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Becoming a Lesbian Slave Ch. 02

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Becoming a Lesbian Slave 2

Summary: Pet tries to regain control, but falls deeper into submission.

Note 1: This is a sequel to a story I wrote eight years ago, and it’s resulted in frequent requests for a part two. So after re-reading it, I decided the plot was still pretty hot (even though sometimes I look back upon an older story and cringe), so I decided to pay it another visit. And as usual, what I’d first thought would be a short sequel evolved into a lengthy one.

Note 2: In Part 1, Cassie (whose attitude at the beginning is ‘don’t call me that, I’m Cassandra, damn it’) is the owner of a bridal shop which although in the past it’s been very successful, its sales, and thus its profits, have recently been declining severely during a recent recession. (Interesting. This story was written eight years ago, but doesn’t it sound familiar today?) She hires a young woman with a stellar reputation for taking on failing businesses and turning them around into wildly successful ones. But she always demands total control of a business, at least temporarily, before she’ll do anything at all for it. Cassie agrees in desperation, signs a contract, and from that moment on, even though within a week the customers and the money are flooding in, she watches her world falling apart as the young woman (consistently referred to or addressed as Ms. Amber by absolutely everyone, far and wide) assumes iron control not only of Cassie’s business, but also of her sex life by training her to be a thoroughly submissive pet. Pretty much literally, since by the end of the story Cassie finds herself required to crawl around on the floor in her own former office for she knows not how long, perhaps forever, eating and drinking from doggy bowls on the floor, constantly naked while at work, except for an anally attached doggy tail, and with her verbal communication often restricted to utterences of “Woof!”

Becoming a Lesbian Slave Part 2

Ms. Amber left me alone for the rest of the day, leaving early, granting me the privileges of getting off of my hands and knees and speaking, so she could have me answering phones… and thankfully with the tail no longer in my ass.

Given some time to think between calls, I was mortified by my recent actions.

How the hell had I let that bitch take over my company?

How had I allowed her to fire some of my longest serving and best employees, as well as turning my very most loyal employee, who was married even, into an almost twenty-four seven submissive lesbian slave to her?

Fuck, plus how had I allowed her also to turn me into her lesbian pet?

And insanely, why the hell did I enjoy it so much? I could still remember Amber’s most recent sweet tantalizing taste, and to a lesser extent Nicole’s, although hers too was delicious. (Nicole was one of my company’s (I still call it mine, if only out of habit) new employees although apparently a longstanding friend and colleague of Amber’s, and was definitely not anybody’s submissive pet, who served as Amber’s second-in-command.

Determined to find a way to turn this total disaster around (except for the money still flooding in), I sent a copy of the contract I’d photocopied to a lawyer friend.

I was at home in the bathtub when she called.

It was far from good news. She told me the contract was ironclad, and if I hadn’t signed it out of duress, I wouldn’t have any case at all for getting it cancelled. But then when I gave her the details of how I’d been rushed into signing it, and then been immediately rushed off to Hawaii for a week of five-star pampering, she said that meant I wouldn’t have much of a case for duress either… although she did allow that perhaps, although it would be a real Hail Mary, we could possibly (that latter word said in a high, squeaky voice) come up with some evidence for fighting it on the grounds of manipulation.

She promised to look into it further by researching Amber’s professional history and studying copies of the contracts (fortunately they were on public record) Amber had signed with the other businesses she’d worked for (if the term ‘worked for’ was even applicable, given her consistently highhanded tactics).

I thanked her profusely, and pleaded for her to find a loophole or some other means… any means at all!… for me to regain control of my company.

That night I had another sex dream, one in a steady stream of them ever since Amber had appeared on the scene. My mind was continuing to betray me.

“Slut, your new role is company pet,” Ms. Amber announced, as once again I was naked and on all fours while wearing the butt plug tail, while a crowd of ridiculously pretty and young employees in their five-inch heels (and wearing actual clothing, casino siteleri the lucky sods) surrounded me.

“Please,” I pleaded, this the ultimate shame… going from the penthouse to the dog house… literally.

“You’re most welcome to beg,” Amber smirked, as all ‘my’ ladies sat down on chairs, and they all spread their legs to reveal they were all wearing thigh high stockings, while they offered me their unadorned, shaved, glistening pussies.

I ate pussy after pussy after pussy… and was called derogatory name after name after name…

I woke up with wet panties.





To my surprise… and relief… yet a little bit of frustration… Amber wasn’t at work when I arrived.

That said, Sophia was.

As I arrived, dressed in a garter-belt and stockings underneath a nice dress, unsure of what to expect, what horrid job she might give me this time, Sophia greeted me a little sheepishly, “Hi.”

“Hi,” I responded, this being the first time we two had been alone together since this entire whirlwind had begun.

“How are you doing?” she asked, sounding just like her old, caring self.

“Overwhelmed. Shocked. Bewildered. Regretful. Angry,” I listed.

“I can understand why you’d feel all of those.”

“How about you?”

“Actually, I feel pretty good,” she answered, surprising me.


“Yeah, I know it sounds crazy,” she said, “but Ms. Amber awoke something inside of me I never knew existed, and since then I’ve never felt more alive.”

“But she’s made you into her sex slave,” I pointed out.

“I know,” she agreed. “And I know it’s ridiculous, and part of me knows my entire world could come crumbling down in a heartbeat, but I don’t even care.”

“You don’t care?” I asked incredulously. Yes, during the heat of my own humiliation, my own complete and humiliating submission, I too didn’t care about anything but serving her… but given some time to think and to recover… to take a step back from my libido… I was once again seeing very clearly.

“No, I really don’t,” she shrugged. “This awakening into a world filled with sex has been completely liberating.”

“It’s a lot of things for me,” I said, “but liberating isn’t one of them.”

“Didn’t you feel complete tranquility when you just gave in and submitted to Ms. Amber unconditionally?”

“I’m not certain tranquility is the word I’d use,” I said, although there’d been some periods of time when I’d just allowed my brain to shut off completely and allowed Ms. Amber (shit, I was even deferring to her as Ms. inside my own head) to control me completely, that I had felt briefly at ease during the surreal, degrading situation.

“Well, you looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

“Excuse me? You weren’t even there!””

“She filmed the session where you completely submitted and send it to me last night, ordering me to watch it in its entirety,” she revealed, “and that I should enjoy it properly by simultaneously fucking myself with the new vibe she gave me when we were in Paris.”

“And you did that?” I asked, not know which disturbed me more: my entire humiliating submission being filmed, or my dearest friend in the world watching the entire thing while getting herself off.

“I had no choice,” Sophia replied. “These days I never disobey Ms. Amber, and unless you’re completely insane, neither will you.”

“But we’ve always been best friends!”

“I know,” she said. “That’s what makes this so awkward.”

“Everything about this entire situation is awkward,” I complained, completely exasperated. I could understand where she was coming from since I too had submitted completely to her only yesterday and had been sincere about it at the time… I’d woofed for fuck’s sake, but couldn’t she see this had turned out badly for her too? I’d been brought even lower than she, since this was my establishment, or at least I hoped it still was, if Amber hadn’t completely taken it away from me, but Sophia could get another job if necessary; and truth be told, her husband made enough money that she didn’t even have to work if she didn’t want to.

“No, the awkward part is something you don’t even know about yet: what she told me to do today,” she explained, without getting to the point.

“Okay, what awkward task does Amber have you doing today?” I asked, feeling the need to try and protect my close friend, since she wasn’t demonstrating any ability to protect herself.

“It’s Ms. Amber,” she corrected me seriously, slightly scolding me. “Always. Even if nobody else is here with us to listen in.”

“Right. Fine. What is Ms. Amber requiring you to do today?” I asked flippantly.

“I’m supposed to work in her office and order canlı casino you to run my usual desk while I assign you tasks,” she replied, looking very uncomfortable.

“Excuse me?” I asked, comprehending everything she’d said but not believing a word of it.

“Yes, Ms. Amber has left me in charge of everything… and specifically of you… until she arrives after lunchtime,” Sophia answered. “Well, Nicole and I are jointly in charge.”

“I don’t think so,” I said cannily, realizing her absence, even if only temporary, would allow me some time to take back control of my company.

“I will not disobey Ms. Amber’s orders,” she said with a fair amount of heat. “And I truly hope you won’t be foolhardy enough to attempt to disobey them either.”

“Really?! How on earth did you allow yourself succumb to Ms. Amber?” I asked even more heatedly, stunned that she had… but just as stunned that I had.

“How did you let yourself succumb to Ms. Amber?” she shot back, annoyed by my question and my attitude.

“You’re married. I’m not.”


“So? So you’re cheating on Jake,” I pointed out.

She shrugged like that wasn’t a big deal. “I only eat pussy and get fucked by strap-on cocks worn by women.”

“That’s still cheating,” I insisted, although I supposed some husbands would find that okay… especially if they could watch.

“Semantics,” she shrugged. This wasn’t the Sophia I’d always known.

“I need to get to work,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Not yet. I need to put this inside you first.”

“Put what inside me?”

She pulled an ovoid-shaped thing out of her purse. “This.”

“I don’t think so,” I objected, closely examining the weird-looking shiny, silvery, metal thingmabob.

“Cassie,” Sophia sighed, yes she actually sighed at me as if she were my disappointed mother for crying out loud, “I don’t have all day for this! Ms. Amber has given me a lengthy to-do list for today, but I’m not allowed to start on anything else until I’ve done this. Please, just let me put this vibrating egg in your cunt, so I can get on with everything else I need to do.”

Even after all that had happened to us both, including this conversation today, and Sophia’s total lack of concern about her cheating, I still found her using the word ‘cunt’ shocking. “Sophia, please no!”

“Right now, Cassie,” she ordered me sternly. And then she marched right up to me, lifted my dress, tugged my panties aside and slid it right into my pussy!

And I just stood there like a statue while my best friend molested me.

“Why are you already wet?” she asked, with her hand still on my pussy.

“I’m not,” I denied, which was a stupid thing to claim, since she’d just slipped a toy into my pussy easy as you please!

“It’s okay though,” she allowed. “Ever since Ms. Amber awakened my inner slut I’ve been wet too, pretty much twenty-four seven.”

“Sophia,” I said, while her hand still remained inside my panties and on my pussy, “this path we’re taking isn’t going to end well.”

“I don’t know about that,” she countered as she now began rubbing my pussy, something she’d never done to me before, “the shop is thriving, I’ve already gotten a huge raise, and I’ve never felt so alive in my entire life!”

“What about when Jake finds out?”

“That’s my problem,” she said. “You’re lucky; you don’t have anyone or anything standing in the way of your complete submission. Just say ‘I’m yours forever, Mistress’ once and really mean it… piece of cake!”

“Sophia, stop touching me,” I objected, although not making any attempt to push her away.

Sophia ignored my weak protest and appraised my situation. “Ms. Amber has saved your business, your life’s work… in grand style no less… and even better, she’s guiding you towards fulfilling your true purpose in life.”

“My life’s purpose is to be endlessly humiliated? To serve as a pet… no, as a slut!… to that bitch and her friends?” I demanded, finally finding the gumption to push her hand away even though what she’d been doing had felt really good.

“Exactly. And to serve as my pet slut too, you ingrate!” she rebuked me, bringing her hand forcefully back to my pussy and adding sternly, “and don’t you ever push my hand away like that again!”

“Sophia,” I said, as I looked fearfully into the eyes of this sudden stranger. The nervousness and apologetic look in her eyes had completely vanished, to be replaced with something I couldn’t quite place.

“You’re my pet too now,” she reiterated as she began rubbing my pussy faster, “and you’ll do whatever I say!”

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned as Sophia rubbed me, “but you were my best friend!”

“I know,” Sophia said, her tone softening, “and I still am, so you can trust me when I say I know what’s best for you.”

“I’m best off if I spinelessly go along with Amber taking everything I hold kaçak casino dear away from me?” I asked, now sounding like a whining victim.

“Ms. Amber,” she corrected me, slapping my clit. Painfully!

“Sorry, Ms. Amber,” I complied, stunned to be molested by my best friend, but also stunned to find enjoyment in it, and stunned I wasn’t stopping her.

“I did a lot of research while were away on your involuntary retreat,” Sophia elaborated. “And you returned looking absolutely marvelous, I might add. And what I learned is that every single company she’s ever worked for was turned completely around, and is now thriving.”

“But life about more than just financial success,” I objected.

“Is it?” Sophia said. “Without Ms. Amber’s intervention, you would have watched your life’s work go completely down the toilet. And I would have needed to hold your hand while we both suffered. I don’t think we could have gone through that without us both falling completely apart!

“But my company is being revitalized at what cost?”

“According to my research, it won’t be nearly as costly as you think.”

“How so?” I asked. “Have you read the contract?”

“Yes, and if you look at it one way, you really should be as concerned as you are; if she wishes to, it gives her the power to make all your worst nightmares come true, and there’ll be absolutely nothing you can do to stop her. There’s even a clause saying if you complain to the media about her you’ll have to give her every last nickel you probably won’t have any more,” she expounded, still rubbing me. “But then I spoke with every single owner she’s worked with, and they all told me once she’s fixed a company, customarily turning the owner into a submissive plaything and her mindless pet while she’s at it, she soon moves on, only returning once or twice a year to check up on the business. She gets bored easily, you see. So yes you’ll be her submissive pet, but your Lord and Mistress won’t come calling… briefly… more than once or twice a year.”

“So to get things back to normal, except we’ll be rolling in money, I simply need to capitulate one hundred percent to Ms. Amber?”

“Yes, and the sooner you start doing everything she says without hesitation, the sooner she’ll get bored and leave us alone… most of the time. Plus, you will have given in to your true nature!”

“My true nature?” I asked. “You’re bringing up that fallacy again and calling it a plus?”

“Remember, I saw the video,” she pointed out.

“I was under duress,” I protested.

“It sure didn’t look like duress to me,” she disagreed. “And she’s already given us another lovely benefit.”

“And what’s that?” I asked as she grabbed my hand and led me into my office… well, in my head it was still my office.

She closed the door, shoved me against it and kissed me.

I was stunned, but when her hand returned to my pussy and began rubbing me, I simply melted into the kiss.

Our tongues danced around, exploring every reachable crevice inside each other’s mouths until she broke the kiss and said, “The benefit being that thanks to Ms. Amber, not only can we fuck each other now, but we know for the first time in all these years that we want to! Or I do at least, and if you’re not there already, I seriously doubt you’ll be far behind me in getting there.”

“What?” I asked. “Where did that come from?”

“Ms. Amber ordered me to eat out a couple dozen pussies in France at a wild all-girl lesbian orgy, and to get fucked by at least a dozen women with strap-ons, and three shemales who all came inside me,” she said wickedly, as she slid two fingers inside my pussy while it was already stuffed full with that weird metal thingy. “But I also had a chance to wield a strap-on.”

“You took part in a lesbian orgy?” I gasped. Every time I thought I’d gotten beyond being shockable ever again, I encountered yet another thing that shocked me even more! Three immediate cases in point: my best friend was fingering me; my best friend had gone off to gay Paree and become a complete lesbian; and my best friend had returned wanting to fuck me!

“There were over a hundred women there, including international celebrities, the governor of an American state, two members of royal families, and a full complement of very rich women,” Sophia bragged, still fingering me while those metal balls inside me kept moving around and stimulating me even more.

“Sophia, oooooh,” I moaned, the fingering, the metal things and her shocking revelations driving me wild. “Which celebrities?”

“I don’t eat movie stars and tell,” Sophia quipped, “plus, the entire thing was filmed, to guarantee everyone’s privacy. Which didn’t make any sense at all until I thought of blackmail. If I blabbed they could ruin my life! Which of course went for everyone else there too. At one point I was required to receive golden showers on camera from a few women while I declared into a mic who I was, my address, my husband’s name, and even my kids’ names. So no way I’m telling you who was there, except for Ms. Amber and me, because that’s obvious.”

“No way,” I gasped.

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