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Batting for the Other Team

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*Author’s note: This story is very different from my usual writing in that even though it’s classified as Erotic Couplings and focuses on M/F, there are some limited M/M themes in the beginning of the story and later. If that makes you in any way uncomfortable, you may want to skip this one. Thanks!*


My purse and workbag dangled precariously off my right shoulder as I marched down the hallway to my apartment door. The handles of the plastic bags of groceries in my hands were digging into my fingers, and I wondered if they might draw blood any moment.

There was a faint techno pulse coming from within apartment 609. Thank goodness. My roommate Jordan was home. I rapped on the door with the tip of one of my blue pumps and waited for him to come let me in and save me the trouble of putting down the bags and fishing my keys out of my purse. After about fifteen seconds, I turned and thumped the door with my heel.

“Jordan! Let me in,” I yelled at the closed door. I cursed under my breath after waiting another ten seconds. I released the bags in my hands. An eggplant rolled out as the bags crashed to the floor. I swung my workbag and purse across my body and plunged my hand into my purse. After a few seconds of searching, I pulled out the keys and unlocked the door. The rhythmic beat of the techno music grew louder as I pushed the door open. The door smacked me in the butt as I wedged myself into the doorway to keep it from closing on me. I stretched out my foot and nudged the eggplant back into the bag and snatched the bags off the floor. I swung past the door and into the apartment as the door shut with a heavy thud behind me.

Moans and groans hit my ear and I knew what it was before I even turned around. Across from me, bent over the kitchen counter was my roommate Jordan. “Hey Karla,” he said, grinning sheepishly, his blond hair hanging down over his brow as he braced his slim body with his palms on the countertop. His boyfriend Greg gave me a breathless greeting as he stood behind Jordan thrusting his hips against Jordan’s rear end. He made no attempt to stop on my account and continued to thrust in time with the music.

“So that’s why you couldn’t come get the damn door?” I said with a clear air of annoyance in my voice.

“Sorry, we couldn’t hear you,” Jordan said, wincing from Greg’s efforts.

“Obviously not,” I muttered and slung the groceries onto the counter near his hands. I turned and shrugged off my workbag and purse then pulled off my shoes. I took a brief moment to rub my feet before gathering my shoes, purse, and work bag and heading to my room. As I passed Jordan and Greg, my eyes caught a glimpse of the head of lettuce in one of the bags on the counter. A sly grin spread across my face. “Are you guys serious?” I said with mock anger. “You’re fucking? Right in front of my salad?” I said as I gestured toward the groceries.

Greg stopped thrusting and frowned as he looked at me. “Not cool babe.”

“You know how much I hate that stupid meme,” Jordan said.

“Technically, it’s a video, not a meme,” I responded.

“Well, whatever. It was almost funny the first 30 times you said it, but it hasn’t been funny the 300 times since then.”

“Fine,” I said rolling my eyes. “Just be sure you two wash your hands before you touch anything. Anything! Better yet, take a shower.” I started toward my room but then stopped. “And wash off the counter.”

I tossed my purse and workbag aside as I entered my bedroom. I put my shoes into the shoe rack on the back of my door and stripped out of my work clothes. On my way to my bathroom, I paused to look at myself in the mirror. Turning halfway around, I narrowed my eyes as I stared at my calves, thighs, and butt. I tensed and flexed, admiring the definition. For the past three months, I’d been getting off the train one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way to work. It seemed like it was finally starting to make a difference.

I felt like a new woman when I emerged from the shower. I threw a big, flimsy t-shirt over my still-damp body, pulled on a pair of thin panties, and walked out. I could hear running water and giggles from Jordan’s room. “You two better be washing yourselves in there and not just playing around,” I shouted at his closed door.

“Yes, mother,” Greg replied in a falsetto voice.”

I plopped down on our soft leather couch and stretched out, relishing in the cool feel of the material against my skin. I grabbed the remote off the coffee table in front of me and started scrolling through movies. I settled on ‘The Mummy’ with Tom Cruise. My body melted into the couch and my eyelids grew heavy. Jordan and Greg’s loud voices startled me out of my near sleep. “Did you clean the counter?” I called out when I heard them rummaging around in the kitchen.

“Yes, and that’s not all we washed,” Jordan chuckled.

“TMI,” I replied as I rolled over onto my back.

“I meant our hands, you pervert. We washed our hands. See? Look.” Jordan suddenly appeared over the back of the couch. He pressed his hands down bahis firmaları onto my face.

“Eww, stop!” I slapped at them, but he shifted them to my neck and began tickling me. I ducked my chin into my chest and grabbed his arms. I felt more fingers digging into my sides and kicked up my legs as Greg began tickling me too. “Stop! Stop!” I tried to shout between breaths as I cackled like a maniac. Through my laughter, I felt Greg’s fingers nudge the bottom of my breasts which I chalked up to an accident. He sat on my feet, effectively pinning me to the couch. The two of them continued tickling me for what felt like twenty minutes and finally stopped just before I thought I was going to pass out.

Jordan stood up and headed for the kitchen. “I’m going to go make the salad. Do you want it before the pizza gets here or do you want to wait?”

“Let’s have it with the pizza,” I said. “Don’t forget to put in the eggplant this time,” I added.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I know how much you love the eggplant.” Jordan turned back and made a blowjob motion with his hand and mouth.

“Pfft, yeah, well look who’s talking.” I formed a ring with my left index finger and thumb and thrust my right index finger through it.

I pulled my feet from under Greg so he could sit on the couch. It was only then that I realized he was naked. I couldn’t resist looking him over. The muscles in his arms bulged as he shifted his mass. His abs looked like they were digitally enhanced. A thick five-o-clock shadow always covered his square jaw. His dark hair was swept up into a short fauxhawk. Dark, thick eyebrows framed his steely, gray eyes. His cock, a little on the small side, was the only imperfection in an otherwise nearly physically flawless man. It was like God created him just to mock women.

I feigned disapproval with his nude form. “Hey you. Why are you still naked?” I tapped his thigh with my foot.

“I didn’t know I’d be showering here so I didn’t bring a change of clothes,” Greg said. I grunted, trying to seem disinterested in his body and turned my gaze back to the movie.

There was a knock at the door a few minutes later. I hopped off the couch to answer it and grabbed money off the end table by the door. “Pizza is here,” I called out after spotting the deliveryman through the peephole. When I pulled the door open, his eyes immediately fell onto my chest. I was sure my dark nipples were showing through my thin shirt. He stumbled over his words as he handed me the boxes and I handed him the money. I didn’t even bother trying to block his view of Greg sitting naked on the couch. Not that it mattered. An alien could’ve been sitting there and I doubt the deliveryman would’ve noticed. “Keep the change,” I said, stepping back from the door and letting it close in his slack-jawed face.

I returned to taking up two seats on the couch with Greg at the other end. Jordan came in and sat in the chair at Greg’s end of the couch. “Oh, not this crap,” Jordan groaned at the movie. “Let’s watch something else.”

“What else?” I said, already knowing this would turn into a half-hour argument between the three of us trying to decide what to watch.

“Hey, what about Wonder Woman again?” Greg offered as I scrolled through the movies.

“Fine by me,” I said.

“Again?” Jordan whined.

“Well, it’s either that or we spend the rest of the night trying to decide on something else,” I said.

“Ok, ok, put it on.” He grabbed up two slices of pizza and sank back into his chair, visibly pouting.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get some salad. When I returned, Jordan had taken up residence on the couch next to Greg. “I was sitting there, eh.”

“You snooze, you lose,” Jordan said, sticking out his tongue. I felt like snatching it out of his mouth.

“Fine,” I said in a huff and began walking to his now-empty seat. As I approached the couch, I got a better idea.

“Hey watch it!” Jordan yelped when I hopped onto a small space at the end of the couch and draped my legs over his lap. “Do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” I replied smiling and shoving lettuce into my mouth. Jordan opened his mouth to reply but instead shook his head and went back to the movie. When I finished my salad, I stretched out further, knowing I was annoying Jordan.

“Someone is clearly enjoying the movie,” I heard Jordan say to Greg, eliciting a chuckle. I turned and found Jordan gesturing toward my hard nipples.

I refused to let him get the best of me and fanned my hand at him as if shooing a fly. “Chris Pine is cute, so what?” I said.

“That he is,” Jordan said. “Just give me five minutes and I’d make him forget women even exist.” This drew more laughter from Greg. “It’s such a waste of a guy like that to have him batting for the other team.” More laughter.

“I would say the same thing about Greg.” The words slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to censor myself. Jordan and Greg both fell silent. I pressed on, pretending I hadn’t made an ass of myself. “Greg, you used to date women. What made you change kaçak iddaa it up?” This drew a deep sigh from Jordan.

“Not this shit again,” Jordan said.

“Sheesh, I’m just curious. What about that girl he dated in high school?”

“First of all, it was back in high school,” Jordan said. “And second, she wasn’t his girlfriend. She was just someone he was pretending to date until he came out.”

“But he fucked her. That seems like a lot of trouble for someone to go to while at the same time claiming they don’t like women.”

“He wasn’t ‘claiming’ anything. Just because she sucked his dick doesn’t mean he liked it,” Jordan said, getting louder, his face growing red.

“How could he not have liked it? Doesn’t he like it when you suck it?”

“That’s different because I’m a guy,” Jordan said.

I focused on Greg. “So, when she was doing it, you didn’t like it at all?”

Greg shifted uncomfortably on the couch. “No, I mean yeah, well…like, it was ok. She was ok.” Jordan raised an eyebrow. Greg cleared his throat, “But it wasn’t anything great.”

“Wow, I’ve never had a guy downplay a blowjob from me. She clearly wasn’t doing it right,” I said.

“That’s not the problem,” Jordan said. “We’re just better at it because guys know what guys like.”

I waved my hand dismissively. “Gimme a break. Being a guy means nothing. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’d eat pussy better than any guy.”

Jordan vigorously shook his head. “What the hell are you even talking about? That doesn’t even make sense, you don’t like girls. That’s totally different.”

“The bottom line is that being a guy doesn’t mean you automatically give better blowjobs than women,” I said.

“Well why don’t you put your mouth on the money…err…put your mouth where the money is…I mean…you know what I mean,” Jordan said, slapping the arm of the couch.

“What? You want me to give Greg a blowjob?”

Greg spit out his soda. “Wait! What!?”

“Why not?” Jordan said, stroking Greg’s chest with his fingertips. “We can make it like a game and see who can make you cum quicker. The loser pays for pizza, once a week for the next month.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said slowly. I tried to sound ambivalent even though I wasn’t entirely opposed to the challenge.

“What’s the matter?” Jordan said, turning back to me. “For a woman with so much practice, I figured you’d jump at the chance to show off your skills.” Jordan leaned back on the couch and threw me a smug grin.

I forced out a deep sigh and leaned over to look at Greg. “Get your boyfriend before he makes a fool of himself.”

Jordan reached for Greg’s cock, which I noticed had gotten hard. Greg jumped up from the couch and swatted his hand away. “No way. This is crazy.”

“Come on Greg,” Jordan said with his trademark annoying whine. “I’m sure she won’t be that bad. I’ve heard the moans from her bedroom. Who knows? You might enjoy it a little.” Jordan turned and winked at me.

Greg was hearing none of it. “No! If you’re so pressed about it, why don’t you let her suck you off?”

“Eww gross!” Jordan scrunched up his face.

Greg and I looked at him like he had two heads. Greg spoke up. “So wait, you want me to let her give me a blowjob, but it’s gross if she does it to you?”

“It’s different for you. You used to have a girlfriend.” Jordan waved his hands in my direction.

“Wait a minute,” I said quickly. “You said she wasn’t a girlfriend. You said she was just someone Greg used to keep people from knowing he was gay.”

“Yeah, but, it’s still different. He’s already—”

“Are you scared?” Greg said with wide eyes.

“No, of course not. It’s just that you already know what blowjobs from girls are like.”

I wasn’t at all interested in blowing Jordan but was thrilled to see him on the defensive, so I kept piling on the pressure. “I call bullshit. I think you’re scared. You’re afraid that a woman can make you cum.”

“No!” Jordan wagged his finger at me, “first of all, a woman couldn’t make me cum. And second—”

“That sounded like a challenge if I ever heard one,” Greg said. He had wandered into the kitchen and was conspicuously hiding the lower half of his body behind one of the kitchen counters.

“No, it’s cool,” I stepped in, trying to head things off. I swung my legs off the couch and reached for a slice of pizza and waved it in Greg’s direction. “You and I both know women give better blowjobs. ” I flopped back onto the couch. “So, are we still watching Wonder Woman or do we want to switch to something else?”

There was a moment of tense silence. Finally, Jordan spoke. “You’re not getting off the hook like that.”

“What are you talking about?” I mumbled with my mouth full of pizza.

“Come on,” Jordan said as he undid the button on his khaki shorts. “Let’s see how good you really are.”

Now it was my turn to backpeddle. “This is ridiculous.” I stood up from the couch, wanting to make a run for it but having no idea where to go.

Jordan slipped his shorts kaçak bahis over his butt and thighs down to his knees then stopped. “Hold on, are you saying you’re scared?”

“Of course I’m not scared. Why would I be afraid to give a damn blowjob,” my voice was getting louder. “If you’re fine with getting a blowjob from a woman, I have no problem showing you that you’re full of shit. Let me just get a drink of water.” Greg eyed me closely as I took my time finishing off my pizza and getting a drinking glass from the kitchen cabinet. I filled it to the top and took several long gulps from it. I chuckled into the water as I contemplated how absurd it was that I was about to suck the cock of a gay guy.

Greg followed me back from the kitchen to the couch like a jailer escorting me to the electric chair. Jordan had lowered his shorts and underwear to his ankles. I stumbled for a moment when I laid my eyes on his cock, which was standing tall. Although I’d seen it before in passing, I’d never seen it up close. It was huge. His thick, pale shaft was at least seven or eight inches long and came to an end beneath an engorged purple head. I had to bite my tongue to keep from licking my lips.

Jordan recoiled slightly as I dropped to my knees in front of him. “Having second thoughts?” I said.

Jordan responded by spreading his knees and offering a grin that was clearly forced. There was no going back now. I rolled forward on my knees until my face was next to his cock. It looked like it could cover half my face. I gazed up at him and smirked as I planted a kiss on his balls. He winced and his thighs clamped around my head before opening again. I grinned wider as I kissed the base of his shaft. We kept our eyes locked on each other as I worked my way up to his head. His cock bobbed against my face as I went and twitched with every kiss.

I tentatively reached for it, expecting either he or Greg to finally call an end to this game of chicken but no one spoke. My hand barely fit around his shaft. His skin was hot and twitched within my grip. Still looking Jordan in the eye, I extended my tongue and passed it under the head of his cock. He was trying not to act like he was affected, but the creases in his forehead told me otherwise. I spread my fingers and ran my tongue all the way down his thick shaft to his balls and then gently bounced them on my tongue. I smiled as I noticed Jordan was now clutching the couch cushions. I continued to run my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, watching his eyes glaze over as he continued staring at me. I finally ran my tongue all the way up the shaft and over the tip, encircling it with my lips. Jordan’s eyes fell closed as I spread my lips and took his head into my mouth. My tongue circled around the head before I moved my hand down his shaft, taking him deeper into my mouth. I began to work my hand along with my mouth, stroking him off as my head slowly bobbed on him. Jordan’s knuckles had turned white and his chest was rapidly rising and falling. I fought back my gag reflex and took him all the way to my throat, letting the tip graze my tonsils. Jordan shuddered and suddenly sat forward on the couch. He pushed my shoulder, moving my head off of his cock. My lips slipped off with an audible pop.

“What’s wrong?” Greg asked, leaning toward us and staring at Jordan’s cock.

“She got me with her teeth,” Jordan said. His voice was hoarse.

“No I didn’t. Lay back.” I said, my hand still wrapped around the base of his cock.

“No way,” Jordan said, pushing my hand away. His cheeks were flushed. He got to his feet, pulling his shorts and underwear back up.

Greg looked sympathetic. “As thick as he is, it’s tough not to get him with teeth. Nice effort though.”

“I didn’t hit him with my teeth.” I was getting irritated at the implication that my blowjob skills weren’t up to par. I wiped the saliva from my mouth with the back of my hand. “If anything, his balls were about to explode,” I pointed at his crotch.

“Oh, get off it! That was nothing to write home about.” Jordan turned and walked toward the kitchen, but not before I saw his cock tenting the front of his shorts.

“Is that why you were sweating and holding onto the couch like you were about to fall off of it?” I said, still kneeling on the floor.

“That’s bullshit and you know it,” Jordan practically spat. He grabbed a glass and pushed the button on the refrigerator for filtered water.

I jumped to my feet. “Then come back over here and let me finish.”

Jordan took a long swig of water from the glass before speaking. “Forget that. Why would I want to subject myself to that kind of pain again? You almost bit it off.”

“You’re a lying-ass piece of shit,” I shouted across the room. I was tempted to run into the kitchen and dump the rest of the water on his head.

Greg put a hand on my thigh. “It’s alright. Like I said, it was a good effort. Hell, I was impressed.”

I smacked Greg’s hand away. “Don’t patronize me. Another minute and your boyfriend would’ve been cumming all over the place.” I jabbed my index finger at Greg. “Bottom line: I suck better than you and I fuck better than you.” I’d had enough of those two and walked around the end of the couch intending to retire to my bedroom for the night.

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