crack it against my ribs. There is a loud CRACK, and I feel my ribs break; breathing becomes a excruciating chore. Spider webs of pure torture blossom from the point where he’d struck me. My scream echoes around the small room well after I run out of breath. “Watch it and weep, or I’ll hit you again. You don’t have to watch long. She’s pretty loose, but as soon as I’m done, I’ll put you both out of your misery.”

“You won’t get away with this,” I wheeze, having a hard time getting enough air.

“Won’t I? What is there to get away with? I heard some odd noises from outside as I was walking by, and came in to find you strangling Gina as you raped her. I beat you with this stick, and apparently go too far, and kill you. I’ll even call the cops, and sob at the evil I saw in here.” Derek cackles, and I know I need to stop him somehow. Joker, indeed.

If only I can get my switches to work. If my head didn’t throb so badly, I’m sure I could do what needs to be done, but there is no chance of that right now.

Derek walks back over to Gina, and flips her to her back, before thrusting violently back into her. Her tits bounce obscenely as the bastard plows in and out of her. He gives me a big smile as his hands wrap around her neck, and I can see her eyes bulge as he starts to strangle her.

“You pansy assed bitch!” I cry, hoping to distract him, but he ignores the insult, grinning at me while he slowly chokes the life out of Gina. I can no longer hear her sobs, as they are also cut off. I can see the stark terror in her eyes as she looks at me, pleading for me to do something. She knows what I’m capable of, which makes the look of pleading in her hazel eyes that much more painful.

I know she wants me to use my ability, but I can’t. It’s just not working right now. “I can’t,” I sob, as I watch her dying. My head hurts too much. Maybe if Lela were here to heal me, I could use them, but she’s not.

Wait, isn’t she always watching me?

“Lela!” I yell, ignoring the pain in my chest and head at the effort. “Help me.”

Gina’s eyes slowly close, as her struggles weaken. In desperation, I fight against my bonds, against the pain, needing to get out, to run to her and save her.

Gina’s eyes close, and her limbs go limp, and sick, demented Derek blows his load into the condom.

There is a quick flash of light, and I see Derek look away from me.

“What the fuck?” His hands loosen around Gina’s neck, but it’s too late. She lies unmoving, as Derek stands up, and grabs his broom handle again.

A familiar greenish-yellow light surrounds me, and I don’t waste any time. The broom handle is flying hard and fast at my head, a blow that will likely knock me unconscious, if not worse, when I hit his ‘paralyze’ switch. The broom stops mere centimeters from my temple.

I can feel my body tingling, as it repairs itself under the healing light. My ribs knit back together, and the throbbing in my head lessens until it’s gone. I feel the ropes holding me to the post loosen, and then fall, but my eyes are locked on Derek. My sight is filled with a red haze, as I glare at this evil beast. I can’t even think of him as a man.

I see fear in his beady little eyes, and his lips quiver as I step up to him. I glare at the bully, and would have laugh at the drool that leaks from his mouth, if I weren’t still filled with hatred and rage. Death would be too good for him, and I don’t think I can kill another human, even in my anger. Besides, I’m supposed to SAVE the human race, not kill it.

The healing light is still on me, and I draw all the strength I can for this switch. Just forming it creates an immediate headache behind my eyes, but the light soon relieves me of it. Pushing the switch is another matter. Even the light can’t keep the mental pain at bay, but a quick glance at the lifeless Gina drives my outrage to a new level. The injustice of what Gina’s gone threw at this monster’s hands, fuels me, and slowly the new switch moves.

Derek’s eyes grow large, as what I’m doing starts to take effect. A pitiable wine escapes his throat, and I wonder if he is in pain. I truly hope so. More than any other time in my life, I want to cause pain to another person. Even all the bullying I’d received from Robbie over the years, has never caused a rage in me like the one I’m feeling right now.

I run to Gina, and feel at her neck for a pulse. It’s weak, but it’s there. Then and only then, do I breathe a sigh of relief, and look up to Lela, who is now looking at the nude form of Derek. She is hidden in the shadows, and I can barely make out her form. I wonder what Derek must be thinking as the pink alien faces him.

“Can you heal her?” I ask Lela.

I see Lela’s hands move before her for a moment, and the light shifts to cover me and Gina. I watch, still slightly amazed at what this light can do, as Gina’s bruises turn yellow, and then fade away completely. The few cuts seal themselves. The only evidence left that she had been hurt at all is the crusted blood that spots her smooth skin here and there.

“Thank you,” I say as the light vanishes, but Lela is already gone.

I find our clothes in a pile, near where Derek had come out of the shadows, and quickly dress Gina first. I have a hard time getting her undergarments on, having had a lot more practice getting them off lately, but soon she is fully covered. I dress myself, before standing in front of the motionless statue that is Derek.

I can still hear a weak piteous whining coming from his clenched jaws, as I examine his body. His chest has grown some, his cock and balls shrunk, the condom now hanging onto what is rapidly becoming a clit. Even his hips have widened. The filled condom gives me an idea.

“You will regret today for the rest of your life. If I EVER see you again, I will do much worse than what you are suffering now.” I look him deep in the eyes, wanting to make sure he understands what I’m about to tell him. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your life as a weak, mute, woman.”

I easily make three more switches in Derek, or whatever her name will be after today; one to make her muscles always weak, one sealing away her voice, and the third to make her more compassionate. I only hope it will serve casino şirketleri as punishment. It’s not that I consider women to be weak, but for a person like Derek, I can come up with no better torture. Just for an added kick, I turn up his memory, like I had for Shanna earlier. I never want him to forget this moment. Finally, to add insult to injuring, I grab the condom filled with his spunk, and shove it up her vagina, and turn up her fertility. I’m not sure if it will work, but I figure it can’t hurt. With her new compassionate switch, I’m not worried about her abusing any child.

I carry Gina out the door, and see her car parked outside. It’s not until I’ve started the car, and driving away, that I release Derek from her paralysis, as she is at the edge of my senses. Maybe instead of thinking of her as the Joker, I’ll think of her as Harley Quinn.

I use Gina’s phone to call her mom, and let her know that Gina is alright and with me. Her mom seems fine with everything, whether because she is content with anything I do, or because she has no idea what has happened to her daughter, I’m not sure.

I have to carry Gina up to my apartment, but she feels light in my fully recovered arms, and I know my strength is still growing.

Tucking her into my bed, I watch her sleep peacefully for a bit, until I receive a call from Shanna.

I hurry out of the room before answering it, hoping that the Zelda ringtone hasn’t woken the sleeping beauty.

“Hey! You rushed out of class so fast, I didn’t get to ask if you wanted to come over and play games tonight.” Her voice is excited, which strikes me at an odd angle after everything that’s transpired this afternoon.

“I’d love to, but I have to work tonight. Rain check?” I try to sound normal, and think I pull it off. I don’t know what I’m going to do with Gina, while I’m at work.

“Is something wrong? You’ve been avoiding me lately. . .” Uh-oh! Not her too. . .

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” I protest, but can see how she might think that, after turning her away yesterday and now today. “I talked with you before class.”

“Barely. Well, if you say you aren’t I’ll believe you. I’m probably just being emotional. You know how women get sometimes.” And that’s when it dawns on me: it’s that time of the month for Shanna. No wonder she didn’t try to have sex with me the other night, and why she’d kicked me out of my room before she got into bed. It’s not that she’s being shy, but hiding what she was going through. Part of me thinks it’s cute.

“I’ll tell you what; do you work tomorrow?” I hope she doesn’t.

“No, I have it off. Do you work?”

“No, I have it off too. How about we celebrate the beginning of the holiday break, with a marathon gaming session? I’ll even let you win a few this time.” Truth be told, she might be a better gamer than me, but I need to tease a little; If only to wash away today’s events from my mind, and build my own flagging ego..

“Oh-ho! You’re on. I’ll trash your ass three ways from Sunday. You better bring your A-game, mister.” I laugh and tell her I will, before getting off the phone.

“Was that Shanna?” The voice right behind me sends my heart into my throat, as I feel like I jump to the roof, thoroughly startled.

“Um, yeah,” I tell Gina, embarrassed, turning to face her. Her hair is a mess, and there is a wild look in her hazel eyes. Before I can think or say anything else, I’m suddenly gripped by a powerful hug, while she sobs into my shoulder.

“Thank you, Nick. Thank you, thank you, thank you. . .” She continues to thank me, and soaks my shoulder, as I hold her in my arms, thoroughly confused.

Dennis walks in, and wants to know if we need to be alone, but Gina pulls away then. “No, you’re fine,” and then she tugs me into my room.

She closes the door behind her, and keeps hold of my hand, while her eyes examine me. “I know you saved me, but why did you wait so long?”

I still don’t feel comfortable talking about Lela, so I hedge a little on the truth. “When Derek hit my head, he must have done something with my ability. I had to recover from that, before I could use my switches.”

“Oh, Nick! I was so scared, but I knew you would save me. What did you do with that. . . that. . .” She tenses up, and I pull her head back to my shoulder, patting her back.

“SHE, will never be able to do that again, much less talk,” I say.

“She?” Gina giggles slightly, and I think it sounds great. “You can really do that?” Then before I can respond, “Do you really have to work tonight?”

“Yes, but you won’t be alone. You can come with me and sit in the lobby, or I’ll see if Dennis will stay here with you. I think Robin will be here later, too.” I know there is no way Bradley will give me the night off. Not this close to the holidays, and not after he’d already refused to give me this week off to study, and with the economy the way it is, I don’t want to have to find another job. I’m just glad he gave me next week off, so I can see my family. I hate having to leave her, but I really have little choice. I feel like such a heel.

“I don’t want to be around a bunch of strangers. Do you promise to come back here when you get off?” There is no mistaking the fearful hope in her voice.

“I promise,” I say as she pulls away from me, and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

She stays in my room, watching as I get dressed for work.

“You know Shanna has a crush on you, right?” Her question shocks me, and I don’t know how to answer. Finally she speaks up after a few seconds of silence. “I don’t mind, really. We aren’t official, or anything. I think she is actually kind of cute.” She glances over my body, before adding,” And with that body you’re building, I’m surprised more women aren’t chasing you.”

If only she knew. . .

I really don’t know what to say to that, so I just grunt noncommittally, and she laughs. I quickly finish getting dressed for work, and make sure Gina is alright staying here with Dennis and Robin for a few hours, until I get back.

“Just come back to me,” she tells me as I walk out the door. She hugs me tight, and I’m almost late because she refuses to let me go.

Work goes by agonizingly slow, my heart in my stomach, except for when Shanna shows up.

“Come to spy, and make sure I‘m not making up excuses, huh?” I ask, as I flip over a filet mignon on the grill.

“I believed you,” she says it so defensively, I know she’s lying.

“Oh, so you wanna go back into the freezer, and relive some memories?” I tease, already knowing the answer.

“Is everything always about sex with you?” she accuses.


“Sorry, it’s just been awhile, and as always, you look gorgeous.” She smiles and gives me a peck on the lips, before letting me get back to work. It’s not until she is gone, that I realize she didn’t have the ‘happy’ or ‘memory’ switches. That had been Shannon. Those vixens!

As soon as my shift is done, I rush right home, using my switches to turn all the stoplights green.

“Is she okay?” Dennis asks me as soon as I walk in. “She’s taking her third shower since you left.”

Worried, I knock on the bathroom door. “Gina?”

I don’t hear any response, but I ‘m not sure if she can hear me above the shower. The door is locked, but my ability easily takes care of that.

The mirror is fogged up, and steam is pouring from over and around the shower curtain.

“Gina?” I call again.

“How did you. . . oh, right. . . nevermind.” She sounds far away and despondent.

I peek around the curtain, and see her furiously scrubbing her skin with what I have to assume is Robin’s loofa. She sees me, but doesn’t cover up. “Do you have another loofah? I still feel dirty, and I don’t think this one is working.” Her skin looks raw and red, making me wonder how hard she’s been scrubbing.

“Gina, stop. You’re as clean as you’re going to get. Give me the loofah.” I hold out my hand to her, and she just looks me in the eyes for a bit, before finally handing it over.

“I know. I know it doesn’t do any good. You read about these things, but then it happens to you, and it feels like he is under my skin. No matter how hard I scrub, I still feel filthy.” Even as she talks, she’s scratching her skin, leaving red lines where her nails dig into her already raw flesh.

I nod as she speaks, and grab the shower nozzle, rinsing off the soap. As soon as that’s done, I turn off the water, and help her out. She lets me gently dry her, wrapping the towel around her before she hugs me tightly again.

“Oh, Nick. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can still feel him inside me. I want to throw up!” I should never have left her here, I realize, but the mistake is already made, and I need to take care of things as they are now. I have made a number of mistakes, but concentrating on those won’t fix my current problems.

I remember making the memory switch in Gina, and quickly flip it. She calms down a bit, before pulling away, and looking up at me.

“Did you just do that? You made me forget something. I was just thinking about. . . something, and suddenly. . . I don’t remember. I can recall everything else, but that one thought is gone.”

“You don’t need to suffer,” I whisper. “Let me help you.”

She takes another step away from me, worry in her eyes. “No, don’t take everything away. It hurts, yes, but it happened. I don’t want to forget that you saved me, nor what you saved me from.” I can’t help but admire her strength. Part of me suspects that whatever part I have already deleted was the worst, and she feels as though she can handle the rest.

“I won’t take anything else away, unless you ask me to,” I promise, and she hugs me once more, the towel falling to the floor between us.

I feel her lips touch my neck, then my chin, as they work their way up to my mouth. “Gina, are you sure you should be doing that?” I ask, not wanting her to stop, but also not wanting to cause her any further grief.

“There is still one place I haven’t been able to properly scrub, and there is only one thing I can think of that will get ALL of it. I need you to wash away the last bits of him,” she tells me, and I know she isn’t talking about her memory.

I pick her up, and carry her into my room. Robin gives a small laugh when she sees us, and I realized we probably look a sight, me still in my work clothes, and her naked in my arms.

“You smell like meat,” she tells me as my bedroom door closes behind us.

“Do you want me to go shower first?” I ask, raising one eyebrow.

“No, I like it. Just. . . just love me tonight,” her voice is breathy as I lay her on my bed, and then take off my shirt.

“Stop me at any time, if you need me to,” I tell her earnestly. “I don’t want to hurt you, ever.”

“I know. But hurry. I want to feel you in me. I want to feel all of you, all around me, and nothing else.”

I nod, as I drop my pants to the floor, and kick off my shoes.

She asked me to love her tonight, and while I won’t say the words untruthfully, I can perform the actions. I take her slender ankle in my hands, and bring her toes to my lips. She lets out a gentle sigh, as I kiss each toe, running my tongue across the bottom of her sensitive digits.

I massage her calves, as I kiss and nibble the underside of her foot, tickling her arch with my teeth, and making her giggle. I switch to her other foot, and do the same. I can see that her labia are wet and swollen as I do this, and smile at the serene look that is currently painted across her features.

I let my fingers gently glide up and down her smooth legs, lightly tickling as I set them on my shoulders and alternate kisses between them. Slowly I worked my way up her calves, under her knees, around her slender thighs, gently kissing my way up her red legs to her sex. By the time I finally reach it, her juices are dribbling down her ass crack, and making a puddle on my sheets.

Giving it a tender kiss, I let my hands trail up her flat abdomen, and around the swell of her ample breasts. I don’t touch her nipples, as I lay flat on my stomach, and lightly lick up her leaking fluids. Her hips jump as my tongue barely touches her clit.

She grabs my errant hands, and mashes them against her teats, moaning loudly as my tongue drives into her. “Thank you, Nick. Oh, I need this. Thank you!” Her voice grows in volume, as my mouth does its work, bringing her to a gentle orgasm.

Breaking away from her nether lips, I trail soft kisses along her stomach, and sides. Kissing the undersides of her breasts, and then moving my head between her two soft mountains, I press them together, and licked my way up to the hollow at the base of her neck.

I feel my penis bump against her vulva, but make no move to enter her. Instead, I continue my kisses over her left shoulder, even kissing her armpit as I move down her arm, to her elbow, and wrist. When I reach her hands, I kiss her palm, then along each finger, giving each tip a kiss, before returning to the palm, and kissing up the next digit.

She reaches down between us, gripping my member, and moans as she rubs the head against her slit. Her hips hunch against me, wanting me inside her, but I’m not ready yet.

Finishing with her left hand, I bring my head around, brushing her lips lightly with my own, before dropping back down to her other shoulder. She moans in frustration as she tries to capture my mouth, and tries again to get my head inside her, but to no avail. I want to cleanse her body with my kisses, before I enter her.

I give her right arm and hand the same treatment as I’d given the left, and then prop myself up on my hands, as I look down at her. Her hair is still wet, and I realize I will have to use another pillow tonight, but right now I just think how gorgeous she is. There is no mistaking the hunger and desire in her greenish-blue eyes, or the unmistakable soft look of love.

I drop my lips to hers, at the same time I move my hips forward, getting half my cock in her, in one movement. Her mouth hungrily devours mine, in a kiss that is equal parts love, lust, need, and desire.

Her hands grip my ass, and help me set a slow and steady pace, gently sinking my length into her velvety folds. Derek had said she was loose, but her love canal grips me with a force that I almost fear will strangle my cock, if she wasn’t so wet. Has Lela’s healing light made her even tighter?

Gina’s hands go to my face, as she starts to cum around my rod, pulling me deeper into our kiss, and we both moan with pleasure. The sound of my voice increases her arousal, and she starts to buck under me with earnest.

I pull out of her, and roll her over onto her stomach. Putting my face back between her legs, I lick her juices up from her crack, running my tongue over her asshole. She jumps slightly when I do that, and moans. I kiss both globes of her rear, and then gently up and around her back. She is moaning in earnest by the time I reach her neck. “You taste divine,” I whisper into her ear.

“I want to feel you in my ass,” she tells me, twisting her head around to look at me.

“Did he—” I can’t finish the sentence.

“No, he didn’t. But I said I want to feel all of you, ALL over me. Please, Nick. I need this.” The sadness, mixed with pleading in her tone, wins me over. “Your tender care is making me feel better.”

I nod, giving her cheek a quick peck, before slipping two fingers down to her pussy. Quickly lubing then up with her juices, I slip first one, then two fingers into her rectum. I intentionally moan each time I do, and feel her shudder with pleasure. When I slip my third finger in, she nearly screams as an orgasm crashes over her sensitive psyche. Figuring she is loosened up enough, I place my phallus back into her vagina to lube it up, then pull out and place it between her cheeks. It takes me a moment to get the angle right, and a bit of pressure to get my head past her sphincter, but we gasp and moan, as I break through.

“God, I needed this! I love how you feel inside me. Pussy, ass, mouth. . . Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me, and wash him completely away.” The sadness is gone now, leaving only determination and desire.

My cock is plenty slick from her juices, as is her crack from what had leaked out of her, but I take my time, slowly slipping my length into her colon. Slipping my hands under her chest, I feel her hard nipples between my fingers, as I get the last bit of my prick inside her.

“Fuck me.” That one command is all I need, as I pull out, and slip back into her. I hit a frenzied pace, and know I’m getting close. I’m moaning constantly, reveling in the tight feeling her bunghole is delivering to every inch of my schlong. It’s not until her fourth or fifth orgasm in this position that I realize what my voice is doing to her.

Her sphincter suddenly grips my rod even harder than before, and it’s too much. We cum together, as I fill her bowels with my semen, and collapse onto her back, kissing the back of her neck as I unload. It feels like I loose a gallon inside her, by the time my orgasm and aftershocks finally wash past me.

I roll onto my back, breathing heavily, and my skin pebbled with sweat.

She places her head on my chest, and cuddles up to my side. “I think a shower is in order,” her soft voice breaks the lethargy that is starting to creep over me, and I groan. Gina shudders in pleasure, and then laughs. “Not for me, though I probably need another one now, too. You positively reek of sex and meat.”

We shower together, casino firmaları and I gently wash her body, massaging as I go, and she returns the favor. Dry once again, we step back into my room, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of Robin and Dennis going at it.

Gina gives me a wink, before stating, “He watched us have sex, I think its only fare we return the favor.”

I smile inwardly, and think she is going to be okay after all, as she tiptoes towards my roommate’s door.

It’s unlocked, not that that matters, and already cracked open. Did he intend for us to watch?

Gina cracks the door more, and peaks inside, then turns to me, smiling. My word, but how good that smile looks on her, right now. Opening the door the rest of the way, she slips inside.

Shaking my head, I follow after the blonde. Robin is on top of Dennis, his long cock shoved deep into her cunt, and one of her fake tits locked between his lips. Robin’s long red tresses flow down her back, and I marvel at the strength she must have in her abs to thrust so powerfully atop Dennis. We watch for a bit, feeling myself grow hard again, until Gina indicates she is ready to go.

As soon as we are back in my room, Gina ravishes me again, crying out in sweet release as the day’s events are overlaid with my tender care.

“Thank you, Nick. I love you,” is the last thing I hear before exhaustion and bliss overtake me.


A pleasant sensation spreads through my body, slowly waking me up. Feeling really good, I think maybe Lela’s green/yellow light is on me, but an odd noise fills my ears. It takes a few seconds for my sleep bleary eyes to focus, and I moan loudly as I see what’s happening.

Gina is busily and noisily sucking on my dick. Her lips are stretched taut around my girth, and at the sound of my moan, she looks up at me, and hunger is in her eyes.

She lifts her head from my lap; her soft blonde hair tickling my thighs, “I was wondering how long it would take you to wake up,” she smiles.

“Good morning to you, too,” I say, returning the grin. “Why don’t you swing around here, and I’ll do the same for you?”

“Uh-uh, no thanks. I’m a little tender this morning. You just lay back and enjoy. You’ve already done more than you’ll ever know for me. You were moaning in your sleep. I rather like how your switches affect me.” She drops her head back down, and I feel her lips brush the underside of my cock, while her hand holds the other side. She runs her mouth up and down me a few times, then slips my head back between her lips, and slurps noisily. Her tongue works around the rim, flicking it, and driving me crazy with the sensation. It doesn’t take long, before I’m hunching my hips, and blowing my wad down her throat, at the same time my alarm goes off.

She hungrily swallows all I give her, and then milks me for the last few drops before pulling away, and coming up to kiss my nipple and lays her head on my chest.

Gina hears my alarm still going off. Curious, she asks, “That sounds like a sad song. What is it?”

“My alarm,” I explain stupidly, my mind still fogged from sleep and post-orgasmic bliss. “It’s from one of my all-time favorite video games. From a sad scene where a character dies,” I tell her, wondering what she will think of that.

“Hmm, sometimes I forget you’re a geek. You’re such a wonderful lover. . . Are all geeks as good as you?” She props her chin on my chest as she looks up at me.

I laugh lightly, before answering. “I’ve heard it said that geeks make better lovers, because they rarely get any, and they study how to please their partner for when they get the chance.”

“Mmm,” she purrs, giving my chin a quick peck, and then laying flat on my chest again, “You do indeed please me. You must have memorized the book.” She pats my now limp member, and I laugh again. “Why do you wake up to that song though, if the memory is sad?”

“Good question. I’ll have to change it again.” I don’t want to explain to her why I had changed it from the Dalek’s ‘Exterminate’ one I’d had before, and am glad she doesn’t ask. Flipping off my alarm with my mind, I untangle myself from her arms and legs. “I’d better get ready for class. I have my last two finals today.”

Gina smoothly gets out of my bed, and if she hadn’t just given me a great blowjob, the mere sight of her body would have had me ready to go. Recalling all the events from yesterday, I really hope that she’ll be okay. If last night is any indicator, she truly is a tough woman.

Derek, or Harley Quinn, as I want to think of her now, is another matter. I quest my mind out for her switches, and can’t sense them. I feel a little guilty for what I’d done to him, wondering if I’d gone too far, but another glance at the gorgeous Gina, firms my resolve. I hope he gets pregnant, and it’s a tough pregnancy!

Robin has some coffee going when we leave my room, and the two women chat amiably, while I eat my cereal. Dennis comes out of the bathroom, and walks over to me.

“Enjoy the show?” he whispers in my ear, before saying louder: “Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” I look up at him, curious as to what he wants. “Remember all those people I was telling you about? The ones with special abilities?” Gina starts to choke on her coffee, and Robin has to pat her on the back. Dennis, thankfully, doesn’t notice, as I lock up also. “Well, it looks like there are getting to be more and more of them. And get this, the girl in India who can fly volunteered to have her DNA checked. I guess people are starting to call her a demon, or an alien or something. I dunno. Anyway, she is definitely human. No one can figure out why or how she can fly. The weirdest thing is that these freaks are popping up all over the world. What do you think it means?” I don’t like the term ‘freak,’ flashes of Harley Quinn saying it yesterday, but decide not to mention that to him.

“I dunno. Maybe it’s some vast alien conspiracy to take over the world with super-mutants,” I try to laugh as I say it, though I’m afraid it sounds a bit forced. Maybe if I make a joke of it, he’ll think of something else. Thinking of the flying girl, I’m glad that the human race hasn’t yet fully mapped out the human genome. I can only imagine what might happen if the wrong government got their hands on the ability to activate superhuman abilities.

My ruse works. “I thought you’d be interested in something like this, not make a joke out of it.”

“Sorry,” I tell him sincerely, “I am. I actually looked up some of them the other day. I believe something IS going on, but how will I know what it is?” Because I am part of it, I think, but don’t supply that answer to him. “It does interest me. I’ve just been so busy with finals, work,” I glance at Gina, “and other things. Lemme know what you find?”

Gina offers to drive me to class, and this time I accept. “Does anybody else know about you?” She asks as she turns the first corner.

“You’re the only human I’ve told,” I say, hoping she won’t pick up on the distinction.

“Really? Not even Shanna?” I shake my head. “Wow. Thank you. So. . .” she trails off, and I wonder what she’s going to say next. “You’re going to hang out with Shanna tonight, right? I heard you on the phone last night.”

I feel foolish and guilty, but I had made plans with the brunette, to celebrate the start of the holiday break.

“Umm, yeah. . .” I reply sheepishly.

Gina laughs and pats my leg, though the laugh sounds slightly forced. “Relax. I don’t have a claim on you and I don’t own you. Maybe one day. . . But for right now, I’m just glad I have you as I do. You’ve trusted me with a secret no one else knows, and you’ve been there for me when I’ve really needed you.” But I hadn’t been there when she’d been kidnapped, I berate myself. “How can I be jealous of her?” I wonder if she is trying to convince me or herself. “What are you doing for the holidays?” Gina asks as she changes the subject.

“I’m headed down south to spend it with my family,” I tell her, hoping she’s not planning on me spending the entire holiday with her. Not, that that would be any hardship, but I really am looking forward to seeing my mom, and having some home cooked meals. My dad is another story. . .

“Oh. . . Okay. Will you be back soon?” I can hear the disappointment in her voice. While I feel bad for letting her down, there isn’t much I can do about it.

“I’ll be gone for about a week, coming back just after New Year’s.” Part of me hates to leave her for that long, worried about her well-being, but I haven’t seen my family since the summer.

Gina sucks in her bottom lip as she pulls into the parking lot. “I don’t want to be a pain. . . but. . . um. . . Do think your parents will mind. . . if. . .” I know what she is asking, and am fairly certain my mom won’t mind, but want to be sure first.

“I’ll see what they say, but what about your mom? Won’t she be lonely?” I don’t want Nancy to go without being with her family.

“I’m sure she won’t mind, if you’re there to ask her. She really likes you. I’m just afraid of being away from you for that long.” Her voice has gained a tremulous quality to it. “What if Derek comes back?”

“She can’t hurt you anymore. I promise.” But I promise to see what I can do. I guess Gina is still healing after all. Thankfully, I still can’t sense any of Harley Quinn’s switches.

Robbie sees me getting out of Gina’s car, and while he frowns at her for a moment, when he walks over, he greets her cordially enough.

“I don’t know how or what you did, but thank you, Nick.” He grabs my hand, and shakes it in a tight grip that last week would have crushed my hand, but this week, mine seems just as firm. “Friends?”

“Friends,” I reply, glad to turn this long-term enemy into an ally. And to think, all I had to do was get special abilities, steal his girlfriend, shame him, and then set him up with the head cheerleading snob. Easy!

We go our separate ways, and I head to my first class. Shannon sees me after I’m done with my final, and strolls up to me.

“So, are we still on for tonight?” She asks, and despite how identical she looks and sounds to her sister, Shanna, it takes me a second to realize what she means.

“I have plans with Shanna tonight. Why, what’s up, Shannon?” I smile at the shocked look on her face. I’m glad I’d put that switch in Shanna so that I’m able to tell the two apart.

“How did you do that? Even our parents have a hard time telling us apart. . . unless we’re naked.” I can’t help but grin at her consternation.

“Naked, huh? That might be fun. What’s different then?” I have to admit I’m curious. Physically they had both appeared the same, but then again, I hadn’t seen them naked together. . . Just the thought of that causes a rise in my pants.

Her confusion turns to a sly grin before she answers. “I guess you’ll just have to find out. See you tonight Nick.” She gives my ass a squeeze as she walks by. I turn around and watch her nice ass as she leaves. Is it just me or does it seem like her hips have a little extra sway in them?

I wonder what I’d set myself up for tonight, and a smile splits my lips, and I shake my head in wonder.

My last final is after lunch, so I go back to the library, to see if I can come up with any more ideas for defeating the demons. I start Google-ing for ways that aliens are defeated in popular sci-fi. I don’t think I can create a virus that’ll kill them, computer or biological, and I don’t have some genius pre-teen boy to lead a fleet against them. Somehow I doubt that nukes will be strong enough, and in the end, I walk to lunch and then my last class with no better ideas, than I’d walked in with.

I’m going to have to talk it over with Lela, but she’d left me alone last night, and I don’t know why. Is she jealous over Shanna and Gina? She hadn’t talked to me yesterday, both when she’d helped me save Gina from Derek, and when she’d stayed in the shadows, making it hard to even see her. She also hadn’t been in that blue room the other night, when she pulled me to wherever she is. I’m worried that my mistake with her ‘in heat’ switch, might have something to do with it as well. What must she think of me? Probably, that I’m a brutish human, barely better than the demons, and not worth saving.

But, I hope she’s compassionate enough to still want to help save the human race.

I actually have to struggle through my last final, but am glad when it’s done.

Lindsey, Brent’s sister, follows me out.

“That was a tough one, huh?” I hadn’t noticed her since the night at her brother’s party, and the image of her brother crawling on top of her fills my mind for a moment, before I can dispel it.

“Yeah, I think it was my hardest one.” I turn to start walking home, but she follows after me.

“Hey, I, um, want to talk to you. About last Saturday?” I know what she is going to say, so I want to alleviate her concerns.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t told anyone, and quite honestly it doesn’t bother me.” Especially not after what’s happened with Gina, Nancy, and me. I don’t tell her that it had actually turned me on, also.

She gives me a funny stare for a moment. “Oh, that. Yeah, I’m surprised it happened, too. I never thought of him that way until that night. Thanks for not telling anyone. But what I meant was, about Shanna. That was really her sister Shannon. I’ve seen them both in gym, and you can tell the difference if you know where to look.”

This is twice now I’ve heard that, and my curiosity is piqued. Just as I get ready to ask her though, she turns away from me, and takes off, yelling, “Thanks again!”

I shake my head as I walk home. That was an odd and very random encounter. But I don’t think about it too much and turn my thoughts once again to Shanna and Shannon. Is there a mole or a birthmark one has, that the other doesn’t? If the opportunity arises, I’m going to find out.

I give Gina a quick call, and she reassures me she is much better.

As soon as I walk into the apartment, I go to shower. Thoughts of being in there with Gina last night float through my head, but I try to douse them as I cleanse. Once I’m all dried off and dressed again, I go through my game collection, pulling my favorites out, before realizing that we haven’t decided on where we will have our gaming marathon.

Calling Shanna up, I ask her.

“Well, last time we played at your place, so why don’t we do it here?” She asks me. “Besides, I have the bigger TV.” I can’t argue with that logic. “By the way, I just have one question.”

“Yeah?” I ask, wondering what she wants to know.

“Why aren’t you over here yet?” she asks. I laugh as I hang up the phone, grab my best games, and since I don’t know how long I’ll be staying, a bag of clothes and toiletries.

Shanna doesn’t live too far away, but the drive seems to drag on, I’m in such a rush to get there. Just as I’m parking, I get a text from Gina, “Have fun tonight, and don’t forget me. XOXOXO”

I smile, and am thankful that she’s not trying to control me. I’d thought of her as clingy and needy only a few days ago, but that opinion is starting to change. She seems like a sweet and caring girl, but at the same time, just wants someone to be with her and protective of her; an odd juxtaposition, considering the strength of her character, after her ordeal yesterday.

I feel one of my switches approach the door a moment before it opens. Shanna looks at me, and she is wearing the same clothes Shannon had worn earlier today.

“If you know who I am, you get a kiss.” She smiles widely at me.

I decide to play along. “Hmm, let’s see. I talked with Shannon earlier today, and she was wearing that outfit, so I’m going to go with Shanna.”

“Nope! You—Hey! How’d you know?” She’d thought she had me, but her disgruntled look only makes me laugh.

“I believe you owe me a kiss,” I tell her, instead of answering her question.

One side of her mouth quirks up in a half smile, as she bats her long lashes at me. She steps up to me quickly, and gives me a quick peck on the lips. I try to catch her, but she spins away too quickly, and runs inside. “That’s all you get for a lucky guess.”

I smile ruefully as I follow. She hadn’t told me what KIND of a kiss. . .

Shannon is setting out Doritos and hands me a Mountain Dew Voltage when I walk into the main room.

“I saw you and Lindsey talking today. Are you two a thing now?” She asks solicitously. I wonder what she is driving at. I’m beginning to see that these two sisters are rather devious, and know that I’m really going to have to watch myself around them.

“No, she just wanted to make sure I knew it had been you at Brent’s party, is all.” I reply while I crack open the soda.

“One of these days, Nick, you’re going to tell me how you can tell us apart,” Shanna says, coming out of her room, and pulling down a different shirt. I have to laugh when I read it. It says: “These are not the boobs you’re looking for,” with arrows pointing to each breast. “So, which game am I going to humiliate you in, first?”

I laugh again, “You pick. That way it will be more humiliating when I stomp you.”

Both twins laugh, and I realize that even their laughter is the same. With either one, I think it sounds truly musical.

We spend the next few hours playing various games, and while I hold my own well enough, sometimes the girls team up on me, and then I stand no chance. Both of them are excellent gamers. I briefly wonder how rare it is to find girls güvenilir casino as beautiful as these who are also gamers.

As the sun goes down, one of them puts a beer in front of me (I wasn’t paying attention to which one, being too absorbed in defeating her sister), and I don’t realize what it is until I take my first swallow. As I’m choking with the unexpected flavor hitting my throat, my game character is defeated.

“That’s a cheap trick,” I complain, as I try to clean the beer off my chin.

“Oh, I’m sorry. We thought you were old enough to handle alcohol,” Shanna teases, and I realize it had been her that’d given me the beer.

“We can make some Kool-Aid, if you prefer,” her sister taunts right after.

Just to show them, I quickly down the beer. Shanna is just within arm’s reach, and this time I succeed in snatching her wrist before she can get away. Growling, I use my newfound strength to pull her down into my lap, and start tickling her sides.

“I’ll show you what I can handle!” I exclaim, as Shanna goes into hysterics at my tickling touch.

A pillow hits me in the face, a moment before Shannon tackles me, giving Shanna the opportunity to slip away. The attack had been too sudden, and Shannon pulls away as well, before I can get a hold of her.

Shanna is breathing heavily, as she looks at me. She is trying to look cross, but the smile behind her long lashes gives away her true feelings. So does her ‘happy’ switch.

“I want to play a different game,” she says finally, as her breathing comes under control. By her tone, I know she doesn’t mean a different video game.

“What do you have in mind?” I ask my curiosity piqued.

“We go into my room,” she says, indicating her sister and her, “and come out wearing something different, and you have to guess who we are, as we come out, one at a time. If you get it right, we have to remove one article of clothing, keep it off, and take a drink. If you’re wrong, you have to.”

I know I can’t lose that game. “That’s not fair. I’ll never lose, and you’ll just cheat,” I exclaim.

“We never cheat!” argues Shannon, but I look at the beer that had distracted me, and the pillow she’d used against me, watching her cheeks flush red. “That wasn’t cheating, that was tactics. I tell you what, we’ll mark the inside of one of our hands, so that you can’t see it when we come out, but that way we’ll have proof when you’re wrong.”

“You don’t understand,” I try to say. “I always know who I’m talking with now. You’ll never win.” They must think I’m just bragging, like I’ve been doing all night, because they still insist on doing it.

Okay,” I say, “but don’t complain when I’m still dressed, and you’re both naked.” I draw a circle on the inside of Shanna’s hand, and an X on Shannon’s. The two brunettes walk into Shanna’s room, and one of them walks out a few minutes later.

“Shanna,” I say without hesitation, feeling her ‘happy’ switch drop as she loses the round. She takes off one of her shoes and takes a sip of beer, before walking back into the bedroom.

Shannon comes out next, without wearing any shoes, but she ends up losing as well. She claims that her shoe is already off, so that counts and I don’t argue. I feel guilty, because I truly can’t lose this game.

Soon enough, both women are completely naked, and slightly tipsy.

“That’s really not fair,” Shanna grumps, stamping her foot. “How do you know?”

My eyes are ogling both of their bodies, trying to see the one difference in the two, which has been hinted at more than once today, but can’t seem to find anything. The two are as identical as my eyes can make out.

“Maybe I can read minds,” I joke, realizing that I should have thrown a few of the guesses. They had tried every trick they could think of to fool me, but they can’t change or hide the switches in Shanna.

“We’ve never lost,” Shannon complains, and I wonder how many times they’ve done this. How many other men have been duped out of their clothing, hoping to have a chance at seeing these two beautiful twins naked?

“I tried to warn you. I KNOW.” Then I have an idea. “How about all or nothing?” I ask.

The twins look at one another, then back to me, with identical stares. “Go on,” Shanna states.

I take a deep breath before I speak. I’m not near as tipsy as they are, and don’t know how they will react. “I understand that there is a difference between you two, that can only be seen when naked. Since you’re already naked, if I can figure out what it is, I get a REAL kiss from each of you. If I fail, I have to down a whole beer, and completely strip.”

Shannon’s eyes grow large as she smiles widely, and she says, “Done!” a little too triumphantly.

I’m worried that she accepted that too easily. How small of a difference is it? I stand up and approach them, but they back off. “What are you doing?” Shanna demands.

“I have to examine you,” I tell her, returning the triumphant smile her sister had given me a moment ago.

Shanna succumbs to my argument, and this time they stand still as I walk up to them.

I run my hands along their stomachs first, but both feel the same: smooth and flat. I walked behind them, and checked out their backs, but still no discernible difference. Not even a freckle or mole on either one.

I cop a feel of each ass cheek, making them both jump as I do it. Walking back to the front, they are both clean-shaven. I heft each of their breasts, and still I can’t figure out what is different. Their legs look the same, their toes, everything. Even their labia are the same shape. The only difference I can find in either one is the switches I’d made in Shanna, and that doesn’t count.

I examine them once more, but with the same result. Finally, defeated, I give up.

“I can’t tell. You win.” I say. I wonder if they notice the incongruity of what I said. Here I was, easily able to tell the two of them apart thanks to the switches I’d made. But I just told them that I can’t find any physical differences between them. How, then, can I tell them apart? It may be the alcohol affecting them, but I’m not about to complain, when they don’t call me on it.

Shannon hands me my beer, and I down it, before removing my clothes.

“You’ve been working out!” Shannon exclaims as I disrobe, and I grin at her. Both women give a small sigh when my manhood comes out, neither limp, nor hard, but somewhere in-between.

“So, what is it?” I want to know. “What is the difference?”

Both women bust up laughing. It takes a moment before Shannon can get enough breath to tell me. “There isn’t one. I planted that idea in you, to play a trick on you. I even got Lindsey in on it. That’s why she talked to you, today.” She starts laughing again, and I feel the fool. I had been duped. I can’t be too angry though, because I had cheated on their game too. I just hope they never asked me how I can tell them apart.

“Oh, don’t look so upset,” Shanna says to me. “I’ll still give you a kiss.” She places her hands on my shoulders, stands on her toes, and this time the kiss she gives me is a real one. Her tongue slides between my lips, as her arms wind around my neck, and her hard nipples press into my chest. I eagerly put my arms around her slender waist, as I meet her tongue with my own. I had already been semi-stiff from having them naked before me, but now with one of them pressed against me; I’m poking her in the stomach.

“Hey, no fair,” Shannon complains when her sister pulls away from me. “He lost! He should be kissing us.”

Not one to argue at such a genuine idea, I step over to her, wrap my right arm around her waist, and pull her to me. She squeals as I place my hand behind her head, and pull her lips to mine. She hungrily devours my lips and tongue, while her hands drop down to my naked ass, giving my cheeks a firm squeeze.

Shannon backs me up to the couch, and when my heels strike it, I sit down, heavily. She grins as she straddles my knees, grab my cheeks, and pull my face back into the kiss.

“It’s my turn to have him tonight,” Shanna complains. “You had him last.”

Shannon breaks off the kiss long enough to look her sister in the eye. “It’s not my fault you didn’t take the opportunity when you stayed at his place.” Part of me feels like a piece of meat. Another part doesn’t care.

“You know why I didn’t,” Shanna shoots back, and I’m now certain that she’d been on the rag. Not that I’m adverse to the idea of having sex with a woman during her time of the month, but I enjoy cunnilingus, and I’m averse to earning my redwings!

Shannon ignores her though, as she turns back to me, kissing me thoroughly. Shanna plops down next to us, folding her arms underneath her ample breasts, and pouts.

Wondering what I might get away with, I place my hand on Shanna’s thigh, and she doesn’t remove it. I slowly slide my hand up, but before I reach her crotch, she grabs my hand, and places it back further down. Shannon is really starting to moan into our kiss, but I assume it’s to make her sister jealous, as I’m not doing anything more than kissing her.

I decide to try a different tact with Shanna, and grab her right arm. Shannon is still over my legs, and my cock is standing up between us. Pulling Shanna’s hand to my stiff member, she fights me a bit, before succumbing, and wrapping her slender fingers around its length. I start to move her hand up and down the length, and after a few strokes, I let go. Her hand continues to jack me off, and I place my hand back on her thigh. A few seconds later, Shanna starts to moan as my fingers rub her clit. I feel no evidence of a tell-tale string.

Shannon pulls away from me when her sister moans, and sees what’s happening. She glares at the hand on my rod, but before she can say anything, I lean forward, and suck one of her nipples between my teeth. I nibble lightly on the stiffened red flesh, and Shannon moans for real this time. I bring my free hand to her crotch, and easily slip my middle two fingers into her already wet snatch.

Shanna, pulls my hand away from her crotch, but her other hand remains on my stick, so I don’t mind. A second later, I feel her hair brush against my stomach just before her lips engulf my cock, and I moan into Shannon’s tit.

Deciding to get more comfortable, I tilt my body to the side, moving Shannon’s body with me. I move her up until I can taste her pussy, while I lay back on the couch.

“Get that cock nice and warmed up for me, Shanna,” Shannon orders her twin. My cock wobbles side-to-side as Shanna shakes her head, and for a second I feel her teeth. She wants it first.

Shanna is devious about it though. She waits until Shannon is cumming on my lips, before getting up, straddling my crotch, and impaling herself on my spear. Shannon realizes she’s been tricked, but I quickly nibble on her clit, and she forgets about it.

Shanna is using long powerful strokes to get me further into her crevice, and pretty soon I feel her crotch touch my balls, and feel that strangling sensation around the top of my cock again. Shanna cries out, and I let my cock twitch inside her a few times.

I move my mouth away from Shannon’s pussy, and she looks down to see what I’m doing. “Remember Brent’s party?” I ask her.

She knows immediately what I mean. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little pervert.” Her words are angry, but I remember how wet she’d gotten when Brent started to play with his sister. I go back to eating her out, curious what she will do.

After a few seconds, she gets off my face, and I’m afraid I’ve gone too far. She brings her lips down near my ear, and whispers, “Only for you, and only because you have such a wonderful cock. We’ve shared boyfriends, but we’ve never done anything with each other.” She glances at her slowly rocking sister, and I hear her mumble, “I better not regret this.” But, licking her lips, I smile as she stands back up, and sits back on my face; this time turned the other way. I shove my tongue as far inside her as it will go, as she leans over.

I feel a hand at my crotch, and guess that Shannon is now playing with her sister’s pussy.

“Shannon, what—” She cuts off as she moans loudly, and he inner muscles grip my cock as she comes. She is breathing pretty heavy, as she starts to talk again. “Why are you. . . That feels good on my nipple. . . What made you. . . Ohhhh, yes, rub right there. Ahhhh, fuck, you know right where to touch me. I think I’m gonna cum, again!”

This time as her pussy grips me, I know I’m close to, and start grunting, as I buck my hips. Shannon shoves her sister off me before I shoot my first volley, however, and swallows my load as it comes out of me. I dive into Shannon’s cunt with my tongue, while she sucks cum from me, until she is cumming all over my face as well, her juices dripping from my chin.

Shannon’s talented mouth doesn’t let me go limp. She gets off of me, and goes over to her sister, plastering their lips together, and I see my cum switch mouths. If I hadn’t already still been hard, that would have done it for me. With the one pussy I hadn’t been in tonight free, I stand up, and get behind her. My cock is still slick from Shanna’s cum, and Shannon’s saliva, and it easily slides into the latter’s tight tunnel.

Shannon moans as I bottom out in her, and still have a bit left outside. I notice that Shanna is eagerly kissing her sister, and Shannon actually has a couple fingers in her sister’s cunny.

I begin working my hips back and forth, pounding into Shannon, and making her grunt every time I hit her uterus. Shanna comes on her sister’s fingers, and a moment later, Shannon lifts her head, to look back at me.

“That’s it, stud. Fuck my tight pussy. Pound it hard, and make me cum. Make me cum, while I make my sister cum on my hand. Come on! FUCK me!” I take her order to heart, and slam into her as hard as I can go. On the third thrust, just as had happened with Shanna before, I feel something extremely tight slip around the end of my cock, and Shannon shrieks. “Oh god, that’s deep!” She shakes, as an orgasm overtakes her, and her knees buckle. She collapses to the floor, pulling off me with an unmistakable sucking sound, moaning, and shaking, as a small puddle begins to leak between her thighs.

Shannon’s hand is still within her sister, but I remove it, as I get between Shanna’s legs. I slide into her with ease, not quite going all the way in, and smile as her eyes roll back in her head. Grabbing a breast in each hand, I start up a nice slow rhythm, both of us moaning at our blissful connection.

Shannon finally recovers on the floor, and stands back up. She smiles down at us, and then reaches down to where we are connected and starts playing with her twin’s clit. This puts her breasts right by my mouth, and I’m not going to pass up that meal. With a tit in each hand, and another in my mouth, I don’t think life can get any better.

A few seconds later it does, as Shanna cums hard, ecstasy wracking her body, as she twists and writhes against my invading pole, and her sister’s fingers. She is moaning so loudly, and gripping me so tightly, I start to cum too. My own body locks up, as I deposit my load into half of this beautiful geek team.

Exhausted, I fall back on the couch, releasing all three tits, and slipping out of Shanna.

I watch through blurry eyes, as Shannon dives between her sister’s thighs, and starts to suck my cum out of her sister.

“Oh, Shannon! Yes right there, lick me there. Ohhhh, you know right what to do! Oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me cum again. Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!” Shanna’s fingers are tangled in her sister’s hair, as she cries out in incestuous bliss.

When Shanna finally relaxes, her eyes grow wide, and she backs away from her sister.

“What made you do that?” She demands. I can’t tell if she’s angry, she’s so out of breath, or just curious, and worry starts to seep into my gut.

“I’m sorry,” I tell her, not wanting there to be any bad blood between these two. “I asked her to.”

Shanna stares at me incredulously, until her sister speaks up. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to, Shanna. He might have asked me, but I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“But we’re SISTERS!” Shanna exclaims. “That’s incest!”

“You didn’t complain at the time,” Shannon argues in a tone that makes it hard to argue back.

“Yes, but. . . Well, I did enjoy it, but. . . You wanted to?” The anger slowly leaches out of her, leaving only curiosity. “But we agreed to share boyfriends, not each other.”

I wonder briefly if this means I have been upgraded from REALLY good friend status, to boyfriend. It also makes me wonder again about just how many times they’ve done this before. Either way, I truly don’t have any complaints right now.

“I only agreed to that, because I thought that is what YOU wanted,” Shannon says, and we all laugh. The two sisters hug each other tightly, until I complain about being left out. Then they both tackle me, laughing, as they attempt to tickle me. With my current strength, however, I easily get the better of the two, and soon have both of them squealing with beautiful laughter. Next thing I know, Shanna turns the tables on me, as she sucks my cock between her lips, and I realize that I’ve grown hard once more.

The only thing I can think of, as to why I’m recovering so quickly, is that marathon sex session with Lela.

By the end of the night, none of us know where one body ends, and another begins.

And Lela doesn’t come to get me again.
So, I just found DB’s original thread, here: http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=231610 .
Please feel free to post comments, or ides on how I’m doing with his series.

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