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Becoming Bears’ Bitch

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I was down at the bar and had been there for a while. It was like it always gets later in the evening, loud, smokey and full of drunks. I was pretty well on my way to a hangover myself. Lots of college kids, lots of pretty girls, and guys hoping to get lucky.

Me, on the other hand was just gonna settle for getting drunk, and I was drunk, and realizing I was gonna have to pee soon. Now, I have a secret, I like to wear pink panties under my boy clothes. In private I like to dress up as a pretty girl. High heels, fishnet stockings, tight little black dress and padded bra. I dress to please. In my dreams I am a sweet young thing waiting for a real man to show me about love.

Just now the doors open and about ten or twelve rough looking bikers lounge into the bar like they own the place. Damn. I hate these fuckers. They act tough and intimidate everybody. Sure enough many of the college kids are starting to leave. I would too but I really gotta pee bad. I get up and start heading for the men’s room.

As I walk that way I can tell I have had a few drinks. People are moving out of the way of the bikers. Giving them a lot of room so as to avoid bumping an elbow, almost spilling somebody’s’ drink and thus provoking a confrontation. I try to be careful. The crowd is parting in front of me and at first I don’t understand why. Then I glance behind me and realize the bikers are right behind me, two of them at least, also heading for the bathroom. Damn.

I’m committed at this point. In fact I’m about to piss myself so I have no choice. Shit, why do I even do this? Some small voice inside me is telling me I know the reason. I want the attention. Like the college boys, I’m hoping to get lucky. My special kind of lucky. I’m about to learn that I should be careful what I wish for.

In the mens room there is a toilet stall to the left and a long urinal right in front of me. Graffiti is all over the wall. “Fuck this or that” and ” For a good time call Sarah” with her phone number. And It smells BAD in here.

I yank down my zipper, pull down the panties, already starting to piss, and fish out my dick as fast as I can. bahis firmaları “Oh god what a relief” I say as my bladder is letting off pressure. While I’m pissing I’m aware of the two guys stepping up on either side of me, big, leather clad bikers, unzipping and relieving themselves.

“Yeah, buddy, you’re right, feels really good to let it flow,” says the big guy on my right.

“Feels good to bust a nut too” the guy on my left is saying.

“Too bad all the college pussy starts leaving the minute we walk in” the first guy is saying. And right at that moment he puts his big paw on my shoulder and pulls me suddenly into a side hug, making me splash a bit of my pee on my hands.

“Thank god for butt buddies, eh” he says.

I gulp. I’m trying to think of something to say to push back but don’t get the chance. I feel a hand from the guy on my left grab and squeeze my ass. Oh shit I’m thinking. What the fuck is gonna happen now. I look down and start to put my dick away. This is hard to do now because I am shocked to see that it is getting hard against my will. It gets worse when suddenly the guy on my right exclaims,

“Well well well, what do we have here”? This by the guy who is still hugging me. “Pink panties”!

“Let me introduce myself, girly boy,” he says as he turns me to face him. “I’m Bear, and my little brother here is Horse”

Holding me firmly by the shoulders he pushes me back to get a good look at me. Horse is now pressed against my backside and is lightly stroking my hips. I still have my dick in my hands, exposed and vulnerable, and I’m starting to shake with fear and a weird kind of thrill.

Bear seems to notice my agitation, he gets a softer look on his face, almost sympathy with just a hint of contempt. He pulls me in for a hug, his face at my ear and says, ” don’t worry baby, we won’t be too rough”.

And now he is trying to kiss me and I turn my face away to avoid it. This is too much. Bear is persistent and putting his hand behind my neck he holds my head so I can’t turn away. He is taller and tips my head back, lowering his lips to mine. I’m trapped in his embrace with kaçak iddaa Horse pressing in behind me, I have no way to escape.

As in a dream I part my lips and accept his kiss. He is surprisingly gentle at first, teasing my mouth with his tongue. Then he is putting his tongue inside my mouth, and I open up more to accept his kiss. I can feel Horse press what must be a hard on into my butt. I am feeling all kinds of things, new sensations and now I’m starting to get into it. Almost against my will I put my arms around Bears’ waist.

Then he stops. He pulls back still lightly, still holding my shoulders. Horse steps back a bit too, giving me just a bit of space.

“Look baby, we aren’t rapists.” He looks a bit sheepish. “Tell you what, if you don’t want this just walk away, we will let you go home safe from any harm”

“All you gotta do is put your cock away, pull up your pretty panties and walk out of here”. He smiles as he says this and he looks down at my little dick still hanging out. My dick is betraying me by getting hard and standing to attention. Damn Damn Damn.

There is silence. I look down, unable to meet his gaze. My eyes are drawn to his crotch where his manhood is hanging there in all its glory, half hard, with a drop of piss hanging on the end. Suddenly I feel drawn to that drop of pee. I find myself getting down on my knees in front of his dick. I am actually licking my lips.

Bear lets out a long sigh as he puts his paw on the top of my head. “I knew when I saw those pink panties what you wanted” His dick is growing taller before my eyes. “Now get to work and suck it Bitch”! And with that said he presses his dick into my face. He grabs it and smacks my cheeks with it, back and forth. “Open wide baby, Daddy’s’ coming home” And now I’m sucking his massive member for all I’m worth.

I feel Horse behind me. He is rubbing his hands all over my ass and then reaches between my legs and squeezes my dick and balls, hard. I gasp and Bear shoves his dick to the back of my throat. Now Bears hands are holding my head, face fucking me and I’m gagging and slobbering all over it. And Horse is pulling kaçak bahis my pants down to expose my ass.

I vaguely hear the door open followed by, “What the fuck is going on in here”? Some more people are coming in and it is getting crowded. Bear is saying, “We’re just breaking in a new boy for the gang”.

What, I’m thinking. This is more that I had in mind. I was just gonna suck a dick. Now this is becoming something else entirely. But I don’t get a chance to discuss the matter. I can’t talk with Bears’ dick down my throat. And that is where it’s going now. Somehow his dick is going all the way down my throat, and somehow I’m not puking my guts out. Perhaps it was the surprise but for whatever reason his dick is balls deep in my face. Holy Shit.

All the while Horse is working on my ass. I feel his fingers probing my tight little hole. He spits on me for lube I guess and is fingering me, each time a bit deeper. I feel his hard on pressing me and then with a sudden pop he is in me. I’m drunk and not feeling any pain at all which is a relief. Horse grabs my hips and with a sudden shove he is deep inside me. Now the sudden invasion of my insides is a bit painful but soon this feeling is replaced by intense pleasure. His hard cock is stroking my prostate and I feel my orgasm building.

Abruptly he stops and pulls out. He whispers in my ear, “not yet honey, you have a long way to go before we let you cum”. God damn it. I was so so close.

Bear pulls out of my mouth and cums all over my face. I’m so disappointed, I wanted that load down my throat. He wipes his dick in my hair. “leave the cum where it is baby, we gotta take a few pictures for our gang to jack off to”. Cell phones are out, some have been filming this and now they are taking pics of my face and gaping asshole.

Now I am being pulled to my feet and my pants are pulled off me entirely. Somebody gets my panties and hands them to me. “Wipe your face with them and then put them back on” Bear commands me. So I do, but I lick some of Bears’ cum off the panties before putting them back on. Horse pulls my shirt off over my head. I’m naked, except for the pink, cum soaked panties.

I look at the other faces in the restroom. Some are hungry. Some look at me with a mixture of pity and contempt. Who am I now? What’s gonna happen to me next?

To be continued…

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