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Banging Beth Ch. 08

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Disclaimer- Everyone is 18+


Even with five loads of sperm dripping out of me, I was still high and horny as hell. Immediately after my uncle JP pulled out of me, I was reaching down one hand to stroke my clit while using my other hand to pinch and pull on my nipples.

“I think it’s time you give your brothers a turn, Bethie. Get that sloppy little snatch over there!” My father demands to me. Pulling my hand away from my cunt I lick my finger clean before crawling over to the couch my two brothers are on, dicks out and throbbing.

“Climb on slut, I want to feel you ride me” my oldest brother Drew tells me. I do as he tells me, both because I’m so turned on and because I know that disobeying Drew will get me a punishment just like disobeying Daddy. His cock is thin but very, very long and I can only take about two-thirds before I feel him pressing at my cervix, so I try to just go up and down as best I can without impaling myself. He’s using one hand to casino şirketleri guide my hips quickly and the other is roughly grabbing my breast keeping me so stimulated I didn’t notice Joey getting off the couch. Then I felt his hand on my back urging me to lean forward, and suddenly Drew was holding my hips still with both hands. My pussy was throbbing so I continued to grind on his dick until I felt something nudging my soaking wet entrance from behind.

Eyes wide I try to jerk my head up, but Joey just shoves my face into the back of the couch over Drew’s shoulder and holds me there. “Don’t worry slut, you’re wet enough for two, trust me. Besides you’ll stretch a lot fucking more pushing this baby out.” Joey mocked me. With his free hand he guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy slowly pushing it into me along side our brother’s. Joey’s cock was much thicker that Drew’s and the feeling of both stretching me out was agony.

I was whimpering and crying as they violated my cunt until Joey casino firmaları was deeply inside me and reached around to stroke my clit. Even with the burning in my pussy it made me moan to have him touch me there, so the pills were clearly working. He kept a steady pace but soft pace rubbing my clit, but the rhythm they set fucking me was brutal. Drew was slamming up into literally lifting me off Joey’s cock, then using his hands on my hips to shove me back down impaling me with both their shafts. I couldn’t help the noises I was making, moans and whimpers with the occasional scream, I was overcome with what was happening and must have cum three times from the sensation of having my big brothers split me in half.

“Stop all that noise, do something useful with your mouth!” I heard my father snap right before I felt his hand in my hair pulling my mouth over to his waiting and rigid erection. He was next to the couch, riding crop in his free hand ready to punish me if I got out of line. Joey came first, güvenilir casino giving a few short hard strokes into my cunt before I heard him grunt softly and pull out of me. Drew used that as a chance to start fucking me harder, pressing so hard against my cervix I knew it was bruising, but each thrust was making me give a little squeak muffled by the cock in my throat.

When Drew moaned out his release, Daddy wasted no time standing me up, only to make me bend over and grab my ankles while thrust into me. “Round two starts now my little cumrag.” he laughed at me.

~~~~~ 4 Weeks Later ~~~~~

Even though I had missed my period, Daddy wanted to wait a month for me to take a pregnancy test. Wanting no question about the accuracy, he made an appointment for me at the doctor’s office. Dr. Terry was an old friend of my father’s and agreed to see us after office hours as a favor. It was a simple test, just a little urine in a cup, and of course it came back positive.

“Excellent!” the doctor said “I know how much you wanted more children Clyde. Now as for the matter of payment, cash or ass?” he asked my father with a chuckle.

“Definitely ass. Bethie, get those clothes off and pay the good doctor.” Daddy told me as he laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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