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Basketball Diaries Ch. 05

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Basketball Diaries: A Kellog Serial

Part V: Technical Foul /Double Coverage

Kaci found herself wandering around the downtown “red-light” district. It was just before dusk; early enough so that she felt comfortable cruising around by herself, yet late enough so that most of her classmates would be at home eating dinner with their families.

It was a school night, but Kaci had convinced her mother that she was going to stay late at the downtown library in order to do some research for a school science project. She knew she shouldn’t be where she was, and do what she was going to do, but she couldn’t get the events of the past few days out of her mind.

All day at school, Kaci found herself obsessing about Joey and her brother. She had seen them playing basketball in the backyard the night before last, and had stopped to watch them through her window, because they seemed to be having so much fun. She had always thought that they would have made a great couple.

Then, when Joey and her brother began to get more and more physical, initiating contact just for the sake of brushing up against each other, Kaci’s curiosity was piqued. By the time that the two competitors had begun stripping of their clothes, Kaci knew what was going to happen. She was surprised, nonetheless, when they began to make love right out in the open, in full view of both houses.

On one hand, she wanted to rush downstairs and keep her parents busy, so that they wouldn’t come upstairs and catch her brother and their neighbor fucking in the backyard. But on the other hand, she was caught up in the excitement of the moment, nearly as much as the actual participants themselves.

Kaci, who was one year behind her older brother, but already 18, had experimented with sex before, but her partner was nearly as inexperienced as she was, and was only interested in his own pleasure. He always came too quickly and she soon lost interest in continuing the relationship. After all, what was the point?

But she had always remained intrigued by sex, and when she saw how unabashed and wanton Joey and Kevin had been that night, she finally realized what had been missing before. Call it love. Call it passion. Call it wild abandon. Joey and Kevin just “fit” together, and they seemed to know it.

That night, as Kaci watched Kevin and Joey making love in the back yard, she found herself stroking her own pussy underneath her pajama bottoms. She was completely drenched. She didn’t know if it was the excitement of watching a couple that truly belonged together, or if it was the fact that she was watching her own brother make love.

Since she and Kevin had shared a bathroom, there had been the occasional accidental interruptions as they were growing up and exploring their sexuality. She had walked in on her brother taking a leak in the morning, and was amazed at how large he was. She had also pestered her way into the bathroom once as he took a shower, and had bemusedly taken note of his diffracted outline in the glass shower door. From the way that his hard cock stood out at a straight angle she giggled to herself at having caught him jerking off.

As a result, she had had the occasional stray thoughts about her brother, but nothing that you could call a “fantasy”. Social convention didn’t allow for that sort of thing, and she had been raised to be a practical, proper, young lady.

But when she saw her brother fucking their neighbor, and doing such a good job at it, Kaci was swept away. She plunged her fingers into her twat as Kevin fucked into Joey, timing her penetrations to match his thrusts. But she didn’t see Kevin as her brother, she saw him as just another guy, whom she loved deeply, partnering up with someone who he loved, and who loved him equally. It was beautiful, and erotic, and Kaci brought herself to orgasm three times.

Kaci parked her bicycle outside the adult bookstore, looking around furtively to make sure that no one recognized her. Believing the coast to be clear, she stepped inside the dark, dank store, which smelled strongly of Lysol and floor cleanser. No matter how overwhelming the antibacterial smell, Kaci doubted anyplace in whole store was clean.

Kaci glanced nervously at the scruffy, heavy-set, bearded man sitting in the elevated front counter, who eyed her up and down approvingly. Quickly diverting her eyes to her shoes, Kaci didn’t want to be noticed, even though this had been her first time in such a place.

As she walked deeper into the store, Kaci’s thoughts wandered, thinking back to how she had watched from around the corner as Joey had pulled her shiny silver dildo from her backpack in the gym locker room, then used it to stimulate herself in front of a roomful of boys. Kaci had always wondered what it would feel like to use a vibrator on herself, but until today, she couldn’t bring herself to go downtown by herself and actually buy one. She had toyed with the idea of buying one over the internet, but she was afraid of what her parents might do if casino şirketleri they intercepted the package, even though she was normally the first one home during the week.

Kaci looked around the room. The walls were lined with cardboard boxes of x-rated videos. Large signs displayed the various categories: “Straight”, “Lesbian”, “Gay”, “Black”, etc. Kaci’s eyes continued to sweep the room. She didn’t see what she had come looking for, and was about to turn and leave, when she finally realized that there was a separate room in back. The opening to the room was covered with a thick red-velvet curtain.

As she wondered what frightening thing was behind the curtain, the fabric parted, and a middle-aged man exited the room. He looked up at Kaci, a little embarrassed, then stared at the floor as he walked past her. In his hands, he held a large package, made of hard, clear plastic, which was molded around a large cardboard picture of a sensual looking woman. In front of the woman, was an eight inch pink vibrator.

Kaci’s heart jumped into her throat. She was half-hoping that the store didn’t carry adult “novelties”, so that she could turn around and leave. She wondered if Joey had felt as uncomfortable as she felt now, when she bought her dildo. Somehow, she doubted it.

Emboldened by Joey’s perceived strength, Kaci walked forward. She parted the red curtain, and stepped through the opening into the room. As the velvet curtain brushed her arms, she couldn’t help but think that she was passing through a large, virtual pussy.

Her feeling of queasiness passed as she gazed around the room at the dizzying array of sex toys that filled the room. There were all manner and sorts of toys, whips, chains, body suits, blow up dolls, lotions, oils, and other novelties. There was a young woman in her twenty’s manning the cashier’s table. She was standing behind a display case helping a young man who was staring helplessly into the brightly lit glass case.

The young woman glanced in Kaci’s direction, and sensing her unease, flashed her a bright smile. “I’ll be right with you,” she said.

“Thanks,” Kaci replied, returning the young woman’s friendly greeting. It really did put her at ease to know that there was another girl in this testosterone-filled place.

Hearing the cashier’s greeting, and the soft, barely recognizable, feminine reply, the young man who had been peering into the display case, turned his head to look at the person who had just entered the room.

In that instant, both he and Kaci froze in their tracks. Their eyes were locked wide-open as their bodies pumped adrenaline through their systems. Fight or flight. Or think up a quick cover story. The young man was Kevin’s best friend, Gary. Kevin and Gary had been held back a year together, but where Kevin had been held back for his dyslexia, Gary had been held back due to a long illness from which he had only recently successfully come back.

The young woman at the counter giggled to herself. She loved it when her customers ran into someone they knew. The look of embarrassment and fright, like deer in the headlights, was always amusing to watch. “Do you two know each other?” she asked.

“Uhh…yeah,” Gary responded first, looking briefly over at the salesgirl before whipping his head back to look at Kaci, as though hoping that he hadn’t seen who he thought he had seen.

“I’m, uh, looking for a present,” he said. “It’s not for me,” he added quickly, wanting to make sure that she didn’t think he was gay or something. He gazed at her, measuring her reaction.

“Uh, me too,” Kaci lied. After all, it was none of his business, was it?

“I’ll be sure to send you both home with gift boxes, then,” the salesgirl chimed in with her wry joke, obviously pleased at their discomfort. “Names?” she asked boldly.

“Uh, I’m Gary, and that’s my best friend’s sister, Kaci.”

Kaci was a little upset that Gary had used her real name and had given this total stranger such personal information, but her well-bred instinct took over. “Hi, nice to meet you,” she told the raven-haired cashier, stepping forward and holding out her hand to the cashier.

The cashier was smiling from ear-to-ear as she reached out to take Kaci’s outstretched hand. But instead of vigorously shaking hands as strangers do, the cashier held Kaci’s hand in her own soft palm. It was disarming, and Kaci was taken aback at the young woman’s soft touch.

“Hi, I’m Candy,” the brunette said, staring brightly into Kaci’s eyes with a mischievous look, “pleasure to meet you.” Kaci stared back, not knowing what to do next. She had the feeling that she was being hit upon, but she had never been hit on by another girl, and was unsure of what to do next.

Their shared glance and prolonged handshake didn’t go unnoticed. Gary’s eyes bounced back and forth between them. As he read into the situation, he felt his cock start to stiffen at the thought of a short-term romance blossoming between the two.

Candy looked over at casino firmaları Gary’s inward smile, and then down at his growing bulge illuminated by the lights of the glass case, and couldn’t help acknowledging what she knew him to be thinking.

“Gary here says he’s looking for something for his girlfriend,” she said, still holding Kaci’s hand in hers, “but from the bulge in his pants, I think he might be thinking of someone else at the moment.”

Kaci looked down at Gary’s crotch, and confirmed that there was, indeed, a fairly large bulge growing there. She looked up at Gary and reprimanded him in mock disapproval, “Easy, Gary, you’ve got a girlfriend, remember?” She couldn’t be too hard on him. After all, she had to admit that it was a little flattering to have a guy go stiff on your account.

The salesgirl laughed and, still holding Kaci’s hand, raised it over Gary’s head, as she steered Kaci around Gary and over in front of the display case.

“Gary,” the salesgirl said bemusedly, “you just keep looking while I help Kaci, okay?” Gary and Kaci both wondered what Candy meant, but were willing to play along.

“Okay,” Gary said, shrugging his shoulders, and pretended to look back down into the display case, but was really watching the two girls through the corner of his eye.

“Now, Kaci, what can I do for you?”

Gary looked over at Kaci to gauge her reaction to Candy’s obvious come-on. Kaci’s face was flushed as they dropped their hands. Kaci looked into the display case and was amazed at the wide assortment of toys. She was immediately embarrassed when she finally realized that all of the toys in this case were of the “strap-on” variety.

Kaci blushed some more, and looked up through the top of her eyes at Candy who was smiling down at her, obviously enjoying her embarrassment.

“Can I show you how any of these work?” Candy asked suggestively.

Kaci flushed again. Except this time, it wasn’t just her face that her blood was rushing to. Kaci could feel herself getting excited under her skirt.

“Uhhh…” Kaci said, her eyes flashing, but her head shaking from side to side. Kaci scrunched up her nose, but was smiling from ear to ear. She was flattered, and anxious, but she demurred politely. She might have gone further, but all of the fake rubber cocks in the display case were super-sized, and she was more than a little scared.

But she didn’t want their little game to end, either. “Show me something else?” she asked, encouragingly.

“Sure thing, doll,” Candy said boldly. She turned to Gary, “Move over, Gary,” she said sternly.

Gary scooted over to the side, making room for Kaci in front of the display case which contained a more measured scale of toys. Kaci’s eyes immediately locked in on the silver vibrator that she had seen Joey use earlier, both at the gym locker room and later at home, as she peeked at Joey and her brother entertaining her own brother in the next room.

Kaci’s mind flashed back to when she had seen Joey pull up into the school parking lot through the window of her math class, and had excused herself, telling the female teacher that it was “that time of the month” and she had to go home immediately. The teacher understood and let her go, not knowing that Kaci’s true agenda was to try and catch up with Joey, and help her convince the Coach not to drop her brother from the basketball team.

When Kaci finally caught up with Joey, she saw that Joey was trying to ply him with her overwhelming sexuality, and kept out of sight. Kaci watched as Joey straddled the Coach’s legs and rested her ass on the edge of his desk. She couldn’t hear what Joey was saying, but could tell from the Coach’s reaction that she had everything well under control. When Joey placed her legs on either side of him and raised the hem of her skirt, Kaci couldn’t believe how far Joey was willing to go for her brother.

Joey turned around so that her firm ass was facing the Coach, and Kaci hid ducked out of sight, just as she heard the sound of Joey squealing as Coach smacked her ass playfully. Kaci followed Joey and the Coach as they made their way to the basketball court. Then, maneuvering her way underneath the bleachers, she watched from a distance as Joey continued enticing the Coach in order to distract him from sinking his baskets.

Then, when Joey stripped down completely naked, Kaci dumbfoundly realized that Joey was actually going to fuck the Coach, regardless of who won the bet, and regardless of whether her brother was kept on the team. But all thoughts of jealousy on her brother’s behalf were quickly replaced with the smoldering embers of passion, as she watched Joey begin fingering her snatch, promising to add another finger deep inside her twat for each basket the Coach made.

Kaci slid her own hand down the front of her shorts, and was fingering herself as well, watching as Joey slid finger after finger deep inside her snatch. Joey was fucking herself so hard by then that Kaci could even hear the wet, sloppy güvenilir casino sounds of Joey’s fingers pushing in and out of her pussy.

By the time that Coach had finished fucking Joey, Kaci had made herself come twice underneath the bleachers. As she stood to pull her pants back up, her head hit one of the steps and made a loud sound. Managing not to make any more noise, Kaci swore at herself under her breath, both in pain, and at being so careless that she might get caught spying.

She was glad to see Joey and the Coach clear out of the gym and head toward the locker room. Having just fucked their collective brains out, Joey and the Coach were talking loudly, and Kaci overheard the Coach promise to keep Kevin on the team.

Kaci gathered herself together, and followed Joey into the double doors, intending to thank her for doing the Coach on behalf of her brother, but soon found herself spying on Joey as she cleaned herself up in the boys’ shower. She was so beautiful, so sexy, so erotic. Kaci couldn’t bring herself to interrupt Joey as she soaped herself up. Kaci was afraid of her feelings towards Joey. She had never had these feelings for another girl before, but there was something about Joey that was utterly mesmerizing. Kaci couldn’t help but be drawn to her like the proverbial moth to a flame.

Kaci continued to watch from the underclassmen’s lockers as the varsity team filed into the locker room as classes let out. Kaci knew that the underclassmen wouldn’t be practicing that day, since the court was reserved for the varsity team. She listened with baited breath for the boys to discover Joey, but everything sounded normal. She thought about escaping, but she knew she was equally trapped in the locker room as the boys flooded in to change their clothes for practice.

Kaci overheard the other boys teasing her brother, and then the place suddenly got quiet. Kaci didn’t know that Joey had just revealed herself, completely naked, to the locker room full of boys in various states of undress. Kaci heard Joey talking to crowd, and heard the gathered crowd erupt when she announced that she was going to fuck Kevin right in front of everyone.

Kaci crept closer to get a better look, and watched as Joey went down on her brother. She couldn’t believe how sexually bold Joey was. She wanted to be more like her. She wanted to possess her. She wanted to make love to her.

As Kaci watched Joey march into the shower room with her silver dildo, standing underneath the stream of ice cold water as countless hands soaped her up, Kaci stroked herself through her shorts, as she imagined revealing herself from her hiding place and stepping into the shower with Joey. She imagined all those young studs stroking themselves, watching as Joey stripped off her wet clothes which clung heavily to her body, slowly kissing and licking her neck, chest, and then her erect nipples, as they came into view. Kaci would gasp as Joey pulled down her shorts and panties, stretching out her tongue to test her waters.

Now fully undressed, Kaci imagined kissing Joey hard, as she pushed Joey up against the cold tiled wall, returning the favor as she slowly inched her way down Joey’s wet body. She grabbed Joey’s dildo and pressed it into service between her tender lips as the gathering of completely naked boys looked on, stroking themselves in anticipation of getting a shot at this hot duo.

Suddenly, the boys cheered, waking Kaci from her daydream. Kaci watched as Joey reached out and grabbed her silver bullet, sliding it wetly in and out of her tight snatch. The crowd of boys closed in tighter around Joey, and Kaci knew that this was her chance to escape unnoticed. Kaci crept out the back way, past Coach’s office which was thankfully empty. He was probably still beating off in the back shower, reliving what had just happened, Kaci thought to herself as she passed by his open door.

As Kaci made her way back to the main campus buildings, she ran into Joey’s brother, Brian. Recognizing him from the night before, as they both watched Joey and Kevin fuck out in the open in the back yard, Kaci knew that Brian liked to watch his sister get fucked. Who knows, she thought, maybe he wants to fuck her too? She told him to hurry over to the boy’s gym, and how to get in through the side entrance, since Danny had already locked the main doors.

Kaci didn’t tell Brian why Joey was in the locker room, but she knew it wouldn’t matter to him. When Brian heard where his sister was, he quickly surmised what was happening, and hurried off, running towards the gym in a blue flash. She smiled knowingly and proceeded home, destined for a hot, steamy shower of her own.

“This is Gary’s first time here,” Candy announced loudly, breaking the spell that Kaci was under. “He wants to buy a present for his girlfriend, so he says,” Candy joked, “but he doesn’t know which one would give her the most . . . pleasure.”

“Why don’t you recommend something?” Kaci said, hoping for a little insight herself.

“Well,” Candy sighed, reaching into the glass case and pulling out a large blue vibrator with a shoot coming out of the side, that Kaci surmised was supposed to excite the woman’s clit as she pushed the rest inside her pussy.

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