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Beggars can”t be choosers.

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I’m a fifty eight year old disabled man. I’m to be honest fat and ugly without much of a chance to meet that right woman. Due to my disability , pinched nerves in my back , my mobility is severely limited. I spend most of my time on my bed that I had put in the living room for convenience. I’m low income so they assigned me a home health care aide to help keep the apartment and see to my daily needs. The aides changed occasionally and my current aide was average in the looks department while slightly heavyset she was pleasant and as they say beggars can’t be choosers.

One Saturday she showed up in the morning saying she had no other clients until Monday. I finally decided to get what I wanted and as she stood next to my bed I looked at her short brown hair , light brown skin , small breasts with a belly that stuck out further than her tits. Well padded ass with firm toned legs which were her best feature. As she stood there I grabbed her crotch with one hand pressing my thumb firmly into her camel toe. She gasped as I forced her to back against the bed and told her to remove her shirt and bra.

She did this revealing small but firm breasts with quarter sized aureoles and slowly expanding hardening nipples. Grabbing her nipple on her left breast I released her cunt and told her to remove her pants and panties. Doing this exposed her smooth shaven sex that was already wet and leaking as her juices casino şirketleri ran down her upper inner thighs. Now that she was naked I again grabbed her by her cunt pushing my thumb into her and using it to guide her like with a bowling ball. I made her lay naked across the bottom end of my bed and spread her legs as far apart as they would go.

Using my right hand I spread her nether lips and as she whimpered I rammed my hand into her vagina going deep into her pussy. My arm was in her up to my elbow as she screamed in painas I made a fist and began fucking her until she passed out. While she was unconscious I took pictures of her naked and performing sex acts on me. I stored the pics on the cloud and showed her when she regained consciousness. Now that I had her under my control I had her fuck me and told her that from now on she would not wear any panties or bras.

The only clothes she could wear were short skirts or dresses and her blouses would be thin , collarless , sleeveless front button. She would also wear dark , thigh high , silky stockings with dark flat shoes. She begged me not to make her wear these clothes explaining that she did not have the body to wear those clothes. I laughed telling her to wear it anyway. I told her to keep her Sunday open. That Sunday she showed up dressed as I dictated and she drove us to the local mall. Arriving there I sent her in to get a public use wheelchair casino firmaları and then we entered the mall at the food court entrance.

We went around picking out foods and sitting down to eat. Across the way a group of four males and one female teenagers began staring at us. I put my hand on my aides inner left thigh pulling her legs apart giving them a great look at her shaved pussy. The five teens laughed and rose walking towards us. Passing by they headed towards the arcade. After eating we followed them to the arcade where I had my aide start playing a video game. The group of teens gathered around my aide as she played and each guy took a limb holding her in place.

The girl reached around and unbuttoned her blouse redoing it behind her back baring her boobs and torso to every ones gaze. Then she slid the skirt down her legs where the two leg guys removed them. Then the girl shoved her hand up into the sides vagina fist fucking her bringing her to a very public climax. After which she offered the other arcade customers the chance to fuck the aide. Many males accepted the offer and a line formed behind the aide that never seemed to shrink as more joined the line through out the day.

By the end of the day the count stood at two hundred and fifty males having fucked her. As the day ended she needed to be held up having no strength to stand. The gathered customers heard her whimpering a güvenilir casino d begging that no more would fuck her. The women took her to a horse ride and gluing a dildo onto the saddle forced her onto it and hand cuffing her in place set it on automatic leaving her on it as the mall shut down. When it reopened the next morning she was found still on the horse with shit and piss running down the horses sides puddling and pilling beneath it.

She was babbling as orgasms would shake her body. She was released from the horse and again spent the day being fucked in the arcade. This was repeated every day for a week at which time the number that had fucked her stood at one thousand eight hundred people a d she was a babbling nymphomaniac begging to be fucked by anyone or anything. The arcade owners installed her in the back room in the arcade and charged fifty dollars to ride her for fifteen minutes. She became the arcades most popular item with many returning customers.

Many men would go as a group seeing how many it took to fill her womb with sperm watching as her stomach expanded with their spunk capping it between clients. After two years she had slimmed down to an attractive fit woman due to all of the sex and healthy food. She finally had to be released and retired after a group of women brought in three ponies that when they fucked her it ripped her vagina and anus due to their cocks size and broke her jaw as it forced it’s over large cock down her throat. The aide never recovered from her experience as a sex toy and continued to be used and abused to the end of her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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