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Becoming Happy with Who I Am Pt. 02

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I gave my neighbor his first blowjob from a man and told him anytime I was home if he needed a blowjob just stop by and I would enjoy sucking him off. He had stopped by the morning after the first blowjob and even though he was nervous he wanted to make sure it wasn’t the beer that allowed him to do it so that morning I gave him another blowjob. We sat in the kitchen having coffee afterwards and then he told me that his wife had never let him do anal with her and he had always thought about it and sheepishly asked if I would let him fuck me sometime down the road.

Jim would come over a couple times a week and I would suck him off and he never touched my cock or attempted to suck me in return which I didn’t mind at all. About 3 or 4 months of many blowjobs Jim came over as normal and we chatted a bit while he said he seen a guy leaving my place first thing this morning and it made him horny thinking about what we had done.

I asked him what he thought we did and he said he was imagining me sucking the guy and getting fucked and he got hard instantly thinking of envisioning it and he said he was ready to see what anal was like. I told him I needed to shower and clean out. Jim said okay and he needed to shower also and said he was going to go home and shower and come back but I told him he could shower with me if he wanted but he said he rather shower at home so I told him to come back in about an hour and ten we could play.

I showered and cleaned out and shaved my body head to toe (as I do like being smooth) not long after I was done and dried off Jim knocked on the door and I didn’t bother getting dressed being we were going to fuck so I answered the door nude and Jim looked at me bahis siteleri and with a smile also came a blushing on his face. I turned and started walking towards the bedroom and Jim say’s WOW!! didn’t realize how cute your ass looks and it looked more like a woman’s ass then a guy’s.

As I said I am only 150# and wear a size 30 waist pants and a small in underwear and I do keep active so my body is pretty toned for my age, I said thanks and when I turned to look at Jim he was rubbing his crotch. We went into the bedroom and Jim started to get undressed I was a little shocked that when he pulled his shorts down he was commando and his cock popped right up and fully hard. I walked towards him and reached for his cock to stroke it and got another shock when he grabbed ahold of me and kissed me on the lips which turned into a deep long French kiss.

We kiss a little longer and I started working my way down his body kissing his neck then his nipples and slowly worked my way down to my knees and licking and sucking his cock head and lifting his cock to lick his balls. After a little time of teasing him and the moans coming from him we got on the bed and then Jim told me he wanted the doggie position because it being his first time having total sex with a man.

I do enjoy getting fucked in any position but doggie style is one of y favorites. I had already worked a dildo in my ass when I was cleaning out to ensure I was clean and to loosen up a little then I lubed up being I knew he was coming over shortly. I got on my hands and knees and wiggled my ass in front of Jim a little an giggled a little saying I think we both will enjoy this. Jim grabbed my ass cheeks and was spreading them and rubbing canlı bahis siteleri them saying this will be the first time he ever did anal with any sex and with that he started touching my ass crack with his cock head rubbing it up and down then he aimed it at my waiting hole.

I felt his head entering my hole and after a little pressure felt it pop in and had to chuckle a little as Jim stopped and asked if I was okay. I said yes and slowly pushed back on his cock and once he was balls deep I told him to not move for a bit to let my hole get use to the invasion of his cock even though I just got fucked the night before and I wanted him to feel how it felt.

After a short time I slowly started rocking back and forth and then told Jim to fuck me. Jim gripped my hips and slowly started fucking me and we both started to moan and he said how amazing my ass felt (his words) as we slowly fucked we got into a good rhythm and started picking up the pace then a few minutes later he was slamming balls deep into me and I could feel his balls slapping my ass. As we were fucking I started working my ass muscles around his cock and Jim was getting loader and loader and really started jamming his cock into me and then he let out an almost screaming sound and I felt the head get bigger and he slammed as far into me as he could and gripped my hips so hard it almost hurt and I could feel his cum blasting into my hole.

He must have blasted 4 or 5 streams in me and I worked my hole on his cock gripping his cock to milk every bit of cum out of him (I love the feeling of a guy cumming deep inside of me and filling me. After he calmed down he collapsed on top of me pushing me flat to the bed with him on canlı bahis top of me. I wiggled around under him and pushing my ass up the best I could while squeezing my hole around his softening cock and our breathing slowed down.

Once he rolled off of me Jim said that was amazing and he could get use to it. I told him I love getting fucked so if and when he wants to try it again I would gladly take his cock. He did ask me if this made him gay and I laughed and said it didn’t make him gay but if he liked fucking ass that at best it could mean he’s bi at most but for now he was just exploring and maybe might decide he doesn’t like fucking men but he will know when he figures it out.

We did shower together that morning and I sucked him off in the shower and notice he was starting to get verbal while I sucked his cock. After he left we didn’t see each other for a couple days with work and other things I need to get done. After that day over the next 6 months or so I sucked and got fucked by him many times and Jim became very verbal and somewhat dominating and never did touch or suck my cock and we even had a few 3somes where I got spit roasted. Jim decided to retire to the Florida area about a year or so after I gave him his first male blowjob and before he left he fucked me 3 times in one day which with him being 59 (I found out later) and no little blue pill to help kind of impressed me for someone that age.

We keep in touch and about 6 months after moving Jim called me and said he met a woman but hen he went to have sex with her he couldn’t get it up but has no problem getting hard to fuck a guy’s ass so he no longer tries to date women and with starting a new life in FL he has come out and only goes to gay clubs. As for me I still hook up with guy’s and love being a slut and now even have a BF that loves to watch me service other guys as well as using me for his pleasure but more about that in another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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