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Beaten , Collared

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Note: This is a cyber catfight I had taken part in today (6/27/05). Hope you enjoy it.

My name is Desiree Marie Kane and I had a serious hankering to do some cybercatfighting with someone who knew what they were doing. I found many of them on the Yahoo listing for people who enjoyed Catfighting. I added many to my list and then had a few fights. The first three were creampuffs and were beaten easily. My fourth match gave me a challenge but I managed to beat her. The fifth one beat me pretty handily but that isn’t the one I am writing about. The one I am writing about has just happened. This was a much closer battle but it was as much as what she did to me psychologically as well as physically. Here is my story of shame and humiliation.

We fought on her turf, her apartment. I walked in; she was standing there arrogantly dressed in tight pink running shorts and a tight white tank top, exposing her lean but toned and strong-looking arms. I was looking good myself I must admit, wearing knee high leather zip-up boots, short skirt that barely covered my ass, shiny satin tights and a tight half shirt. She was about five foot seven and one hundred and twenty five pounds to my five foot ten and one hundred and forty pounds. Where she was of medium height, slim and toned I was tall, muscular and striated but still feminine. Her hair was blond and her eyes were a piercing blue to my raven’s-black hair and matching eyes.

Suzy was her name, and many called her Suzyspanks due to what she does to the losers of her catfights. I was about to bear witness to it as the truth.

I looked at her, she didn’t look that tough but I regarded her with respect and caution just the same. I’d rather overestimate an opponent than underestimate one. But I was still confident that in the end, my strength along with my surprising speed would make me victorious. Damn, was I wrong!

I never said I fight fair and it was an all goes, no holds barred match. So I smiled at her, saying hi and punched her in the stomach as hard as I could, trying to bury my fist as deep as I could into her abdominals. But like I said, this bitch was tougher than she looked. She bent over and gasped for air but managed to grab me by the wrists and slam her knee into my pussy.

I gasped in pain from the blow, my eyes watering from the pain. But I carried on and head butted her hard in the face and broke the hold. I backed up from her and took a short breather. Her eyes started to water as well from the head butt. Yet she managed to laugh through the pain as I backed away.

“Is that the best you can do, bitch?” she asked, laughing and taunting me.

I was angered so much by her words (a stupid rookie mistake) that I went at her, leaving myself open, and she was able to step forward and crush the side of my left knee with her right foot. “Ahhh, fuck,” I screamed, falling to one knee. Still, I was able to uppercut her crotch but she twisted her leg at the last moment and instead of hitting her in the pussy, my fist glanced off her thigh. I was lucky enough to force her back, her leg suffering a Charlie horse.

But this bitch was a tank. Still trying to catch my breath and get up, she came at me with a front snap kick. I still bahis firmaları had my wits about me enough to catch her foot and yanked it upwards into the air, making her fall onto her back. That wildcat still managed to send her opposite foot at my chin with her opposite leg as she fell but I was lucky enough to avoid it..

Once she hit the ground I got up and brought my leg up in a hatchet kick and brought it down onto her pussy. She tried to close her legs to block it but it was too late. “Ahhhh, you bitch!” she screamed in pain. Yet that witch managed to slam her right foot into my left kneecap. She was working that knee hard and it was taking a toll on me.

“Noooooooooo,” I screamed, the pain and agony evident in my voice as I fell to my knees again. Yet I forced myself to go on. I managed to summon the inner strength to help me work through the pain and stand up – albeit unsteadily – and grab her by the ankles and spread her legs; I grinned evilly as I dropped my knee into her crotch with all my one hundred and forty pounds of weight. But just as quickly as my smile appeared, it disappeared as she managed to catch me in the throat with her fist; it hit me twice as hard than it would have if I had been immobile because my weight drove her fist into my throat even deeper. We both screamed in unison as each of our strikes found their marks simaltaneously. She was still on the ground covering her pussy with her hands and writhing in pain. I fell hard to my back, knocking the breath out of my body even more as my hands clutched at my throat trying to soothe it and help me breathe again.

Finally she pulled herself out of her fetal position and managed to get up, she was unsteady on her feet now. Through my blurry eyes I saw her get up; I knew I had to get up or suffer horribly. There was no doubt in my mind that if she got me on the floor she would surely finish me. I stood up, my knees screaming in pain as I swayed but put my hands up in a defensive position, trying to get as much time to regain energy as I could.

I couldn’t help but look at this tiny girl (compared to me anyway) with respect and admiration. I guess they weren’t lying when they said dynamite comes in small packages. Yet she obviously didn’t feel the same about me and didn’t seem to care about my respect and admiration for her either. She spit in my face, surprising me, and grabbed me by the ears and pulled me into a forward bent over position while stomping my injured left knee again.

I fell to my knees but for all the beating I had taken, I still wasn’t finished. I jabbed her in the throat with my thumb as hard as I could, using an old martial arts technique I was taught. But that bitch managed to dodge sideways enough so that it didn’t catch her directly in the windpipe. Yet it was still strong enough to leave her wide-eyed and gasping for air. But I wasn’t able to capitalize due to being so hurt and tired so she was still able to hold onto my ears and try to knee me hard in the forehead.

But this time I was able to block her knee and slammed my fist into her own knee with a focused martial arts strike. I hoped I wasn’t going to injure my knuckles with that blow but I had no choice but to execute it. “OOooohh,” kaçak iddaa she screamed, letting go of my ears only to send a right elbow into the side of the neck. It hurt like Hell but I managed to follow its momentum and roll away from her a relative safe distance, coming back up onto my feet.

I was panting heavily and she looked at me smugly, thinking she had me. “Not so confident now are you, huh darling?” She was so strong that she was masking the pain she felt as she got up to meet with me again but I never had an idea. This didn’t exactly help my confidence and only made my morale even lower once I found out.

I still had enough drive and energy to fight on though. I could mask emotions with the best of them. My features twisted into a false sense of insecurity (not as false as I wanted her to believe, however) as I watched her come towards me. As she came, my hands were to my side and behind my back as I balled them together. When she got close enough, I sprung up with all my strength – my knees hurting bad but I fought through the pain – and cracked her across the jaw, thinking I had caught her by surprise; I didn’t.

She was only marginally surprised and feinted backwards, my fists barely catching her in the chin. She stepped back and looked like she was dazed but as I moved in to give the bitch a beating she charged me. She bent over at the last second and threw her right shoulder into my stomach — knocking the wind out of me again – and wrapped her hands around my thighs. Using my momentum, she hoisted me over her shoulders and latched painfully onto my crotch and even more painfully onto my hair.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed, my back feeling like it would break. But then she did something even worse. She pressed me above her head and started spinning me around, making me dizzy and nauseous.

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

But believe it or not it still got worse. She stopped and spread my legs wide, dropping to one knee and slamming me crotch-first onto her other one.


My senses and body systems shut down as my eyes glazed over and my body went limp; I sat there dazed on her knee. As my arms fell to my side she let go of my body only to wrap her slender but surprisingly-strong arms around my ribs, trapping my own arms underneath them. Not that I could have done anything to her with them anyway.

She brought her mouth to my neck and bit it gently with her teeth and sucked on the tender flesh with her beautiful pursed lips – leaving her mark on me; I shuddered in pleasure, my neck being one my strongest erogenous zones.

She then squeezed me tight in a bear hug and continued marking me, I was so tired I couldn’t even shout out the agony I was suffering by her brutal embrace; I just hung listlessly in her arms as I shivered in pleasure and groaned in pain. The only thing I could do was moan like a bitch in heat.

“Nooo… Pleeeease… Nooooooo… Meeerrrcccy…”

Hearing me beg for mercy like so many of the other girls she had destroyed, she took her mouth from my neck. “Had enough, sweetheart?” she asked as she kept squeezing me. Her soft, moist lips brushed kaçak bahis against my earlobe, making my body quiver all over.

I just groaned as I felt my pussy and the crotch of my pantyhose growing wetter. Never have I felt more humiliated and ashamed. “Yesss… I submit… Mistress…”

I was physically, psychologically and mentally destroyed but even in that state I found myself wondering why I called her mistress.

“Who’s my weak little bitch?” she demanded sensually as she held me gentler now, patting my ass possessively.

I blushed in embarrassment and moaned even louder at her words, my pussy leaking like a sieve now; I bowed my head in shame. “I am, mistress. I’m your weak little bitch.”

“Good girl,” she said to me and I practically glowed at her compliment, glad I made her happy.

She pushed me off her knee and I crumbled to the floor in a dazed and beaten heap. I hardly knew where I was. I looked through bleary eyes at her standing over me like a Goddess over her servant and adored her even more. She walked to the couch and sat down. “Now strip, my little slut.”

I unzipped my black leather boots and kicked them off. Then I unsnapped my micro-mini skirt and dropped it onto the floor. I peeled down my satin tights, balling them up and throwing them into my boots. Finally I pulled my tight half shirt that left nothing to the imagination over my head and flung it onto the pile, my big double “D” breasts hanging full and firm and my nipples standing hard and proud. I looked over at my mistress and hoped she was pleased at what I had to offer her physically.

She eyed me up and down and smiled, obviously imagining what she was going to do to me. She told me to come closer to the couch and having me stop a little ways from her. She looked at my shaved pussy. She giggled and fondled it with her big toe. “Awe, isn’t that cute. Just like a little baby girl,” she teased. She then pushed it up and into my pussy, toe-fucking my cunt and sending a shockwave of pleasure through my body; my legs nearly buckled. Finally she withdrew her toe and made me get down on my knees. Once I was on them she stuck her big toe in my mouth and I greedily sucked her toe like a mini-cock and got even wetter when I tasted my juices. I sobbed in humiliation the whole time. Wondering how I could like being degraded by this Goddess so much.

She pulled her toe out of my mouth and brought her leg next to the other. “Over my knees, crybaby.”

I draped myself over her lap as tears ran down my cheek; she laughed. “A crybaby as well as a little baby girl,” she taunted. “You better get used to it. We haven’t even begin, my little pet.”

I actually thrilled at her calling me her little pet. I couldn’t believe it.

She laughed wickedly as she placed me over her lap and brought my arm up in a hammer lock to hold me from moving. “It must be quite humiliating to get spanked like a little girl by a woman who is smaller than you, huh?” she teased as she brought her hand down hard on my bare ass.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OOWWWWWWWWWWWW!” I cried, breaking down and balling my eyes out as I squirmed on her lap.

We had to stop there, she was going out in real life that night. But don’t fret, we’re going to continue it right where it left off. So once we get done with that, I’ll edit this story and add the new information.

‘Till then, hope you like it. Feel free to contact me. Women especially!

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